8 Best Websites to Buy Keycaps: Here They Are!

Through this post, we would like to recommend the Best Websites to Buy Keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. The websites on our list are trusted websites that have a very good reputation.

You’ve been waiting for the best moment to upgrade your mechanical keyboard to make it look like new. The easiest way to upgrade a mechanical keyboard is to buy the latest set of keycaps with designs and color combinations that you like. But you are confused, where is the best place to buy a keycaps set for a mechanical keyboard?

There are thousands of websites that say that they sell quality keycaps and offer easy transactions, but many buyers are hesitant because they are new websites that do not yet have a good reputation.

Best Websites to Buy Keycaps

1. Banggood.com


Banggood is an electronic marketplace that sells a variety of gadgets, computers, home theater, home electronics and more. You will find many accessories for mechanical keyboards at lower prices compared to other marketplaces, including keycaps sets for mechanical keyboards.

Banggood provides a list of PBT keycaps sets at very affordable prices with various motifs and designs. For security and reputation Banggood is a very well-known and safe electronic equipment marketspace for sure. If you’re looking for a place to buy quality PBT and ABS keycaps at an affordable price, Banggood.com is one of the best choices.

2. Amazon

Amazon: #1 Best Websites to Buy Keycaps

The World’s Largest Marketplace is a place to buy all kinds of human needs in the world, including keycaps for your mechanical keyboard. On Amazon you will get the price of keycaps sets cheaper because there are frequent discounts every day. For recommendations on the best keycaps on Amazon you can look for brands GMK and YMDK which are manufacturers of good quality keycaps sets.

Amazon provides a large selection of keycaps sets from many sellers, you are free to choose what kind of keycaps you want. We often find Double Shot PBT Keycaps selling for under $30, this is a very cheap price for PBT keycaps which have very good quality, while Pudding keycaps from Hyperx are sold at quite affordable prices.

The thing you should pay attention to when buying keycaps on Amazon is the product rating, take the time to read product reviews before you add them to your shopping cart, We strongly recommend that you buy items that have the “Amazon Choice” tag because they are items that have a very good reputation.

3. Mechanicalkeyboards.com

Mechanicalkeyboards.com: #2 Best Websites to Buy Keycaps

Mechanicalkeyboards.com is a website that has a very good reputation. This website sells various types of mechanical keyboard needs, ranging from PCB, Casing, Switch, Custom USB Cable, and Keycaps Set.

What makes this website our recommendation is, because this website provides GMK keycaps that have very great quality which usually have to be purchased through group purchases, but you only need to visit Mechanicalkeyboards.com to buy them without having to wait months like group purchases.

You can also find GMK Keycaps Limited Edition on this website. For mechanical keyboard components, Mechanicalkyeboards.com provides all your mechanical keyboard needs at the cheapest to the highest prices.

4. Drop.com


Drop.com is a trusted website where you can buy various types of components and equipment for mechanical keyboards. Drop.com stocks a variety of keycaps sets ranging in price from $19 to $110. Drop sells mid-range keycaps and sells them at very affordable prices.

If you are lucky, you will get PBT and ABS keycaps of very good quality. You can also pre-order if the keycaps you want are sold out. You can also find GMK Cherry Profile Original keycaps. Drop.com sells more OEM profile keycaps because there are more OEM profile keycaps users compared to the others. DSA and XDA profile keycaps are also available on Drop.com.

5. Keycapsets.com (Group Buy)

Keycapsets.com (Group Buy)
Keycapsets.com (Group Buy)

Keycapsets.com is another trusted website to buy quality keycaps sets. Through Keycapsets.com, you can also do a groupbuy. You will also get complete information about group purchases, such as when new group purchases will start, group purchases that are still ongoing, and those that have ended. This is one of the best places to get the keycaps set of your dreams.

6. Mechgroupbuys.com (Group Buy)

Mechgroupbuys.com (Group Buy)
Mechgroupbuys.com (Group Buy)

The next website is Mechgroupbuys, this website is a recommendation for a group buying place that is still very new but can be considered very successful in conducting group purchases. Leaked information about the limited edition keycaps can be found quickly here.

But you have to wait 6 to 9 months for a single group purchase. Mechgroupbuys does not sell keycaps, they are a website created to make group purchases and will also give you the address or website that provides the keycaps set you want.

Mechgroupbuys makes it easy for you to find the keycaps you want. But this is a third party market channel, of course the keycaps you want will have a fantastic price than the normal price. You may be adding 50% to 100% of the original price of the keycaps set.

