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Kailh Switches: The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on October 4, 2023

In the realm of mechanical keyboards, where every click and clack matters, the choice of switches can be the difference between mundane typing and a symphony of keystrokes. While the Cherry MX switches have long held the limelight, there’s a hidden gem that discerning enthusiasts have been quietly savoring: Kailh switches.

These unassuming components have been gaining a devoted following for their whispered virtues of high-quality craftsmanship, velvety smooth keystrokes, and remarkable durability. In this article, we’re about to lift the curtain on the captivating world of Kailh switches, revealing why they might just be the best-kept secret in the keyboard universe. Buckle up, because your typing experience is about to take a thrilling twist!

Kailh: The Company Profile

Kailh: The Company Profile

Kailh, known primarily for its mechanical switches, is actually a brand operated by the manufacturing company Kaihua Electronics Co. Ltd. However, Kaihua’s production portfolio extends far beyond mechanical switches, encompassing a wide array of small switches and buttons. These components serve diverse purposes, from enhancing gaming peripherals and controllers to being integrated into automotive systems and even advanced medical equipment.

Initially, Kaihua Electronics focused on producing more affordable alternatives to Cherry MX switches, albeit with somewhat reduced durability. Over time, thanks to Kailh’s dedicated research and development efforts, they have evolved to offer a diverse and original lineup of mechanical switches across various categories. Additionally, Kailh has ventured into collaborations with different companies, such as NovelKeys, further expanding their innovative offerings.

Types of Kailh Switches

Within Kailh’s extensive switch collection, you’ll encounter the familiar switch types, alongside a noteworthy addition known as the Clickbar switches.

Kailh’s switches are categorized into the following four main types:

  1. Linear: Linear switches lack both the clicky sound and tactile feedback upon actuation. While they may not be the preferred choice for most typists, they enjoy popularity among gamers due to their light actuation force and rapid responsiveness.
  2. Tactile: Tactile switches offer a tactile feedback sensation without the loud click sound associated with clicky switches. They appeal to individuals who desire the feedback sensation in their keypresses without the noise.
  3. Clicky: These switches generate an audible click sound upon actuation. It’s worth noting that this click sound occurs only once, during the downward keystroke, distinguishing them from clickbar switches, which produce the sound in both directions.
  4. Clickbar: Kailh’s clickbar switches can be considered as enhanced clicky switches. These switches produce sound twice during a single keystroke – a louder sound at the point of actuation and a slightly quieter sound upon key release.

Kailh has further categorized its switch offerings into various subcategories:

  • Kailh Main Line-Up/Kailh Regular Switches
  • Kailh Box Switches
  • Kailh Speed Switches
  • Kailh Silent Switches
  • Kailh Low-Profile Switches
  • Kailh Pro Switches
  • Kailh Turbo Switches
  • Kailh KK Switches
  • NovelKeys x Kailh Switches
  • Other Switches Produced By Kailh

In summary, Kailh provides a diverse range of switches, catering to different preferences for feedback and sound. Whether you prefer the audible click of clicky switches, the subtle tactility of tactile switches, the quiet responsiveness of linear switches, or the unique double sound effect of clickbar switches, Kailh has a switch type to suit your needs.

Kailh Main Line-Up/Kailh Regular Switches

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Red SwitchLinear50g2.0mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Black SwitchLinear60g2.0mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Brown SwitchTactile50g2.0mm4.0mmMedium
Kailh Blue SwitchClicky50g2.0mm4.0mmLoud

The primary Kailh switch lineup features the familiar Red, Blue, Brown, and Black switches. These switches adhere to the traditional Cherry MX design but come at a considerably more budget-friendly price point.

If you’re working with a limited budget, they can be a reasonable choice. However, if you’re seeking a tactile or linear switch, I tend to lean towards Gateron switches personally.

As previously mentioned, Kailh switches often exhibit some scratchiness, particularly in their direct Cherry MX clones.

Kailh Red Switch

Kailh Red Switch
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm
  • Noise Level: Low

The Kailh Red Switch is a linear switch designed for both office and gaming use. It requires an actuation force of 50 grams, which is slightly higher than some other red switches available on the market. This means that it might feel a bit stiffer and require slightly more pressure to actuate compared to other red switches.

Similar to the popular Cherry MX Red switches, Kailh Red switches are linear, meaning they lack the tactile bump or audible click during keypresses. They offer a smooth and consistent keystroke without any tactile feedback.

