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Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Popular and sometimes referred to as one of the greatest possibilities available, ducky keyboards are commonly used. However, Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Some of the best gamers and streamers in the world are satisfied with ducky keyboards.

What Are Ducky Keyboards?

Keyboards are the primary product of the Ducky company, which primarily manufactures accessories and peripherals for gaming rigs and setups. How does a Ducky keyboard look like then? The company is well renowned for making extremely adaptable keyboards that can accommodate different types of gamers. These switches include Cherry MX, Kailh, TTC, and Gateron, among others.

Additionally, Ducky keyboards are renowned for their distinctive and blatantly bright design. They frequently even include Chinese zodiac symbols on their spacebars. You’ll have a ton of options because they come in a wide range of sizes, from 60% to full-sized keyboards.

However, despite the fact that Ducky keyboards have many advantages, they also have drawbacks. Specifically, we’re referring to their absence of software customization choices that may further make the aesthetics distinctive. Nevertheless, those who want their gaming setup to stand out might consider Ducky keyboards.

Why Should You Choose The Ducky Keyboards?

One of the most well-known brands of mechanical keyboards available is Ducky. In terms of quality and construction, they compete with names like Corsair, Razer, and others. But despite their eye-catching design and reliable quality, they are not without flaws. They’re not the finest in terms of software modification, in particular, because they just just added the capability. Given these drawbacks, should you still buy Ducky keyboards? Let’s investigate.

In the world of mechanical keyboards, Ducky is a reputable brand, however you might wonder: How is a lesser-known Taiwanese brand that I’ve never heard of superior to the majority of gaming keyboards? Many individuals have been drawn in by gaming accessories as a result of the market dominance of well-known brands like Razer, Corsair, and Logitech.

Greater performance, higher quality, and higher pricing are now all equated with “gaming.”

A little further investigation reveals, however, that larger manufacturers could not offer all the options you actually require and can try to upsell you on services you don’t actually require.

With more flexibility and layouts that you won’t find on the keyboards of the competition, Ducky gives you all the speed you require.

Customizable Keycaps

One of the main issues with gaming keyboards is that many of the models from the “Big 3” (Corsair, Razer, and Logitech) all appear to have keycaps that aren’t conventional sizes.

Because of this, finding aftermarket keycaps for your keyboard is quite challenging. The spacebar and modifier keys like “ctrl” and “alt” fall under this category.

However, Ducky comes in common sizes for which keycap sets are easily accessible. Even Ducky has a number of lovely, enjoyable alternatives to provide you something that the majority of gaming keyboards cannot: color.

The Frozen Llama colorway is one of the more well-liked and enjoyable ones.

With RGB wave-effect illumination, Frozen Llama stands out from similar black keyboards with its cyan, teal, and magenta color scheme.

Ducky and the gamer worked together to create a set of keycaps with a TFUE theme for fans.

Every Ducky keyboard also comes with a free set of colored accent keycaps.

Every year during the Lunar New Year, Ducky even releases a new hue with a Chinese Zodiac theme. Keyboards with elaborate themes are included.

Unique Size Layouts

Ducky KeyboardsLayout Size
Ducky One 3 Mini60% (61 keys)
Ducky One 3 SF65% (67 keys)
Ducky One 3 AuraFullsize (108 keys)
Ducky One 3 TKL80%/TKL (87 Keys)
Ducky One 3Fullsize (108 keys)
Ducky One 2 Mini60% (61 keys)
Ducky One 2 SF65% (67 keys)
Ducky One 2 TKL80%/TKL (87 Keys)
Ducky One 2Fullsize (108 keys)
Ducky OneFullsize and TKL
Ducky ZeroFullsize (108 keys)
Ducky Mecha60% (61 keys)
Ducky Mecha SF65% (67 keys)
Ducky ShineFullsize (108 keys)
Ducky PocketNumpad (23 keys)

You should be able to locate a Ducky keyboard that fits your demands and available desk space because Ducky offers its keyboards in a variety of sizes and layouts.

In addition to the usual layouts, such as full-size, TKL, and compact 60%, there are also a number of 65% variants with various layouts and colors, such as the Ducky One 2 SF and the Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro.

The 65% arrangement might be unfamiliar to you. A 65% is the ideal size/function ratio if you discover that you rarely utilize the function-row on a TKL.

You still have your designated arrow keys and even a little navigation column for speed and convenience while yet getting the small footprint of a 60%.

