Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3

Comparing two keyboards from Keychron, namely Keychron K2 VS Keychron K3. Keychron K2 and K3 both have a 75% layout, the difference is in the high profile. Keychron K3 has a low profile and Keychron K2 has a normal profile like a mechanical keyboard in general.

If you were given the opportunity to choose one of these two keyboards, which Keychron model would you choose? Keychron K2 or Keychron K3? For more details, let’s continue the comparison of these two flagship keyboards from Keychron!


Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3

Dimension Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3

Both Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 are 2 keyboards with the same dimensions, namely the Keyboard with a 75% layout. The Keychron K3 is more compact and thinner than the Keychron K2. Because these two keyboards are 75% in size, there are still Arrow keys that we won’t get at sizes below, for example on a keyboard with a 65% layout.

For the Keychron K2, it looks thicker and stronger than the Keychron K3. Keychron K2 carries the dimensions of a normal mechanical keyboard with a height and size like other 75% mechanical keyboards. For practicality, Keychron K3 is clearly more compact and practical to carry anywhere.

Build Quality Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3

Build Quality Keychron K2

Keychron K2 has a very sturdy and strong build quality. The keyboard body is made of a solid aluminum frame. On the keychron k2, you will not find any parts that are loose or can be shaken. ABS buttons feel more balanced and don’t tilt when pressed. As we know, ABS plastic keycaps are usually a bit slippery. We recommend that you use PBT Plastic keycaps which are thicker and a bit rougher, so they are more comfortable for typing.

Thankfully, Keychron provides a purchase if you want to replace ABS Keycaps with PBT Keycaps sold on the official Keychron website. Overall, the build quality on the Keychron k2 is very good.

Build Quality Keychron K3

Kyechron K3 has a pretty good build quality. At the bottom of the keyboard there is still plastic material, while for the K3 keychron frame it uses an aluminum frame. This keyboard still has a bit of flexibility when pressed, unlike on the K2 keychron which is very solid.

This keyboard uses switches and keys with a low profile, which is good for typing, but the keys on the keychron k3 are a bit wobbly when used to type. The keycaps used on the Keychron K3 are made of ABS plastic which is a bit thin and slippery when used. But you can buy PBT keycaps to replace them, PBT keycaps are available on the Kyechron website at affordable prices.

Profile keychron k3 carries a low profile and thin. So for build quality, we think Keychron K2 is much better than Keychron K3.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Ergonomics

Keychron K2 Ergonomics

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Keychron K2 has a good level of ergonomics although it is a bit high. You can adjust the tilt level on this keyboard. In the purchase package, this keyboard does not have an armrest to improve ergonomics, but on the keychron website you can buy a wooden armrest that is suitable for this keyboard.

Keychron K3 Ergonomics


Keychron K3 in my opinion is more ergonomic than Keychron K2. The low and thin profile makes this keyboard very comfortable to type in for long periods of time. Keychron K3 is not equipped with an armrest in the purchase package, but we recommend a mouse pad with an XL size on this keyboard so that you will feel more comfortable and have better ergonomics when using a mouse pad.

To adjust the tilt on the keychron k3, not too many options. This keyboard only has 4 removable and attachable legs, just those two options.

RGB Backlight

Keychron K2 RGB Backlighting


The RGB Backlight on the Keychron K2 is amazing. All the keys on this keyboard keycaps are individually lit. There are no special buttons or software to adjust the RGB Backlight on the keychron k2. How to set RGB on this keyboard using the FN and function keys. The RGB backlight on the keychron looks very fitting with the sturdy design and solid black frame, the RGB on the keychron k2 is quite useful in a room or workplace that has minimal light.

Keychron K3 RGB Backlight


Keychron K3 has an RGB Backlight that lights up individually on each key. Similar to the K2 keychron, this keyboard does not have special software or buttons to adjust RGB. There is only one way to adjust the RGB on this keyboard that is by using the FN and Function key combinations.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Wireless Versatility

For connectivity, Keychron K2 has a bluetooth connection that can connect to 3 different devices at once. In the purchase package, you get a USB Type C cable which is used to recharge the battery. What’s great is, this keyboard can last up to 240 hours with the RGB Light turned off.

Keychron K3 has the same bluetooth connectivity as Keychron K2 which can make it connect with 3 devices at once. there is a USB Type C that can be used to charge the Keychron K3 battery in the purchase package. Unfortunately, the battery on the Keychron K3 is not as good as the battery on the Keychron K2. The battery on the K3 keychron is only able to last approximately 34 hours in a state of the RGB light.

