Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming? Many practical advantages come from using a wireless keyboard, like the ability to game from anywhere in the room, improved cable management, and simple device switching.

We’ll compare wired and wireless keyboards, evaluate the speed differences, and see how much of a difference there is.

In comparison to a wired keyboard, using a wireless keyboard will result in an increase in reaction time of roughly 67 milliseconds.

Games that demand quick reflexes, like Fortnite, Valorant, and Apex Legends, show the difference.

We’ll delve a little deeper into our testing to discuss scenarios in which we believe wireless keyboards could be a viable alternative to a wired keyboard for gaming, as well as other uses like typing.

Wireless vs Wired Keyboard Reaction Speed Test

We utilized an online reaction speed test to evaluate the speed differences between a wired and wireless keyboard.

Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming?: Wireless vs Wired Keyboard Reaction Speed Test

We opted to do five tests, one with a wired keyboard and another with a wireless keyboard, because the test is meant to measure how quickly you react.

According to the idea, our reaction times will be consistent from test to test, but a wireless keyboard’s input latency will lengthen reaction times. We can determine the overall input lag of a wireless keyboard by dividing the average from the two experiments.

I utilized the same keyboard for both testing to ensure consistency in the test. The only variable that changes is the keyboard’s ability to operate both wirelessly and wiredly. The Epomaker NT68 keyboard has Bluetooth 5.1, one of the most recent Bluetooth versions available right now.

The outcomes of both tests are as follows:

Number of TestWireless Keyboard Reaction TimeWired Keyboard Reaction Time
Reaction Speed Test 10.3240.241
Reaction Speed Test 20.3220.262
Reaction Speed Test 30.3020.263
Reaction Speed Test 40.3520.243
Reaction Speed Test 50.3110.267
Wireless vs Wired Keyboard Reaction Speed Test

As you can see, a wired keyboard requires an average reaction time of 0.2552 seconds, while a wireless keyboard requires an average reaction time of 0.3222 seconds. The wireless keyboard’s overall lag time equals the difference between the two tests, which is as follows:

In milliseconds, 0.3222-0.2552 equals 0.067 seconds.

Compared to a wired keyboard, a wireless keyboard requires 67 milliseconds longer to register a key press.

This concept originated from a Youtube video in which he evaluated the speed of a wireless keyboard.

Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Are Wireless Keyboards Good for Gaming?

Most people struggle most with the question of whether wireless keyboards are quick enough for gaming. You want a keyboard that won’t put you at a disadvantage because video games are more competitive than ever.

We discovered before that a wireless keyboard requires an additional 67 milliseconds to record a key press. The question is whether or not that length of time is noticeable and whether it has an effect on gaming.

Wireless Keyboards Make A Difference

I used the wireless keyboard to test it out in a few games. And let me tell you, I was able to quickly detect the difference. I felt like I was at a disadvantage to everyone else because of how slowly my response time was in comparison to theirs.

On any game that calls for blazing-fast reflexes, I wouldn’t advise utilizing a wireless keyboard. It is challenging to play games like Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and League of Legends when using a wireless keyboard.

Wireless Keyboards for Non-Competitive Games

I wouldn’t stress too much about your keyboard if you just play games that are turn-based or story-based.

The truth is that a lot of gamers simply play games to unwind, unwind, and have fun with their buddies. Not everyone wants to work their way up the rated ladders until they reach the top.

A wireless keyboard would be ideal for these users and would provide all the fantastic advantages of being cordless.

But I will say that a wired keyboard is always something I advise for games with opponents. Too much is at stake to ignore the difference of 67 milliseconds.

To get the best of both worlds, we advise choosing a keyboard that has both wired and wireless capability.

Why Use a Wireless Keyboard?

What about general use? We’ve already discussed whether you should use a wireless keyboard for gaming.

Use a wireless keyboard instead of a wired one for a ton of awesome reasons. We’ll quickly go over some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Wireless Keyboard

Great for Mobility

The mobility of a wireless keyboard is its main benefit! You won’t have to sit at your desk any longer.

Without worrying about being tethered to your computer, you can type from anywhere in your home or place of business.

If you prefer to type on your keyboard at your neighborhood Starbucks or don’t like typing on a laptop keyboard, it’s also much simpler to pack a wireless keyboard and take it with you.

Some people might worry about the device’s range, but you should have no trouble typing comfortably from across the room. I would check the product specifications for your particular keyboard to confirm the distance.


A wireless keyboard will help with your cable management issues if you are struggling to properly route all of the electrical cords that are cluttering up your workspace.