Finding sets that are reasonably priced, colorful, and well-made is often more difficult for 65% layouts. Caps are available for all of Ducky’s layouts, so you’re covered.

Great Firmware

A Ducky board is ideal for people who don’t want to fiddle with software or for professionals who can’t install programs on business PCs thanks to its firmware.

Your keys and layouts can be programmed and altered directly on-board, on-the-fly, and on-demand thanks to the integrated firmware.

On the underside of Ducky keyboards, there are DIP switches.

So that you can easily keep track of the changes you make from the default settings, DIP switches are utilized to toggle and adjust various key positions and layouts.

To make adjustments, simply flick the switches.

The RGB lighting profiles can be directly edited and without the use of any software. You can choose from a small number of editable profiles and alter your lighting in real time.

Ducky boards are a great alternative if you are unable to install software on your computer or simply don’t want to deal with bulky or superfluous software.

Great Build Quality

For a plastic pre-built keyboard, Ducky’s build quality is extremely remarkable, particularly in the One 2 Mini and Mini SF.

The Ducky Mecha and Ducky Shine series have aluminum cases for increased weight, strength, and stability if you’re seeking for a more robust design.

Although not perfect, the Cherry-style stabilizers that come standard with Ducky keyboards are great for pre-built keyboards and superior to the majority of gaming boards.

You may be guaranteed to have a superb gaming and typing experience when one of the several switch options is combined with quick 1000hz polling rates.

Two sets of sturdy plastic feet that serve as kickstands are also included with Ducky keyboards.

There won’t be much deck flex or light, flimsy keyboard movement on your desk to worry about.

The USB-C port on Ducky is a bit short, which could make your cable and plug feel a little loose. That is typically the only complaint regarding the build quality.

Finally Ducky Provides Hot Swappable Keyboard!

In the latest generation of their product, the Ducky One 3 is one of the great revolutions from Ducky because they finally made a keyboard that supports hot swappable switches which is currently a better choice compared to non hot swappable keyboards.

Ducky uses the Kailh Hot Swapp Shocket in their Ducky One 3 product line which makes it easy for you to replace switches with 3 or 5 pins. This Shocket also supports various types of MX Switches such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, and various other MX Switches.

Previously, Ducky’s No Hot Swappable Keyboard option was one of the reasons not to buy their product.

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Ducky Keyboards

Insufficient software

One of the Ducky’s advantages could end up being a disadvantage.

Although Ducky keyboards include on-board programming capabilities, this robust firmware comes at the expense of software.

Even though the onboard programming has a lot of capability, at first it seems cumbersome and counterproductive to program without your handbook in hand.

Since there is no software, there is no easy, visual method to configure your layout, macros, and RGB lighting effects.

As an alternative, you must read the handbook and check to verify if your settings have been saved.

Even while it’s not the worst thing in the world, it may still be somewhat boring.

No Wireless Keyboards Options

A Ducky keyboard can only be connected to your computer via wired USB.

The absence of Bluetooth may not bother gamers, but for some people, the lack of any wireless connectivity may be a deal-breaker.

Ducky keyboards might not be the greatest choice if you’re searching for a mobile, travel, or untethered solution, even if some settings would undoubtedly not benefit from a wireless keyboard.

Cable Length Trouble

Be mindful that some Ducky boards, like as the One 2 Mini, can have issues receiving power from lengthy bespoke USB-C cables.

Maximum lengths of 5 feet coiled and 13 feet uncoiled are advised by Space Cables.

This is a known problem with the Drop and HHKB keyboards as well.

Older Designs

Particularly the little Mini and SF layouts, Ducky’s keyboards can actually look rather stylish and enjoyable.

With their wider bezels, sharper edges, and more visible surface area, the larger fullsize and TKL keyboards, in contrast, might appear fairly antiquated and dull. This could make your setup look less aesthetically pleasing than it could.

Along with alternate lines like the Mecha and flagship Shine series, Ducky also has a large number of “historical” models available in their Ducky Zero portfolio.

This can make it difficult to decide which version to buy.

Choose the Ducky Mecha and Shine keyboards if you desire durable aluminum construction.

The One 2 Mini, One 2 SF, and Miya Pro are the newest collection of entertaining, reasonably priced keyboards.

Best Ducky Keyboards

There are several different Ducky keyboards available, but the One 3 or One 2 series should be sought out.