However, it’s important to note that Kailh Red switches are known for having a slightly scratchier feel compared to other linear switches, which may not be preferred by some enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a smoother linear switch, alternatives like Outemu or Gateron switches might be more suitable.

For new users interested in trying a linear mechanical switch for gaming, Kailh Reds can be an affordable option. However, for those seeking a more unique or smoother typing experience, Kailh offers other switch varieties that may better suit their preferences.

Kailh Black Switch

Kailh Black Switch
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 60g
  • Activation Point: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm
  • Noise Level: Low

In essence, the Kailh Black Switch is a linear switch, meaning it provides a smooth and consistent keystroke without tactile feedback or audible clicks. It requires a force of 60 grams to actuate (press down the key), which is slightly higher compared to the Kailh Red switches. The activation point, the point at which the key registers a keystroke, is at 2.0mm from the initial keypress, and the total travel distance from the top of the key to the bottom is 4.0mm. This switch produces relatively low noise during typing.

For individuals who type with a heavier hand and prefer a stronger resistance during key presses, the Kailh Black Switch can be a more suitable choice compared to the Kailh Red Switch. The higher actuation force also contributes to a reduced likelihood of accidental keystrokes in these linear switches.

Kailh Brown Switch

Kailh Brown Switch
  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm
  • Noise Level: Medium

Kailh Brown switches belong to the tactile switch category, offering a distinct and noticeable bump when pressed. With an actuation force of 50g, they require a moderate amount of force to activate, making them suitable for typists who prefer a slightly firmer keypress.

The activation point of Kailh Brown switches is set at 2.0mm, meaning the key registers as pressed when you push it down to this depth. The total travel distance is 4.0mm, providing a decent key travel that some users find comfortable for extended typing sessions.

In terms of noise level, Kailh Brown switches are categorized as medium, meaning they produce a moderate amount of sound when pressed, making them quieter than clicky switches but still audible.

Kailh Brown switches are an excellent choice for those who desire tactile feedback without the audible click found in some other switches. They strike a balance between typing comfort and feedback, making them suitable for both typists and gamers. Moreover, they offer a cost-effective option for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts due to their affordability, durability, and overall solid performance. If you’re new to mechanical switches or seeking an alternative to Kailh Red switches with more tactile feedback, Kailh Brown switches are worth considering.

Kailh Blue Switch

Kailh Blue Switch
  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm
  • Noise Level: Loud

The Kailh Blue Switch is a distinctive clicky mechanical switch known for its audible feedback and tactile feel. Unlike some other Kailh switches, the Kailh Blue does not utilize the clickbar mechanism, opting for the more traditional click-jacket design. However, this choice doesn’t detract from its performance. These switches produce a loud and satisfying click sound, making them a preferred choice for those who enjoy the audible confirmation of keypresses.

With an actuation force of 50g, they strike a balance between responsiveness and resistance, offering a tactile typing experience. The activation point of 2.0mm ensures quick response times, while the 4.0mm travel distance provides a comfortable keystroke. While they may be considered noisy for some, the Kailh Blue switches are an excellent budget-friendly option known for their durability, making them a popular choice for typists and gamers alike.

Kailh BOX Switches

Kailh BOX Switches
Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh BOX White SwitchClicky50g1.8mm3.6mmHigh-Pitched
Kailh BOX Navy SwitchClicky75g1.8mm3.6mmCrisp, Tactile
Kailh BOX Jade SwitchClicky65g1.8mm3.6mmTactile, Sharp
Kailh BOX Mute Jade SwitchClicky50g1.8mm3.6mmQuieter, Tactile
Kailh BOX Red SwitchLinear50g1.8mm3.5mmSmooth
Kailh BOX Burnt Orange SwitchTactile60g1.8mm3.6mmTactile, Smooth
Kailh BOX Dark Yellow SwitchLinear70g1.8mm3.6mmSnappy, Smooth
Kailh BOX Pale Blue SwitchClicky60g1.8mm3.6mmTactile, Light
Kailh BOX Black SwitchLinear60g1.8mm3.6mmDeep, Stable
Kailh BOX Pink SwitchLinear55g1.8mm3.6mmSmooth
Kailh BOX Sky Blue SwitchClicky45g1.8mm3.6mmLight, Sharp

Kailh BOX switches stand out in the world of mechanical keyboards due to their unique design and characteristics. Unlike traditional switches, BOX switches feature a stem shaped like a box, offering improved stability and reduced wobbling during keypresses. This distinctive stem design sets them apart from the crowd.

