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Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3: Which Keyboard Should You Buy in 2024?

Last Updated on February 10, 2024

Keychron is a brand that has been making waves in the mechanical keyboard market for some time now. Their keyboards are well-known for their unique designs, quality materials, and affordable price points. Two of their most popular models are the Keychron K2 and Keychron K3. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at these two models and compare them to help you decide which one is right for you between Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3.

SpecificationKeychron K2Keychron K3
Layout84 keys75% layout with 75 keys
ConnectivityWired and BluetoothWired and Bluetooth
SwitchesGateron, Hot-swappableLow Profile Gateron, Hot-swappable
BacklightWhite LED or RGBWhite LED or RGB
Battery LifeUp to 240 hoursUp to 72 hours
CompatibilityMac and WindowsMac and Windows
Dimensions317 x 129 x 38mm332 x 123 x 38mm

Inside The Box of Keychron K2 and Keychron K3

Here are some of the items you get in the Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 purchase packages:

Inside The Keychron K2 BoxInside The Keychron K3 Box
Keychron K2 wireless mechanical keyboard
USB-C cable
Keycap puller
4x gray keys (2x Alt, Esc, Windows)
1x Orange ‘Light Bulb’ key
Manual Book
Keychron K3
USB-C cable
Keycap puller
4x gray keys (2x Alt, Esc, Windows)
1x orange ‘Light Bulb’ key
Replacement feet
Manual Book


Both the Keychron K2 and the Keychron K3 are keyboards that share the same layout of 75%. Despite this similarity, the Keychron K3 has a more compact and slimmer design when compared to the Keychron K2. This makes the Keychron K3 an ideal option for those who are always on the go and require a keyboard that is more portable.

One advantage of both the Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 being 75% in size is that they still have arrow keys, which are not available in smaller layouts like the 65% keyboard. This makes them more suitable for those who need to use arrow keys frequently and prefer a smaller keyboard layout.

When it comes to the appearance of the two keyboards, the Keychron K2 looks thicker and sturdier, thanks to its height and size, which is similar to other 75% mechanical keyboards. On the other hand, the Keychron K3 has a sleeker and more minimalist design that makes it stand out from other keyboards in its class.

Overall, the Keychron K3 is a more practical option for those who value portability, while the Keychron K2 is a more robust keyboard that is suited for those who prefer a more traditional mechanical keyboard look and feel.

Build Quality

Keychron K2

The Keychron K2 keyboard boasts an impressive level of sturdiness and durability due to its strong build quality. The keyboard body is crafted from a solid aluminum frame, providing a robust and secure foundation for the keyboard’s components. The attention to detail in the construction of the Keychron K2 is evident in the absence of any loose or shaky parts, ensuring that the keyboard remains firmly in place during use.

One notable feature of the Keychron K2 is the balanced feel of its ABS keycaps, which do not tilt or wobble when pressed. While ABS plastic keycaps are known to be somewhat slippery, the Keychron K2 can be customized with PBT plastic keycaps that offer a thicker, rougher surface for a more comfortable typing experience. It’s worth noting that these PBT keycaps can be purchased directly from the official Keychron website, providing a convenient and easy solution for those who prefer them over the standard ABS keycaps.

In summary, the Keychron K2 keyboard is a solid and reliable option that offers impressive build quality. From its sturdy aluminum frame to its balanced ABS keycaps, this keyboard is designed to withstand frequent use without sacrificing comfort or performance. And with the option to customize with PBT keycaps, users can truly tailor their Keychron K2 experience to their personal preferences.

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 boasts impressive build quality with an aluminum frame for its keyboard frame and plastic material at the bottom. The keyboard provides a slight degree of flexibility when pressed, which distinguishes it from the very solid K2 Keychron.

While the low profile switches and keys used in the Keychron K3 are suitable for typing, the keys tend to wobble a bit while being used. Additionally, the keycaps are made of ABS plastic, which is somewhat thin and slippery. Fortunately, you can opt to purchase PBT keycaps to replace them, which are available on the Kyechron website at affordable prices.

