A Complete Guide to Elecom Trackballs in 2023

If you’ve ever heard of one of the best trackball making brands from JAPAN, then ELECOM is that brand. Elecom has a wide variety of ergonomic trackball products that you can buy anywhere, including many of their products on Amazon with various variants.

Through this article, we would like to introduce products from Elecom, especially their trackball mouse products which are quite affordable with very interesting features. Let’s get started!

Elecom’s Trackball Mouse Product List

Model’s NameTypePrice
Elecom’s Trackball Mouse Product List

Elecom has 9 product variants with different models, both for left-handed and right-handed use are also available. Elecom has products that can be operated with thumbs and fingers, it is quite a complete choice for you if you want to buy a trackball from this brand.

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The meaning of the names of Elecom products:

  • HUGE: It means Fingerballs, which means the track ball is in the middle top.
  • DEFT: Same as HUGE the trackball is top-mounted
  • EX-G: It means trackball for thumb operation.
  • Bitrass: Travel trackballs
  • Relacon: Which means Handheld
  • If there is a word Pro: It means having more than one connection mode.

Of the 9 products, all trackball products from elecom are available in the market today. Overall, all trackball products from elecom have excellent design and build quality.

Trackball also feels very smooth to the touch, elecom trackball products are known for their precision and grip on the hand that is very suitable for use for long durations.

Elecom also provides software to reprogram the buttons according to the function you want. Sensor tracking up to 1500 DPI is a fairly high number, so you don’t have to move your thumb or finger too much to get a fast cursor movement, a little movement can go very far.

Each product from elecom has its own advantages. There are good ones for gaming, office work, general use and compact trackballs that you can carry around like the Relacon Series.

Next, we will get a little closer to getting to know each trackball product from elecom. Let’s begin!

1. Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK)


Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is one that has the best level of comfort among other elecom products. The Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is a finger-operated trackball. The size of the track ball on the Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is quite large like a finger trackball in general.

The size of this trackball is 52 mm, the build quality of the Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is also very good and solid. This trackball can work very well on windows operating system.

Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is equipped with 8 programmable buttons that can be programmed via software from elecom. This trackball can be connected to your device via a 2.4ghz wireless connection.

If you are looking for a trackball from elecom with the best comfort in use then the Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) is the right choice for you.



If you find the word Pro on a trackball product from elecom, it means this trackball has a complete connection mode, can use a wired connection, 2.4ghz wireless, and bluetooth.

If you are looking for a finger operated trackball to support your productivity, then the Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) is the best choice for you.

The trackball on the Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) measures 44 mm which feels ideal for most people’s fingers. Using Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) feels very precise and accurate, the cursor movement that we want is always in line with expectations. You can buy Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) through a special link from us at an affordable price.

3. Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK)

Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK)
Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK)

If you want a Thumb Trackball from Elecom that can help your productivity with sensor specifications like a premium gaming mouse, then the Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK) is one of the best right now.

Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK) is a trackball from elecom that competes directly with the Logitech M570 but has better comfort than the Logitech M570. The grip is excellent and supports the hand perfectly.

The Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK) is also equipped with a complete selection of Wired, Wireless 2.4ghz and Bluetooth connections so that it is very flexible in terms of connectivity with various devices.

The Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK) has excellent design, dimensions, and build quality. This is a thumb trackball that is perfect for gaming. You can buy this trackball through a special link from us at a friendly price.

4. Elecom DEFT EX-G (M-DT2DRBK)


If you want a finger trackball with the best budget from elecom, then the DEFT EX-G (M-DT2DRBK) is the most appropriate option. has a different design from the others with a black color on the trackball, this is perfect for you to use on your desk.

The DEFT EX-G (M-DT2DRBK) has a Wireless 2.4ghz option as the primary connection to your device. The feeling of using this trackpad is very smooth and quite accurate for a cheap finger trackball.

