Are Leopold Keyboards Good?

The Leopold Keyboards Review [2022]

Are you tired of seeing mechanical keyboards with colorful RGB lights that are flooding the market today? Or are you looking for a low-profile keyboard that has a great typing feel? So, keyboard production from Leopold is the answer.

Leopold is a mechanical keyboard manufacturer from Korea which is famous for its outstanding build quality. All Leopold keyboards use the Switch from Cherry MX which has a slight modification which we will discuss in the next section.

Leopold manufactures mechanical keyboards in various sizes, from 65%, 75%, TKL, to 1800-Compact keyboards and Full size keyboard. Leopold has a philosophy of creating a pre-built keyboard that provides great typing quality and enjoyment.

Are Leopold Keyboards Good?

Leopold has a great reputation among the mechanical keyboard lover community. Leopold is synonymous with mechanical keyboards that have solid build quality, thick PBT Keycaps, Cherry MX Switches that are quiet because Leopold adds a sound absorbing pad to maximize attenuation.

Leopold keyboard is a good mechanical keyboard. They are able to create a mechanical keyboard that is sturdy and great for typing. Leopold takes us back to a time when keyboards didn’t have an RGB backlight. Leopold made a keyboard without RBG bakclight that seemed retro. I think this is very good, because most keyboards on the market today are always embedded with RGB light.

Unboxing The Leopold Keyboard

Is there anything special that we get when we buy a mechanical keyboard from Leopold? Nothing special, here are some things you will get when you buy a leopold keyboard:

1. The Leopold Mechanical Keyboard

When you first open the Leopold keyboard case, you will immediately find a beautiful mechanical keyboard with an unfamiliar color. When compared to other mechanical keyboards, the color choices of leopld on their keycaps are very unique and rare.

2. USB Cable

You get an ordinary USB cable, not a cable that is layered with certain materials. but this is good enough and quite long. Leopld’s keyboard cable is detachable.

3. Plastic Kecaps Puller

The next thing you will get is in a plastic keycaps puller. I think soy sauce puller with plastic material is not very good for your keycaps, we suggest you buy keycaps made of aluminum as shown below:

4. Keycaps Backup

You get two spare keycaps for the Caps Lock and Ctrl keys. Leopold’s double shot Keycaps PBT feels very solid when held. Looks like Leopold should produce more full keycaps in other colors.

5. PS/2 to USB-A converter

This kind of converter is quite rare to find in purchasing a mechanical keyboard. This is one of the anticipatory steps, for example the USB port on your computer is having problems, you can use this converter.

Leopold Design & Build Quality

Leopold keyboard body is made of plastic, but this is really a very solid plastic. There are no frills on this keyboard product. This is the first time I have experienced a mechanical keyboard made of plastic which is quite solid and thick. I can say that the build quality of Leopold’s keyboard is extraordinary. Even though they are made of plastic, there seems to be a secret recipe they use to make their keyboards body.

The design is still the same as other keyboards. Leopold may not pay much attention to the aesthetics of their products, but they are more concerned with quality and a better user experience.

No RGB Backligt on Leopold’s Keyboard

Yes, there is no RGB Backlight on Leopold Keyboard. Leopold has his own reasons for making a mechanical keyboard without RGB Backlight. When a keyboard will be embedded with RGB Backlight, there will be a gap that must be provided between the switches so that RGB can emit light on the keycaps. Leopold prefers to minimize the gaps in their keyboard, this is so their keyboard is more resistant to dust, and apparently this can also dampen the sound of switches, outside of their sound absorbing pad feature.

But if you want a keyboard with Backlight and have build quality like Leopold you can buy Anne Pro 2 or Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard.

Leopold Features

Leopold offers several interesting features that are quite outstanding including thick PBT Keycaps, PBT Double shot keycaps, Sound Absorbing Pad, Modified Cherry MX Switch, there are 4 secret switches under the keyboard body that have magical functions. Here’s an explanation of the features of the Leopold-made keyboard:

