Kailh Switches Guide

The Kailh Switches Guide [2022]

Kailh is one of the manufacturers of switches for mechanical keyboards that is well known today. Like Gateron and Otemu, Kailh is a company that cloned switches from Cherry MX and mass-produced them.

But as technology developed, Kailh began to develop their switch products with certain advantages. They began to find their own mechanism for the switch they made.

Until now, Kailh already has several switch product lines including:

  • Kailh Switches Main Line Up
  • Kailh Speed Switches
  • Kailh Box Switches
  • Kailh Silent Switches
  • Kali Low Profile Switches
  • Kailh Pro switches

In this article, we will introduce all the switches that have been made by Kailh. Because you need to know one of these switch brands from China, they are not only famous for their Kailh Box Orange switch, there are many things that we will explain to you. Let’s get started!

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Kailh Switches

Kailh Switches

Kailh/Kaihua is a Switch produced by Kaihua Electronics, a semiconductor company from China that has been operating since 1990. Initially, Kaihua cloned Cherry, but over time, the company made its own switch models and collaborated exclusively with several keyboard manufacturers.

Kalih has become one of the best alternatives for mechanical keyboard owners besides buying switches from Cherry MX or Gateron. In addition to Kailh switches sold at quite affordable prices, Kailh switches also provide many choices and quality that you can rely on. Here are some of the switch variants that have been made by Kailh:

Getting to Know the Terms in Switch

A switch has terms and parameters to assign a value to a particular aspect. For example, for the speed switch, the Travel Distance language is used, while for the weight or lightness of the pressure required, the Actuation Force language is used in Gram units. Here we will explain in detail:

Actuation Type

Actuation type is a language used to distinguish the type of feedback and noise generated by a switch. There are three types of switch actuation, namely Linear, Tactile, and Clicky.

  • Linear is a type of switch that has little typing feedback with quiet noise.
  • Tactile is a type of switch that provides feedback with a fairly loud noise.
  • Clicky is a type of switch that provides loud, responsive typing feedback, and produces loud typing sounds.

Actuation Power/Actuation Force

Actuation force refers to the weight or force required to push the switch to send instructions to the PCB to provide input to the computer. The actuation force is measured in grams (g). It also refers to the weight required to exert pressure on the switch.

Travel Distance/Actuation Distance

Travel distance or actuation distance is measured in mm (Millimeter). This is the distance required when pressing the switch to give instructions to the PCB and send input to the computer. Most switches have a travel distance of 4 mm, for low profile switches it has a travel distance of 2mm.


This refers to the maximum number of keystrokes that can be performed by a mechanical keyboard switch as measured by the number of millions of times the pressure. For example Switch from Cherry MX can work up to 100 million keystrokes and Gateron can last up to 50 million keystrokes. This is a specification written on a switch that has been tested according to standards.

All Kailh Switches Variant

As I explained earlier at the opening of this article, Kailh has produced several switch variants, including Kailh Main Line Up Switches, Kailh Speed Switches, Kailh Box Switches, Kailh Silent Switches, Kalilh Low Profile Switches, and Kailh Pro switches. We will explain the differences between the six different variants of the Kailh Siwtch.

1. Kailh Switches First Line Up

NameSwitches TypeActuation ForceTravel Distance
Kailh RedLinear50g2mm
Kailh BlackLinear60g2mm
Kailh BrownTactile50g2mm
Kailh BlueClicky50g2mm
Kailh Switches First Line Up

In the first line up of Kailh Switch, there are 4 different colors, namely Kailh Siwtch Red, Brown, Black, and Blue. For this variant, kailh actually cloned the switch from Cherry MX and sold it at a lower price.

The first switch line up from Kailh is an alternative that you can get at a very affordable price. There is nothing special about the four switches. In my opinion, 50g to 60g actuation strength is not ideal for today’s mechanical keyboard needs.

It’s true they have a short travel distance of 2mm, but we prefer to use a switch with a travel distance of 4mm with an actuation force of 45g or under 50g, that’s ideal.

We do not recommend this for you, you are better off trying to find a switch from Gateron than buying a switch from Kailh this first line up.

2. Kailh Speed Switches

NameSwitches Type Actuation Force Travel Distance
Kailh Speed SilverLinear50g1.1mm
Kailh Speed CopperTactile50g1.1mm
Kailh Speed BronzeClicky50g1.1mm
Kailh Speed GoldTactile50g1.4mm
Kailh Speed Switches
Kailh Speed Switches

Kailh Speed ​​Switch is a very good switch for playing games. Switch hook speed has a very short travel distance, this will certainly speed up sending instructions to the PCB to give input to the computer, the shorter the Travel Distance on a switch, the faster you send input to the computer.

