Hexgears Impulse - The Hot Swappable Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

The Hexgears Impulse Review [2022]

Hexgears Impulse is a Hot- Swappable full-sized mechanical keyboard equipped with a very attractive Double Shot PBT Pudding Keycap at a very affordable price.

If you want a Hot-Swappable full-sized mechanical keyboard with great RGB Backlight, great build quality, and decent features for just under $100, then Hexgears Impulse is the best choice for you.

Why Hexgears Impulse? Let’s break down why this mechanical keyboard should belong to everyone who doesn’t want to lose numpad.

Hexgears Impulse is A Great Choice for a Full-Sized Mechanical Keyboard

Hexgears Impulse is a great choice if you want a full-size hot swappable mechanical keyboard. Hexgears Impulse is equipped with a PCB that allows you to replace your switches whenever you want without having to solder your switches to the PCB, a feature that is quite rare on a full-sized mechanical keyboard.

You can find this on one of the Drop Shift products which is 1800- Compact which has the Hot Swappable feature but sells for a very expensive price of $270. With almost double the price comparison, of course I prefer Hexgears Impulse.

For its more affordable rivals, the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard Full Size is priced at around $108 and the Hexgears Impulse is priced at $99.99, this is what makes the Hexgears Impulse one of the most affordable hot swappable full-sized mechanical keyboards today.

Hexgears Impulse is a full size mechanical keyboard equipped with PBT double shot pudding keycaps from default. Where a Pudding keycap is specifically made to maximize more attractive lighting on a mechanical keyboard that has RGB.

The RGB Light on Hexgears Impulse lights up individually on each key, because the PBT keycaps have a milky-white design on the sides, RGB looks like milk pudding coming out of the side of each keycaps, totaling 104 keys, which makes this mechanical keyboard look like it’s turning on the ambient on a computer desk. .

Then the layer function on the button is very complete, you only need to access it with the FN key combination to use it. With this, making settings on the keyboard is very easy, you just need to look at the icon and remember it.

Overall for a full-sized mechanical keyboard, Hexgears Impulse is one that really deserves to be considered.

Inside The Box

In the purchase package, you get some of the standard equipment for a mechanical keyboard, here’s what you get when you open the Hexgears Impulse box:

  • Keycap Puller: This Keycap Puller is made of aluminum, of course this is better than a plastic keycap puller which can hurt your keycap.
  • Pull Switch: Hexgears Impulse is getting a puller switch as well as a notification that this full-sized mechanical keyboard is a hot swappable mechanical keyboard.
  • Warranty Book: You also get a warranty book that is valid for up to one year.

This is an excellent tool for treating Hexgears Impulse. There are no stickers or apps that you can display, even though Hexgears Impulse has a Logo Brand that is very suitable for making stickers.

Design And Build Quality

Hexgears Impulse has a very attractive design with a keyboard mechanical profile that is not too high. With keycaps that look floating on this mechanical keyboard, it makes it look very attractive when placed on your computer desk.

Then for the support legs you can adjust it with 2 options for the height and angle you want when using this mechanical keyboard.

The USB cable in the middle has a fairly precise feel compared to the cable placed on the side. Unfortunately the Hexgears Impulse USB cable is not removable, if it could be removed this would be a very good thing.

For Build Quality, Hexgears Impulse has a very good build quality. The keyboard body is made of thick plastic with a metal frame and aluminum plate so Hexgears Impulse feels pretty solid. Indeed, there are still some parts that feel flexible if given a little hard pressure, but this is enough to be said to be good.

Hexgears Impulse has a fairly ergonomic design, all buttons are ideally spaced and easy to reach. The feel of the PBT pudding keys is also very pleasant to the touch while typing.

Overall the design and build quality of Hexgears Impulse is quite good and meets several standards to improve user comfort and ergonomics. Nice!

The PBT Keycaps Are Insane

In general, when you buy a new mechanical keyboard, you only get regular keycaps made of PBT plastic. Hexgears Impulse uses another method by providing this mechanical keyboard by default using quality PBT pudding keycaps.

This is a very good thing that other brands should emulate, embedding quality keycaps or Pudding Keycaps without having to buy them from third parties is a better offer.

Overall, the design and build quality of the PBT pudding keycaps on Hexgears Impulse is very satisfying. Keycaps are quite thick, the texture on the surface is very comfortable to type when compared to ordinary ABS keycaps.

The Kailh BOX Switches is the right Choice

I really hope Hexgears Impulse provides the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange option in the switch options for this mechanical keyboard, of which the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is one of the really great switches for typing. The Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is sure to go well with this mechanical keyboard.

Unfortunately, only Kailh BOX Brown and Kailh BOX White are available. We feel that Kailh BOX White is the best choice if you want to have a better typing experience. But Hexgears Impulse is a hot swappable mechanical keyboard, so you can change switches whenever you want without having to solder them. When you want to change the switch, pay attention to the number of pin switches you buy, because Hexgears Impulse has a PCB that supports 3 pin switches.

