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Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Is It Really $33.99?

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect gaming keyboard that combines responsive mechanical switches with customizable RGB lighting? Look no further than the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This gaming keyboard is designed to meet the demands of avid gamers who crave precise keystrokes and a visually stunning gaming setup. In this article, we’ll delve into the key features and benefits of the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Affordable Gaming Excellence: The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers high-quality gaming features without breaking the bank, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers.
  2. Responsive Mechanical Switches: With Cherry MX-style switches, this keyboard provides a tactile typing experience and audible click, ensuring precision and durability with a 50 million keystroke lifespan.
  3. RGB Lighting Customization: Experience a visual spectacle with customizable RGB backlighting, offering 18 preset lighting modes and 5 customizable profiles to match your gaming setup.
  4. Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover: Full anti-ghosting technology and 104-key rollover ensure that every keystroke registers accurately, even during intense gaming sessions.
  5. Convenient Multimedia Controls: Dedicated media keys allow for easy control of music and video playback, enhancing gaming convenience.
  6. Ergonomic Design: The keyboard’s design includes a detachable wrist rest, providing comfort during extended gaming sessions and reducing wrist fatigue.
  7. Durable Build: Constructed with an aluminum alloy panel, the keyboard offers robust durability and longevity, while the braided cable adds to its aesthetic appeal.
  8. Customization Options: Customize key bindings and macros using the provided software, tailoring the keyboard to your unique gaming style.
  9. Compatibility: The keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, ensuring versatility for a wide range of gamers.
  10. Great Value: Despite its budget-friendly price, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard delivers a feature-rich gaming experience, making it an excellent investment for both casual and serious gamers.


Keyboard typeMechanical keyboard with Cherry MX-style switches
BacklightingRGB backlighting with multiple lighting effects and adjustable brightness levels
Anti-ghostingFull anti-ghosting technology with 104-key rollover
Multimedia controlsDedicated media keys for quick and easy control of music and video playback
Windows lock keyWindows key lock function to prevent accidental interruptions during gameplay
DurabilityAluminum alloy panel for durability and long-lasting performance
CompatibilityCompatible with Windows and Mac operating systems
CableBraided cable for added durability and aesthetic appeal
Ergonomic designErgonomic design with wrist rest for comfortable and prolonged use
CustomizationCustomizable key bindings and macros using software
WarrantyOne-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer

Discover the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, designed to cater to gamers seeking a top-tier mechanical keyboard featuring customizable RGB lighting. Built for durability, this full-size keyboard with 104 keys boasts an aluminum alloy panel, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its double-shot ABS keycaps provide longevity and resilience against wear and tear.

Equipped with responsive Outemu Blue mechanical switches, delivering tactile feedback and an audible click sound, this keyboard excels in gaming. With a 50 million keystroke lifespan, it’s a dependable choice.

But the standout feature is the customizable RGB lighting. With 18 preset lighting modes and 5 user profiles, gamers can craft their own immersive lighting effects effortlessly. Easily toggle between lighting modes using the function key and arrow keys.

Anti-ghosting technology is a game-changer, allowing simultaneous keypresses without losing inputs. This is crucial for those fast-paced gaming moments.

Beyond gaming, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features dedicated multimedia keys for convenient music and video control. The Windows key lock function prevents accidental interruptions during gameplay.

In summary, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers top-tier features, combining durability, customization, and responsiveness for an enhanced gaming experience.

What’s Inside the Box?

Inside The Box
  • Onn RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Braided USB Cable
  • Magnetic Wrist Rest
  • Manual
  • Warranty Book
  • CD Software Controller Driver

When you unbox Onn’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, you’ll find a delightful array of items awaiting you. The package not only includes the impressive Onn RGB Mechanical Keyboard but also a sturdy Braided USB cable, ensuring reliable connectivity for your gaming adventures. Adding to your comfort during extended gaming sessions, there’s a Magnetic Wrist Rest, designed to reduce wrist strain and enhance your gaming experience.

But that’s not all – you’ll also discover a CD Software Controller Driver thoughtfully included for easy and precise keyboard setup. And to guide you through every feature and functionality, there’s a detailed Manual Book that ensures you make the most of your gaming keyboard.

For peace of mind, the package holds a Warranty Book that can be claimed at Walmart or wherever you bought it., providing assurance in case any issues arise with the keyboard or its accessories. In summary, Onn’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers an all-encompassing package designed to immerse gamers in an enjoyable and seamless gaming journey.

Design & Craftsmanship

The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers an enticing blend of affordability and performance, making it an appealing choice for gamers seeking RGB illumination. Let’s delve into its design and build quality for a closer look.



The Onn keyboard features a traditional full-size layout, complete with a convenient number pad on the right side. Its sleek black appearance is accentuated by a top plate adorned with a brushed aluminum finish, exuding a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The keys, thoughtfully designed, showcase a gentle curvature and evenly spaced arrangement, contributing to an enjoyable typing experience.