This is why the speed switch is very popular with gamers who need a fast response to every button they press. The Kailh Speed ​​Siwtch has an Actuation Force of 50g with a travel distance of 1.1mm, definitely a very fast switch.

Kailh Speed ​​Switch is a rival to Cherry MX speed switches, but their speed switch products are not as numerous as Kailh’s. When it comes to speed switches, Kailh Speed ​​Switch is one of the best options available today.

The risk of using a speed switch is that you will often press the button accidentally, it takes a little touch and the button will respond quickly, so you have to get used to it, because the speed switch is very sensitive.

3. Kailh Box Switches

NameSwitches TypeActuation ForceTravel Distance
Kailh BOX WhiteClicky50g1.8mm
Kailh BOX NavyClicky75g1.8mm
Kailh BOX JadeClicky65g1.8mm
Kailh BOX RedLinear50g1.8mm
Kailh BOX Burnt OrangeTactile60g1.8mm
Kailh BOX Dark YellowLinear70g1.8mm
Kailh BOX Pale BlueClicky60g1.8mm
Kailh BOX BlackLinear60g1.8mm
Kailh Box Switches

The BOX switch from kailh is the most powerful compared to other variants. The BOX switches from Kailh are perfectly balanced, both for their actuation strength and also their travel distance is ideal.

The head of the switch where the keycaps are installed is shaped like a SQUARE, but you can still use any type of keycaps on this Box-headed switch, don’t worry.

We really like the Kailh Box Burnt Orange Switch, this is a switch that I think is better than Gateron Brown and a little quieter than Cherry MX brown even though Kailh Box Burnt Orange is a tactile switch, I think this is a switch that gives very good feedback with minimum noise.

Kemove 61 Snowfox with Kailh Box Burnt Orange Switch

For the clicky Kailh Siwtch BOX, you may want to try Kailh Box Jade and Kalih Box Whites, but you have to think about the people around you, as these two switches make very loud typing sounds.

For modification options, Kailh Box switches are not a good option. Because it is difficult to open, for example you want to lubricate the switch spring on the box hook, you have to really consider it, whether it can open or be completely damaged.

Even though providing lubricant to the switch spring is very important to maintain and maximize its performance, but you can’t do it with a switch box from a hook.

4. Kailh Silent Switches

NameSwitces TypeActuation ForceTravel Distance
Kailh BOX Silent PinkLinear35g1.8mm
Kailh BOX Silent BrownTactile45g1.8mm
Kailh Silent Switches

Kilh also has their line up for silent switches, so far they only have 2 types of silent switches, namely Kailh BOX Silent Pink and Kailh BOX Silent Brown. It is also a switch with a strange shape not living up to its name. The head switch should have a box shape, it’s actually like a circle.

If you want a silent switch that makes very minimal noise, then you can choose the Kailh Box Silent Switch, we highly recommend the Kailh Box Silent Pink, because it is very quiet and pressing it is also very easy without requiring a lot of energy compared to the Kailh Box Silent Brown.

The silent switch will slightly remove the characteristics of a mechanical switch, you will feel like you are typing using a membrane keyboard. It will feel similar to the Logitech K120.

5. Kailh Low-Profile Switches

NameSwitches TypeActuation ForceTravel Distance
Kailh ML Choc WhiteClicky50g1.3mm
Kailh ML Choc BrownTactile50g1.3mm
Kailh ML Choc RedLinear50g1.3mm
Kailh Low-Profile Switches

Due to the development of short-sized mechanical keyboards which are commonly referred to as low profile mechanical keyboards, Kailh also provides switches that can be used for low profile mechanical keyboards.

The low profile mechanical keyboard has a thin body, and the switch bar when installed is tightly closed by the keycaps, as if there are no switches under the keycaps like on the Kyechron K1V4.

The Low Profile switch has a short but not shorter actuation distance than the speed switch. Compared to speed switches, low profile switches are not very sensitive, in my opinion this is an ideal switch for typing faster and more accurately.

Low profile switches are designed to improve typing comfort and ergonomics, this type of switch is perfect for those of you who like low profile mechanical keyboards or short and thin keyboards.