While Kailh BOX switches excel in the clicky category, providing a satisfying click sound and tactile feedback, they do have a slightly scratchy feel. However, for those seeking a clicky typing experience, the BOX lineup offers some of the best options on the market, such as the Kailh BOX Pink, BOX Pale Blue, BOX Burnt Orange, BOX Jade, BOX Navy, and BOX Whites.

One drawback to the BOX design is their limited modifiability. These switches are notoriously difficult to disassemble and modify, making them less appealing to keyboard enthusiasts who enjoy customizing their switches. Additionally, the presence of a hole in the bottom housing makes lubrication a challenge, which can be disappointing for those looking to enhance the feel of their switches through lubrication.

Despite these limitations, Kailh BOX switches remain a strong choice, particularly if you prefer clicky switches. However, for those seeking a smoother and more customizable typing experience, it may be worth exploring other switch options within Kailh’s lineup. Ultimately, the Kailh BOX switches shine as the standout performers in Kailh’s mechanical switch collection, available in various configurations to suit different preferences and needs.

What’s the Difference Between Kailh Box V1 and V2 Switches?

FeatureKailh Box V1Kailh Box V2
Switch Types AvailableFour colors, covering all switch typesThree switch types
Pin Design3-pin design5-pin design
Dust and Water-Resist.Yes, with square wall for added protectionYes, with improved upper housing
Actuation Force (Red)55g40g
Actuation Force (Brown)50g75g
Tactile Feedback (Brown)Softer tactile feedbackStronger tactile feedback
Key FeelCan be slightly scratchy with rattling soundSmoother and more refined
Lighting EnhancementNoImproved backlight absorption

Kailh offers two versions of their Box switches, V1 and V2, each with unique characteristics. These switches are known for their durability and resistance to dust and water. Box V1 comes in four different colors, covering all switch types, with a 3-pin design. It introduced dust and water resistance, thanks to the square wall around the stem, improving stability and longevity with 18K gold contacts. In contrast, Box V2 retained three switch types but enhanced aesthetics by changing the upper housing to crystal black for better backlight absorption. One significant improvement in V2 is pre-lubrication, resulting in a smoother keypress compared to V1. Additionally, V2 switches have a 5-pin design, increasing stability within a keyboard.

  • Actuation Force: The actuation force varies between the different Box switches. In the Box Red V1 and V2, the actuation force was reduced from 55g in V1 to 40g in V2, making V2 smoother to use. On the other hand, the Box Brown V1 had a softer tactile feedback with 50g actuation force, which was significantly improved in the V2 version, raising the tactile feedback force to 75g for a better keypress experience.
  • Activation Point: The activation point remains consistent within each switch type. However, due to differences in actuation force and tactile feedback, the activation experience differs between the V1 and V2 switches. V2 switches generally offer smoother and more defined activation due to the changes in their internal mechanisms.
  • Travel Distance: The travel distance, or how far a key moves when pressed, remains the same for both V1 and V2 switches of the same type. Kailh maintains the standard travel distance across their switches, focusing on other factors like actuation force and tactile feedback to differentiate them.
  • Noise Level: Noise level can vary based on the switch type and individual typing technique. In general, Box V2 switches, being pre-lubed and more refined, may produce slightly less noise compared to V1 switches, which could have a scratchier and rattling sound profile. However, the noise level also depends on factors like keycaps and typing force.

In summary, Kailh’s Box V1 and V2 switches offer various improvements and distinctions. V2 switches are pre-lubed, have changed housing designs for better aesthetics, and come in a 5-pin configuration for improved stability. The actuation force and tactile feedback have also been fine-tuned for a smoother and more satisfying typing experience, particularly in the case of Box Brown V2. The choice between V1 and V2 depends on your preference for these specific characteristics and how they align with your typing style and preferences.

Kailh Speed Switches

Kailh Speed Switches
Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Speed SilverLinear40g1.1mm3.5mmLow
Kailh Speed CopperTactile40g1.1mm3.5mmMedium
Kailh Speed BronzeClicky50g1.1mm3.5mmLoud
Kailh Speed GoldTactile50g1.4mm3.5mmMedium
Kailh Speed PinkClicky50g1.1mm3.5mmLoud

Kailh’s Speed Switches represent an exciting development in the world of mechanical keyboards. These switches are designed to cater to gamers and typists who crave rapid responsiveness and quick keypresses. What sets them apart is their incredibly short activation point of just 1.1 mm, which is 0.5 mm shorter than traditional MX-style switches. This abbreviated travel distance means that you can register keypresses faster, making them an excellent choice for gaming scenarios where milliseconds can make a significant difference.

