Keyboard Stabilizers: Ultimate Guide in 2023

If your mechanical keyboard keys don’t work properly, or tilt and vibrate when you use them to type, there must be a problem with the stabilizer installed under your keycap.

The stabilizer is a component on the mechanical keyboard that serves to provide balance to the keys of your mechanical keyboard. Stabilizers function to keep the keys on your keyboard working properly. Not all keys on a mechanical keyboard need stabilizers. Stabilizers are usually attached to larger keys, for example, the spacebar, shift, backspace, and Enter keys.

Stabilizers on a standard mechanical keyboard layout

Stabilizers on a standard mechanical keyboard layout
Stabilizer on Standard Mechancial Keyboard Layout

In a standard mechanical keyboard layout usually 5 stabilizers are used. Look at the table below:

KeyMinimum Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key2u stabilizer
Enter Key2u stabilizer
Right shift key2u stabilizer
Spacebar6.25u or 7u stabilizer

All stabilizers to be installed can be adjusted to the original size of the keys on the mechanical keyboard. The table All stabilizers to be installed can be adjusted to the original size of the keys or the layout on your mechanical keyboard. The table above is for reference and illustration purposes only.

Stabilizers on Larger Buttons
Stabilizers on Larger Buttons

If you have a full size or 1800-compact keyboard, you can also attach a stabilizer to the numpad keyboard with the minimum size details in the table below:

Numpad KeyMinimum Stabilizer Size
0 key2u stabilizer
Plus key2u stabilizer
Enter Key2u stabilizer

Or look at the picture below for Numpad Layout:

Stabilizers on Numpad Keys
Stabilizers on Numpad Keys

How Many Stabilizers and what size do You need for your Keyboard?

For Keyboard sized 60%, 75% and TKL (80%)

For Mechanical keyboards with sizes 60%, 75%, and TKL (80%) you need about: 5 stabilizers on the Spacebar, Left Shift, Right Shift, Enter, and backspace keys.

KeyMinimum Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key2u stabilizer
Enter Key2u stabilizer
Right shift key2u stabilizer
Spacebar6.25u or 7u stabilizer

For Keyboard full size and 1800 compact

For a full size and 1800-compact keyboard you need 8 stabilizers on the keys: spacebar, left shift, right shift, backspace, enter with 3 additional stabilizers on numpad namely the 0 key, plus key, and enter key.

KeyMinimum Stabilizer Size
Left shift key 2u stabilizer
Backspace Key2u stabilizer
Enter Key2u stabilizer
Right shift key2u stabilizer
Spacebar6.25u or 7u stabilizer
0 on Numpads key2u stabilizer
Plus on Numpads key2u stabilizer
Enter on NumpadsKey2u stabilizer

Various kinds of stabilizers on the market

In the world of keyboard stabilizers, there are several types of stabilizers made by manufacturers that focus on mechanical keyboard accessories. Stabilizers are also made differently with certain styles and methods. Here are some lists and types of keyboard stabilizers available in the market today:

1. Cherry Style Stabilizers

Cherry Style Stabilizers
Cherry Style Stabilizers

The Cherry Style stabilizers are the most commonly used stabilizers. Cherry style stabilizer is the easiest stabilizer to modify as desired. These stabilizers are very much preferred because of their flexibility to modify.

Cherry Style Stabilizers

In addition, Cherry style stabilizers are available in various types of materials and colors. We highly recommend you to get a keyboard that has Cherry Style Stabilizer. In general, keyboards sold with cherry mx switches are equipped with Cherry style stabilizers.

2. Costar Stabilizers

Costar Stabilizers
Costar Stabilizers

Costar Style stabilizers are stabilizers that are rarely found today. Costar Style stabilizers are often found on older series keyboards, but newer keyboards also use this type of stabilizer.

Costar Style stabilizers are rarely used because their application is quite difficult. Costar Style stabilizers must be connected snugly to the keycap, this is quite confusing. It can be said that each Costar Style stabilizer is united with its respective keycaps.

3. Optical Stabilizers Style

Optical Stabilizers Style
Optical Stabilizer Style

You will only find this style of optical stabilizer on keyboards that use this type of optical switches. You’ll usually find this style of optical stabilizer on Razer’s mechanical keyboards. They look like a small clip that fits under the keycaps bar and sticks right above the switch.

For modification option, Optical stabilizer style has no option to modify. All you can do is add lubricant to dampen the sound and vibration.

If you have a mechanical keyboard with optical switches, make sure you lubricate your switch stabilizers regularly.

Cherry Stabilizer Style Guide

Since the Cherry Stabilizer Style is the most widely used by Mechanical keyboard owners, we will talk more about the stabilizer in this article. If you have another type of stabilizer, please look for other references.

Cherry Stabilizer Style Guide
Cherry Stabilizer Style Guide

The Cherry Style stabilizer has 3 main components, namely housing, stabilizer bar, and insert. These three components are assembled into one and mounted between Cherry MX switches horizontally just below the keycap. This aims to provide a balance to the keycap given a cherry style stabilizer so that the keycap does not vibrate and tilt when used.

