The Best Lube for Switches And Stabilizers You Should Own

The Best Lube for Switches And Stabilizers [2022]

The easiest and cheapest way to maintain a mechanical keyboard is to lubricate the switches and stabilizers. Lubricating switches and stabilizers can improve performance and make switches and stabilizers work smoother.

Have you been using the right lubricant for your switches and stabilizers? Or you just use an obscure lubricant on your switches and stabilizers.

Using the wrong lubricant on switches and stabilizers can shorten the life of your switches and stabilizers. That’s why we created this article so that you can choose the right lubricant for your switches and stabilizers.

Lube Switches Without Desoldering
Lube Switches Without Desoldering

Best Lube for your Mechanical Keyboard Switches:

Linear SwitchesTactile SwitchesClicky Switches
G-Lube GloriousG-Lube Glorious G-Lube Glorious
Krytox 205g0 Krytox 205g0 Krytox GPL 105
Tribosys 3203 Tribosys 3203
Trbisosy 3204 Trbisosy 3204
Krytox 105 Oil Krytox 105 Oil
Best Lube for your Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Best Lube for your Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizers:

Best Lube for Stabilizer
G-Lube Glorious
Dielectric Grease by Permatex
Any other dielectric grease.
Best Lube for your Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizers:

In the two tables above, it is the best choice for lubricating switches and mechanical keyboard stabilizers. For Switch, you need a different type of lubricant for each type of switch. For linear switches we recommend using G-Lube Glorious or Krytox 205g0 lubricant, for tactile switches we recommend G-Lube Glorious or Krytox 205g0 (avoid the legs), and for clicky switches we recommend G-Lube Glorious or Krytox GPL 105 (spring only).

As for stabilizers, we recommend Preferred: G-Lube Glorious or Krytox 205g0 and Dielectric Grease by Permatex, these are the products that are most often offered when you want to buy a stabilizer in mechanical keyboard stores. For another alternative, you can use any other dielectric grease as a lubricant for your stabilizer.

How to Lube Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Lubricating the switch on the mechanical keyboard aims to make the switch work smoother and can reduce sound, because the lubricant can minimize friction between the plastic and the spring inside the switch. Lubricating switches honestly is not something we can finish quickly, lubricating switches will take a long time for all switches to be lubricated. Our advice is, lubricate your switches that you feel are a bit noisy when used to type, if you want to lubricate all the switches on your mechanical keyboard you have to prepare your time and energy longer.

This method of lubricating the switch is the best and most accurate method that is almost done by beginners and people who have often lubricated switches. And this is also the easiest method.

The tools you need to lubricate mechanical keyboard switches:

  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • Small Brush
  • Switch Opener
  • Slider Picker
  • Switch Lubricant

To lubricate your switch, you have to do a few steps first. Open the keycaps attached to the switch you want to lubricate. We will explain the next steps below.

1. Open your switch from PCB

The first thing you have to do is remove your switch from the PCB, because to lubricate the switch we can’t do it while the switch is still attached to the mechanical keyboard PCB. If you are using a hot swappable mechanical keyboard opening the switches will be very easy compared to removing the switches on a standard PCB which requires you to desolder the switches. We’ve written a tutorial if you want to learn how to Desoldering Mechanical Keyboard switches.

2. Open the switch with Switch Opener

Actually you can just open the switch using a screwdriver or other tool, but using a tool that is not recommended can damage your switch. We strongly recommend you to use the switch Opener, besides being safe to use this tool is also very easy to open the switch.

How to open a switch with a switch opener, you only need to insert the switch into the switch opener housing while pushing it, and the lever will be automatically pressed by the switch opener and will open immediately.

After the switch is successfully opened, separate all the components of the switch and place it on your workbench. Starting from stem switches, springs, top housing and bottom housing sepeti gambar diatas.

3. Lubricate each switch component one by one

First: lubricate the bottom housing switch.

Make sure all parts of the bottom housing switch are evenly greased.

Second: lubricate the switch bearing

Lubricate the spring horizontally on each part of the spring using a small brush, making sure all parts of the spring are lubricated evenly.

Third: Lubricate the Stem switch

On the stem switch component we use a slightly different way, this is when the slider picker works. Insert the switch head into the slider picker, this is done so that after lubricating we don’t touch the switch scheme again, because the lubricant can move from the stem switch to the hand, this will reduce the lubrication quality on the stem switch.

Lubricate all parts of the stem switch except the one inserted into the slider picker. After you finish lubricating the stem switch evenly, place the stem switch over the spring that has been installed on the bottom housing of the switch.

Fourth: Lubricate the top switch housing

Lubricate all parts of the top housing switch that are in direct contact with the stem switch, this aims to make the stem switch movement smoother and smoother when in contact with the top housing switch.

Fifth: Replace all switch components.

Replace all the switch components by installing the spring on the bottom housing, insert the stem switch on the top of the spring, then cover it with the top housing with a little pressure until it makes a “Tekkkk” sound. This means that the switch is back together and ready to be installed on the PCB.

Now you have finished lubricating your keyboard’s mechanical switches. Repeat the same way on each switch you want to lubricate. You have done it successfully!!

Important: There are some types of switches that cannot be easily opened to apply lubricant such as Kailh BOX Siwthes and Kailh Milk Siwtch.