Kailh offers a range of Speed Switches, including Silver, Copper, Bronze, and Gold, each with varying actuation forces and tactile feedback. These switches are well-suited to different preferences, whether you prefer a linear, tactile, or clicky feel. Additionally, they emit a moderate noise level, making them relatively quiet compared to some other mechanical switches on the market.

In summary, Kailh’s Speed Switches are engineered to enhance your typing and gaming experience by delivering lightning-fast responsiveness, shorter travel distances, and a choice of tactile feedback options. Whether you’re into competitive gaming or simply want a keyboard that responds to your commands with utmost precision, these switches offer a compelling solution to elevate your keyboarding performance.

Kailh Speed Silver

Kailh Speed Silver
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Actuation Force: 40g
  • Activation Point: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Noise Level: Low

The Kailh Speed Silver switch is a linear switch designed for both office work and gaming. It boasts an actuation force of 40 grams, making it light enough for extended typing sessions without causing finger fatigue. With a remarkably short activation point of just 1.1 millimeters and a total travel distance of 3.5 millimeters, this switch offers lightning-fast responsiveness, making it an excellent choice for gamers seeking quick in-game reactions.

One of the standout features of the Kailh Speed Silver switch is its quiet operation, ensuring a disturbance-free typing or gaming experience. The switch provides an exceptionally smooth keystroke, surpassing the tactile feel of Kailh Box switches. Overall, it’s an ideal switch for those who desire a responsive, comfortable, and silent typing or gaming experience, allowing for swift, fatigue-free key presses and improved in-game performance.

Kailh Speed Copper

Kailh Speed Copper
  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Actuation Force: 40g
  • Activation Point: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Noise Level: Gentle/Medium

The Kailh Speed Copper switch is a tactile mechanical switch designed for a comfortable typing and gaming experience. With an actuation force of 40g, it strikes a balance between a light touch and a reassuring tactile feedback. The activation point at 1.1mm ensures quick response times, making it suitable for gamers who need rapid key presses. The 3.5mm travel distance provides a satisfying keypress depth without being too shallow or too deep.

In terms of noise, these switches produce a gentle sound, making them suitable for quiet office environments or shared spaces. They are known for their smooth feel, with a tactile bump at 50g, giving your fingers a satisfying response while typing. Overall, Kailh Speed Copper switches offer a great typing experience, especially for those who prefer a tactile feel with moderate actuation force.

Kailh Speed Bronze

Kailh Speed Bronze
  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Noise Level: Loud, Clicky

The Kailh Speed Bronze switch is a mechanical keyboard switch renowned for its unique characteristics. With an actuation force of 50 grams, it strikes a balance between responsiveness and typing comfort. What sets it apart is its activation point at just 1.1mm, allowing for swift keypresses. This switch offers a total travel distance of 3.5mm, which ensures a satisfying typing experience. However, it’s worth noting that the Kailh Speed Bronze switch is known for being loud due to its clicky nature. It produces a high-pitched and crisp click sound, making it ideal for typists who enjoy auditory feedback while typing.

The tactile bump at 1.1mm is followed by a distinct audible click, making it not only precise but also quite addictive to use. These features make the Kailh Speed Bronze switch a preferred choice for those who appreciate a light and precise keypress experience with an unmistakable clicky sound.

Kailh Speed Gold

Kailh Speed Gold
  • Switch Type: Tactile
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 1.4mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Noise Level: Medium

The Kailh Speed Gold switch is designed for those who seek a balance between office work and gaming. With an actuation force of 50 grams, it offers a tactile experience that provides feedback without being overly heavy, making it suitable for a variety of typing tasks. The activation point of 1.4 millimeters means that characters register swiftly, enhancing the overall typing speed. Moreover, the 3.5-millimeter travel distance allows for comfortable keypresses, and the noise level is moderate, ensuring a pleasant typing or gaming environment.

The Kailh Speed Gold switch strikes a middle ground between the Speed Bronze and the Box Brown switches, offering a slightly longer activation travel than the former but not as much as the latter. Its tactile bump at 1.4 millimeters requires 60 grams of force, ensuring that keypresses are precise and deliberate. Whether you’re typing documents or engaged in fast-paced gaming, the Kailh Speed Gold switch delivers a crisp, smooth actuation that is both versatile and satisfying to use.