Extra Features

Keychron K2 Extra Features

Keychron K2 Extra Features

Kyechron K2 is not equipped with many features. There is no feature to program the buttons to provide a specific function. there are only media hotkeys. There is a Switch on the left of the keyboard adjacent to the USB Type C Port which can be used to switch modes when using the K2 keychron on Windows, MacOs, iOS, iPad, and Linux operating systems.

Keychron K3 Extra Features

Keychron K3 Extra Features

The Keychron K3 also doesn’t have as many features as the Keychron K2. There are no programmable macro keys. there is only an orange switch on the front left adjacent to the USB Type C port which is used to switch modes when using the K2 keychron on Windows, MacOs, iOS, iPad, and Linux operating systems.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Unboxing


Here are some of the items you get in the Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 purchase packages:

Inside The Keychron K2 BoxInside The Keychron K3 Box
Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard
USB-C cable
Keycap puller
4x gray keys (2x Alt, Esc, Windows)
1x Orange ‘Light Bulb’ key
Manual Book
Keychron K3
USB-C cable
Keycap puller
4x gray keys (2x Alt, Esc, Windows)
1x orange ‘Light Bulb’ key
Replacement feet
Manual Book
Inside The Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 Box

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Keycaps And Switch

Keychron K2 Keycaps And Switch

Keychron K2 is equipped with keycaps made of ABS which is paired with the Gateron Brown Switch. The Gateron Brown switch on the keychron k2 feels soft and quite responsive when pressed. Gateron Brown Switch is quite quiet when pressed. The Keychron K2 is also available in a fairly clicky Gateron Blue and Red Switch option. It all depends on your taste, which switch is suitable for your needs. We also recommend that you replace the ABS keycaps with more solid PBT Keycaps which you can purchase on the Keychron website.

Keychron K3 Keycaps And Switch

Keychron K3 is embedded with ABS plastic keycaps which feel slippery when used, we recommend that you upgrade these keycaps with PBT keycaps which are more textured and solid. Keychron K3 is equipped with a Low Profile Brown Gateron Switch which is quiet when pressed but this switch is quite responsive. There are other options for switches that you can use on this keyboard, such as the low profile blue gateron switch, or low profile linear red which has a more clicky sound. Keychron also provides a special switch made by them for this keyboard, namely the Low Profile Optic keychron.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Typing Quality

I think the quality of typing on the k3 keychron is better in terms of ergonomics because the k3 keychron has a low profile so that the movement of fingers from one key to another feels very easy. Even though both keyboards have a 75% layout, I find it easier to adapt to the k3 keychron than the k2 keychron due to their slightly higher profile.

For the switches used, it all depends on your taste. If you want a quiet switch, choose a brown gateron, if you want a clicky switch, choose a blue or green gateron.

Then to add a better typing experience, we recommend you to replace the ABS keycaps with PBT Keycaps which you can buy on the keychron website.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Software

Both the Keychron K2 and K3 don’t have any supporting software to set and reprogram the buttons and RGB Baclight. But Keychron recommends third-party software that can be used, namely Karabiner for macOS and SharpKeys for Windows.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3 Keyboard Compatibility

Both keychron k2 and k3 are compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and MacOs operating systems. But there are some important notes. When you switch modes, make sure to use the switch to match the keyboard to the operating system you are using. The F3 and F4 keys cannot be used on devices with the iOS operating system on iPhone and iPad.


Keychron K2Keychron K3
Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 Price

The two keyboards have slightly different prices, the keychron k2 is priced at $95 and the keychron k3 is priced at $90. With the same 75% layout, but the keychron k2 is a little more expensive maybe because of the body material used and the taller and thicker physique.


Keychron k2 and keychron k3 are two keyboards that have the same build quality as well. Keychron k2 has a build quality that is more solid and sturdy than the keychron k3.

But if you want a low-profile keyboard and better ergonomics, then the Keychron k3 is a better choice. In addition to being slightly cheaper, the keychron K3 is also more compact and easier to carry anywhere.

But if you want a keyboard with aluminum build quality that is solid and sturdy, coupled with a good typing experience, the Keychron K2 is the right choice, although the Keychron K2’s profile is higher, this keyboard is comfortable and ergonomic enough to be used for a long time.

It all comes back to your needs and what kind of keyboard you want.


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