The Stabilizers is Impressive

Hexgears Impulse has a Cherry Style stabilizer, which is great news because the Cherry Style stabilizer is almost compatible with a wide variety of keycaps sets.

Hexgears Impulse has a very good stabilizer, the keycpas love to use a stabilizer especially on the spacebar keys, left shift, right shift feels very solid and solid gives balance to the keys. Hexgears Impulse really pays attention to small details like this, we really appreciate it.

If you want to modify the stabilizer it will be very easy, because Hexgears Impulse is a mechanical keyboard with hot swappable features. We strongly recommend that you lubricate this stabilizer after you buy it, because we think the Hexgears Impulse stabilizer when opened from the box has not received a touch of lubricant. You can use the stabilizer lubrication method with a toothpick if you don’t want to take another risk.

Overall Hexgears Impulse is equipped with a great stabilizer!

The RGB And The Pudding Keycaps is Perfect

The collaboration between the bright mechanical RGB keyboard and the PBT pudding keycaps on Hexgears Impulse is simply perfect. Bright RGB on the body line is a rare thing that has a mechanical keyboard in this class. We found Hexgears Impulse to pay close attention to all the important details for the RGB light, which is really great.

When turning on RGB on Hexgears Impulse, the RGB shines everywhere, aside, on the spacing between the buttons which makes it look really cool.

In addition, you can change the RGB animation via the keyboard according to your taste. Unfortunately there is no software support to customize and reprogram the buttons on Hexgears Impulse. Overall RGB LED and Pudding Keycaps is a very perfect combination.

Hexgears Impulse is Great Mechanical Keyboard for Typing

If you want a full-size hot swappable mechanical keyboard that’s great for typing then Hexgears Impulse is the one.

Typing with Hexgears Impulse which has a Kailh BOX Brown switch with PBT pudding keycaps is a truly extraordinary experience. I’ve used Kailh BOX Brown paired with ABS keycaps but the taste is just average.

When I tried Hexgears Impulse with Kailh BOX Brown switch with Pudding PBT keycaps I had a really great typing experience. This is probably because of the very ideal layout of the keys so that all keys can be accessed very easily which makes the typing experience very accurate and fast.

The feeling of typing on the surface of the Hexgears Impulse PBT pudding keycaps is a very pleasant thing, the finger grips with the surface of the PBT pudding keycaps are very fitting and comfortable for typing without having to feel slippery or greasy.

We feel Hexgears Impulse will fit perfectly with Kailh BOX Burnt Orange switch and Keycaps Pudding PBT, for sure to provide a great typing experience. If you want to play games or type without losing your numpad, then Hexgears Impulse should be your next consideration for mechanical keyboards.

The Hot-Swappable Feature Everyone Wants

Hexgears Impulse is packed with features that almost everyone wants. The Hot Swappable feature on Hexgears Impulse is a feature that makes it easy for you to switch switches whenever and wherever you want without having to solder your new switch to the PCB.

This is a feature that is quite rare on a full-sized mechanical keyboard, there are only a few keyboards that provide this feature but are sold at a fairly high price.

Hexgears Impulse delivers these features at a very affordable price. If you are looking for a full-sized mechanical keyboard with great Hot Swappable features, then Hexgears Impulse is the right choice for you!

The Pros And Cons of Hexgears Impulse

Hot-swappable switches Not Practical because of the large size
Great RGB LightUSB Cable is not detachable
Great Pudding PBT KeycapsNo Support Software
A Slim Full Size Mechanical Keyboard
Great Typing Experience
The Pros And Cons of Hexgears Impulse

Hexgears Impulse Price and Variants

There are two types of options for the Hexgears Impulse variant, the difference is only in the surface color of the PBT pudding keycaps. The first variant with a black body with a black pudding keycaps surface. For the second variant, the body is black with a white pudding keycaps surface. Both variants of the Hexgears Impulse mechanical keyboard are sold at the same price of $99.99. You can buy it via our special link on Amazon.

Another Alternative To Hexgears Impulse

For other alternatives that you can get as a rival from Hexgears Impulse, these two full-size mechanical keyboards have the same Hot Swappable feature. They are the Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $109.99 and the Pulsar Gaming Gears – PK101 Nova Optical PRO for $69.99.

Should You Buy Hexgears Impulse?

If you want a full-sized mechanical keyboard with full features, great RGB, and very reliable typing, then Hexgears Impulse is the perfect choice for you.

In addition to having a fairly good design and build quality, Hexgears Impulse has a fairly low profile compared to other full size mechanical keyboards. This can improve ergonomics and comfort when using it for typing.

Hexgears Impulse mechanical keyboard has the Hot Swappable feature that everyone wants. At a very affordable price, this is a very tempting Option.

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