Kailh Speed Pink

Kailh Speed Pink
  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Actuation Force: 50g
  • Activation Point: 1.1mm
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Noise Level: Loud

The Kailh Speed Pink switch is a mechanical marvel designed for both office work and gaming enthusiasts. With an actuation force of 50g, it strikes a balance between ease of typing and gaming precision. The switch boasts an activation point of 1.1mm and a total travel distance of 3.5mm, ensuring quick and responsive keypresses.

One standout feature of the Kailh Speed Pink switch is its distinctive clicky behavior, producing a satisfying audible click and tactile bump early in the keystroke. This characteristic, akin to the Speed Bronze switch but with added crispness, provides a unique typing experience.

The switch is notably loud, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy the audible feedback of their keystrokes. Its suitability for both office tasks and gaming makes it versatile, catering to a wide range of users. In summary, the Kailh Speed Pink switch combines a comfortable actuation force, precise activation point, and a distinct clicky feel, making it an excellent choice for those who seek a responsive and audibly satisfying typing experience.

Kailh Silent Switches

Kailh Silent Switches
Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh BOX Silent PinkLinear35g1.8mm3.6mmSilent
Kailh BOX Silent BrownTactile45g1.8mm3.6mmSilent

Kailh offers a range of switch options, and among them are the Kailh BOX Silent Pink and Kailh BOX Silent Brown switches. The BOX Silent Pink switch is linear, meaning it provides a smooth keystroke without any tactile bump, while the BOX Silent Brown switch offers a tactile response, giving a slight feedback when a key is pressed.

The Kailh BOX Silent Pink switch has an actuation force of 35g, requiring a gentle touch to register a keypress. On the other hand, the BOX Silent Brown switch has an actuation force of 45g, offering a slightly firmer keystroke.

Both switches have an activation point of 1.8mm, indicating the distance the key must be pressed for it to register as a keystroke.

The travel distance for both switches is 3.6mm, indicating the total distance the key can be pressed down.

As the name suggests, both the Kailh BOX Silent Pink and BOX Silent Brown switches are designed to be silent. They incorporate rubber dampening on the stem to minimize the noise generated when a key is pressed, making them ideal for quiet environments such as offices or late-night gaming sessions.

Kailh’s BOX Silent switches, including the circular stem design, offer a unique typing experience. Unlike traditional BOX switches, these switches feature a circular stem shape, which is an intriguing departure from the norm in switch design. The circular stem design doesn’t impact functionality but adds a distinctive touch to the switches.

However, it’s worth noting that Silent switches may not be suitable for everyone. They introduce a rubbery feel to each keystroke, which can feel unusual for those accustomed to standard mechanical switches. Therefore, I recommend trying out the Silent switches before committing to a full set, as the typing experience is notably different. These switches are particularly advantageous when you need to maintain a quiet environment, such as when working in an office or gaming while others are asleep.

Kailh Low-Profile Switches

Kailh Low-Profile Switches
Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh ML Choc RedLinear50g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc BrownTactile50g1.3mm3.2mmMedium
Kailh ML Choc WhiteClicky50g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc BlackLinear60g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc BlueClicky48g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc PinkLinear20g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc SilverLinear40g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc PurpleLinear25g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc Dark YellowLinear70g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc Burnt OrangeTactile70g1.3mm3.2mmMedium
Kailh ML Choc Pale BlueClickbar70g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc JadeClicky50g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc SunsetTactile40g1.5mm3.0mmMedium
Kailh ML Choc NavyClicky60g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc RobinClicky60g1.3mm3.2mmLoud
Kailh ML Choc Red ProLinear35g1.3mm3.2mmLow
Kailh ML Choc Transparent RedLinear35g1.3mm3.2mmLow

Kailh’s Choc Low-Profile switches are tailor-made for the increasingly popular low-profile mechanical keyboards that have taken the gaming world by storm. These switches are characterized by their slim design, which perfectly complements the sleek aesthetic of low-profile keyboards.

One notable aspect of Kailh’s Choc switches is their actuation distance, which is impressively short at just 1.3mm, compared to the standard 2mm found in traditional switches. This feature allows for a rapid response when typing or gaming, although it’s worth noting that, contrary to some beliefs, the actuation distance doesn’t necessarily translate to faster reaction times in practice.

What truly sets Kailh’s Choc switches apart is their reduced travel distance of 3.2mm and the actuation point hovering around 1.3-1.5mm. This is in line with other low-profile switches on the market, but Kailh’s Choc lineup boasts a wide variety of options, surpassing many of its competitors.

