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Ducky One 3 Mini Review: Small But Mighty!

Last Updated on October 17, 2023

Are you on the hunt for an exceptional mechanical keyboard offering a compact 60% form factor, impressive durability, and suitability for both gaming and typing? Look not beyond the Ducky One 3 Mini. In this extensive review, we’ll thoroughly explore this remarkable keyboard, delving into aspects ranging from its design and construction quality to its performance, features, and overall worth.

Ducky One 3 Mini

The Ducky One 3 Mini is a compact mechanical keyboard that boasts impressive specifications. It measures a mere 310x110x40mm and weighs just 593g, making it highly portable. This keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX mechanical switches and features RGB backlit keys with customizable lighting effects, ensuring a visually pleasing experience. Notably, the keycaps are made of authentic PBT material with double-shot legends, promising long-lasting, vivid legends.

The Ducky One 3 Mini connects through a USB 2.0 interface, offering N-Key Rollover, thanks to its dual-layer PCB that enhances both durability and signal stability. One of its standout features is its hot-swappable design, which simplifies switch replacements without the need for complicated desoldering procedures. Additionally, this keyboard provides three different tilt angles, a sleek bezel design, and a high polling rate of 1000Hz.

What sets the Ducky One 3 Mini apart is its proud origin in Taiwan. It’s been optimized for advanced gaming and typing, ensuring stable weight distribution and a design that minimizes acoustics, making it an excellent choice for those seeking both functionality and style in a compact keyboard.

Features And Specifications

SwitchesCherry MX mechanical switches
Keycap materialTrue PBT with double-shot legends
LEDRGB backlighting with radiant lighting effects
Connection interfaceUSB 2.0 Type-C
Output key numberUSB N-Key Rollover
Printing technologyDouble-shot
Dimensions310 x 110 x 40 mm
Origin of productionTaiwan

In The Box

Ducky offers a thoughtful unboxing experience, providing several valuable extras with their keyboards. In the package, you’ll find:

  1. Ducky stickers.
  2. Comprehensive documentation.
  3. A convenient keycap puller.
  4. A switch puller for customization.
  5. A durable braided USB-C cable.
  6. A protective plastic dust cover.
  7. An extra set of high-quality PBT keycaps for customization.

This attention to detail sets Ducky apart from other keyboard manufacturers. The braided USB-C cable is a notable improvement over previous models, enhancing durability. While the Ducky One 3 Mini is not a budget keyboard, its MSRP is competitive compared to premium boards from other brands. The inclusion of these extras makes it an exceptional value.

Design And Build Quality

Design And Build Quality

The Ducky One 3 Mini exemplifies a well-crafted and thoughtful design. Its compact profile and weight distribution contribute to its impressive stability and balance. Equipped with Cherry MX mechanical switches, this keyboard boasts genuine PBT keycaps with a double-shot printing technique, ensuring that the labels stay vibrant and legible even after prolonged use.

The keyboard sports a frosted surface finish that is resistant to stains, making it suitable for both swift movements and extended periods of use. Notably, it features a multi-layered padding design that significantly reduces unwanted noise during operation. An additional layer of EVA foam padding beneath the PCB further enhances sound dampening.

In essence, the Ducky One 3 Mini represents a meticulously designed mechanical keyboard, offering top-notch construction that appeals to both gaming enthusiasts and typists.

The Ducky One 3 Mini is part of a keyboard family that includes various sizes, such as a TenKeyLess (TKL) version, a 65% version (known as ‘SF’), and a full-sized version, ensuring that there’s an appropriate option for everyone. While I personally prefer 65% boards, I appreciate that the Ducky One 3 Mini provides arrow keys for productivity and everyday use. Even if you opt for a smaller version, you can still access essential functions like the arrow keys and the F-row by using the Fn key in conjunction with the corresponding keys.

Speaking of arrow keys, Ducky has made a welcome change by relocating them to the ,./ and L keys, departing from the previous placement on J, K, L, and I keys. This change offers a more intuitive one-handed experience, which is a significant reason why I favor 65% boards.