In terms of profile, the Keychron K3 is low profile and thin. Overall, while the Keychron K3 has impressive build quality, we believe that the Keychron K2 surpasses it in this regard.


Keychron K2

The Keychron K2 is a keyboard that boasts a commendable level of ergonomics, albeit with a slight issue in terms of height. However, the good news is that users have the option to adjust the tilt level on this keyboard, allowing for a more comfortable typing experience.

It’s worth noting that while the purchase package does not come with an armrest to further enhance the keyboard’s ergonomics, interested buyers can head over to the Keychron website to purchase a specially-designed wooden armrest that is compatible with this particular keyboard. This wooden armrest is a great accessory to have, especially for those who spend extended periods typing, as it helps alleviate any discomfort that may arise from prolonged use.

Keychron K3

In my personal opinion, the Keychron K3 keyboard boasts a superior level of ergonomic design when compared to its predecessor, the Keychron K2. Its low and thin profile, coupled with its compact design, allows for a comfortable typing experience even during extended usage periods. While the Keychron K3 does not come equipped with an armrest as part of its purchase package, I highly recommend utilizing an XL-sized mouse pad alongside this keyboard for optimal comfort and improved ergonomics while using a mouse.

In terms of adjusting the tilt on the Keychron K3 keyboard, there aren’t many options available. The keyboard only features four removable and attachable legs, providing users with just two options to adjust the angle and height of the keyboard. Despite this limited range of adjustment, many users still find the Keychron K3 to be an excellent choice due to its high level of ergonomic design and comfortable typing experience.

RGB Backlighting

Keychron K2

The Keychron K2 keyboard boasts an impressive RGB Backlight that has been designed to enhance the user’s overall typing experience. One of the standout features of this keyboard is the fact that each keycap is individually lit, making it a unique and versatile option for any user looking to add a bit of personality to their typing setup. Unlike other keyboards on the market that require additional software or specialized buttons to adjust the RGB Backlight, the Keychron K2 can be easily customized using the FN and function keys.

Not only does the RGB Backlight on the Keychron K2 provide an excellent aesthetic value, but it also serves a practical purpose. The solid black frame of the keyboard perfectly complements the RGB lighting, giving it a sleek and modern look that will fit in seamlessly with any workspace. Additionally, the RGB Backlight can be incredibly useful in environments that have minimal light, such as dimly lit rooms or late-night work sessions.

Overall, the RGB Backlight on the Keychron K2 is an excellent feature that sets it apart from other keyboards on the market. Whether you’re looking to add some personality to your workspace or simply need a reliable keyboard with customizable lighting, the Keychron K2 is definitely worth considering.

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 is a sleek and stylish keyboard that boasts an impressive RGB backlighting system. Each key on the K3 is illuminated individually, creating a visually stunning effect that is sure to impress even the most discerning of users. Despite its impressive lighting capabilities, the K3 does not require any special software or dedicated buttons to adjust the RGB settings.

Instead, users can easily adjust the RGB lighting on the K3 by utilizing the FN and Function key combinations. This straightforward approach to adjusting the lighting on the keyboard not only simplifies the user experience but also ensures that the K3 remains sleek and unobtrusive in design. Whether you’re a gamer looking to set the perfect mood for your gaming setup or simply looking to add a touch of style to your home office, the Keychron K3 is the perfect choice for anyone in search of a high-quality and visually stunning keyboard.

Wireless Versatility

The Keychron K2 keyboard boasts impressive connectivity features that cater to users’ multitasking needs. Its reliable Bluetooth connection allows seamless pairing with up to three different devices simultaneously, ensuring smooth transitions between devices with just a simple switch of a button. The keyboard also comes with a versatile USB Type C cable that facilitates effortless charging of the battery, adding to the convenience of its use.