Kailh has even developed Choc versions of their popular switches like the Box Heavy and Box Thick, ensuring that enthusiasts can find their preferred switch type in the low-profile format. In essence, if you have a particular Kailh switch you love, chances are they offer a Choc version of it.

These switches are designed to provide a comfortable typing and gaming experience on low-profile keyboards, reducing the need to lift your fingers too high while maintaining a pleasingly short actuation distance. However, it’s essential to note that personal comfort can vary, and some users may find low-profile keyboards less ergonomic for extended typing sessions.

In terms of noise, Kailh’s Choc Low-Profile switches are generally quieter compared to their traditional mechanical counterparts, which is a bonus for those who prefer a quieter keyboard while still enjoying the benefits of mechanical key switches.

Kailh Pro Switches

Kailh Pro

Kailh Pro Switches
Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Pro BurgundyLinear50g1.7mm3.5mmLow
Kailh Pro PurpleTactile50g1.7mm3.5mmMedium
Kailh Pro Light GreenClicky50g1.7mm3.5mmLoud
Kailh Pro Heavy SageTactile70g1.7mm3.5mmMedium
Kailh Speed ProLinear40g1.7mm3.5mmLow

Kailh Pro switches offer a versatile lineup, each catering to a different typing or gaming preference. They integrate the finest qualities of Box and Speed switches, resulting in a switch that is not only highly responsive but also delivers a satisfying tactile experience.

Kailh Pro switches are designed with a balanced actuation force, ensuring that the keypresses are consistent and reliable. This feature is particularly advantageous for gamers and typists who require precision and accuracy in every keystroke.

These switches boast a well-defined activation point, allowing users to register keypresses swiftly and effortlessly. Whether you’re gaming or typing, this characteristic enhances the overall performance and feel of the keyboard.

Kailh Pro switches feature a travel distance that strikes a harmonious balance between the shorter travel of Speed switches and the slightly longer travel of Box switches. This design ensures a comfortable typing experience while maintaining responsiveness.

The switches are engineered to produce minimal noise during keypresses, making them suitable for both quiet office environments and intense gaming sessions. Their subdued noise level ensures that you can focus on your work or gaming without causing distractions.

In summary, Kailh Pro switches offer a unique blend of attributes that make them a compelling choice for keyboard enthusiasts. Their responsive nature, balanced actuation force, well-defined activation point, comfortable travel distance, and quiet operation collectively contribute to an exceptional typing and gaming experience. However, it’s important to note that these switches may feel relatively stiff when bottoming out, which could lead to fatigue during extended typing or gaming sessions.

Kailh Speed Pro

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Pro Heavy Sage SwitchClicky70g1.7mm3.6mmLoud
Kailh Pro Heavy Plum SwitchTactile70g1.7mm3.6mmMedium
Kailh Pro Heavy Berry SwitchLinear70g1.7mm3.6mmLow
Kailh Pro Heavy Navy SwitchClicky70g1.2mm3.5mmLoud

The Kailh Speed Pro switches represent a robust and slightly heavier variant of the popular Kailh Pro switches. With an actuation force of 70g, they require a bit more pressure to register a keypress compared to their lighter counterparts. However, this additional actuation force brings its own advantages. The activation point of these switches is set at a mere 1.1mm, allowing for quicker keystrokes and reduced travel distance, enhancing the overall typing or gaming experience.

The result is a tactile and responsive switch that strikes a balance between the feather-light Speed switches and the more traditional mechanical switches. Despite their weight, Kailh Speed Pro switches maintain a smooth keystroke feel, making them suitable for extended typing sessions or intense gaming marathons. Additionally, their modding potential opens up opportunities for customization, enabling users to fine-tune their keyboards to their exact preferences. While they produce a moderate noise level, it’s a satisfying auditory feedback that many mechanical keyboard enthusiasts appreciate.

Kailh Turbo Switches

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Turbo Red SwitchLinear45g1.9mm3.7mmLow
Kailh Turbo Brown SwitchTactile40g2.0mm3.6mmMedium
Kailh Turbo Silver SwitchLinear45g1.2mm3.6mmLow
Kailh Turbo Silent Red SwitchLinear45g1.7mm4.0mmLow

Kailh Turbo switches are anticipated to offer a notable improvement in typing experience. They are expected to provide exceptionally smooth keystrokes with minimal scratching, which can contribute to a more comfortable and satisfying typing feel. These switches are an appealing option for users who prefer a quieter typing experience, as they lack the characteristic “click” sound found in some other mechanical switches. As Kailh expands its Turbo switch lineup, users can look forward to a wider range of options to suit their specific preferences, including actuation force and activation point choices.

