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The 11 Best Switches for Valorant In 2024

Last Updated on February 10, 2024

If you’re an avid Valorant player, you understand the importance of having the right gear for the game. Among the essential components of your gaming setup, the keyboard takes center stage, and the switches on your keyboard significantly influence your overall gaming experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of switches to help you identify the best switches for Valorant, empowering you to make an educated choice when selecting a keyboard for your gaming adventures.

The Best Switches for Valorant

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActuation DistanceTravel Distance
SteelSeries Apex ProOmniPoint 2.0 AdjustableCustomizable, less than 1.0mmCustomizable, less than 1.0mmAdjustable
Razer Red Optical SwitchLinear45g1.2mm2.8mm
Logitech Romer-G TactileTactile45g1.5mm3.0mm
Cherry MX Speed SilverLinear45g1.2mm3.4mm
Gateron Lekker SwitchLinear40g0.1mm – 4mm4mm
Cherry MX RedLinear45g2.0mm4.0mm
Hyper X Red MechanicalLinear45g1.8mm3.8mm
Razer Green MechanicalClicky50g1.9mm4.0mm
Kailh Speed SilverLinear50g1.1mm3.5mm
Kailh Speed CopperLinear50g1.1mm3.5mm
Gateron RedLinear45g4.0mm4.0mm

1. OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable Switches On SteelSeries Apex Pro

OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable Switches


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: Customizable, less than 1.0mm
  • Actuation Distance: Customizable, less than 1.0mm
  • Travel Distance: Adjustable

When it comes to elevating your Valorant gameplay with the perfect mechanical keyboard switches, the SteelSeries Apex Pro stands out as a top choice. Boasting OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches, this keyboard offers a level of customization that can significantly impact your gaming performance. With the ability to fine-tune actuation to less than 1 mm, you gain a competitive edge that can’t be overstated.

Valorant enthusiasts have reported remarkable improvements in their response times with this keyboard, thanks to the ultra-precise switches. Moreover, the keys are incredibly silent, enhancing your gaming experience without disturbing those around you. Cleaning is a breeze, as the keys are easily removable. However, it’s worth noting that these proprietary switches may not be compatible with third-party keycaps.

For gamers who love a personalized touch, the SteelSeries Apex Pro delivers on RGB lighting customization, allowing you to create the ideal gaming atmosphere. Plus, the magnetic wrist rest is a hit among users, though some have mentioned that the wrist rest’s angle could be more ergonomic.


  • Ultra-customizable switches with actuation and travel distance adjustments.
  • Enhanced response time for a competitive advantage.
  • Silent key operation.
  • Easy-to-remove keys for cleaning.
  • Extensive RGB lighting customization.
  • Magnetic wrist rest for added comfort.


  • Proprietary switches may not work with third-party keycaps.
  • Some users find the wrist rest angle less ergonomic.

2. Razer Red Optical Switch

Razer Red Optical Switch


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.2mm
  • Travel Distance: 2.8mm

When it comes to Valorant gaming, speed and precision are paramount, and the Razer Red Linear Optical Switch excels in delivering both. These switches represent a significant leap in gaming keyboard technology, offering the fastest actuation you’ll ever experience.

Unlike traditional mechanical switches, Razer Red Linear Optical Switches rely on the instantaneous transmission of light to register keystrokes. This means that the moment you press a key, a light beam passes through the switch stem, resulting in lightning-fast actuation and an immediate signal to your computer for your desired in-game action. With an ultra-low 1.2mm actuation point, these switches are 16.67% shorter than standard linear mechanical switches, providing a competitive edge in responsiveness.

In summary, for Valorant players seeking the fastest and most responsive keyboard switches, the Razer Red Linear Optical Switch is a top contender. Its incredibly short actuation distance and durability make it an excellent choice for those looking to gain a competitive edge in their gameplay. However, if you prefer a tactile typing experience or need specific key travel distance information, you may want to consider other switch options.


  • The Razer Red Linear Optical Switch’s 1.2mm actuation point ensures lightning-fast response times, crucial for precise Valorant gameplay.
  • With a durability rating of 100 million clicks, these switches are built to withstand marathon gaming sessions.
  • The cross stem design with stabilizers enhances key stability, reducing the chance of accidental keypresses during intense moments.


  • Some gamers may prefer switches with tactile feedback, which these switches do not provide due to their linear design.

3. Romer-G Tactile Switch


  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.5mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.0mm

When it comes to finding the best switch for Valorant, the Logitech Romer-G Tactile switch stands out as a top choice for discerning gamers, especially those immersed in FPS games like Valorant. These switches have garnered popularity for their distinct tactile feel, exceptional durability, and lightning-fast response times, making them a stellar option for competitive gaming.