The keycaps, as consistent with Ducky keyboards, are made from PBT, a highly durable material that resists shine over time, in contrast to the more commonly used, thinner ABS caps. These keycaps feature a subtle texture for improved grip, and the legends and colors are sharp and well-defined, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship.

Under the hood, the Ducky One 3 Mini has implemented substantial changes. The addition of a foam layer inside the case effectively reduces case ping and minimizes the sensation of hollowness. Furthermore, a thick pad between the PCB and top plate serves the same purpose. While the foam layer at the base of the case could be slightly thicker, this is a minor detail in an otherwise impressive design, as most manufacturers overlook adding noise-dampening foam.

The keyboard’s base incorporates four slim rubber feet that ensure it remains stable during gaming and typing, without any unwanted movement. Two sets of flip feet offer customizable typing angles, catering to personal preferences.

A thoughtful touch is the ample room Ducky has left on the case for custom cables. Enthusiasts often like to use customized or coiled cables, and despite the recessed USB-C connector, there’s enough space around it to accommodate custom cables comfortably.

Lastly, the case design now incorporates more subtle curvature on the sides. While it may not be everyone’s favorite aesthetic, it adds a touch of flair to the product without being overly attention-grabbing or obstructive.

In summary, the Ducky One 3 Mini showcases an exceptional design and build quality, from its thoughtful ergonomics and sound-dampening features to its accommodating design for custom cables. It’s a testament to Ducky’s commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

The Keycaps

The Keycaps

The Ducky One 3 Mini’s keycaps are made from genuine PBT material in the OEM profile, providing outstanding durability. Using a double-shot molding process, two plastics are fused together, creating sharp and vibrant legends that stand the test of time. These keycaps boast a frosted surface finish, not only enhancing their aesthetic appeal but also making them resistant to stains. This makes them perfect for swift and constant use.

In summary, the Ducky One 3 Mini’s keycaps are crafted from top-notch PBT material and showcase double-shot legends, guaranteeing long-lasting quality and readability.

The Stabilizers

V2 Plate Stabilizers

The V2 plate stabilizer featured in the Ducky One 3 Mini proves to be just as effective as pricier screw-in stabilizers commonly found in other keyboards. Plate-mounted stabilizers are, in fact, favored for their user-friendly installation and easy replacement.

When typing on the Ducky One 3 Mini equipped with these stabilizers, the result is a stable, wobble-free experience. This translates into smoother and more consistent typing, thereby enhancing overall performance.

One key reason for the exceptional performance of the Ducky One 3 Mini’s stabilizer lies in its factory pre-lubrication. This means that the moving parts of the stabilizer already come with a thin layer of lubrication, effectively reducing friction and guaranteeing seamless operation.

In summary, the V2 plate stabilizer employed in the Ducky One 3 Mini stands out as a high-quality component that significantly elevates the typing and gaming experience.

The Hot-Swappable PCB

The Hot-Swappable PCB

The Ducky One 3 Mini comes with a cutting-edge feature: a hot-swappable PCB integrated with Kailh’s hot-swap sockets. This innovative design allows users to easily install and replace switches without the need for soldering, making it exceptionally convenient for trying out various mechanical switch options. These hot-swap sockets are color-coded in a vibrant yellow and are highly praised for their outstanding reliability.

The Switches

The Switches

When you decide to invest in the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard, you’re presented with a versatile range of switch options from Cherry MX. These switches play a pivotal role in the keyboard’s functionality, as they are the components responsible for registering your keystrokes as you type.

You have a selection of seven Cherry MX switches, each delivering a distinct tactile sensation when you press them. Some switches are quieter, others more responsive, and some even provide a satisfying tactile feedback when actuated.

Here are the seven switch alternatives at your disposal:

  1. Cherry MX Black: These linear switches offer a consistently smooth keypress experience. They demand a slightly greater actuation force, making them a great choice for those who prefer a bit of resistance.
  2. Cherry MX Brown: With a noticeable tactile bump, these switches are quieter than their Cherry MX Blue counterparts, delivering a tactile experience without the noise.
  3. Cherry MX Blue: Renowned for their tactile feedback and distinct clicky sound, these switches provide an audible typing experience.
  4. Cherry MX Red: Similar to Cherry MX Black, these linear switches require less force to actuate, resulting in a smooth typing experience without significant resistance.
  5. Cherry MX Silver: These linear switches are exceptionally sensitive, ideal for those who desire a rapid typing experience.
  6. Cherry MX Clear: Like Cherry MX Brown, these tactile switches offer a noticeable bump, but they require a bit more force to actuate, preventing accidental key presses.
  7. Cherry MX Silent Red: Similar to Cherry MX Red, these switches are designed to reduce noise, providing a quiet and smooth typing experience.