What sets the Keychron K2 apart is its impressive battery life, lasting up to an impressive 240 hours with the RGB light turned off. This feature guarantees a prolonged uninterrupted typing experience without the need for frequent recharging.

Similarly, the Keychron K3 also offers the same versatile Bluetooth connectivity that allows the user to connect with up to three devices at once, enabling optimal productivity in a multitasking environment. The keyboard comes with a reliable USB Type C cable that is used to recharge its battery, which is included in the purchase package.

However, the Keychron K3 falls short of the battery life standards set by its predecessor. With an approximate battery life of only 34 hours when the RGB light is on, users may need to recharge more frequently than they would with the Keychron K2. Nonetheless, the Keychron K3 keyboard still remains an excellent option for users seeking a wireless keyboard with reliable connectivity features.

Extra Features

Keychron K2

The Kyechron K2 keyboard, while it may not boast an abundance of features, still manages to impress with its sleek and simplistic design. However, it’s worth noting that there are certain limitations to its functionality, one of which is the absence of programmable buttons to assign custom commands or shortcuts.

Instead, users will find only media hotkeys that allow for basic playback control. Despite this drawback, the K2 does have a unique feature in the form of a switch located on the left side of the keyboard, next to the USB Type C port. This switch enables users to easily switch between modes when using the K2 on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, iPad, and Linux.

Overall, while the Kyechron K2 may not be the most feature-rich keyboard on the market, its sleek design and versatile compatibility make it a solid choice for those looking for a simple and reliable keyboard that can seamlessly switch between different devices and operating systems.

Keychron K3

When comparing the Keychron K3 to its predecessor, the Keychron K2, it’s important to note that the former doesn’t offer as many features. For instance, the Keychron K3 lacks programmable macro keys, which may be a dealbreaker for some users who heavily rely on shortcuts and want to customize their keyboard’s layout to suit their needs.

Furthermore, unlike the Keychron K2, which features several dedicated keys for switching between different operating systems, the Keychron K3 only has a single orange switch located on the front left side of the keyboard, adjacent to the USB Type C port. This switch is used to toggle between different modes when using the K2 Keychron on various operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS, iPad, and Linux.

While the absence of macro keys and the reduced number of dedicated mode-switching keys may be disappointing for some users, the Keychron K3 still offers an impressive typing experience and a compact design, making it a great choice for those who prioritize portability and aesthetics.

Keycaps And Switches

Keychron K2

The Keychron K2 keyboard boasts an impressive array of features that make it a standout choice for anyone seeking a premium typing experience. One of its standout features is the inclusion of keycaps made of ABS, which are paired with the Gateron Brown Switch. When combined, these features work together to deliver a tactile sensation that is both soft and responsive when pressed.

Additionally, the Gateron Brown Switch used in the Keychron K2 is notably quiet when pressed, making it an ideal choice for anyone who prefers a less intrusive typing experience. However, for those who prefer a more clicky sensation when typing, the Keychron K2 also offers the option of Gateron Blue and Red Switches.

Ultimately, the choice of which switch to use comes down to personal preference, and each option has its own distinct advantages. However, regardless of which switch you choose, we highly recommend that you consider replacing the default ABS keycaps with more durable PBT Keycaps, which can be purchased directly from the Keychron website. Not only will this upgrade improve the overall feel and performance of your keyboard, but it will also help to extend its lifespan and ensure that it continues to provide a superior typing experience for years to come.

Keychron K3

The Keychron K3 keyboard boasts ABS plastic keycaps which may feel somewhat slippery to the touch. However, we highly recommend upgrading these keycaps to PBT keycaps, which have a more textured and solid feel. This will not only improve your typing experience, but it will also enhance the overall durability of the keyboard.

One of the unique features of the Keychron K3 is its Low Profile Brown Gateron Switch. This switch is designed to provide a quiet typing experience, but it is also highly responsive. If you prefer a different feel, there are other options for switches that you can use on this keyboard. For example, the low profile blue gateron switch has a more tactile feel, while the low profile linear red switch provides a satisfying clicky sound.