6. Kailh Pro switches

NameSwitches TypeActuation ForceTravel Distance
Kailh Pro BurgundyLinear50g1.7mm
Kailh Pro PurpleTactile50g1.7mm
Kailh Pro Light GreenClicky50g1.7mm
Kailh Pro switches
Kailh Pro switches Purple

Kailh Pro Siwtch is a switch that is sold at the most expensive price compared to other kailh switch variants. This can be said to be one of the premium switches that are very popular today.

Kailh Pro Siwtch has a feature that is very soft to press, the return after being pressed is very responsive because it only has 1.7mm travel distance.

Having an actuation force of 50g means you need less pressure on this switch, but with a 50g atuuation force with a travel distance of 1.7, this is an ideal combination for a switch. The switch is not very sensitive and responsive.

If you need responsive switches for gaming, Kailh Pro Switch is one of the best options out there.

There are 3 variants, namely Kailh Pro Purple (Tactile), Kailh Pro Burgundy (Linear), and Kailh Pro Light Green (Clicky). You can buy it on the official Kono.store website.

7. Kailh Cream and Blueberry switches

You can find Kailh Cream and Blueberry switches which are special edition switches made by kailh. This is not a popular switch, but many lovers of custom mechanical keyboards are starting to use this switch.

The availability of Kailh Cream and Blueberry switches is not as much as other kailh switch variants. You can visit NovelKeys or KBDfans to purchase this rare siwtch.

Are Kailh Switches Good?

I think some switches from Kailh have performance that can compete with the Siwtch from Cherry MX, such as the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange which is a tactile switch from Kailh which provides an even better typing experience compared to Cherry MX Brown and Gateron Brown.

As for the Clicky switch, Kailh Pro Light Green is one of the best recommendations for now. But Kailh BOX Jade and White are worth considering. Kailh’s clicky switch deserves appreciation!

What is the best kailh switch?

If you are looking for a switch from Kailh that is the best that can be used in various aspects such as typing, gaming, or programming, then Kailh BOX Burnt Orange and Kailh Pro Purple are the best switches in our experience. Both switches are very smooth and quiet when used in various conditions.

What is the best Kailh switch for gaming?

To play games, of course you need a switch with a more accurate actuation and has a short actuation distance. For gaming, we really like the three variants of Kailh Pro Switches, namely Kailh Pro Burgundy, Kailh Pro Purple, and Kailh Pro Light Green. These three switches are premium products from Kailh which are designed to provide the best experience when playing games. Another best alternative is Kalih Speed ​​Gold which is a tactile type switch with an actuation distance of 1.4mm which is a very responsive switch.

What is the best Kailh switch for typing?

If you are looking for a switch from kailh that can give you the best typing experience, then Kailh ML Choc Red and Kailh ML Choc White are the best options. Both of these switches are low profile switches that are made to provide a very smooth and accurate typing experience. Another alternative that you can choose is Kailh Speed ​​Copper or Kailh Box Burnt Orange, both of these switches are great for typing.

What is the best Kailh switch for programming?

To meet the needs of programmers kailh also made switches that can be used very well for programming. The line of pr switches such as the Kailh Pro Burgundy, Kailh Pro Purple, and Kailh Pro Light Green are great options for programming. In addition, you can also use Kailh BOX Burnt Orange, Kailh BOX White, and Kalih BOX Red which have an actuation power of around 50-60g with an actuation distance of 1.8mm which is the right actuation for programming use.

What is the best Kailh box switch?

For the Kalih BOX variant, almost all of the Kalih Box Switches provide an excellent typing or gaming experience. For the Kailh BOX switch, the best in our opinion is Kailh BOX Burnt Orange because it has the same taste as Cherry MX Brown, then Kailh BOX Jade and Kailh BOX White, both of which are very responsive Clicky switches and produce very loud typing sounds. Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is our favorite so far.

What is the best kailh switch for custom keyboard?

To give the best appearance to your custom mechanical keyboard and of course you want a great typing experience, we highly recommend you use Kailh Pro Siwtches Purple, Light Green, and Burgundy switches. All three switches are premium products from Kailh for custom mechanical keyboards. You can also use the product line from Kailh BOX such as Kailh Box Burnt Orange or Kailh Box White.

What is the best kailh clicky switch?

For the Clicky switch, it has several variants of the Clicky type switch. For Clicky switches from Kailh, we really like Kailh BOX White, Kailh BOX Jade, and Kailh BOX Pale Blue which are very reliable Clicky switches. For another alternative, you can choose Kailh Pro Light Green which is a premium clicky switch from Kailh.

