Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard [Detailed Review in 2023]

Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard might be not a familiar product for you. Onn? Yeah, this brand is not famous as the other giant brand such as Razer, Steelseries, Ducky, Corsair and many more. But, if you want your first mechanical gaming keyboard with affordable price and great build quality, Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard must be in your Wishlist.

Onn Mechanical Keyboard is a Full Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard equipped with Numpad, Wrist rest, and other keyboard shortcut keys. This is a cheap mechanical keyboard sold at Walmart that uses the Outemu Blue Switch. For a $45 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, I’d say it’s very much worth buying.

How worthy is this full-sized Onn Mechanical keyboard for you? Let’s unpack what this keyboard has.

Onn RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Onn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Onn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I have to say. I was pretty surprised when I heard that Walmart has their own gaming peripherals that they make with their brand, which is called on. And I heard about it, though. I had to go pick them up and see what they had to offer today’s room taking a look at their mechanical gaming keyboard, and it doesn’t have a specific name until they’re just called their mechanical gaming keyboard.

We’re gonna take a look at the comfort, build quality and all of the features that has to offer without further Ado. One great thing about this keyboard is the price point that it sits at for those of you that aren’t wanting to pay that premium that some of those name brand boards are going to command.

Or maybe you’re just getting into gaming and you want to pick up your first mechanical gaming keyboard. You can find this on either Walmart’s website or in the store for only $45. And this is a full size keyboard, as you guys can see. Like you expect the full size keyboard, you’re going to have your function run as well as your ten key in your shortcuts. One thing that is lacking, though, is those dedicated media keys, which is a little unfortunate.

But then again, you can’t complain with that $45 price point out of the box itself. Besides just getting the keyboard, which obviously you’re going to get a magnetic wrist rest, which just magnets right to the bottom part of the frame on the keyboard, and you’ll get your CD, which is going to have your software on it for controlling things like the RGB lighting. And then finally, you’re just going to e a couple of instruction manuals to help you get started. Taking a look at the build quality of this board and what it has to offer.

It’s actually pretty surprising because you do get aluminum top plate. Below are what you get inside the box, nothing special but it is enough for the price:

Unboxing The Onn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Unboxing The Onn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Unboxing The Onn Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Onn’s Mechanical Gaming Keyboard provides quite a lot of equipment when you open the box for purchasing a keyboard. You get an Onn Mechanical keyboard with Braided USB cable, Magnetic Wrist Rest, CD Driver, Manual Book, and Garanis Card that you can claim at Walmart.

  • Onn RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Braided USB Cable
  • Magnetic Wrist Rest
  • Manual
  • Warranty Book
  • CD Software Controller Driver

Great Build Quality And Design With Aluminium Frame

Great Build Quality And Design With Aluminium Frame
Great Build Quality And Design With Aluminium Frame

Onn offers great build quality with mostly plastic on the bottom and top with an aluminum frame that super solidifies when you try to apply pressure. A type A braided cable is attached to the keyboard and you cannot remove this cable. It feels very premium when it comes to build quality on this keyboard.

As far as the cable itself goes, it plugs into the back of the board, and it only comes out to your standard USB A or just standard USB, which obviously you can plug into the back of your PC is something unique and what I haven’t seen on other keyboards.

It actually has a little routing option at the bottom where you can run it left or right. It may depend on the size of your PC. So that’s something interesting, something I’ve never seen before, but at least it’s a cool feature that’s included. Small things like this are quite influential on the flexibility and arrangement of cables on your desk.


Another website advertised. This keyboard only uses an aluminum frame, but unless I really don’t know, it looks like the underside is mostly plastic. And maybe I’m just crazy, and I think I am, but I’m pretty sure that the bottom is plastic and only your top plate is aluminum. But this is still a very great build quality.

But even with that, or at least what I think is the case, it’s pretty solid, and you’ll see what I put pressure on it. Almost no flexibility at all.

One other thing you get as an option is that you have 2 feet on the back of the board, one on each side, and then you can flip it over to adjust the tilt if that’s something you like as you type. This will help you find a comfortable position when using it for typing or playing games.

What About The Keycaps?