What sets the keycaps apart is the double-shot molding process employed. Legends are not merely printed on the keycaps but intricately molded into them, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear. These keycaps also boast a slight contour, further enhancing your typing comfort.

The keyboard’s RGB lighting is a captivating feature, with each key boasting its own individual backlit LED. You can effortlessly tailor the lighting to your preferences using function keys and user-friendly software. To enhance your gaming experience, the Onn keyboard includes a magnetic wrist rest, designed for quick attachment, ensuring comfort during extended gaming sessions.



The Onn keyboard doesn’t compromise on build quality. Its metal top plate bestows stability and rigidity, giving you a solid typing foundation. The keyboard’s weight, slightly on the heavier side, effectively prevents any unwanted sliding during intense gaming sessions.

Underneath those keys, you’ll find the dependable Outemu Brown switches, known for their tactile feedback and impressive 50 million keystroke lifespan. These switches offer a satisfying tactile response with each press, enhancing your overall typing and gaming experience.

To add a touch of convenience and durability, the Onn keyboard features a braided and detachable USB cable, ensuring longevity and ease of use.

In summary, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a testament to thoughtful design and quality construction, all offered at an attractive price point. With its robust metal frame, vibrant RGB lighting, and comfortable key switches, it proves to be a compelling choice for gamers. The inclusion of a magnetic wrist rest and passthrough USB port further sweetens the deal, elevating its overall value.

The Keycaps

The Keycaps

The keycaps on the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are crafted from robust ABS plastic, a favored material in the world of keycaps for its blend of durability and cost-effectiveness. These keycaps feature a textured surface that not only ensures a secure grip for your fingertips but also prevents any unwanted slips during those intense gaming sessions.

But that’s not all. These keycaps are meticulously sculpted to provide an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience. With a slight concave shape, they intuitively guide your fingers to the correct keys without the need to look down. Moreover, their subtle angling reduces strain on your hands and wrists during those marathon gaming sessions.

Here’s where it gets exciting. The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard’s keycaps boast a distinctive double-shot injection molding process. This innovative technique means that each keycap is formed by injecting two different layers of plastic into a mold simultaneously. The outcome? Keycaps with a durable, see-through top layer and a solid-colored bottom layer. This ingenious design allows the RGB lighting to shine brilliantly through the keycaps, resulting in a vibrant and fully customizable lighting display.

Now, for the convenience-conscious gamers out there, these keycaps are a breeze to remove and replace. Whether you’re looking to personalize your keyboard with different keycap sets or simply want to keep things squeaky clean, the process is a snap. Plus, these keycaps employ a standard Cherry MX stem, a widely used stem type in the mechanical keyboard world. This means that they’re compatible with a vast array of mechanical keyboards, making it a cinch to find replacement keycaps if the need ever arises.

In a nutshell, the keycaps of the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard are a marvel of design and durability. Thanks to the double-shot injection molding, ergonomic sculpting, and broad compatibility with other mechanical keyboards, these keycaps are an excellent choice for gamers who desire a comfortable and customizable typing experience.

The Switches & Stabilizers

The Switches & Stabilizers

The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers a diverse range of switches and stabilizers, crucial components that profoundly influence the keyboard’s performance and tactile experience. Here’s an in-depth look at the switches and stabilizers utilized in this keyboard:


The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard encompasses several switch types, each catering to distinct preferences:

  • Outemu Blue: These switches deliver a satisfying click sound and a tactile bump upon keypress. With an actuation force of 60g and a remarkable lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes, they ensure durability and responsiveness.
  • Outemu Red: These switches are linear and provide a smooth keypress without tactile feedback or audible clicks. Operating with an actuation force of 45g, they offer a gentle touch while maintaining a longevity of up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • Outemu Brown: Offering tactile feedback with a slight bump but no click sound, these switches strike a balance. With an actuation force of 55g, they provide a comfortable typing experience and endure up to 50 million keystrokes.
  • Outemu Black: These linear switches demand a heavier actuation force of 70g, resulting in a deliberate keystroke. They lack tactile feedback and audible clicks but boast an extensive lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes.


The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard incorporates plate-mounted stabilizers for its larger keys, such as the space bar, enter key, and shift key. These stabilizers play a pivotal role in enhancing stability and delivering a smoother keypress experience.

These stabilizers adhere to the Cherry-style design, ensuring compatibility with Cherry-style keycaps. Constructed from plastic and pre-lubricated, they effectively minimize rattling, providing an uninterrupted and pleasant typing journey.

In summary, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard offers an array of switch options to cater to diverse typing preferences, coupled with plate-mounted stabilizers that guarantee a stable and seamless typing experience.

RGB Lighting & Software

RGB Lighting

One standout feature of this keyboard is its dynamic RGB lighting, providing users the freedom to craft their own unique color schemes and patterns for the keyboard’s backlighting.


Powering the mesmerizing RGB lighting on the Onn keyboard is user-friendly software, available for download from the manufacturer’s website. This intuitive software empowers users to fine-tune colors, adjust brightness levels, and create custom lighting profiles that match their preferences. While pre-set lighting modes such as breathing, reactive, and wave are readily available, the real magic happens when users design their own lighting schemes.