The defining feature of the Logitech Romer-G Tactile switch is its satisfying tactile feedback. This characteristic provides a pronounced and perceptible bump upon keypress, a critical advantage for gamers requiring swift and precise keystrokes during intense gameplay moments. Furthermore, the Romer-G Tactile switch boasts a notably short actuation distance, meaning that minimal force is needed to trigger a key, resulting in lightning-quick response times.

One additional edge that the Logitech Romer-G Tactile switch holds is its remarkable durability. These switches are engineered to endure up to an impressive 70 million keystrokes, ensuring they can withstand the rigors of prolonged gaming sessions. This durability factor is pivotal for gamers who demand a dependable keyboard capable of keeping up with their high-intensity gaming marathons.

In summary, the Logitech Romer-G Tactile switch is the ultimate choice for gamers, particularly those who excel in FPS titles like Valorant. These switches offer the perfect blend of tactile sensation, rapid responsiveness, and unwavering longevity, making them the ideal companion for competitive gaming. Whether you opt for the Logitech G Pro X, G513, G413, or G810 keyboard, you can rest assured that you’re equipped with a top-tier keyboard that will empower you to achieve peak performance.


  • Satisfying tactile feedback for precise keypresses.
  • Short actuation distance for lightning-fast response times.
  • Exceptional durability, rated for up to 70 million keystrokes.


  • Tactile switches may not suit everyone’s typing preference (subjective).
  • Limited options for customization compared to some other switches.

4. Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX Speed Silver


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.2mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.4mm

When it comes to Valorant, where split-second reactions and precise movements can make or break a game, the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches shine as the top choice. These switches are specifically designed for speed and gaming excellence. With a short 1.2 mm pre-travel and a total travel distance of 3.4 mm, they offer lightning-fast responsiveness, allowing you to execute your commands with unmatched swiftness.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver switches provide a linear, no-click operation that minimizes distraction, perfect for gamers who demand a quiet and focused environment. With an actuation force of 45 cN, these switches strike the ideal balance between ease of use and resistance, ensuring that your keystrokes register precisely when you intend them to. If you’re seeking a competitive edge in Valorant, the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches are your ticket to faster reactions and smoother gameplay.


  • Exceptionally fast and responsive for quick in-game actions.
  • Linear operation minimizes noise for a distraction-free gaming experience.
  • Long-lasting durability with a 100 million actuation rating.


  • Some users may prefer a tactile feedback switch for a different typing feel.
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a pronounced click sound during key presses.

5. Gateron Lekker Switch

Gateron Lekker Switch


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 40g
  • Actuation Distance: 0.1mm – 4mm
  • Travel Distance: 4mm

When it comes to finding the best switch for Valorant, the Gateron Lekker Switch stands out as an exceptional choice for gamers seeking precision and responsiveness. Its linear design, requiring a gentle 40g actuation force, makes it ideal for quick and accurate keystrokes during intense gaming sessions. What sets the Gateron Lekker switch apart is its Hall effect sensor, allowing you to customize the actuation distance, which can go as low as a remarkable 0.1mm, the shortest among switches.

For Valorant and other precision-demanding games like CS:GO, the “Rapid trigger” feature of the Lekker switch shines. This feature modifies the actuation and deactivation points, ensuring swift and precise inputs, a crucial advantage in competitive gaming. Moreover, the switch offers a pleasant typing experience with a quiet yet slightly clackier sound compared to a Gateron Red switch, eliminating any typing discomfort.

However, it’s essential to note that the Gateron Lekker switch is exclusively available on the Wooting 60HE and Wooting Two HE keyboards and cannot be purchased separately.


  • Highly customizable actuation distance for precision gaming.
  • Swift and precise inputs with the “Rapid trigger” feature.
  • Smooth and quiet typing experience.


  • Limited availability, only compatible with specific keyboards (Wooting 60HE and Wooting Two HE).

6. Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Red


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm

When it comes to Valorant, the choice of keyboard switch can make a world of difference in your gameplay, and Cherry MX Red emerges as a top contender. This mechanical switch is a darling among gamers for its swift and buttery-smooth linear actuation. What sets it apart is its absence of a tactile bump or audible click, rendering it the perfect pick for players seeking a quiet yet lightning-fast switch. In Valorant, where split-second decisions matter, Cherry MX Red switches deliver the rapid and precise response necessary for competitive excellence.