Your workplace will appear much more organized and attractive if the keyboard cable is removed.

On the other hand, some people take pleasure in purchasing personalized power connections for their keyboard, which can also improve the aesthetic.

Additionally, you can create your own from scratch with no expense or equipment needed.

The appearance of your keyboard is completely subjective, so do anything you desire whether you have the power cable or not.

Disadvantages of Wireless Keyboard

Speed Limitations & Interference (Latency Issue)

Keystrokes on wireless keyboards may be slower or occasionally missed due to minor lag and latency difficulties.

For the average user, a slightly slower response time may not be a huge concern, but for gamers, those missed keystrokes can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Wireless keyboards might not be for you if you frequently play competitive games that require milliseconds of reaction time.

In addition, placing other wireless devices adjacent to the keyboard can cause interference problems, which can make it difficult for the keyboard to connect.

Wireless mice, wireless routers, cell phones, and even metal things that are nearby might cause interference problems.

Although interference is a problem, most individuals don’t encounter it very frequently, and when they do, it can be difficult to cope with. So keep an eye out for any potential offenders that could be the cause of your connectivity problems surrounding your desk.

Need Time to Setup

Wireless keyboards require you to fiddle with the settings on your computer in an attempt to pair the devices, as opposed to wired keyboards, which can be used immediately after being plugged into a USB port.

While some people may find this to not be too challenging, less tech-savvy persons might have problems putting things up.

It is considerably simpler to move about and use once the keyboard has been linked because you don’t have to worry about routing the keyboard cords or being close to your PC.

You will need to install batteries because the wireless keyboard no longer has an endless power supply because it is USB-less. You will always need to be ready for a little maintenance because the batteries will eventually lose power. The advantage of wired cable is that they are never concerned with running out of power.

There are two basic categories of batteries: reusable and disposable. Since you won’t need to change the batteries on a regular basis, going the reusable approach is usually the better choice.

Disposable battery costs can accumulate over time. Reusable batteries typically need to be charged more frequently, but they have the advantage of saving you from having to buy batteries at the shop.

The Price

In most cases, wireless keyboards will cost more than wired ones. The wireless keyboards need additional hardware, such as the bluetooth technology itself and some kind of separate power source, in order to connect to the computer through bluetooth.

You may get a wireless mechanical keyboard for a very low price; I suggest taking a look at Keychron and Epomaker versions.

Both Keychron and Epomaker can be bought with a wireless configuration and are reasonably priced.

Searching through Amazon’s wireless keyboard category will also help you find the exact keyboard you need.

They offer a wide range of keyboards available, with prices ranging from affordable to expensive.

How to Improve Reaction Time for Gaming

In addition to converting to a wired keyboard, there are other ways to enhance your gaming keyboard.

Switching to a switch with a shorter actuation distance will make the largest difference. You can get a little faster response time by choosing a faster gaming switch.

The Razer Huntsman V2 TKL is a very popular keyboard right now because of how well the optical switches work for gaming due to their short actuation distance and how quickly they register keystrokes.

Another choice is the Apex SteelSeries Pro, which lets you personalize and alter the switch’s actuation distance. You can adjust the setting that best enhances your gaming performance using this.

Final Words

Wireless keyboards simply aren’t up to the task for competitive gaming, the cold, harsh fact is.

However, we haven’t quite reached the stage where Bluetooth technology is as quick as or faster than cable.

With a wireless keyboard, there is a 67 millisecond delay, which is simply too long for a key to register in a rush.

For someone who does not depend on having an incredibly quick reaction time for gaming, a wireless keyboard can be a terrific investment and will function flawlessly for the majority of keyboard users out there.

With the help of a wireless keyboard, you can type from positions where it previously wasn’t possible. They also assist in keeping your workspace organized and tidy because there will be one fewer wire to route.

Additionally, keep an eye out for problems with connectivity, interference, and battery life. Consider this before buying if you’re not the most tech-inclined person because it could be challenging for you to configure and setup the keyboard.


Is Bluetooth keyboard ok for gaming?

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational player, Bluetooth keyboards are bad for gaming. The comparatively larger latency is the main cause of this. The duration it takes for a keystroke to be registered on the screen by the keyboard is referred to as latency.

Does Latency Matter When Using Wireless Keyboard for Gaming?

High latency is what causes time lag and significantly reduces how much fun gaming may be. Low latency is essential since it allows for more fluid gameplay. In general, a latency (or ping) of 40 to 60 milliseconds (ms) or less is considered acceptable, whereas a speed of more than 100 ms will typically result in a significant lag in gaming.


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