Lubricating Your Switches: Linear, Tactile, Anda Clicky

Lubricating your favorite switch is something you can easily do after following our instructions above. But before you start lubricating your favorite switch, make sure you know the type of switch you are using.

There are 3 types of switches, namely Linear, Tactile, and Clicky. Of these three types there are different requirements when lubricating them. The most often used as a switch lubrication object is the tactile switch, because it does not require many special conditions. Then what about other types of switches? we will explain how to lubricate all three types of switches!

Lubricating Linear Switch

Linear switches are the easiest thing to lubricate, the mechanism components inside the linear type switches are very supportive for lubrication. Linear switches are designed to provide minimum smoothness and noise when typing. If it is lubricated it will provide even greater smoothness and silence. If you have a linear switch, use the following lubricants: Krytox 205g0, Tribosys 3203, Tbisosy 3204, Krytox 105 Oil (To prevent Spring Ping). We highly recommend that you use a lubricant from Glorious, namely G-Lube Glorious, this is perfect for linear switches.

Lubricate the Tactile Switch

As I said, tactile switches are the switches that are most often used for training objects to lubricate switches, because tactile switches provide a very significant change after being lubricated, unlike linear switches which are already refined from the factory. Lubricating tactile type switches can minimize friction between components and make them smoother when moving. For lubrication recommendations, you should use G-Lube Glorious, while for other options such as Tribosys 3203, Krytox 205g0, Trbisosy 3204, and Krytox 105 Oil, it is also safe for this type of switch.

Lubricating Clicky Switches Is Quite Risky

The clicky type switch is recommended not to be lubricated, the clicky type switch is made to provide loud typing feedback with a noisy sound. If you lubricate the clicky switch, then you have changed the character to be smooth and will lose its identity as a clicky switch. Lubricate the clicky switch the same as you turn it into a smoother tactile type switch.

Overall from the choice of switch lubricants, we highly recommend G-Lube Glorious for you to use, because it is very easy to find and has quality that I think is very good for your switch. Other options such as Tribosys 3203, Krytox 205g0, Trbisosy 3204, and Krytox 105 Oil, it is also safe for Linear and tactile switches.

How to Lube Mechanical Keyboards Stabilizer

Lubricating the stabilizer is very easy, you only need to open the keycaps which have stabilizers usually attached to the spacebar, left and right shift, capslock, enter, and backspace keys. After opening it, you can read this article to lubricate the mechanical stabilizer of your keyboard using a toothpick.

The Guide is Here: How to Lube Switches without Desoldering – Here is The Complete Guide

Should You Lube Your Stabilizer?

The answer is Yes, although it may be optional to lubricate the stabilizer, lubricating the stabilizer is a small act that can do a lot for your mechanical keyboard. Stabilizer gives a very significant difference after being lubricated, it becomes smoother and does not vibrate. So you have to lubricate the stabilizer.

Which is better Lubricating Oil or Grease?

There are two types of lubricants that will be your choice when buying lubricants for your switch or stabilizer. For application, I feel that lubricating oil is much easier to apply and more even when applied to switches or stabilizers. As for grease, it takes a little time when applied to a switch or stabilizer but has a longer durability compared to volatile oil lubricants, while grease does not evaporate.

What is The Best Lubricants for Switch and Stabilizer?

Choose one lubricant from a trusted brand so you don’t have to buy various kinds of lubricants for stabilizers and switch. If you can buy one brand of lubricant that can be used on your switches and stabilizers why not. One of them that I recommend is G-Lube Glorious because it can be used for Switch and Stabilizer. One type for all is better than you having to choose too many options that will leave you confused. G-Lube Glorious is also widely available on amazon, you don’t have to bother to visit various other sites to buy lubricants, G-Lube Glorious is available on Amazon at a very affordable price.

What is the best lubricant for linear switches?

There are various types and brands of lubricants for linear type switches. From our experience so far, the lubricant from G-Lube Glorious is the one that is quite durable for use on linear switches. Here are some recommendations for the best lubricants for linear type switches:

  • G-Lube Glorious
  • Krytox 205g0
  • Tribosys 3203
  • Tribisosy 3204
  • Krytox 105 Oil

What is the best lubricant for tactile switches?

For tactile type switches you have to be a little careful when lubricating them. Do not apply too much lubricant because you can eliminate the tactile feedback when typing that the tactile switch has. The following are recommendations for the best lubricants that you can use for tactile switches:

  • G-Lube Glorious
  • Krytox 205g0
  • Tribosys 3203
  • Tribisosy 3204
  • Krytox 105 Oil

What is the best lubricant for clicky switches?

To be honest, we really don’t recommend you to lubricate the clicky switch type, because you can get rid of the clicky feedback bumpy switch that is its trademark. But if you really want to lubricate your Clicky switches, we recommend you use the following lubricants:

  • G-Lube Glorious
  • Krytox GPL 105


Lubricating switches and stabilizers is the easiest and cheapest job to maximize the mechanical performance of your keyboard. With simple tools and easily available materials you can maximize the smoothness of your switch and stabilizer with ease.

We highly recommend that you only use one type of lubricant for your switches and stabilizers. In general, the springs inside switches and switch housings are plain plastic and the same wires as other types of switches. The stabilizer is the same, both of these components only need a lubricant brand that can be trusted with quality and has been tested with good standards. We highly recommend G-Lube Glorious because it can be used on switches and stabilizers with quality that you can trust and rely on.


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