One of the standout advantages of Cherry MX Red switches is their feather-light actuation force of just 45g. This means you can execute key presses with minimal effort and in record time, enabling lightning-quick movements and reactions. Whether you’re strafing or bunny hopping, the seamless and linear actuation of Cherry MX Red switches makes executing complex maneuvers feel effortless, a game-changer in a high-octane title like Valorant.

When you’re on the hunt for the best Cherry MX Red keyboard for Valorant, prioritize factors like build quality and durability, crucial for those marathon gaming sessions. Additionally, explore keyboard features such as programmable macro keys and customizable RGB lighting, which can further enhance your gaming experience. Lastly, consider the keyboard’s size and layout, as some players prefer the compact tenkeyless design for optimal maneuverability.


  • Swift and smooth linear actuation
  • Low actuation force for rapid key presses
  • Ideal for fast-paced games like Valorant
  • Quiet operation
  • Versatile for various gaming genres


  • Lack of tactile feedback (may not suit those who prefer a tactile feel)
  • Not suitable for typists who prefer a more pronounced keypress feedback

7. Hyper X Red Mechanical Switches


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.8mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.8mm

When it comes to finding the best keyboard switches for Valorant, the HyperX Alloy Origins Core stands out as a top recommendation. Equipped with HyperX’s own red mechanical switches, this keyboard offers an impressive durability rating of 80 million keystrokes, ensuring it can handle countless gaming sessions without faltering. What sets HyperX switches apart is their remarkable blend of responsiveness and tactile feedback, providing gamers with a satisfying keypress experience that’s well-suited for Valorant’s precision-demanding gameplay.

The keyboard’s Tenkeyless (TKL) layout is particularly advantageous for FPS enthusiasts. The intelligently positioned shift key reduces travel distance, giving players a competitive edge in fast-paced scenarios. The build quality of the HyperX Alloy Origins Core is commendable, offering a compact and well-crafted design. Additionally, the adjustable feet provide customization options for comfortable gaming sessions.

However, it’s worth noting that while the keyboard excels in many aspects, it does have its downsides. Some users find the lack of a wrist rest uncomfortable during extended gaming sessions. Additionally, there have been mixed reviews regarding the accompanying software, which may not meet everyone’s customization needs. Lastly, a few users have reported that the included keycaps may not meet their expectations in terms of quality.

In summary, the HyperX Alloy Origins Core, equipped with HyperX Red Mechanical Switches, offers a fantastic balance of responsiveness and tactile feedback, making it an excellent choice for Valorant players. While it excels in various aspects, it’s essential to consider personal preferences and potential drawbacks such as the lack of a wrist rest and mixed software reviews before making your final decision.


  • Moderately heavy keypress for precise control.


  • Only available on HyperX Keyboards

8. Razer Green Mechanical Switches

Razer Green Mechanical Switches


  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.9mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm

Razer Green Mechanical Switches, renowned in the gaming community, stand out as an exceptional choice for FPS games like Valorant. These switches offer a distinctive tactile bump and emit a satisfying click, providing gamers with precise feedback crucial for fast-paced gameplay. With an actuation force of 50g, they strike a balance, offering ease of keypress without compromising on responsiveness, perfect for those quick reactions demanded by Valorant’s intense battles.

The durability of Razer Green switches is a standout feature, with a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes. This robust construction ensures longevity even during marathon gaming sessions. Moreover, their backlit design enhances gaming experiences in dimly lit environments, maintaining visibility and style.

When considering the best keyboards with Razer Green switches for Valorant, you have a few remarkable choices. The Razer Huntsman Elite, boasting a full-sized layout and a wrist rest for prolonged comfort, is a top-tier option. It’s enriched with customizable features like macros and key remapping, granting you the flexibility to tailor it to your preferences.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite, another excellent choice, shares many features with the Huntsman Elite but lacks a wrist rest. Nevertheless, it compensates with a multifunction digital dial, programmable for functions like media control and volume adjustment.

For those favoring a compact solution, the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition, with its tenkeyless layout (omitting the numeric keypad), is a travel-friendly gem. It’s lightweight and portable, making it an ideal companion for gamers on the move. Similar to its counterparts, it offers customizable features such as macro recording and key remapping.

In conclusion, Razer Green Mechanical Switches are an excellent choice for Valorant gamers seeking an immersive and responsive gaming experience. Their tactile feedback and durability make them a reliable option for prolonged gaming sessions. Depending on your preferences and requirements, Razer offers a range of keyboards featuring Green switches, ensuring there’s an ideal match for every gamer’s setup.


  • Tactile feedback and distinct clicking sound enhance gaming immersion.
  • 80 million keystroke lifespan ensures durability.
  • Backlit design is suitable for low-light gaming environments.
  • Variety of Razer keyboards with Green switches cater to different preferences and needs.


