60 Percent vs TKL Mechanical Keyboards

TKL vs 60 Percent Keyboard

The 60% keyboard and the TKL(87%) size are probably the most common keyboards we find today. The more we come here, we will rarely find a full-size or even 1800-compat-sized keyboard. The reason is, people prefer keyboards that are more compact in size which always fits their desk pc. If you were faced with a […]

Best 40% Keyboards in 2021 With High Quality And Durability

The 8 Best 40% Keyboards [2022]

What is a 40% Mechanical Keyboard? Mechanical Keyboard with a size of 40% is a keyboard that has a compact size that is smaller than the 60% keyboard. In general, this keyboard only has 49 keys. Its size is 40% of a standard full-sized keyboard size. This means that 60% of the full size keyboard […]

Keyboard Stabilizers

The Keyboard Stabilizers Guide [2022]

If your mechanical keyboard keys don’t work properly, or tilt and vibrate when you use them to type, there must be a problem with the stabilizer installed under your keycap. The stabilizer is a component on the mechanical keyboard that serves to provide balance to the keys of your mechanical keyboard. Stabilizers function to keep […]

Best Keycap Profiles and Materials

A Guide to Keycap Profiles and Materials

Are you bored with the mechanical keyboard keycaps profile you are currently using? Or your keycaps are damaged because they are old enough? You may need to read this article to the end for instructions on finding the most suitable keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. There are several important aspects that you should pay attention […]

Keyboard Sizes

The Different of Keyboard Sizes Explained: A Complete Guide

Gamers, the world of mechanical gaming keyboards is really difficult to understand. Just look at the keyboard switches, there are many types from different industries, and you must recognize the features of the macro keys and anti-ghosting. That’s a lot! Now we will discuss the keyboard sizes and their respective uses. It’s important to know […]