Our choice for the two best Ducky keyboards is either the Mini, Mini SF, or The TKL variant from the Ducky One 3 or One 2 series. We picked them out for their stylishness, practical design, and high-quality construction.

The Best Ducky KeyboardsPrice
Ducky One 3 SFCheck Price
Ducky One 3 TKLCheck Price
Ducky One 3 MiniCheck Price
Ducky One 2 MiniCheck Price
Ducky One 2 SFCheck Price
Ducky X Varmilo Miya ProCheck Price

Ducky One 3 SF

Vibrant colour options
PBT keycaps
Great acoustics and key feel
Lots of accessories
Lack of software customization

The SF version of the Ducky One 3 is my favorite size in the line, and it’s the newest and greatest from Ducky.

The Ducky One 3 SF is available in a number of stock Cherry MX switches. But don’t worry, you can use any switches you choose without having to solder them because the entire One 3 line-up is hot-swappable.

Compared to the One 2, the Ducky One 3 SF has also made significant advancements. Particularly in latency

Foam pads have also been fitted by Ducky to the One 3 SF’s base to greatly improve typing acoustics.

The Ducky One 3 SF is going to be a big hit with 65% keyboard fans.

Ducky One 3 TKL

PBT Keycaps
Removeable USB-C cable
Great optical switch options
Ergonomic compact form factor
Lack of software customization
Some limitations with keymapping and function layer

Alongside it, the Ducky One 3 SF in TKL form was released, and it came as no surprise that it quickly gained popularity.

All of the features of the Ducky One 3 SF are present in the Ducky One 3 TKL, which has a larger TKL form factor. This keyboard is ideal for you if you loved all the Ducky One 3 SF has to offer but wished it had some additional keys.

Ducky One 3 Mini

On the other hand, I have good news if you saw the Ducky One 3 SF and wished it were even smaller.

The Ducky One 3 Mini follows closely on the heals of the well-known Ducky One 2 Mini, which was undoubtedly one of the brand’s most well-liked keyboards. And in practically every regard, it outperforms the One 2 Mini.

Ducky nailed the aesthetics of the One 3 Mini, choosing a simple design with a lovely color scheme. Despite being entirely made of plastic, the keyboard doesn’t feel cheap. Contrarily, the keyboard as a whole manages to feel solid and high-quality, which is pleasing to see.

Fans of 60% keebs can rejoice because the Ducky One 3 Mini performs much like its brothers. The top 60% keyboard available is this one.

Ducky One 2 Mini

Higher build quality than standard Ducky One 3 series
Still great typing feel
Non hotswap
Latency a little behind the updated One 3

Ducky has you covered with the Ducky One 2 Mini if you love everything about the Ducky One 2 Mini but desired something with superior build quality.

This gorgeous 60% keyboard stands out thanks to its superb construction, which has an aluminum frame. The Ducky Mecha Mini has almost no deck flex, and the extra weight gives the keyboard a great gravitas.

You aren’t forced to choose one switch option when purchasing the Ducky One 2 Mini, so that’s a relief. The RGB lighting is superb and glows through the premium PBT keycaps. All the keys are macro-programmable.

We highly recommend the Ducky One 2 Mini if you’re looking for a small, well-made mechanical keyboard that does the majority of things correctly.

The One 2 Mini is Ducky’s most tiny layout, and Ninja and TFUE, two revered gamers, favor it.

The One 2 Mini is a 60% layout that ships from the factory with reliable stabilizers and appealing colours.

Even more cutting-edge black-and-red color scheme and the quicker Hyper-X Red gaming switches are part of a collaboration with Hyper-X.

The Ducky One 2 Mini will have you covered for every circumstance with its 1000hz polling rate, small form factor, and selection of Cherry MX switches.

Be warned that utilizing a cable longer than 13 feet uncoiled may cause power problems for the One 2 Mini.

Ducky One 2 SF

The One 2 SF is ideal if you like a 60% compact efficiency but are unwilling to give up your arrow or navigation keys.

You don’t lose much more desk space or mouse positioning because the layout has 67 keys and is only one column wider than the Mini.

The One 2 SF has the same excellent build quality, speed, and switch options as the One 2 Mini (other than the HyperX edition).