  • 1.5mm PBT Keycaps: This is one of the reasons Leopold didn’t embed RGB on their keyboards because they make solid, bold keycaps. There is no gap to emit RGB Light on these keycaps.
  • PBT Double Shot Keycaps: Double Shot Keycaps are keycaps made using the shot method. The Double Shot method in making Keycaps will produce thick keycaps. This makes keycaps made using the Double Shot method with extraordinary durability.
  • Sound Absorbing Pad: Sound Absorbing Pad is an additional part in the switch area which aims to reduce the sound of the switch when it is clicked. Not only placed in the switch area, leopld added a Sound Absorbing Pad in certain parts to maximize typing sound suppression.
  • Modified Cherry MX Switch: There is a significant difference between Leopold keyboards that use the Cherry MX Switch and other keyboards that use the same switches. Cherry MX on Leopold keyboard sounds quieter. This is also one of the benefits of adding a Sound Absorbing Pad to Leopold’s keyboard products.
  • 4 Secret switches under leopold keyboard body: 4 Secret switch under leopold keyboard body: This switch is used to manually reprogram certain keys according to your wishes.

For more details, you can learn through the manual that you get on the leopold keyboard purchase package.

Leopold Typing Experience

For typing experience, Leopold will give you a typing experience after you adapt a few days with this keyboard. This keyboard when first used feels a little heavier to press. This is because Double Shot PBT Keycaps are used. When compared to a regular keycaps keyboard, the typing feels a little lighter. But once you get used to using the keyboard from Leopold, you will feel great. You can type very quickly and accurately, because the travel distance from the keys is very fitting.

What adds to the great typing experience is the use of a stabilizer on the Cherry MX Switch which minimizes vibration when pressing the keys. Naturally, I can say this keyboard is quite ergonomic even though it is used with different typing angles. For those of you who like to type, this keyboard will provide and will be ready to serve you with various typing positions you want.

If you want a different typing experience from Leopold’s keyboard with Cherry MX switches, Leopold also provides an alternative to their C model keyboard. Leopold’s C model keyboard is equipped with Topre Switch.

5 Leopold Keyboards Models You Can Find on the Market

1. Leopold FC210TP

This is Leopold’s smallest Numpad Keyboard with 21 keys. This is one of the best numpads with cherry MX switches and double shot PBT on the market today. If you want to buy it, please use this special link to get a competitive price.

2. Leopold FC660M or FC660C – 65% Layout

This is a 65% mechanical keyboard product from Leopold. The Leopold FC660M or FC660C is a fairly compact keyboard with a key layout like a 65% keyboard in general. This keyboard is also equipped with Cherry MX Switches and of course Double Shot PBT Keycaps.

If you want to have this keyboard, please check the price via the link to purchase the Leopold FC660M or Leopold FC660C.

3. Leopold FC750R TKL – Tenkeyless Keyboard

In my opinion, Leopold FC750R series is the most keyboard for you to have. This TKL-sized keyboard is quite compact and solid. The key layout is different from the 65% keyboard. The Leopold FC750R keyboard features 87 Key Double Shot PBT keycaps with Cherry MX Switches.

This keyboard is priced under $200 on amazon, if you want to buy this keyboard, please use our Special Link.

4. Leopold FC980M and FC980C: 1800-Compact Layout

This 1800-Compact keyboard is equipped with 99 Double Shot PBT Keycaps, the Leopold FC980M is the perfect option for those of you who need an additional numpad on your keyboard. Leopold FC980M is definitely equipped with Cherry MX Switch.

In addition, there is the Leopold FC980C which is equipped with 98 Double Shot PBT Keycaps. If you want to have the keyboard, please use our special link, this is the purchase link for the Leopold FC980M and this is the purchase link for the Leopold FC980C.

5. Leopold FC900R – Full-Sized Layout

The Leopold FC900R is a Full-Sized Layout keyboard from Leopold. This keyboard is perfect for those of you who want a great typing experience satisfaction for working in your office. You don’t need to buy an external numpad, because the Leopold FC900R is equipped with all the buttons and functions you need.

You can get the Leopold FC900R at a friendly price through this special purchase link.

Are leopold keyboards hot swappable?

Hot Swappable is a feature on mechanical keyboards that allows you to swap switches without needing to solder them to the PCB. Leopold makes a mechanical keyboard using a standard PCB which of course doesn’t have the Hot Swappable Switch feature, until now there has been no official confirmation that Leopold has a hot swappable mechanical keyboard.

Are leopold keyboards good for gaming?

Leopold has a mechanical keyboard that is very suitable for playing games, the quality of the keycap on the Leopold mechanical keyboard is very good and reliable for gaming. The switch used in the Leopold mechanical keyboard is a Switch from Cherry MX which is the highest quality switch available today. Leopold’s mechanical keyboard that uses Cherry MX Red is very reliable for gaming.