What About The Keycaps?
What About The Keycaps?

For the keycaps set on the Onn Mechanical Keyboard you get 104 keys with keycaps made of ABS plastic. If you catch a glimpse of the RGB glowing green, it even looks like a PBT double shot keycap. Even though these are just regular ABS keycaps, they’re still okay for typing or gaming, although they’re a little slippery if you’ve sweated your fingers.

Overall, the quality of the ABS keycaps on this keyboard is quite reliable, especially if you get complete keys along with a numpad because this is a full-sized mechanical keyboard.

Switches & Stabilizers

Switches & Stabilizers
Switches & Stabilizers

Onn mechanical keyboard using Outemu Blue Switch which is a Clicky type switch that is very responsive but produces a very large clicking sound. For a mechanic at a price in this class, you would have guessed that it would use the Outemu switch. Onn Mechanical keyboards don’t have hot swappable switches, so if you want to change switches on this keyboard you have to solder the switches.

When using it to type, this board seems to me at least very loud. Obviously, if you are someone who just likes the feeling of a tactile switch or its sound, then this will definitely be your go-to as there is a lot of noise in it.

The stabilizer isn’t great, and I didn’t expect it to be that good for $45, especially the resonance on that space bar. It’s just very loud with the headset on. This is much easier to manage. We recommend that you lubricate the stabilizer on this keyboard to make it a little smoother and dampen vibrations, because it looks like it hasn’t been lubricated.

But as far as just typing in a room, if you have other people in the room, it will annoy them with the sound of the switch from Outemu Blue, and that has annoyed me a bit. So make sure you like the sound. And even on the box itself, there are very few cuts. So if you guys want to go in there and hit a button to hear what it sounds like, it’s also a good option for you if you want to test it out before actually taking it home.

RGB Lighting & Software

RGB Lighting & Software
RGB Lighting & Software

As far as the RGB lighting and software and keyboard goes very well, as I mentioned earlier, you get a disc and it will have your software on it.

But if you’re like me and you don’t have a disk drive with your desktop or PC, If you just want to be able to download it from within the software itself, that’s a bit outdated. I could definitely use a face lift and maybe some changes to the way you use it, but it’s pretty easy.

Onn Software

You can customize all your things, like your RGB lighting, with the 16.8 million color options it already gives you as well as different effects, like things like rainbow effects. Being able to decide which side you want to go from.

So it gives you a lot of different options. You just need to take the time to get used to it and want you to take the time to do it.

You’ll have it all together with your lighting controls. You can also change things like polling rate, repeat rate, and delay as well as macros, so that’s always a nice bonus. Overall, I think this board gets you a fair price for $45, as well as gives you a lot of good options with the features it offers.

Typing Experience

Get into the performance that Onn Mechanical Keyboard has to offer. It does use Blue Outemu switches, which have an actuation force of 55 to 60 grams and an actuation distance of 2.7mm, and they’re guaranteed to hit 50 million clicks too. So it’s good to have.

But as you’d expect, especially with the Blue Outemu switch, it’s very noisy and Clicky. If you plan to use this mechanical keyboard in your private room and away from people or babies, this is not a problem.

We do not recommend that you take this keyboard into a public space and use it there. We can guarantee that your typing sound will annoy many people.

Should You Buy Onn Mechanical Keyboard?

Again, my biggest gripe is the fact that they don’t offer different board sizes, maybe around 60%, 65%, 75% or the TKL size I prefer, especially when marketed as a mechanical gaming keyboard.

And you see a lot of companies making smaller form factor boards that would be great as well as switches and how noisy they are, because Outemu did make other switches, like Red or Brown or Black, which were just quieter and less noisy than the very tiny Blue they made. offer.

So it’s good to see a few different switch options that will make it a much more attractive offer for many. We really want this keyboard to have an Outemu Red or Outemu Brown option in its sales options.

Overall Onn Mechanical keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that is very worth to having. Features such as RGB, software, reliable keycaps for typing, and of course a wrist rest that can maximize your comfort and ergonomics when using it typing or playing games. And, this is a very affordable keyboard.

I would recommend checking out the Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


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