In addition to these options, Keychron has also introduced a special switch made specifically for the Keychron K3 – the Low Profile Optic Keychron switch. This switch utilizes an innovative optical sensor to provide a smoother and more responsive typing experience. Whether you’re a casual typist or a professional writer, the Keychron K3 keyboard has a switch option that will suit your needs.

Typing Quality

In terms of ergonomics, I believe that the quality of typing on the k3 keychron keyboard is superior. This is due to the k3 keychron’s low profile design, which allows for easy and comfortable finger movement from one key to another. Compared to the k2 keychron, which also has a 75% layout, I find it easier to adapt to the k3 keychron due to its slightly higher profile.

When it comes to switches, the choice ultimately depends on your personal preference. If you prefer a quieter typing experience, then a brown gateron switch would be the way to go. On the other hand, if you enjoy a clicky sound when you type, then either a blue or green gateron switch would be ideal.

To further enhance your typing experience, we highly recommend that you upgrade your keycaps from ABS to PBT keycaps. You can easily purchase PBT keycaps from the keychron website, and they offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. By replacing your keycaps with PBT ones, you can enjoy a more tactile and durable typing experience that will last you for years to come.


When it comes to customizing the Keychron K2 and K3 mechanical keyboards, users may be disappointed to learn that there is no native software support available for reprogramming the buttons and RGB backlight settings. However, Keychron offers a practical solution by recommending the use of third-party software, specifically Karabiner for macOS and SharpKeys for Windows, to achieve the desired customization.

While it may seem inconvenient at first to rely on third-party software, Karabiner and SharpKeys are popular and well-regarded programs that have been trusted by many users for their reprogramming needs. By utilizing these tools, Keychron K2 and K3 users can modify their keyboard settings and mappings to better suit their personal preferences, whether for gaming, productivity, or any other use case.

Overall, while it may not be the most seamless solution, the compatibility of Keychron keyboards with third-party software offers users the flexibility and freedom to tailor their typing experience to their exact needs and preferences.


The Keychron K2 and K3 are versatile and compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and MacOS. This makes them a great choice for anyone who needs to work across multiple devices and platforms without having to constantly switch keyboards.

However, it’s important to note that when you switch between different modes, you need to make sure that you’re using the correct switch to match the keyboard to the operating system you’re using. This will ensure that all of the keys and functions are working as intended, and that you can take full advantage of the keyboard’s features and capabilities.

In particular, if you’re using an iPhone or iPad with the iOS operating system, there are a few limitations to be aware of. Specifically, the F3 and F4 keys cannot be used on these devices, which may be an important consideration for some users depending on their workflow and specific needs. Nonetheless, the Keychron K2 and K3 remain highly versatile and functional keyboards that offer excellent performance and usability across a wide range of operating systems and devices.


There are slight variations in the prices of the two keyboards,. While the Keychron K2 is priced at $57.82, the Keychron K3 comes with a price tag of $80.00. Both keyboards share the same 75% layout, which makes them highly compatible with most devices. However, the Keychron K2 is slightly more expensive compared to the Keychron K3, which may be attributed to its body material used and taller and thicker physique.

It is worth noting that the Keychron K2 is designed with premium materials that not only make it durable but also give it an elegant and sleek appearance. Additionally, the taller and thicker build of the Keychron K2 could potentially provide a better typing experience, making it a preferred choice for individuals who prioritize ergonomics and comfort.

Keychron K2 vs Keychron K3: Which Should You Choose?

If you prioritize build quality, both the Keychron K2 and Keychron K3 keyboards are worth considering. However, the Keychron K2 is known for its more solid and sturdy build quality when compared to the Keychron K3.

On the other hand, if you prefer a low-profile keyboard with better ergonomics, the Keychron K3 might be the better option for you. Additionally, the Keychron K3 is also more affordable and compact, making it a suitable choice for those who are always on-the-go.