Are leopold keyboards lubed?

When you first take the leopold mechanical keyboard out of the box, you will feel no Rattle on the keys that use the stabilizer. This indicates that the stabilizer from Leopold has been lubricated when assembled. Leopold uses a very good Cherry style stabilizer and is able to dampen vibrations very well.

As for the switches, in our opinion, the Cherry MX Tactile or Linear switches on the mechanical Leopold have not been lubricated, but the typing feeling is very good when they were purchased.

Are leopold keyboards wireless?

To support wireless connectivity, Leopold does make a simple mechanical keyboard using a detachable USB Type C cable, almost all Leopold mechanical keyboards only support USB cable connectivity. If you want to have a leopold keyboard that supports wireless connectivity, then the Leopold x MK FC660MBT Vapor 65% Double Shot PBT Wireless is the only one available right now.

The Leopold x MK FC660MBT Vapor 65% is a compact mechanical keyboard with a 65% layout that uses a quality PBT double shot keycap set and supports connectivity via USB Cable and Wireless Bluetooth 5.1. This keyboard is also available in various switch types from Cherry MX, you can find the Leopold x MK FC660MBT Vapor 65% at

Are leopold keyboards Has backlit?

Leopold carries a different idea from other mechanical keyboard manufacturers. While mechanical keyboard manufacturers are competing to make mechanical keyboards with various RGB, Leopold is not at all interested in adding RGB features to their products.

Until now, none of the mechanical keyboards from Leopold feature RGB, LED, Backlit and the like. All mechanical keyboards from Leopold are not backlit.

Are leopold keyboards mac compatible?

All leopold mechanical keyboards only support connectivity via a detachable USB Type C cable, only the Leopold x MK FC660MBT Vapor 65% supports bluetooth wireless connectivity options.

For compatibility, all Leopold mechanical keyboards can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. For best performance and without problems is when used on the Windows operating system. On Mac, some keys don’t work as well as on Windows Devices.

What Switches Use On Leopold Keyboards?

All keyboards made by Leopold use switches from Cherry MX which are switches known for their excellent quality and extremely reliable durability. Some of the switch options that you can choose when buying a leopolds keyboard are as follows:

  • Cherry MX Black
  • Cherry MX Brown
  • Cherry MX Blue
  • Cherry MX Red
  • Cherry MX Clear
  • Cherry MX Silver
  • Cherry MX Silent Red

Leopold stabilizers?

Leopold uses a quality stabilizer in the style of Cherry Stabilizer which is the type of stabilizer that is most widely used.

The stabilizer on the leopold keyboard is very nice and smooth because it is lubricated when assembled. The stabilizer does a great job of keeping the keys balanced, especially on the space bar. Vibration and noise are minimal because Leopold uses a very good stabilizer.

Leopold sound dampening?

Leopold is equipped with a silencer inside the keyboard casing which makes the Leopold keyboard very pleasant to use when typing.

All Leopold keyboard products have silencers so that they provide a very good bassy and silent typing effect. The leopld keyboard body material is also made of thick plastic so that the damping becomes very good.

What is The Best leopold keyboard?

For a mechanical keyboard, the best leopold in my opinion is the Leopold x MK FC660MBT Vapor 65% because it has complete connectivity options with a very unique design. This keyboard is also equipped with a very high quality PBT double shot keycap so it can provide a very great typing experience.

For the next best Leopold keyboard, the Leopold FC900R is a full size mechanical keyboard that is very comfortable to use for typing or working. Of course, this keyboard also uses switches from Cherry MX and very high-quality PBT Double Shot Keycaps.

Where are leopold keyboards made?

Leopold is a brand originating from South Korea. Most of their production is also done in South Korea. Nowadays you can also find leopold keyboards made in China, this is because Leopold wants to expand its marketing so that it makes a production factory in China. For testing, Leopold conducted testing on their products in Japan. All designs are made by Leopold in South Korea, and manufactured in China, and inspected in Japan.

Are Leopold Keyboards Worth It?

Worth it! The Leopold keyboard does have a hefty price tag, but it’s very reasonable. Leopold created a mechanical keyboard that has very good build quality. In addition, they provided an improvisation on the stabilizer and Cherry MX Switch so that the Leopold keyboard has its own characteristics for the sound of the keys. Attractive features that other brands don’t have of value for Leopold keyboard owners.

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