Ducky X Varmilo Miya Pro

The Ducky x Varmilo Miya Pro keyboard is a collaboration with Varmilo. It has 68 keys, a 65% layout, and some of the greatest stabilizers you can find in a Ducky keyboard.

available in a variety of hues, including a lovely pink-and-white combination. All keycap sizes are uniform for simple compatibility.

For one of the greatest 65% keyboards money can buy, check out the Miya Pro.

Ducky One 3

The big guy himself is last but surely not least. The full-size, no-compromises version of the Ducky One 3 lineup is the Ducky One 3.

There is no denying that this keyboard is great for gaming. For ergonomic reasons, I just don’t like full-size keyboards, but if you prefer them, the Ducky One 3 is for you.

The Ducky One 3 feels quick and hassle-free to game on because of the incredible low latency of the keys.

The absence of specialized software to configure your keyboard is the only drawback of the Ducky One 3 full size (all customization is done on the keyboard itself).

Why Choose Ducky Than The Other Brands

It’s possible that Ducky as a brand doesn’t carry the same weight for a beginner as it does for an expert if you’re fresh to the world of mechanical keyboards. Why are Ducky keyboards so unique, then? Why would you choose a pre-made Ducky over a Razer or Corsair?

For those who were unaware, Ducky was the gold standard for pre-built mechanical keyboard quality. Most of the time, this is still the case, and some of their rivals have a long way to go before they can even catch up.

The quality of Ducky’s keyboards is something they take great pride in. Due to how well they function, their stabilizers don’t ratchet, setting a new benchmark for the industry. Since Ducky pre-builds offer outstanding quality for the money, many fans continue to vouch for them.

Ducky also pays attention to aesthetics. Their keyboards have lovely color schemes and distinctive designs, like the Ducky One 3’s ever-popular Daybreak variation. This makes for a fan favorite when combined with the numerous customization choices.

All of Ducky’s keyboards also come with PBT keycaps, which have long-lasting, high-quality legends that let the RGB backlights shine through brilliantly.

Where Can I Buy Ducky Keyboards? 

Ducky keyboards are rather simple to purchase, unlike many enthusiast boards and pre-builds. You can purchase Ducky keyboards at or Amazon if you live in the United States. Be sure to look them up there as well since Ducky frequently lists their models there as well.

If you live outside of the United States, Ducky might have approved resellers there! To see where to get Ducky Keyboards, visit

Ducky One vs Ducky One 2 vs Ducky One 3

For a while now, the Ducky One keyboard range has served as the company’s premier offering. Every year, they have improved upon the previous iteration and made required improvements.

But what changes were made with each new edition up until the Ducky One 3?

When the Ducky One was first introduced in 2015, it had a cumbersome USB cord that was attached to the chassis using a weak micro-USB cable—which was already discouraged even then. The clamshell case design, which was also present, was not always favored by most devotees.

The most notable of the many exciting improvements made by the Ducky One 2 was the detachable USB type C cable, which was moreover long overdue.

The most significant change made by the Ducky One 3 was the addition of hot-swappable keyboards. Additionally, this new generation had extremely low latency when typing and significantly increased the number of color options available in Ducky’s colorway game.

Getting a hotswappable Ducky like the Ducky One 3 Variants is a terrific place to start for someone who is new to mechanical keyboards for both typing feel and experimenting.


Are Ducky Keyboards Hot Swappable?

Yes, but not all Ducky keyboards support the hot swappable feature. Only the Ducky One 3 variant has this hot swappable feature.

Are Ducky Keyboards Wireless?

No, Ducky only makes wired keyboards only.

Are Ducky Keyboards Work with MAC?

Yes, mechanical keyboards from Ducky work well with Macs. Simply open System Preferences and make a few minor adjustments (the keyboard modifiers).

Are Ducky Keyboards Good for Gaming?

If you’re seeking for a keyboard that you can use for both working and playing games, Ducky’s keyboards are a superior alternative because of their switch possibilities and typing experience.

Conclusion: Are Ducky Keyboards Good?

Yes, Ducky keyboards are quite decent, particularly when looking at the firmware, construction quality, and customization options. We really like the Ducky One 3 Variants because they bring a much needed feature for mechanical keyboard lovers which is the hotswappable feature!

Ducky keyboards are up to the challenge if you’re searching for a quality keyboard at a reasonable price that many people have used for anything from typing to intense competitive gaming.

We hope this clarified some things about the Ducky brand so you could make the best decision you can with the resources you have. It’s vital to make the best decision you can with the money you have.


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