Navigating the software interface is a breeze. Users can effortlessly select individual keys or groups of keys, applying a wide array of colors and captivating effects. Fine-tuning brightness settings and configuring lighting patterns with timers is a straightforward process. To top it off, users can conveniently save their custom lighting profiles directly to the keyboard’s onboard memory. This feature ensures that your preferred lighting ambiance is readily accessible on any computer, eliminating the need for software reinstallation.

Beyond its mastery of software-controlled RGB lighting, the Onn keyboard also includes dedicated media keys and a Windows key lock function. This versatile keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, establishing a seamless connection to your computer via a USB cable.

In summary, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard delivers a gaming experience that’s fully immersive and customizable, thanks to its outstanding RGB lighting and user-friendly software. With easy-to-navigate software and the convenience of onboard memory, you can take your preferred lighting settings with you wherever your gaming adventures lead.


The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a high-performance gaming keyboard that comes with a range of features designed to improve your gaming experience. Here is a detailed overview of its features:

  1. RGB Lighting: The keyboard features customizable RGB lighting that allows you to choose from a wide range of colors and lighting effects. You can customize the lighting to suit your gaming setup and create a unique look.
  2. Mechanical Switches: The keyboard uses mechanical switches that offer a tactile feel and an audible click sound. These switches are durable and long-lasting, making them ideal for intense gaming sessions.
  3. Anti-Ghosting: The keyboard has anti-ghosting technology that ensures accurate and responsive keystrokes, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously.
  4. Multimedia Controls: The keyboard features dedicated multimedia controls that allow you to adjust volume, play/pause, skip tracks, and more without leaving your game.
  5. Ergonomic Design: The keyboard has an ergonomic design that is comfortable to use for extended periods. The keys are spaced evenly and have a slight curve, which helps to reduce hand fatigue.
  6. Windows Lock Key: The keyboard has a Windows lock key that prevents accidental pressing of the Windows key during gameplay, which can interrupt your game.
  7. Detachable Wrist Rest: The keyboard comes with a detachable wrist rest that provides additional support and comfort during long gaming sessions.
  8. Durable Build: The keyboard has a durable build quality with a metal frame and double-shot keycaps that are resistant to wear and tear.
  9. USB-C Connection: The keyboard has a USB-C connection that provides a stable and reliable connection for fast and responsive gameplay.
  10. Compatibility: The keyboard is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and it connects via USB.

Overall, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a high-quality gaming keyboard that offers a range of features designed to improve your gaming experience.

Typing Experience

The Onn keyboard utilizes mechanical switches, providing users with a distinctive tactile response and an audible click upon each press. These switches, likely Cherry MX-style, are renowned for their robustness and responsiveness, making them a favored choice among both gamers and typists.

As for the keycaps on the Onn keyboard, they are crafted from common ABS plastic, featuring a smooth matte finish. Their slight concave shape aids in accurate finger placement and keystroke precision. These keycaps are complemented by clear and easily legible legends, which are illuminated by customizable RGB lighting through the keyboard’s software.

Key spacing adheres to the standard, and the key travel distance measures 4mm, deeper than a typical laptop keyboard but in line with other mechanical keyboards. Although the specific actuation force required isn’t specified, the typing experience suggests it’s around 50g, akin to Cherry MX Red switches.

In essence, the typing encounter with the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard strikes a balance between comfort and responsiveness. The tactile feedback from the mechanical switches enhances typing satisfaction, while the dynamic RGB lighting adds an enjoyable element. It’s worth noting that, like most mechanical keyboards, the Onn keyboard tends to produce audible keystrokes, potentially causing distraction in quiet environments. However, this is a characteristic shared by mechanical keyboards, often considered a worthwhile tradeoff for their tactile feedback and durability.

Price & Value

The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard strikes a balance between affordability and performance:

Pros & Cons


  • Durable build quality with an aluminum frame
  • Customizable RGB lighting for stunning visual effects
  • Clicky and responsive mechanical switches
  • Anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover for precise inputs
  • Windows key lock function for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Affordable price point
  • Braided cable with a gold-plated USB connector
  • Detachable wrist rest for added comfort


  • No dedicated media keys
  • No dedicated macro keys
  • No USB passthrough
  • Limited software customization
  • Loud keystrokes may disturb others
  • No wireless option

Should You Buy Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard?

The Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a compelling choice, especially if you are on a budget. It offers:

  • Durable build quality
  • Responsive mechanical switches
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Multimedia controls
  • An ergonomic design
  • A Windows key lock function

However, it may not have all the advanced features of high-end gaming keyboards. If you prioritize durability and consistency, you might consider investing in a more expensive mechanical keyboard with well-established switches.


In summary, the Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard delivers a satisfying gaming experience without breaking the bank. Its durable construction, responsive mechanical switches, and customizable RGB lighting make it a wise choice for gamers seeking performance on a budget. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports enthusiast, this keyboard has what it takes to elevate your gameplay.

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