Kailh KK Switches

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh KK Red SwitchLinear38g1.1mm3.5mmLow
Kailh KK Silver SwitchLinear38g1.1mm3.5mmLow
Kailh KK Copper SwitchTactile38g1.1mm3.5mmMedium
Kailh KK Bronze SwitchClicky48g1.1mm3.5mmLow

The Kailh KK Switches lineup builds upon the foundation of the popular Kailh Speed switches, introducing several improvements. These switches maintain the hallmark short travel distance of the Speed series but enhance the overall typing experience by delivering improved percussion, tactile feedback, and responsiveness.

With the exception of the KK Red switch, the other three switches in this lineup feature a standard stem design without the distinctive box shape. The KK Red switch, however, incorporates a box design and cross-stem configuration, offering increased stability and impressive resistance to dust and water ingress. This design not only ensures a reliable performance but also makes it suitable for environments where durability and protection against contaminants are essential.

In summary, the Kailh KK Switches provide a versatile range of switch options that cater to varying preferences in terms of actuation force, activation point, and noise level. Whether you seek a smooth and quiet typing experience or a more tactile and audible one, the Kailh KK Switches offer a solution to suit your specific needs, all while maintaining the advantage of a short travel distance reminiscent of the Kailh Speed switches.

NovelKeys x Kailh Switches

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Cream SwitchLinear55g2.0mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Blueberry SwitchTactile55g3.0mm4.0mmMedium
Kailh Box Thick Clicky Navy SwitchClickbar75g1.8mm3.6mmLoud
Kailh Box Thick Clicky Jade SwitchClickbar50g1.8mm3.6mmLoud
Kailh Box Cream Linear SwitchLinear45g2.0mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Box Cream Pro SwitchLinear45g1.7mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Sherbet SwitchClickbar45g2.0mm4.0mmLoud

In collaboration with NovelKeys, Kailh has curated a series of switches that offer an impressive range of customization options, ensuring that you can find the perfect switch type with your preferred actuation force, activation point, travel distance, and noise level. Whether you’re a typist seeking precision or a gamer looking for a competitive edge, these Kailh switches deliver versatility and performance tailored to your needs.

Other Switches Produced By Kailh

Switch ModelSwitch TypeActuation ForceActivation PointTravel DistanceNoise Level
Kailh Fried Egg SwitchLinear42g1.8mm3.6mmLow
Kailh Starry Sky SwitchLinear40g1.9mm3.6mmLow
Kailh Canary SwitchTactile42g2.0mm4.0mmMedium
Kailh Polia SwitchTactile45g1.9mm3.8mmMedium
Kailh Sun SwitchClickbar50g1.8mm3.5mmLoud
Kailh Clione Limacina SwitchLinear/Tactile58g1.9mm4.0mmLow
Kailh Sun SwitchClickbar50g1.8mm3.5 mmLoud

In addition to their more common switches, Kailh offers a range of unique switches with unconventional names. Notably, the Sun Switch stands out among these offerings. Kailh’s dedication to innovation means that they are continually expanding their switch portfolio to cater to the diverse demands of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. Whether you seek a switch for gaming, typing, or a balance between the two, Kailh likely has an option that suits your needs. Their commitment to versatility ensures that keyboard enthusiasts can find the perfect Kailh switch to enhance their typing experience.

Are Kailh Switches Worth Considering?

The quality of Kailh switches can be a subjective matter, largely dependent on individual preferences. Overall, they can be considered decent switches, but there is an important caveat to keep in mind.

Kailh switches are often noted for their inherent scratchiness, which may not be ideal for users who prefer a smoother tactile or linear typing experience. However, Kailh excels in producing clicky switches, where they truly shine.

Among their offerings, the Kailh BOX lineup stands out, featuring some of the best options available in the market. Notable choices from this lineup include the Kailh BOX Pink, BOX Pale Blue, BOX Burnt Orange, BOX Jade, BOX Navy, and BOX Whites, which are particularly well-regarded for their clicky and tactile attributes.

The Best Switches From Kailh

Kailh, renowned for their innovation in switch design, has introduced a remarkable clicky switch series distinguished by its unique click bar mechanism. This innovative design elevates the auditory and tactile experience of keystrokes, delivering a more satisfying and refined sound.

The essence of these switches lies in their click bar design, a distinctive feature that sets them apart. Unlike traditional switches, Kailh’s click bar switches produce a distinct click sound in both the actuation and release phases. What sets them apart is the nuanced auditory profile they create. Upon actuation, you’ll experience a pronounced initial click followed by a quieter click as the switch returns to its resting position. This harmonious combination results in a delightful double-click effect with each keystroke, providing an exceptional level of tactile feedback.