  • The clicky sound may be distracting in quiet settings.

9. Kailh Speed Silver

Kailh Speed Silver


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm

The Kailh Speed Silver switches are a standout choice for Valorant enthusiasts. They belong to the linear switch category, offering a snappy and responsive keystroke experience. What sets them apart is their remarkably short actuation and travel distances, making them ideal for quick and precise key presses during intense Valorant matches.

However, it’s worth noting that the Kailh Speed Silvers tend to be on the slightly scratchier side compared to some other switches. If you’re particularly sensitive to the smoothness of your keypresses, these might not be the smoothest option for you. Nevertheless, for gamers seeking swift and accurate keystrokes, the Kailh Speed Silvers are an excellent choice that ticks most of the boxes when searching for new switches.


  • Short actuation and travel distances enhance responsiveness.
  • Ideal for gamers who require rapid key presses, perfect for Valorant’s fast-paced gameplay.


  • Can feel slightly scratchy compared to smoother switches.
  • Not the smoothest option available, which may be a concern for those seeking a buttery-smooth typing experience.

10. Kailh Speed Copper

Kailh Speed Copper


  • Switch Type: Kailh Speed Copper
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Actuation Distance: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm

Kailh Speed Copper switches have gained immense popularity among gamers, especially those immersed in fast-paced first-person shooters like Valorant. Renowned for their lightning-fast actuation and minimal travel distance, these switches are tailor-made for gamers who demand swift and precise keystrokes. With a mere 1.1mm actuation point and a total travel distance of 3.5mm, Kailh Speed Copper switches rank among the quickest switches available on the market.

In the high-stakes realm of Valorant, where split-second reactions and pinpoint accuracy can make or break a match, Kailh Speed Copper switches shine. Their rapid actuation and short travel distance empower gamers to respond instantaneously and execute precise maneuvers, giving them a competitive edge over adversaries. Additionally, the switches’ 50g actuation force provides tactile feedback that many gamers find immensely satisfying.

Several keyboards featuring Kailh Speed Copper switches stand out as top choices for Valorant enthusiasts. The Ducky One 2 Mini RGB is a crowd favorite, boasting a compact design and robust build quality. Players can personalize the keyboard’s RGB lighting to align with their preferences, while the Kailh Speed Copper switches deliver a gratifying tactile response.

Another exceptional option for Valorant aficionados is the Drop CTRL Mechanical Keyboard, featuring a hot-swappable PCB that simplifies switch replacement. With a sturdy aluminum frame and customizable RGB lighting, this keyboard provides quick and precise keystrokes courtesy of the Kailh Speed Copper switches, an ideal match for the intensity of Valorant battles.

The Vortexgear Pok3r RGB is yet another prominent keyboard equipped with Kailh Speed Copper switches. Sporting a compact 60% layout and customizable RGB lighting, it offers a tactile and responsive typing experience that perfectly complements gaming sessions.

In summary, Kailh Speed Copper switches serve as a superb choice for gamers immersed in high-octane titles like Valorant. Their swift actuation and minimal travel distance offer a critical advantage in games where every millisecond counts. The Ducky One 2 Mini RGB represents just one example of keyboards featuring Kailh Speed Copper switches that excel in Valorant gameplay.


  • Swift 1.1mm actuation point for lightning-fast response.
  • Short 3.5mm travel distance enhances precision and speed.
  • Satisfying tactile feedback with a 50g actuation force.


  • May not be ideal for those who prefer quieter switches.
  • Limited switch options for those who prefer varied tactile experiences.

11. Gateron Red

Gateron Red


  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 45g
  • Actuation Distance: 4.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm

Gateron Red switches have emerged as a favored choice among gamers, particularly those immersed in the fast-paced world of first-person shooters like Valorant. These switches belong to the linear switch category, distinguished by their absence of tactile feedback, a departure from the likes of Cherry MX Brown or Blue switches. With an impressively light actuation force of 45 grams and a total travel distance of 4mm, Gateron Red switches deliver an unmatched level of responsiveness and speed, qualities that hold immense significance in the realm of FPS gaming.

In Valorant, players confront scenarios demanding lightning-fast, pinpoint movements, and Gateron Red switches step up to the plate. The minimal actuation force allows players to effortlessly depress keys, mitigating fatigue and enabling rapid reactions. Furthermore, the absence of tactile feedback facilitates swift double-taps, streamlining the execution of precise movements and actions.