7. Keycaplendar.firebaseapp.com (Group Buy)

Keycaplendar.firebaseapp.com (Group Buy)
Keycaplendar.firebaseapp.com (Group Buy)

This website is a group purchasing website that provides information about the group purchase schedule for keycaps sets. You will also get information about the availability of various types of keycaps sets that will be present for the next tens of months.

Of course, since this is a business and a third party, the price you will get will never be as good as on Amazon or at Banggood. Because everything here is expensive.

8. /r/mechmarket (Group Buy)

/r/mechmarket (Group Buy)
/r/mechmarket (Group Buy)

This is a sub-breddit that contains buying and selling of rare mechanical keyboard components and keycaps sets. This is a forum inhabited by 231 thousand users. Sellers and Buyers can negotiate in the forum to get the best deal. But you have to pay more here, maybe 2 to 4 times the normal price even though you don’t have to wait long like group purchases that can take months.

For regular keycaps like GMK Cherry Profile which are no longer available in the market, you may need to provide $180 to $250 here. As for the exclusive keycaps set, you have to spend at least $300 to $400 to get it. All transactions are faster, you only need to wait at least a maximum of 2 weeks until the keycaps set of your dreams arrive at your house.

Understanding Two Main Types of How to Buy Keycap Sets

1. Buy from Trusted website

The easiest way is to buy keycaps sets from trusted websites or marketplaces like Amazon and Banggood. Because by buying on the marketplace you will get clear information about the availability of goods, and you can also see reviews of the items you want to buy.

In addition, all transaction processes are easier and you only need to wait a maximum of 5 working days for the keycaps set you ordered to arrive at your home address. I prefer shopping on the official website or marketplace compared to having to wait too long through group purchases.

2. Group Purchase

Group purchases actually don’t have good transparency, somehow they get it and dare to state that the item you want is still available. After you order and join the group purchase, it means that you have paid according to the price they set (no protest).

Using group purchasing services is not something instant, you will wait for the keycaps you ordered for 6 to 9 months, even a year. In addition to waiting for a very long time, you also have to pay twice as much. That’s why I always choose to shop at Mechanicalkeyboards.com, Drop.com, Amazon or Banggood.

Here’s a little knowledge about Group Purchasing that you should know:

In the world of markets, group buying is actually a concept that has existed for a long time. Of course, the price of unit goods is different from the price with more quantities. In the market, this has happened until now, for example, when we buy liquid packaged goods, there will be several packaging sizes, from the smallest to the largest. The price of a large package which contains twice the small package, mathematically is 2x the price of a small package, but in the market it will be smaller than that calculation.

Not everyone wants to have goods in large quantities. For example, the price of pens in units and dozens is cheaper by dozens if the unit price is calculated. Logically, to get a cheaper price just buy dozens of these pens, and save the rest for later use. Kompasiana can certainly see some shortcomings in this case, including:

  • Stored items may be lost or damaged
  • The quality of the goods is not necessarily as expected
  • There is not enough money

To overcome the weaknesses above, many people invite their friends to take part in buying these goods. If there are 3 people participating, then each person only needs to buy 4 pieces to get the price of dozens. Likewise, if there are 12 people, it is enough for each of them to buy 1 piece. From this, of course, group buying has a weakness in terms of time to collect participants.

Group Buying Online

Group buying online is a group buying service with online media. The advantages are

  • No need to gather people who want to buy, but enough to help refer
  • Means of knowing the goods offered

The disadvantages are:

  • There is a minimum purchase for goods/services
  • Purchased goods/services cannot be used immediately because they are waiting for the completion of the transaction

The discussion above is a pure group buying concept, because group buying is currently not only for bulk purchases, but also as a media for advertising sponsored products/services, exclusive offers and others.

What can be concluded from online group buying?

  • Cheap prices are not always obtained from group buying, there are often discounts in the market directly from the seller. Therefore, if there is an offer from group buying, there should be no similar or greater discount in the market.
  • If there is a similar discount or a small difference, it is better to buy directly in the market, because it is simpler.
  • If there is an exclusive offer in group buying, there should be no similar offer in the market. For example, in the form of product launches.



To purchase keycaps sets safely, easily, and reliably, we highly recommend you to buy keycaps sets through official websites or trusted marketplaces such as Amazon, Banggood, Drop.com, Mechanicalkeyboards.com. Besides being free to choose what keycaps set you want, you can also filter keycaps according to the price and budget you have.

For group purchases, it requires a high level of patience, besides you have to wait months to buy a keycaps set, the price you have to pay is very expensive, up to many times the price of a regular keycap set. We highly recommend that you buy a keycaps set through a marketplace or website that has a good reputation and security.


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