Kailh’s commitment to this click bar design has made their clicky switches some of the most sought-after options on the market. This design is a departure from the click jacket mechanism used by other switch manufacturers, which only produces a click during the downward movement of the keypress. While functional, the click jacket design pales in comparison to the robust auditory feedback and satisfying keystroke experience offered by Kailh’s click bar switches.

For those in pursuit of the ultimate typing experience, Kailh’s clicky switch lineup, including the Kailh BOX White, Kailh BOX Navy, and Kailh BOX Jade switches, promises a journey into the realm of superior tactile and auditory satisfaction.

Are Kailh Switches Compatible with Hot-Swapping?

Kailh switches indeed boast compatibility with hot-swappable printed circuit boards (PCBs). These switches adhere to the standard mechanical switch design featuring three pins.

In practical terms, if you possess a hot-swappable keyboard, you can confidently opt for Kailh switches, as they seamlessly integrate with such setups.

Moreover, for those keen on experimenting with various Kailh switch variations on their hot-swappable keyboard, a Kailh switch tester is readily available, enabling you to assess and choose the ideal switch for your typing preferences.

Exploring Popular Keyboards Featuring Kailh Switches

  1. DROP CTRL High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard: The DROP CTRL High-Profile keyboard takes mechanical typing to new heights with its tenkeyless design, premium CNC-aluminum case, and versatile features. One standout aspect of this keyboard is its Kailh Box White switches, designed to resist dust and moisture while delivering a satisfying click on keystrokes. It also offers hot-swappable switch sockets for easy customization and millions of RGB lighting options.
  2. FL ESPORTS F12: The FL ESPORTS F12 wireless mechanical keyboard offers both Bluetooth connectivity and remarkable lighting. Equipped with Kailh Box White Switches, known for their precise and tactile response, this keyboard boasts a substantial 2000mAh battery for extended usage. It can last up to 20 hours with RGB backlighting or an impressive 100 hours without it. Its compact form factor and customization options make it a versatile choice.
  3. EVGA Z15 RGB Gaming Keyboard: The EVGA Z15 keyboard features Kailh Speed Silver switches that ensure authentic gaming experiences with their N-key rollover capability. Powered by a robust 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core USB microprocessor, it offers a 4,000Hz polling rate for superior precision and responsiveness during gameplay.
  4. Vigor GK50 Elite BW with Kailh Box White Switches: MSI’s Vigor GK50 Elite BW is a wired mechanical keyboard that excels in luxury build quality. It also incorporates Kailh Box White Switches, known for their crisp and clicky feedback. These switches are not only tactile but also dustproof and waterproof, with specific actuation points and actuation forces. The keyboard features a gold-plated USB connector, octagonal keycaps for comfort, and customizable RGB lighting.
  5. CORN Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: The CORN Anne Pro 2 keyboard, designed for gaming, utilizes Kailh Box Red switches, which offer a unique tactile experience. This keyboard is suitable for gaming consoles and features a 1900mAh battery for extended wireless use. It also provides arrow keys on a 60% layout and customization options through Anne Pro starter companion software.

In summary, these keyboards showcase the versatility and performance of Kailh switches, which offer a range of tactile and clicky feedback options. They cater to various preferences and use cases, from gaming to daily typing tasks, and often come with additional features such as hot-swappable switches and customizable RGB lighting to enhance the user experience.


Kailh is a prominent switch manufacturer known for producing a wide range of switch variants. They offer switches in various sizes and types to cater to diverse user preferences.

Among their selection, you’ll discover several switch types, including the standard lineup, BOX switches, Speed switches, Low-Profile switches, and more. Each of these options serves a specific purpose and provides distinct characteristics.

Considering Kailh for your next switch choice can be a wise decision. We particularly recommend the clicky BOX switches for their exceptional sound and tactile feedback, which are unmatched in the market.

It’s important to note that while each Kailh switch has its own unique use cases, some users have reported that Kailh switches can have a slightly scratchy feel in comparison to other options.

Despite its reputation as an affordable alternative to Cherry MX switches, Kailh has demonstrated its ability to create innovative and distinctive switch designs.

With such a wide array of choices available, the best way to find the perfect Kailh switch for you is through hands-on testing. So, go ahead and explore the various Kailh switches to discover the one that suits your typing preferences best.

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