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SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915: Which Better for You?

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Which is better, SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915?

In this post, we will compare SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 from various aspects such as design, build quality, component quality, and the features they provide.

We hope that by reading this post, you can choose which is best for you between the SteelSeries Apex Pro or the Logitech G915.

Let’s get started!

Both the SteelSeries Apex Pro and the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED are two full-size mechanical keyboards. Of course, these two premium keyboards are equipped with a numpad. If you are looking for references on the comparison of these two keyboards, you have come to the right article!

Both keyboards are equipped with interesting features and have their own advantages. Which mechanical keyboard is right for you? is it Apex Pro or Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED? Let’s get started!!

Which is better Design and Build Quality between SteelSeries Apex Pro or Logitech G915?

The Steelseries Apex Pro is a mechanical keyboard with a full size layout, slightly larger than the TKL size. This keyboard has a quite unique design with black color and this keyboard has a magnetic wrist rest that can increase user comfort.

The Logitech G915 is a fairly large keyboard with a full size layout. This keyboard design looks very futuristic with the dominance of black. There are no accessories such as wrist rests or anything else on this keyboard, because this keyboard has a low profile and is quite comfortable to use for a long time.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Build Quality

SteelSeries Apex Pro Build Quality
SteelSeries Apex Pro Build Quality

The Steelseries Apex Pro has excellent build quality. Almost the entire body of this keyboard is made of aluminum, so this keyboard feels solid and solid. This keyboard is equipped with double-shot keycaps made of ABS which are better than other ABS keycaps in general. This keyboard is embedded with a magnetic wrist rest which is very good for supporting comfort and ergonomics.

Build Quality Logitech G915 Build Quality

Build Quality Logitech G915 Build Quality
Build Quality Logitech G915 Build Quality

The Logitech G915 has very good build quality. The metal frame and thick hard plastic material on the back make this keyboard feel solid. Even so, there are some parts that when pressed a little feel flexible. The keycaps on this keyboard are double shot ABS keycaps made by Logitech with quality that has been tested very well. The downside of an ABS keycap is that it’s a bit thin, slippery, and not as durable as a PBT keycap.

Which is more ergonomic, SteelSeries Apex Pro or Logitech G915?

SteelSeries Apex Pro Ergonomics

SteelSeries Apex Pro Ergonomics
SteelSeries Apex Pro Ergonomics

SteelSeries Apex Pro is a keyboard that is quite ergonomic. This keyboard is equipped with a magnetic wrist rest which can increase comfort and ergonomics when using this keyboard for typing in a long duration. For the keyboard rest foot arrangement, this is a bit less flexible because the keyboard is slightly pushed forward when opening it.

Logitech G915 Ergonomics

Logitech G915 Ergonomics
Logitech G915 Ergonomics

The Logitech G915 has good ergonomics. This keyboard has a pretty low profile. There are two tilt adjustment options that are perfect for determining the best keyboard position for you to use. This keyboard is indeed large and takes up a lot of space on your desk, even though it is large and does not have an armrest, it is comfortable and ergonomic enough for long duration use.

Which RGB Backlight is Better, Dianatara SteelSeries Apex Pro or Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED?

The SteelSeries Apex Pro has a rich color RGB backlight. You can adjust the brightness and color levels by using the menu keys on the keyboard. In addition, you can also adjust the RGB Backlight through the SteelSeries Engine software.

The Logitech G915 RGB Backlight has an RGB backlight that looks low profile in terms of colors that are not too contrasting, but I think the RGB color on this keyboard is very good. You can also adjust the RGB on this keyboard using the Logitech Gaming HUB software.
Overall, these two keyboards have the same excellent RGB Backlight quality.

Which Wireless Flexibility is Better Between SteelSeries Apex Pro or Logitech G915?

In Wireless Flexibility, the Logitech G915 outperforms the Steelseries Apex Pro. The Steelseries Apex Pro only supports connections using a USB cable, while the Logitech G915 can be connected via two connectivity methods, namely via cable and via Bluetooth.

What About Features?

SteelSeries Apex Pro

The OLED display on the Steelseries Apex Pro makes this keyboard very outstanding compared to the Logitech G915. For other features Steelseries has a volume wheel, dedicated media keys. All keys on this keyboard can be reprogrammed via the Steelseries Engine software. The OLED Display on the Apex Pro steelseries can be used to display images and text.

Logitech G915

The features on the Logitech G915 are quite complete. There are macro keys that can be reprogrammed, full multimedia keys located above the Numpad. There are additional 5 buttons on the left that can be programmed for specific functions via Logitech’s G Hub Software. there is a button to turn off and turn on bluetooth as well.

What Inside The SteelSeries Apex Pro and Logitech G915?

SteelSeries Apex Pro Logitech G915
SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard
Magnetic wrist rest

Logitech G915 keyboard
Micro-USB cable
Wireless USB receiver
USB extender
User guide
Logitech logo sticker
What Inside The SteelSeries Apex Pro and Logitech G915?

What About Keycaps and Switch?

SteelSeries Apex Pro

The Omnipoint switch on the Steelseries Apex pro keyboard has great feedback. You can adjust the responsiveness of this switch via the Steelseries Engine software. ABS keycaps on this keyboard are also quite good when used, feels a bit soft and comfortable to press.

Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 uses GL Clicky switches, there are also GL Linear and Tacticle switch options. GL Clicky is perfect for those of you who like fast and responsive feedback. The clicky sound on the GL Clicky switch is quite crisp and not too noisy. This keyboard has a low profile and feels very comfortable for long using this keyboard.

Which Better Typing Quality?

The typing experience with the Steelseries Apex Pro is pretty good. Because software supports the settings on the omnipint, it can let you set what kind of switch response you want. Unfortunately, the ABS keycaps on this keyboard have a very ideal distance between each key, this can improve typing accuracy and also minimize typing errors.

The Logitech G915 provides a comfortable and great typing experience. The switch response and ABS keycaps feel on this keyboard are very comfortable to use for a long time. The sound of the switch when pressed is quite quiet. a fairly low profile provides an excellent typing experience and more ergonomics. For the typing experience, I find the Logitech G915 better than the Steelseries Apex Pro.

What About Software?

SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Engine is an excellent piece of software. The software has many configuration settings and you can even save the profile of your choice in the keyboard’s onboard memory, meaning you don’t have to re-download the software if you use the keyboard with another computer. You can set all RGB functions, media keys as well as macro keys. This software is only compatible with Windows and MacOS.

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED

Logitech G915 has software, namely Logitech G HUb which can be used to manage all the features on this keyboard. ranging from RGB backlight, Media keys and also macro keys. You can store keyboard profiles offline and online via Logitech Cloud. This software is only compatible with Windows and MacOS.

What About Keyboard Compatibility?

Both the Steelseries Apex Pro and the Logitech G915 have excellent compatibility. Especially on Windows devices, everything works fine. on MacOs both these keyboards have some features that don’t work properly. But Logitech is superior because it can connect with Android, iPad, and iPhone mobile devices via a bluetooth connection.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 Usage Testing

SteelSeries Apex Pro

For Mixed usageThe SteelSeries Apex Pro is a very good keyboard for mixed usage. This RGB keyboard is designed for gaming, but thanks to its adjustable actuation force, you can easily customize it to reduce the number of typos. Its typing experience is excellent and satisfying. This keyboard is also very well-built and should last you for a long time.
For GamingThe SteelSeries Apex Pro is an outstanding gaming keyboard. It’s responsive and you can set the actuation point of your keys to your preferred setting. It’s also very well-built and is fully customizable inside its excellent software. The backlighting is also great for gaming in the dark.
For OfficeThe Apex Pro is very good for an office environment. It has a nice wrist rest that offers a comfortable ergonomic design. Also, typing on this keyboard is satisfying and it doesn’t make too much noise either.
For ProgrammingThe Apex Pro is a great programming keyboard. Typing is satisfying and you can also set the actuation force of each key, meaning you can find your preferred setting to reduce the number of typos. You can also program every key and customize the keyboard inside its software.

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED

For Mixed usageThe Logitech G915 is a good keyboard for most uses. Although a lot of its features are gamer-oriented, it performs well as an office keyboard for productivity. The dedicated macro keys are great for gamers and programmers, and the tactile switches provide a comfortable typing experience while keeping noise to a minimum.
For GamingThe Logitech G915 is an exceptional keyboard for gaming. Their low profile switches are incredibly responsive and provide a nice tactile feedback. The dedicated media controls allow you to game uninterrupted and the programmable macro keys are a great addition, especially for MMO games. If you like gaming in a dark room, the full RGB backlighting is definitely a plus and can be useful in highlighting important keys.
For Mobile & TabletThe Logitech G915 is sub-par for use with mobile devices. While the keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth and most of the keys function properly, the keyboard isn’t very portable, as it’s rather large and heavy. However, it has a multi-device pairing feature, so you can pair it to your smartphone and computer at the same time.
For OfficeThe Logitech G915 is an okay keyboard for office use. The low profile nature of the keyboard is comfortable to type on, even without a wrist rest, and the light typing experience doesn’t cause any fatigue. However, the low actuation point of these switches can often cause unintended keystrokes to register, leading to more typos than usual.
For ProgrammingThe Logitech G915 is good for programming. The dedicated macro keys are easily programmable and you can store up to 15 macros on the keyboard’s on-board memory, which is great for those who work on multiple computers. The typing experience is decent, though you may notice more typos than usual, as the keys have a very low actuation point.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 Pros And Cons

SteelSeries Apex Pro

Unique adjustable force actuation setting.No dedicated macro keys.
Amazing compatible software.Wrist rest is a dust magnet.
Very well-built design.
Quiet mechanical keyboard.
SteelSeries Apex Pro Pros And Cons

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED

Excellent build quality.
Partial compatibility with mobile devices.
Low profile.
Outstanding software support.
Great typing experience.
Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED Pros And Cons

What About Price?

SteelSeries Apex ProLogitech G915

With slightly more advanced features, the Steelseries is priced lower than the Logitech G915. Steelseries is priced at $ 165.99 while Logitech is slightly more expensive at $ 170.00.


It feels difficult to determine the choice of these two keyboards. Steelseries comes with complete and unique features but is priced slightly lower than the Logitech G915.

In our opinion, both keyboards are equally excellent, from the buld quality, keycaps, switches, software and excellent typing experience. But if you want a keyboard that is more ergonomic and comfortable to use for a long time, the Logitech G915 should be considered.

But if you want to have a full size mechanical keyboard that has very complete features at a price that is slightly cheaper than the Logitech G915, then the SteelSeries APex Pro is the best choice for you.

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