What is the best kailh Linear switch ?

For linear type switches, the hook has some of the best switches for you to choose from. Kailh Pro Burgundy is one of the best. The following is a list of the best Linear switches from Kailh:

  • Kailh Pro Burgundy
  • Kailh ML Choc Red
  • Kailh BOX Silent Pink
  • Kailh BOX Red
  • Kailh Speed ​​Silver
  • Kailh BOX Black

What is the best kailh Tactile switch ?

For tactile switches, the best from Kailh are Kailh BOX Burnt Orange, Kailh Speed ​​Cooper, and Kailh Speed ​​Gold. These three are tactile-type switches that provide great typing feedback. The resulting typing sound is very fitting, not too loud and not too quiet. We really like Kailh BOX Burnt Orange for tactile switches, because I think this switch is an ideal tactile switch with the right specifications.

What is the best kailh speed switches ?

For the range of speed switches, there are 4 switch variants that they made, of these four speed switches, in our opinion the best are Kailh Speed ​​Cooper and Speed ​​Gold. Both of these switches are tactile switches that have an actuation force of 50g. The Kailh Speed ​​Cooper has a shorter actuation distance (1.1mm) than the Kailh Speed ​​Gold (1.4mm). For speed, Kailh Speed ​​Cooper is faster than Kailh Speed ​​Gold.

What is the best kailh Silent switches?

For the Silent switch variant from kailh, the Kailh BOX Silent Pink and Kailh BOX Silent Brown are the two best switches. These two switches produce a very quiet and smooth typing sound. But for the speed of Kailh BOX Silent Pink, it is more responsive than Kailh BOX Silent Brown because it only has a very light 35g actuation power.

What is the best kailh for low profile switches?

For low profile switches, we really like the Kailh ML Choc White which is a very comfortable Clicky switch for typing. There are 2 other variants for low profile switches from kailh, namely Kailh ML Choc Brown and Kailh ML Choc Red which are the best Low Profile switches from Kalih. If you want a low profile switch from kailh, we highly recommend the Kailh ML Choc White.

Which Kailh Switch is the best?

If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard switches for gaming from Kailh then we would recommend the three Kailh Pro Siwtches Purple, Light Green, and Burgundy switches. These three switches are very popular right now, because they are great for gaming. Although the price is a bit expensive compared to switches from other hooks.

As for the best typing experience, in my opinion, the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange I’ve tried to replace Gateron Brown on the Kemove 61 Snowfox Mechanical Keyboard, the typing experience using Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is very broad. Feedback feels good with very minimal noise.

What About The Kailh Switch Price?

For the price the switches from kailh are very affordable and their availability is amazing. Only the Kailh Pro Switch variant is slightly more expensive than the others. For switches other than Kailh Pro you can buy it at a very cheap price. As for the Kailh Pro you only get 10 switches for $2.8, but I think this is still very affordable for a switch with the best performance from kailh today.

Kailh switches or Cherry MX?

Kailh switch or Cherry MX?

In terms of popularity, it is clear that Cherry MX is better than Kailh. So is the quality. But Kailh provides many options as an alternative to Cherry MX switches which are quite expensive. For the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange tactile switch for example, we found it better for typing compared to the Cherry MX Brown.

Then you should consider Kailh Pro Switches Purple, Burgundy, and Light Green because these are premium switch products from kailh that compete with Cherry MX switches.

Kailh switch or Gateron?’

For tactile switches, only Kailh BOX Burnt Orange I think is better than Gateron’s tactile switches.

For the switch option, Gateron indeed provides more variants, but there is one switch variant that Gateron does not have, namely the speed switch. Kailh has a Switch speed variant which can be a cheap alternative for gamers, compared to buying Cherry MX Speed which is quite expensive.


Kailh switch did start it off by cloning the switch from Cherry MX. But over time, they began to develop and found switch mechanisms that they created themselves such as Kailh BOX switches, Kailh Silent Switches, and Kailh Pro Switches which became a cheap alternative when compared to switches from Cherry MX.

Affordable prices and availability everywhere are very good things for Kailh, because Kailh switches are available everywhere at affordable prices. Premium switches such as Kailh Pro Purple, Burgundy, and Light Green are the switches that are the favorites of gamers today. Then Kailh BOX Burnt Orange which provides a better typing experience compared to Cherry MX Brown and Gateron Brown is enough proof that Kailh is one of the switch brands that you should consider.

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