For Valorant enthusiasts, Gateron Red switches represent a compelling choice to bolster your gaming prowess. Whether you opt for the compact and visually appealing Ducky One 2 Mini RGB or the modular versatility of the Glorious GMMK, the world of Gateron Red keyboards offers options to suit every gamer’s preferences and elevate your Valorant experience to the next level.


  • Exceptional responsiveness and speed, ideal for FPS gaming.
  • Minimal actuation force reduces fatigue during prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Swift keypresses enable precise and rapid movements, crucial for Valorant’s gameplay.


  • Lack of tactile feedback may not suit gamers who prefer a distinct keystroke feel.
  • Personal preferences may vary, and some users may opt for switches with tactile feedback for other types of games or tasks.

Choosing the Perfect Switches for Valorant: A Strategic Approach

Valorant, a fiercely competitive online multiplayer game, demands lightning-fast reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, and rapid agility. To harness your full potential in the game, the choice of switches for your gaming keyboard becomes a pivotal decision that can tip the scales in your favor.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the key factors to ponder when handpicking switches tailored for Valorant:

  • Switch Type: Mechanical switches come in three distinct flavors – linear, tactile, and clicky. Linear switches offer a seamless keystroke experience devoid of tactile feedback. Tactile switches, on the other hand, impart feedback upon keypress, while clicky switches audibly announce their activation. Your selection hinges on personal preference and gameplay style, with many Valorant aficionados favoring tactile switches for their capacity to provide precise feedback, indispensable for timing abilities and precision shooting.
  • Actuation Force: The actuation force quantifies the vigor required to initiate a keystroke. Switches with a lower actuation force boast heightened sensitivity, demanding less effort for key registration. This can prove advantageous for swift maneuvers and rapid shooting. Conversely, switches with higher actuation forces instill precision and minimize the likelihood of unintended keypresses.
  • Tactile Feedback: Tactile feedback encompasses the tactile sensations experienced during keypresses, including bumps or clicks. Switches with more pronounced tactile feedback empower players with the ability to intuitively discern when a key has been registered, elevating precision and responsiveness in gameplay.
  • Key Travel Distance: Key travel distance corresponds to the distance a key must traverse before acknowledging a keypress. Shorter travel distances amplify speed and responsiveness but may elevate the risk of inadvertent keypresses. Conversely, longer travel distances endow greater feedback and diminish the likelihood of accidental inputs.
  • Durability: Mechanical switches come with a predetermined lifespan, denoting the number of keystrokes they can endure before signs of wear emerge. Opting for switches boasting superior durability ensures extended longevity and sustained performance, a critical consideration for dedicated gamers seeking to sidestep frequent switch replacements.
  • Noise Level: Noise levels warrant contemplation, especially for gamers in shared environments or late-night sessions. Loud, clicky switches can be a source of disruption to others, while quieter switches contribute to a more harmonious gaming experience.
  • Personal Preference: Ultimately, personal preference remains the paramount factor in switch selection for Valorant. Gamers should gravitate toward switches that align with their comfort and enable them to unleash their gaming prowess to the fullest.


In the high-stakes world of Valorant, where every millisecond can determine victory or defeat, choosing the right keyboard switch is akin to selecting a weapon for battle. Each switch on the market offers a unique blend of characteristics, and the ideal choice ultimately hinges on your personal preferences and gaming style.

For those craving unparalleled customization and responsiveness, the SteelSeries Apex Pro with its OmniPoint 2.0 adjustable switches stands as a top contender. Valorant aficionados seeking the quickest and most responsive keystrokes will find solace in the Razer Red Optical Switches. Meanwhile, Logitech Romer-G Tactile switches offer a satisfying tactile experience, ideal for precision shooting in Valorant.

Cherry MX Speed Silver switches are the go-to for players who value split-second reactions, while Gateron Lekker switches offer unmatched customization, perfect for those who desire complete control over actuation distances.

Cherry MX Red switches, with their feather-light actuation and smooth keystrokes, are the ideal companions for gamers seeking swift and effortless keypresses. HyperX Red Mechanical switches blend responsiveness with tactile feedback, enhancing the gaming experience.

Razer Green Mechanical Switches, known for their clicky feedback, provide a distinctive feel and impressive durability. Kailh Speed Silver switches excel in speed, while Kailh Speed Copper switches offer rapid actuation and durability.

Gateron Red switches, with their light actuation force and linear feel, cater to those who prioritize swift reactions and minimal effort during intense Valorant battles.

Ultimately, your choice of switch should align with your gaming needs, preferences, and playstyle. Whether you prioritize speed, tactile feedback, or customization, there’s a switch tailored for you in the realm of Valorant. By making an informed decision, you can equip yourself with the perfect tool to conquer the competitive landscape of Valorant and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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