14 Quietest Mechanical Keyboards in 2022

Quietest Mechanical Keyboards

In this post, we would like to recommend the Quietest Mechanical Keyboards on the market today. We will discuss in detail each of these keyboards in terms of design, build quality, component quality, features, and several other important aspects. So, Let’s get started! Mechanical keyboards have evolved from being a specialized accessory preferred by enclaves … Read more

7 Best Keyboards for Valorant in 2022

Best Keyboards for Valorant

After discussing about the Best Switches for Valorant, this time I will give a recommendation for the Best Keyboards for Valorant on the market today. We will provide a brief review on each of the Best Keyboards for Valorant both in terms of design, features, build quality, component quality, and various other important aspects. So, … Read more

Best Mechanical Keyboards with PBT Keycaps in 2022

Best Mechanical Keyboards with PBT Keycaps

Best Mechanical Keyboards with PBT Keycaps will offer you durability, comfort, and a more precise typing experience compared to keyboards that use ABS keycaps which tend to feel slippery and don’t have the same durability as PBT keycaps. Having a keyboard equipped with quality PBT keycaps is certainly a better choice because you can use … Read more

ANSI vs ISO Layout: Which Better for You?

ANSI vs ISO Layout

Recently, I’ve observed that some individuals are requesting ANSI vs ISO keyboards on a few mechanical keyboard forums. We conducted some study, and in this piece, we’ll tell you what we discovered. What variations exist between the ANSI and ISO keyboard layouts? Two different global standards bodies are represented by the initials ANSI and ISO. … Read more

Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards: Things You Should Know!

Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards

Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards: Everything you need to know about analog keyboards, including their actuation mechanism, how they differ from mechanical keyboards, and the brands that make them, will be covered in this article. Buyers should have a clearer understanding of whether analog keyboards are preferable to traditional mechanical keyboards at the end of … Read more

QWERTY vs Dvorak vs Colemak: 5+ Things You Should Know!

QWERTY vs Dvorak vs Colemak

In order to assist you decide which keyboard layout between QWERTY vs Dvorak vs Colemak could be ideal for you, we will compare three different keyboard layouts, QWERTY, Dvorak, and Colemak, in this post. In order to complement the typewriter, the first typing arrangement, known as QWERTY, was created in the 1870s. It is far … Read more