The DEFT EX-G (M-DT2DRBK) has a pretty fresh design compared to the finger trackballs on the market today. If you want to have a DEFT EX-G (M-DT2DRBK), you can buy it through a special link from us at a very cheap price.

5. Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK)

Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK)
Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK)

The Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is the most affordable thumb trackball. The modern design at first glance looks like an ergonomic gaming mouse.

Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is equipped with 2.4ghz Wireless connectivity. For build quality, the Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) has an extraordinary build quality for this low price. The trackball size of the Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is 34 mm, which is an ideal size for a thumb trackball.

The Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) has smooth and accurate movement. The feeling of touching the trackball is also very smooth. This trackball grips very well in our hands. If you are looking for a trackball thumb from elecom at the cheapest price, then the Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is the only choice.

6. Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK)

Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK)
Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK)

If you are a left handed user, then the Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK) should be considered.

The Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK) has 2.4ghz wireless connectivity. The design and build quality of the Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK) is very good, it is very suitable for long term use.

Since there are very few left-handed trackball products on the market, the Elecom EX-G Lefty (M-XT4DRBK) is one of the best-selling left-handed trackballs on the market. You can buy this trackball at an affordable price.

7. Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK)

Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK)
Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK)

Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) is the smallest trackball from elecom. Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) has a very compact size according to its nickname Travel Trackball, meaning that this trackball can be carried anywhere like a normal mouse in general without having to think about the size and weight.

The Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) is a thumb-operated trackball. This trackball is supported by a 2.4ghz wireless connection. If you want a trackball from elecom with a compact size, then the Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) is the best choice. You can buy Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) at a very affordable price through our special link.

8. Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK)

Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK)
Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK)

Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK) is the most unique trackball product from other elecom products. The design, dimensions are very different from a trackball in general.

But what’s great about the Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK) is that it’s a well-selling trackball that sold up to 759 units on Amazon with a very good rating.

The Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK) is embedded with a 2.4ghz wireless connection and has 10 programmable buttons. Since this is a finger trackball, you can use either left hand or hand on the Elecom Relacon (M-RT1DRBK).

If you want to buy the most unique trackball from elecom, you can use our special link.

Why buying Elecom Trackball?

Elecom is one brand that is quite good at producing ergonomic trackballs today. Elecom does not have a big name like the Logitech brand. But with the products they have made and many have sold, it means that Elecom is no longer a brand that needs to be questioned.

All Trackball elecom products have a 1500 DPI sensor which is very good for maximizing the accuracy and range of cursor tracking. And elecom sells their products at very competitive prices.

Are elecom trackball for RSI?

Yes, Elecom is an ergonomic tracball designed to be used by people with RSI due to overuse of a regular mouse.

Elecom makes ergonomic mice with a variety of designs to help reduce RSI symptoms. Both the thumb trackball or the elecom finger trackball are perfect for RSI sufferers.

Are elecom trackball bluetooth?

Elecom has a trackball that supports bluetooth connectivity on the Elecom Pro series only such as the Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) and Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK). Elecom trackball products that support bluetooth connectivity are sold at a higher price than other elecom trackball products.

Are elecom trackball for left-handed?

Elecom trackball only has one product that supports left handed users, namely the Elecom EX-G LEFTY (M-XT4DRBK). Trackballs for left-handed use are very few and far between. The best solution if you can’t find a trackball that supports the left hand is to use a Finger Trackball.

Are elecom trackball huge?

Some of the huge products from Elecom trackball are how many Finger Trackball variants have a very large and wide design. But the finger trackball is designed that way so that it can support your hand perfectly even though your hand size is large. Examples of elecom trackballs with huge bodies are the Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) and Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK).

Are elecom trackball handheld?

There are several elecom trackballs that can be gripped easily because they have a fairly compact size and are suitable for small hands. Like the Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) which has a very compact size like an ordinary mouse. It is mini in size and can easily fit into your hand.

Are elecom trackball handy?