For those opting for Cherry MX linear or tactile switches, it’s recommended to apply lubrication to enhance their smoothness. The default switches in the Ducky One 3 Mini come unlubricated, so adding a lubricant can significantly improve your typing experience.

In conclusion, the choice of switches is a personal one, and the Ducky One 3 Mini offers a diverse selection of Cherry MX options to cater to various typing preferences.

Good Damping Quality

Foam Inside the Casing and Silicon between PCB and Plate

Foam Inside the Casing and Silicon between PCB and Plate

The Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard has been engineered with features designed to elevate your typing experience. Notably, it incorporates damping solutions that involve the integration of foam within the keyboard’s housing and the placement of silicon between the PCB and the plate.

The foam nestled inside the casing plays a pivotal role in producing a superior acoustic experience, characterized by a softer and more sophisticated sound profile compared to keyboards lacking such damping technology. This is particularly beneficial for those who find themselves in noise-sensitive settings like offices or libraries, as it effectively minimizes the keyboard’s auditory output, ensuring a quieter and less disruptive typing experience.

Good Damping Quality on Ducky One 3 Mini

The layer of silicon positioned between the printed circuit board (PCB) and the keyplate serves as a highly effective solution for minimizing the vibrations and noise produced while typing. This silicon layer efficiently dampens the sound, resulting in a more refined and hushed typing encounter.

In general, the incorporation of damping techniques such as foam and silicon has gained widespread popularity in the realm of mechanical keyboards. This enhancement markedly elevates the auditory quality and overall typing experience.

The RGB Backlit

The RGB Backlit

The Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard is equipped with RGB backlit keys, offering a highly customizable keyboard with a wide range of lighting effects. Users can easily adjust the brightness, speed, and color of the lighting to suit their personal style. Furthermore, this keyboard boasts radiant lighting effects that enhance its visual appeal.

Thanks to its seamless double-shot keycaps crafted from genuine PBT material, the lighting is optimized to shine through the key legends while preserving the original appearance of the keycaps. In dimly lit surroundings, the RGB backlit system provides maximum illumination, ensuring effortless visibility and usability.

To modify the RGB animations on the Ducky One 3 Mini, users can employ the “Alt + T” key combination, which brings up a menu where they can select from a variety of pre-set animations or even craft their custom ones. This feature allows for a high degree of personalization, enabling users to truly make the keyboard their own.

In summary, the Ducky One 3 Mini’s RGB backlit system is a distinctive and stylish feature that adds both flair and practicality to the keyboard. Its customization options and brightness make it an excellent choice for individuals who use their keyboard in low-light environments or simply wish to infuse their setup with their unique personality.

Connectivity And Compatibility

Detachable USB Type C

Detachable USB Type C

The Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard, much like its counterparts in the Ducky One 3 series, connects to your computer via a detachable USB Type C cable. This feature simplifies the process of connecting and disconnecting, which can be quite handy when you need to move or store it.

Regarding compatibility, the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard is designed to seamlessly operate with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems, making it a versatile option for a wide array of computer setups. However, it’s important to note that this keyboard doesn’t support Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity, so it’s not suitable for wireless use with other devices.

In summary, if you’re in the market for a high-quality keyboard that provides reliable connectivity and works well with various operating systems, the Ducky One 3 Mini could be an excellent choice. Just keep in mind that it exclusively relies on USB Type C for connectivity and doesn’t offer wireless functionality.

The Software

One potential limitation of the entire Ducky One 3 product line lies in the absence of specialized software designed for the customization of the keyboard’s RGB lighting and the reprogramming of key functions. Consequently, users are required to manually configure all settings and reprogram keys without the convenience of dedicated software assistance.