Cherry Stabilizer Style Parts
Cherry Stabilizer Style Parts

Different Intsallation Method for Cherry Stabilizers Style

There are 3 different mounting techniques for the Cherry Stabilizer Style, here’s a full explanation:

1. Plate-Mounted Cherry Stabilizers Style

This is the plate mount style most commonly used on mechanical keyboards. The stabilizer is attached to a metal plate inside the keyboard. This method of installing the stabilizer on the metal plate is less effective because it is not optimal enough to minimize vibration. Thankfully, there are still modification options that can make the most of this installation method.

This installation method is carried out by means of a stabilizer attached to the clipping to a metal plate. If you want to remove this stabilizer from the keyboard, you must first remove the switch by pressing the small plastic button on the stabilizer and lifting it simultaneously.

Plate-Mounted Cherry Stabilizers Style

2. Screw-In Stabilizers (Best Stabilizer Installation Method for Cherry Style)

This is the best method of installing a cherry style stabilizer. Because by using this method the results obtained are quite maximal. This method is easier to do and can minimize a lot of vibration at the time of pressing the button.

Not only buttons, the vibration on the PCB can also be damped well. The PCB is the place where the stabilizer is installed. Screw-In Stabilizers are usually found in custom built keyboards. We highly recommend this method for installing your custom keyboard stabilizer.

Screw-In Stabilizers

3. Snap-In Stabilizer

This is the method of mounting the stabilizer on the PCB on the cherry style stabilizer. However, this installation method is not effective enough compared to the Screw-In Stabilizers installation method.

When compared to plate-mounted stabilizers, this method is much better at damping vibrations. But this method is rarely used, usually this stabilizer installation method is found on certain custom keyboards.

If you are not skilled at mounting this way, you could potentially damage your PCB. So we recommend that you use the Screw-In Stabilizers installation method.

Best Brands that Make Cherry Style Stabilizers

There are several manufacturers that specifically make Cherry Style Stabilizers. Here are some of the best brands of Cherry style stabilizer makers:

1. Durock Stabilizers

Durock Stabilizers
Durock Stabilizers

One of my favorite stabilizers at a fairly affordable price. This stabilizer is available in several sizes ranging from 2u, 6.25u, and 7u. If you want to make a custom mechanical keyboard, this is the best recommendation for you.

With a gold plate that gleams yellow and a purple housing, it will add aesthetics to your beloved mechanical keyboard. You can buy this stabilizer through this special link.

2. GMK Stabilizer

GMK Stabilizer
GMK Stabilizer

Not only producing quality PBT and ABS keycaps, GMK also produces Stabilizers to increase the stability of their keycaps. GMK makes a stabilizer that is quite good in quality, many keyboard products with Cherry MX switches sold in the market use this stabilizer from GMK. You can buy Stabilizer from GMK through this special link.

3. ZealPC

The stabilizers from ZealPC are the most expensive. Gold-plated quality materials with a transparent housing made of selected plastic make the stabilizer produced by ZealPC quite expensive. ZealPC stabilizer is available for screw style only. If you want to buy a stabilizer from ZealPC, you can directly visit the ZealPC official website.

4. Everglide

Stabilizers produced by Everglide are quite similar to stabilizers from ZealPC, available with screw-style stabilizers and they provide a fairly affordable price. We recommend that you buy stabilizers in a package, because they are cheaper than buying per size. You can visit the official kprepublic website for more information.

Which Keys Need Stabilizers?

In a mechanical keyboard, there are several keys that need a stabilizer because they have a larger size compared to other keys. The following is a list of buttons that require a stabilizer:

  • Spacebar key
  • Enter key
  • Left Shift Key
  • Right Shift Key
  • Backspace key
  • Caps lock button
  • Tab key

How to Maximize Cherry Stabilizer Performance

You only need a little work to maximize the performance of your cherry style stabilizer. There are 2 ways that we recommend you do, namely modifying and lubricating your stabilizer. The point is that the stabilizer mounted on the PCB holds it stronger to make it stronger and more solid. Here’s the full explanation:

  • Cutting the stabilizer leg: This is to make the button more balanced and firm when pressed.
  • Lubricate your Cherry Stabilizer: This is to protect the friction between components from being damaged quickly. In addition, it lubricates the stabilizer and maximizes damping and minimizes vibration.

PCB vs Plate mounted stabilizers?

The stabilizer mounted on the plate is more prone to problems because it depends on the type of plate material used, if the plate is made of plastic, the stabilizer will easily wobble. While the stabilizer mounted on the PCB is certainly stronger because the PCB is also mounted very tightly on the keyboard casing. We prefer to use a PCB mounted stabilizer as opposed to a Plate mounted stabilizer.

PCB mount vs screw in stabilizers?

