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Hexgears Impulse: A Review You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Last Updated on October 21, 2023

Are you in the market for a hot-swappable full-sized mechanical keyboard that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Hexgears Impulse. This keyboard not only boasts a stunning design but also packs an array of features that make it a compelling choice for both gamers and typists, all at an attractive price point of under $100. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the reasons why the Hexgears Impulse should be your top pick, especially if you can’t do without a numpad.

Hexgears Impulse: A Stellar Choice for a Full-Sized Mechanical Keyboard

Hexgears Impulse: A Stellar Choice for a Full-Sized Mechanical Keyboard

The Hexgears Impulse stands out as an excellent choice if you’re seeking a full-size hot-swappable mechanical keyboard. What sets it apart is its PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that allows you to change your switches effortlessly without the need for soldering. This feature is relatively rare in the realm of full-sized mechanical keyboards.

If you’re familiar with the Drop Shift, a 1800-compact keyboard that also offers hot-swappable functionality, you’d know that it comes with a hefty price tag of $270. In contrast, the Hexgears Impulse comes in at just under $100, making it a much more affordable option.

Among its competitors, the Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard Full Size is priced around $108, while the Hexgears Impulse offers a competitive price of $99.99. This affordability is a key selling point for the Hexgears Impulse, making it one of the most budget-friendly hot-swappable full-sized mechanical keyboards on the market.

Inside The Box: What You Get

When you purchase the keyboard, you’ll find a range of standard accessories inside the box, enhancing your overall experience:

  1. Keycap Puller: The included keycap puller is crafted from aluminum, providing durability and ease of use. This is a notable improvement over plastic keycap pullers, which can potentially damage your keycaps.
  2. Switch Puller: The presence of a switch puller serves as a reminder that this full-sized mechanical keyboard is indeed hot-swappable, eliminating the need for soldering when switching out your switches.
  3. Warranty Book: Hexgears provides a one-year warranty, offering peace of mind for buyers.

While this keyboard doesn’t come with stickers or software, it does sport a logo that could serve as an ideal candidate for custom stickers, allowing you to personalize your keyboard further.

Design And Build Quality: Aesthetics Meets Durability

Design And Build Quality

The Hexgears Impulse excels in the design department, featuring an eye-catching low-profile mechanical profile with floating keycaps. This design not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also complements any computer desk it’s placed on.

Furthermore, the adjustable support legs offer two height and angle options, enabling you to customize your typing experience to your preference. The middle USB cable feels more secure, but the keyboard could have benefitted from a detachable cable for added convenience.

In terms of build quality, the Hexgears Impulse doesn’t disappoint. The keyboard body is constructed from thick plastic, fortified with a metal frame and aluminum plate, giving it a sturdy feel. While there may be a few minor flex points under significant pressure, the overall build quality meets industry standards and delivers a robust user experience.

The ergonomic layout of the buttons ensures that they are optimally spaced, making them easy to access while typing. The PBT pudding keycaps provide a comfortable and pleasant typing experience, free from the slipperiness that is sometimes associated with ABS keycaps.

In summary, this keyboard combines a captivating design with a durable build, enhancing user comfort and ergonomics.

Double Shot PBT Pudding Keycaps: A Feast for the Eyes

Double Shot PBT Pudding Keycaps

One of the standout features of the Hexgears Impulse is its inclusion of double-shot PBT pudding keycaps right out of the box. These keycaps are designed to enhance the visual appeal of the keyboard’s RGB backlighting.

The RGB lighting on the Hexgears Impulse is nothing short of impressive. Each key is individually lit, and the milky-white sides of the PBT keycaps create a mesmerizing effect, resembling milk pudding oozing from the sides of each key. With 104 keys in total, this keyboard can transform your desk into a captivating light show, elevating your workspace’s ambiance.

Moreover, the layer functions on the keys are comprehensive and accessible with a simple FN key combination. This user-friendly design simplifies keyboard customization, allowing you to make adjustments effortlessly.

All in all, the keyboard;s aesthetics and lighting capabilities make it a compelling choice for those in search of a full-sized mechanical keyboard that can brighten up their workspace.

The Kailh BOX Switches: A Solid Choice

The Kailh BOX Switches

While the Hexgears Impulse provides an impressive array of features, it would have been even more enticing if it offered the Kailh BOX Burnt Orange switch option. The Kailh BOX Burnt Orange is renowned for its exceptional typing experience, which pairs perfectly with this keyboard.

However, the Hexgears Impulse offers Kailh BOX Brown and Kailh BOX White switches. Among the two, the Kailh BOX White stands out as the better choice for a superior typing experience. The hot-swappable nature of the Hexgears Impulse means you can change the switches at your convenience without requiring any soldering. Keep in mind that you should choose 3-pin switches to ensure compatibility with the keyboard’s PCB.