For the trackball from Elecom which is easy to carry everywhere, only a few products, only one product that is very handy and can easily fit in your bag and work anywhere, the product is Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK).

Are elecom trackball mouse wireless?

All trackball products from elecom support wireless connectivity and use a USB dongle. There are also those that support connectivity using bluetooth such as the Elecom DEFT PRO (M-DPT1MRXBK) and Elecom EX-G Pro (M-XPT1MRBK).

Are elecom trackball mini?

Almost all trackball products from elecom have a very large size. Only one that can be said to have a mini size, namely the Elecom Bitra (M-MT1DRSBK) which is very similar in size to an ordinary mouse and can be easily carried anywhere.

Are elecom trackball thumb?

Elecom makes two types of trackball products, namely the thumb-operated trackball and the finger-operated trackball. Here is a list of the finger-operated Elecom Trackballs:

  • EX-G (M-XT3DRBK)

Which elecom trackball good for gaming??

All Elecom Thumb-operated Trackball products can be used for gaming. One of the best for gaming is the Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK).

The Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is very similar in size to an ergonomic gaming mouse and is perfect for most hand sizes. The Elecom EX-G (M-XT3DRBK) is great for gaming.

Which elecom trackball good for minecraft?

Minecraft requires a gaming mouse that can be used for drag clicking. If you use a trackball then you will not get the results of a drag click as good as a gaming mouse on a trackball from elecom. To play the game Minecraft, Elecom Trackball is not suitable for use, you should use a normal gaming mouse.

Which elecom trackball good for nintendo?

To play games on Nintendo Switch, you need a Trackball that can be carried and used handheld. For elecom products, there is nothing to play on the Nintendo Switch. We recommend the EIGIIS 2.4G Ergonomic Trackball Handheld Finger for use on your Nintendo switch.

Which elecom trackball good for ps4 or ps5?

We do not recommend you to use trackball to play games on ps4 or ps5. You should only use the mouse if you really need it. If for use in standard operation, you can use all trackball products from Elecom. We highly recommend Finger Trackball for you to use on your ps4 or ps5.

Which elecom trackball good for rocket league?

Playing rocket league games using trackball will only torture you. There’s not much you can do with Rocket League games using Trackball from Elecom. We recommend that you use a Joystick or just a gaming keyboard and mouse.

Which elecom trackball good for valorant?

Trackball has a pretty good performance when used to play FPS games like Valorant. The Finger Trackball is the best for playing valorant games because you have a wider surface of the trackball than the thumb trackball.

You can consider Elecom HUGE (M-HT1DRBK) and Elecom DEFT PRO if you want to play valorant games using trackball from Elecom.

Which is better between Elecom Huge vs Deft Pro?

The Elecom Huge and Deft Pro are Finger Trackball, the Elecom Huge has the trackball which is slightly on the left side while the Elecom Deft Pro is right in the middle. For use, the Elecom Deft Pro is certainly better because it has a more ideal trackball position compared to the Elecom Huge. The trackball surface area on the Elecom Deft Pro is also wider which allows you to move the cursor further than the Elecom Huge.

In terms of specifications, Elecom Deft Pro is better than Elecom Huge. Deft Pro has more complete connectivity options because it supports connection via Wireless 2.4ghz and also via bluetooth connection. While the Elecom Huge only supports connection via 2.4ghz wireless without bluetooth.


Elecom is a brand that is serious about developing quality trackball products with excellent design and build quality. With thousands of products already sold on Amazon, elecom is well worth considering if you’re looking to buy a high-quality trackball.

Support for programmable key, 2.4ghz wireless and Bluetooth features is almost available on all elecom products. Especially with software support from elecom to reprogram the buttons on the elecom trackball which is very capable.

If you want to have a quality trackball produced from Japan, at an affordable price, with a modern and unique design, you should consider trackball products from elecom.



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