How I Easily Upgraded Royal Kludge RK61 To A Premium Keyboard

How to Modify The Royal Kludge RK61

The Royal Kludge RK61 is a cheap 60% mechanical keyboard that is very easy to modify. This keyboard is not a mechanical keyboard that has a hot swappable switch feature. But for a very affordable price, you can already have a very great 60% mechanical keyboard to modify.

In this article I want to give you the idea of ​​a modification of the Royal Kludge RK61 and hopefully this article can provide modification ideas for your keyboard. Not only fixing, I also lubricated the switch and stabilizer to eliminate rattle on the Royal Kludge RK61.

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The following are the steps to modify the Royal Kludge RK61 in order to provide a better typing or gaming experience:

Equipment Required to upgrade Royal Kludge RK61:

Some of the tools and equipment I used to upgrade the Royal Kludge RK61 keyboard mechanical:

  • Royal Kludge 61(White): You can buy it on Amazon or Banggood.
  • Coral Sea Keycaps: You can buy them on Amazon or Banggood
  • Soldering Iron Tool Set: You can buy it on Amazon and Banggood.
  • Krytox 205g0 (Switch Lube): You can buy it on Amazon.
  • Super Lube (Stabs Lube): You can buy it on Amazon.

Disassemble Royal Kludge RK61

To make this modification, you must disassemble all components of the Disassemble Royal Kludge RK61 mechanical keyboard. The things you have to do when disassembling this keyboard are as follows:

  • Remove all keycaps.
  • Open the RK61 keyboard case.
  • Open the PCB connector with the battery.

1. Desoldering All Switches From Mechanical Keyboard Royal Kludge RK61

To desoldering the switch of the RK61 PCB, you will need a soldering iron and a solder sucker. Here are the steps that you do when desoldering the switch:

  • Heat the lead attached to the switch pin and PCB.
  • Once you feel the tin has melted, immediately use a solder sucker to suck up the melted tin.

Perform all these steps on all 61 RK61 switches, because this is an important step before we move on to the next step, which is to lubricate the RK61 switches.

2. Remove all switches from the PCB using the switch puller or your hands.

After you have finished desoldering all the switches, now is the time to remove the switches from the PCB using a switch puller or pulling them by hand.

3. Remove All Stabilizers attached to the Keyboard Plate

Remove all stabilizers attached to the keyboard plate. This is done so that we can more easily modify and lubricate the stabilizer.

Steps to Modify RK61

In modifying the RK61 keyboard you need to do several things on all the keyboard components. Here’s what you need to do to modify the RK61 keyboard to give you a more great typing experience:

1. Lubricate the RK61 Switch

Lubricating the mechanical keyboard switches will indeed take a very long time. You need 2 to 3 hours to complete the 61 switches on the RK61. Steps you need to do when lubricating the switch:

  • Open all switch components with the switch opener.
  • Lubricate the Bottom Housing, Spring, Stem, and lastly, lubricate the top housing switch.
  • Replace all switch components.
  • Repeat the 3 steps above for all switches.

2. Clip And Lubricate RK61 Stabilizers

To eliminate vibration and dampening the sound of the keys when pressed, the kit needs to make modifications to the RK61 keyboard stabilizer and provide lubricant. Here are the steps you need to do:

Disassemble all stabilizer components

Open all components of the stabilizer by removing the hook between the iron rod and the iron rod housing. Do this for all stabilizers.

Clip The Plastic Rectangle on the stabilizer housing

In one stabilizer housing, there are two rectangles that you must clip. This aims to eliminate wobble or vibration on the stabilizer when the button is pressed, the stabilizer on the spacebar is very important to clip, because most often it vibrates when pressed. If you are confused, you can read our article on modifying stabilizers.

Lubricate Stabilizer

I did not lubricate the stabilizer housing, just lubricate the iron rod that will enter the stabilizer housing using Super Lube. This will reduce the friction between the iron rod and the plastic housing and will make it smoother.

4. Reinstall the RK61 Stabilizers and Switches

This is a very easy thing to do and doesn’t take long. Install the stabilizer into the plate and after that put the keyboard switch back into the PCB.

5. Solder Switches Into PCB

Solder all the switches into the PCB, this may not be an easy job but you can watch this video so that you are more proficient in soldering the Switches to the PCB.

6. Installing the foam into the RK61 keyboard case

Adding foam to the keyboard casing aims to muffle sound and reduce sound resonance when you type the keys so that the casing does not make a sloppy sound. This is so that your typing sound sounds bassy. Make sure you have made an opening for the screw on the foam that you have installed in the casing so that it is easy to install the PCB.

7. Put all components back into the Keyboard Case

Make sure you have connected the battery cable to the RK61 PCB. This is an easy step, you just need to install the PCB into the keyboard case.

8. Replacing Keycap Set

By upgrading the keycap set using a keycap with a higher quality plastic material, it can muffle the typing sound better. A thicker keycap set will produce a quieter typing sound and will certainly give you a better typing experience.

I chose Coral Sea Keycaps because it uses a very high quality PBT plastic material and has a texture on the surface. This is a keycap set with OEM profile which is very comfortable to use for typing or playing games. You can also find a recommended keycap set for the Royal Kludge mechanical keyboard in this article.


After carrying out the above modification steps and replacing the RK61 keycap set with a keycap set made with quality plastic, this keyboard provides a very smooth typing experience and no vibration at all. The resulting typing sound is quite quiet and bassy which is very pleasant to listen to.

The typing feel after modifying the stabilizer, lubricating the switches, and changing the keycap set on the Royal Kludge RK61 Keyboard provides a truly great typing experience. The cost you spend to upgrade is also very affordable. I hope this article was useful and could provide some great inspiration for modifying your RK61.

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