However, Screw in is the best and most balanced keyboard stabilizer mounting method compared to other methods such as PCB Mounted or Plate mounted.

This screw is stronger because it uses a screw mounted on the PCB so it is less likely to be easily detached or shaken. Screw in stabilizer is much better than PCB mounted stabilizer.

Plate mounted or screw in stabilizers?

Screw in stabilizer is much better than Plate Mounted Stabilizer, plate mounted stabilizer is known to be very easy to shake and not durable because it depends on the strength and type of material used on the plate. The screw in stabilizer is directly mounted on the PCB using 2 screws so that it holds the stabilizer stronger and safer.

What are the best keyboard stabilizers?

The best stabilizer is a stabilizer that uses Cherry style which uses the Screw in mounting method on the PCB. By using a Cherry style stabilizer with screw in installation you will get a stabilizer that is very sturdy and stable and very durable.

You can find stabilizers with the best cherry style such as Everglide, ZealPC, GMK Stabilizer, and Durock Stabilizer.

Why Lube keyboard stabilizers?

Stabilizer is a mechanical keyboard component that is useful for maintaining the balance of the Space Bar, Enter, left and right shift keys, capslock, and backspace. Stabilizer really needs to be lubricated because by lubricating the stabilizer you can eliminate rattle, reduce friction between the components of the stabilizer iron rod and the stabilizer housing made of plastic so as to make the stabilizer smoother when used.

Why is the keyboard stabilizer stuck?

Stabilizer stuck can occur due to several things, such as you pressing the button too hard to damage the stabilizer handle on the PCB and make it shift. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Remove keycap: Open the keycap whose stabilizer is stuck.
  • Check Stabilizer: If the stabilizer is simply stuck to the Plate, you can slide it out using tweezers or a screwdriver.
  • If the stabilizer does not work properly: Replace your stabilizer with a new stabilizer.

Why keyboard stabilizer rattle?

Rattle on the standard stabilizer must happen, this is because to remove the rattle on the stabilizer you have to make some modifications to the stabilizer. Here are 3 modifications you need to do to get rid of the rattle on the stabilizer:

  • Clip: Clip is a modification by cutting one part of the stabilizer leg to reduce vibration.
  • Band-Aid: Modifications made by adding band-aid to the screw in stabilizer on the PCB to reduce vibration and sound.
  • Lube: Lubricates stabilizer to make it smoother and reduces friction between stabilizer components.

Why mod keyboard stabilizers?

In addition to eliminating rattle, modifying the stabilizer can dampen vibrations and eliminate shake on the stabilizer so that the stabilizer can better support the buttons.

By modifying your keyboard stabilizer, you will get smooth and very stable keys without shake and rattle.

Why is keyboard stabilizer installed On Keyboard?

Stabilizer is an optional component on a mechanical keyboard, over time using a stabilizer on a mechanical keyboard has become standard. Installing a stabilizer on the keyboard can make your keys not vibrate, more balanced and not tilted because of frequent use.

On the largest-sized spacebar, a stabilizer is needed to maintain the balance of the keys to be safer and not directly collide between the keys and the keyboard plate.

Where to buy keyboard stabilizers?

There are many places to buy stabilizers, but to get a quality stabilizer we recommend these 3 websites because these three websites have a very good reputation for buying mechanical keyboard components:

  • This is a website that provides quality stabilizers like EVERGLIDE.
  • This is ZealPC’s official website where they sell their quality stabilizers.
  • Amazon: On Amazon there are various types and brands of stabilizers, search for stabilizers on amazon with the keywords GMK stabilizer or Durock Stabilizer, both of these brands have Cherry style stabilizers of very high quality.

What makes a good keyboard stabilizer?

A good stabilizer is made using a solid plastic material and uses a good quality iron rod. By using high-quality plastic material, the stabilizer can withstand PCB temperatures at any level so that it can work well. Examples of quality stabilizers are GMK Stabillizer and Durock, although they are sold at a fairly cheap price but the quality is very good.

What is The best stabilizer for gmmk pro?

For GMMK which is a Hot Swappable mechanical keyboard we highly recommend you use a Cherry style stabilizer.

You can use Durock Stabilizer or GMK Stabilizer, because apart from being affordable, both stabilizers are very high quality and durable. You can find it on Amazon for a very affordable price for a set.


If you want to buy a mechanical keyboard, we recommend that you buy a mechanical keyboard that can support the Stabilizer with Cherry style, because this will make it easier for you to maximize the performance of your mechanical keyboard.

If you might want to build your own custom mechanical keyboard, we recommend using the Cherry Style Stabilizer with the Screw-In Stabilizers method because this method has been proven to give the best results. This method is easier to do and manages to reduce vibrations on your keycap.

For the Cherry Style Stabilizer brand, we recommend you to use a stabilizer product from Durock or Everglide because the price is quite affordable.

It all comes back to you, you know better what you need. GMK stabilizer is also pretty good to use. If you have a sufficient budget, then you should also consider GMK.


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