Nonetheless, if you’re searching for a keyboard with an aluminum build quality that is solid and sturdy, paired with a fantastic typing experience, the Keychron K2 is the perfect pick. Despite having a higher profile compared to the Keychron K3, the Keychron K2 still provides ample comfort and ergonomics for extended use.

Ultimately, the best keyboard for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize build quality, low-profile design, ergonomics, or portability, there is a Keychron keyboard model that will fit your unique requirements.


What are the Keychron K2 and K3?

The Keychron K2 and K3 are mechanical keyboards designed for wireless or wired use, with customizable RGB lighting and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and mobile

What are the differences between Keychron K2 and K3?

The Keychron K2 and K3 are both mechanical keyboards, but the K3 is a newer model that is slightly smaller than the K2 and has a few design and layout changes, including a hot-swappable PCB, lower profile switches, and new function keys.

What are the similarities between Keychron K2 and K3?

Both the Keychron K2 and K3 have customizable RGB lighting, can be used wirelessly or wired, have a durable aluminum frame, and are compatible with Windows, Mac, and mobile devices. Both keyboards also offer a range of switch options.

What are the sizes of Keychron K2 and K3?

The Keychron K2 comes in two sizes: 75% and 84%. The Keychron K3 comes in one size: 75%.

Which one is better for typing, Keychron K2 or K3?

The Keychron K3 may be better for typing due to its low profile switches, while the Keychron K2 has more switch options and a hot-swappable PCB.

Which one is more compact, Keychron K2 or K3?

The Keychron K3 is more compact than the Keychron K2 due to its lower profile and smaller size.

Which one has more key options, Keychron K2 or K3?

Keychron K3 has more key options than Keychron K2.

Do both Keychron K2 and K3 have wireless connectivity?

Yes, both Keychron K2 and K3 have wireless connectivity.

Do both Keychron K2 and K3 have backlighting?

Yes, both Keychron K2 and K3 have backlighting.

Which one is more suitable for gaming, Keychron K2 or K3?

The suitability of Keychron K2 or K3 for gaming may depend on personal preferences, as both models offer features that can enhance the gaming experience.

Which one is more affordable, Keychron K2 or K3?

The affordability of Keychron K2 or K3 may vary depending on the specific configuration and seller, so it’s best to compare prices from different sources to find the best deal.

Do Keychron K2 and K3 have different switch options?

Both Keychron K2 and K3 offer different switch options, which can affect the typing experience and noise level. It’s important to choose the switch that best suits your needs and preferences.

Can I use Keychron K2 or K3 with my Mac or Windows computer?

Yes, both Keychron K2 and K3 can be used with Mac and Windows computers.

Are Keychron K2 and K3 compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Keychron K2 and K3 are compatible with mobile devices.

What is the battery life of Keychron K2 and K3?

The battery life of Keychron K2 and K3 varies depending on the usage and backlighting settings, but it can last up to 72 hours with a single charge.

How do I customize the key functions on Keychron K2 and K3?

To customize key functions on Keychron K2 and K3, you can use the QMK software, which is available for download on their website.

Can I use Keychron K2 and K3 with multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, both Keychron K2 and K3 can be used with multiple devices simultaneously.

How do I switch between devices on Keychron K2 and K3?

To switch between devices on Keychron K2 and K3, use the designated device switch key on the keyboard.

Are Keychron K2 and K3 suitable for programming?

Yes, Keychron K2 and K3 are suitable for programming as they offer various features such as multi-device connectivity, customizable RGB backlighting, and a variety of switch options that cater to different typing preferences.

Are Keychron K2 and K3 worth the price?

The worthiness of Keychron K2 and K3 depends on personal preferences and needs. However, they offer great build quality, versatile connectivity, and customizable features at competitive prices compared to other mechanical keyboards in the market, making them a good value for money.

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