Impressive Stabilizers: Enhancing Your Typing Experience


The Hexgears Impulse is equipped with Cherry-style stabilizers, a significant advantage as they are compatible with a wide range of keycap sets. These stabilizers offer a solid and balanced feel, notably enhancing the experience when typing on keys like the spacebar, left shift, and right shift.

The attention to detail that Hexgears Impulse exhibits in this aspect is commendable. For those interested in modifying the stabilizers, the hot-swappable nature of the keyboard makes it easy to do so. It’s advisable to lubricate the stabilizers after purchase, as the ones out of the box may not have received adequate lubrication.

RGB And Pudding Keycaps: A Perfect Pair

RGB And Pudding Keycaps

The Hexgears Impulse perfectly marries bright mechanical RGB lighting with PBT pudding keycaps. The result is a stunning visual experience that sets it apart from keyboards in its class.

Once the RGB lighting is activated on the Hexgears Impulse, it comes to life, illuminating each key individually. The milky-white sides of the PBT keycaps create a captivating visual effect, reminiscent of milk pudding flowing from the edges of each key. The combination of the two enhances the keyboard’s aesthetics, transforming your desk into a mesmerizing workspace.

Additionally, users have the option to customize RGB animations via the keyboard, allowing for a personalized visual experience. While there’s no dedicated software for further customization, the Hexgears Impulse does a remarkable job of catering to RGB enthusiasts.

In summary, the combination of RGB lighting and pudding keycaps is a winning formula, making the Hexgears Impulse a standout choice for those who appreciate aesthetics.

Great for Typing: A Pleasant Typing Experience

Typing Experience

If you’re on the hunt for a full-size, hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that excels in typing, the Hexgears Impulse is a top contender. With its Kailh BOX Brown switches and PBT pudding keycaps, it delivers an exceptional typing experience.

Typing on the Hexgears Impulse with Kailh BOX Brown switches and Pudding PBT keycaps is a revelation. This combination elevates your typing experience, ensuring every keystroke is both accurate and swift. The layout of the keys is ideal, making every key easily accessible and ensuring an efficient typing experience.

The PBT pudding keycaps offer a pleasant surface for typing, striking the right balance between grip and comfort. Overall, the Hexgears Impulse is ideally suited for those who prioritize typing, and it promises to enhance your productivity.

The Hot-Swappable Feature: A Game-Changer

Hot-Swappable Feature

The Hexgears Impulse introduces a feature that many users crave: hot-swappability. This means you can change your switches at any time without the need for soldering. This is a rarity among full-sized mechanical keyboards, making the Hexgears Impulse a unique offering in the market.

While some keyboards offer hot-swappable features, they often come with a hefty price tag. In contrast, the Hexgears Impulse brings this functionality to a much more affordable price point. If you’re in search of a full-sized mechanical keyboard that combines the convenience of hot-swappability with an attractive price, the Hexgears Impulse is the logical choice.

The Pros And Cons of Hexgears Impulse

To provide a balanced perspective, let’s break down the pros and cons of the Hexgears Impulse:


  • Hot-swappable switches: The convenience of switching out switches without soldering.
  • Great RGB lighting: Stunning individual key lighting for a captivating visual experience.
  • Pudding PBT Keycaps: High-quality keycaps that come standard, enhancing aesthetics and comfort.
  • Slim full-size design: A sleek design that’s ergonomic and visually appealing.
  • Outstanding typing experience: Ideal layout and PBT pudding keycaps deliver an exceptional typing experience.


  • Large size: The full-sized layout may not be practical for some users.
  • Non-detachable USB cable: A non-detachable cable may limit portability.
  • Lack of software support: The absence of dedicated software for customization.

Hexgears Impulse Price and Variants

The Hexgears Impulse offers two variants, with the only difference being the surface color of the PBT pudding keycaps. The first variant features a black body with black pudding keycaps, while the second has a black body with white pudding keycaps. Both variants are priced at a competitive $99.99.

Alternatives to Hexgears Impulse

If you’re exploring alternatives to the Hexgears Impulse, two other full-sized mechanical keyboards offer hot-swappable functionality:

  1. Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Priced at $79.99, this keyboard rivals the Hexgears Impulse in terms of hot-swappability.
  2. Pulsar Gaming Gears – PK101 Nova Optical PRO: Available for $69.99, this option presents a more budget-friendly choice for those seeking hot-swappable features.


In conclusion, the Hexgears Impulse stands out as an excellent full-sized mechanical keyboard that caters to both gamers and typists. It strikes a balance between stunning aesthetics, top-notch performance, and affordability. The hot-swappable feature, paired with high-quality PBT pudding keycaps, makes it an attractive option for those looking to customize their typing experience. While it may not be the most portable choice due to its size and non-detachable USB cable, it offers an excellent typing experience and dazzling RGB lighting.

If you’re in the market for a full-sized mechanical keyboard that won’t disappoint, the Hexgears Impulse is a solid choice that provides outstanding value for its price.

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