This implies that users might need to allocate additional time and effort to tailor their keyboard to their preferences, as they won’t have the advantage of an intuitive software interface. Nevertheless, the guide mentioned in the statement offers a comprehensive resource for users to become acquainted with and make adjustments to fundamental keyboard settings.

These manual adjustments may encompass tasks such as modifying the colors or patterns of the keyboard’s RGB lighting, remapping specific keys to alternative functions, or fine-tuning the keyboard’s response rate. While some users may perceive this process as less user-friendly, others may welcome the degree of control and customization that accompanies manual configuration.

To sum up, the absence of specialized software might be viewed as a drawback by certain users, but it’s important to emphasize that the Ducky One 3 product line remains a top-quality choice for aficionados of mechanical keyboards.

Manual Adjustment for Ducky One 3 Mini Keyboards

Profile Selections

Profile Selections Ducky One 3 Mini

Keyboard Button Function Keys

Keyboard Button Function Keys Ducky One 3 Mini

Keyboard Configuration Diagram US Layout

Keyboard Configuration Diagram Ducky One 3 Mini

Multimedia Keys Setting

Multimedia Keys Setting Ducky One 3 Mini

Typing Experience

Typing Experience

The Ducky One 3 Mini mechanical keyboard offers an exceptional typing experience, thanks to a combination of standout features. Its keycaps are meticulously crafted from robust PBT material, renowned for its resilience against wear and tear. The innovative double-shot molding technique employed for the key legends ensures that they remain sharp and vibrant, even after years of extensive use.

Furthermore, this keyboard’s weight distribution and lowered case height enhance its stability and balance, catering to both gaming and typing enthusiasts. The careful engineering of the front-to-back weight ratio guarantees that the keyboard stays firmly in place, even during intense typing sessions.

To elevate the typing experience even further, the keyboard showcases a multi-layered padding design that accentuates the natural acoustics of the switches while effectively reducing unwanted noise. Additionally, an extra layer of EVA foam padding beneath the PCB is integrated to further mitigate sound and eliminate any undesirable noise.


The price of the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard is currently $134.00.

Pros And Cons Of Ducky One 3 Mini


  • True PBT keycaps with double-shot legends for durability and aesthetics
  • Optimized construction for stability and balance during use
  • Multi-layered padding for improved acoustics and noise reduction
  • Hot-swappable mechanical switches for easy customization
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable for convenience
  • High polling rate of 1000Hz for fast and accurate inputs
  • Sleek bezel design to match various keycap colorways


  • No wireless option
  • No dedicated media keys
  • No programmable keys or macro support
  • No included wrist rest
  • No dedicated volume control knob
  • Limited color options for keycaps
  • No dedicated software for customization


The Ducky One 3 Mini sets itself apart as a top-tier mechanical keyboard, boasting exceptional quality materials, superb performance, and an eye-catching design. Its compact dimensions and robust construction make it an excellent choice for both gaming and typing enthusiasts.

The PBT keycaps are crafted with a double-shot molding process, guaranteeing longevity and legends that won’t fade over time. The keyboard’s design is optimized for stability, featuring well-distributed weight and a lowered case height, ensuring it stays firmly in place.

What makes the Ducky One 3 Mini even more enticing is its hot-swappable feature, allowing users to effortlessly change switches without the need for soldering. This empowers users to tailor the keyboard to their specific preferences. The keyboard’s multi-layered padding design also minimizes undesirable noise, providing an authentic acoustic experience.

Further enhancing its appeal are three adjustable angles, a detachable USB Type-C cable, and RGB backlit keys with customizable lighting effects, making it a keyboard that truly caters to individual preferences.

In summary, the Ducky One 3 Mini is a superb mechanical keyboard renowned for its exceptional build quality, durability, and customization options. Whether you’re a dedicated gamer or a prolific typist, this keyboard is sure to captivate with its outstanding performance and stylish aesthetics. It’s a valuable addition to any computer setup.

For a more in-depth look at the Ducky One 3 Mini, you can also watch this video review.

Note: Prices and product availability may vary. Please check the latest information before making a purchase.

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