Kizaru is the founder of Digiva.net, Winsgeeks.com and Gotravelnesia.com. He started this website from the ground up and loves everything about Computer & Gadget Accessories.




I first started working in IT Space  when I was 23 years old. At first I was setup The Security Cameras, Hospitality Software, Computer Maintenance, Intenet Troubleshooting, Flyer Design etc.

I worked at that job for 3+ years before moving on to a different technology related occupation. However, I’am Still woking as an IT Support in Defferent Company till present.

I’ve done many different scales of projects, Build a Website, Build Landing Pages, Sales Pages, CCTV Project, Internet Setup, Graphics Design, Computer Build, Server Setup And Many More. It is an amazing feeling designing a large project, implementing each piece of equipment, and seeing everything tie together as you intended. I want to help teach people about the amazing world of IT & Computer  in general.

Along with Digiva.net, I have another website that focuses on Indonesian Blog Articles for Educational Purpose. It is called info.digiva.net Check it out if you’re interested with Indonesian Language Articles!

If you’re interested in learning how I started this website, then checkout Income School’s Project 24 Youtube Channel. They taught me everything I know about building websites, SEO, and how to build a passive income online!


Graduated as a Bachelor of IT
Cisco Certification
Certified PC Repair and Network Technician
Server Technician
Security Camera Technician
Website Designer for Online Store
Graphics Designer


  • Kizaru

    Hi! I’m Kizaru. I grew up addicted to different Gadget & Computer Accessories. I began working as an IT Support Supervisor in Hospitality company years ago and realized my passion for Computer & Gadget Accessories. Digiva.net is a place for me to share my different findings and experiences about Computer & Gadget Accessories. For more information, Check Out My About Me Page!

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