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Are you looking for a finger trackball with dimensions similar to an ergonomic mouse? You have come to the right article, because in this article we will introduce a trackball from elecom that has a grip that is almost the same as an ergonomic gaming mouse grip, the trackball is the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK).

This product may not be the best on the market right now, but the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) should be one of the finger trackballs you should consider. Let’s disassemble the Lecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK), is this ergonomic finger trackball worth it for you?


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Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Design & Build Quality

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Design & Build Quality
Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Design & Build Quality

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) has very solid build quality. The whole body is made of thick and slightly hard plastic with a texture that aims to increase grip on your hand. The plastic material on the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is a plastic that is able to wick away sweat from your hands so you can use this finger trackball for a long duration without worrying about your sweat which will make it slippery.

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) weighs 162 grams, with a size that is very familiar with the Logitech MX Master 3 ergonomic gaming mouse. This trackball finger is perfect for those of you who have a rather wide palm.

The finger feel when stroking the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) trackball feels very smooth but not too soft so this can improve accuracy when moving the cursor. The feel of the click on the button also feels clicky and accurate. When it’s just out of the box, it does take a bit of effort to click, but after 2 or 3 days of use, this button feels light to press.

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is equipped with a rubber-coated scroll wheel with a comfortable texture for scrolling, but you have to adapt because it is located on the left side which is not unusual for those of you who are familiar with normal mice.

When in use, the legs of the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) stick very well to your desk, standing firmly, but you need some cushioning when using this trackball if you want to feel more comfortable.

How about comfort and ergonomics?

How about comfort and ergonomics?
How about comfort and ergonomics?

For comfort and ergonomics, the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) will feel quite comfortable and ergonomic for almost all hand sizes, because this finger trackball has a grip that is very similar to an ergonomic gaming mouse.

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is a finger trackball that has a pretty good grip due to the plastic body texture that feels a bit rough but still comfortable to hold.

If you have very wide hands, maybe the size of the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) will not fit you very well, still can be used, but not very comfortable.

But since the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is a fingert trackball, you don’t have to apply the same grip as a trackball thumb, so it’s quite flexible to use.

Ergonomically the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) can support your hand very well. all parts of the palm of your hand are supported quite comfortably so that it gives a fairly good ergonomic impression.

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) does not have a foam backrest to increase your comfort, but you can purchase it separately.

Is Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Easy to Use?

Due to its size with an ergonomic gaming mouse, the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is overall quite easy to use.

The location of the buttons, and the position of the trackball are quite ideal and easy to reach without making more effort, it feels very natural to use this finger trackball.

What is enough for your homework is to learn to adapt to the position of the scroll wheel on the side, but it doesn’t take long to get used to the position of the scroll wheel on the side.

Because this is a trackball finger, its use is very flexible. You can use your left hand or your right hand. That is a special advantage of a top mounted trackball.

For trackball acceleration and accuracy, you can say that it is quite precise and fast, you can track with a longer range than a trackball thumb, this is because the diameter of the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) trackball finger is quite large, so the surface is quite wide to touch. and move the cursor freely.

Elecom Deft Pro Connectivity Options

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) has a full range of connectivity options. You can connect the trackball in 3 ways, via 2.4ghz wireless, bluetooth, and using a USB cable.

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Software

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Software
Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Software

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is equipped with Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 software with a fairly old-fashioned appearance. But in terms of functionality and navigation, the Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 is very easy to use.

Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 can be used to program the 8 available macro buttons which can be reprogrammed according to your needs. For example, you want right clicks to be changed to left clicks.

You can also save trackall profiles according to what you want, and can select them when you need. We recommend that you do not change the default trackball settings. You should create a new profile or clone the default profile and then change it.

The Elecom Mouse Assistant 5 can also be used to change the DPI sensor. There are 3 options on the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) trackball, namely 500/1000/1500 DPI.

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Pros And Cons

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Pros

  • Superb Comfortable Design
  • Fits Most Hands
  • Great Gesture Support
  • Great Connectivity options

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) Cons

  • Button Arrangement Not Ideal
  • Rough Bearing(s)
  • Scroll Wheel Difficult to Click
  • Micro-USB too OLD

What About Price?

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is priced at a fairly affordable price. With quite complete features in its class, pretty good supporting software, great grip like an ergonomic gaming mouse. The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is priced at $69.99.

Why buying Elecom Trackball?

Elecom is one brand that is quite good at producing ergonomic trackballs today. Elecom does not have a big name like the Logitech brand. But with the products they have made and many have sold, it means that Elecom is no longer a brand that needs to be questioned.

All Trackball elecom products have a 1500 DPI sensor which is very good for maximizing the accuracy and range of cursor tracking. And elecom sells their products at very competitive prices.

Are Elecom good for brand?

Elecom is a good company that produces ergonomic trackballs from Japan. This brand has an excellent reputation in Asia, America and Europe.

Products from elecom are of very high quality with very complete features and connectivity options. Products from elecom are very worth buying and reliable.

Are elecom deft good for health?

Elecom is a product made based on research results for people with RSI. Elecom deft can reduce wrist pain caused by too much use of a regular mouse.

Elecom Deft is an ergonomic finger trackball and is very good for health when compared to ordinary mice.

Are elecom deft good for pc?

With complete connectivity options, elecom deft is very good for use on various types of computers or PCs. You can also use this trackball on your Macbook or iMac without any problems.

Are elecom deft good for gaming?

For playing games, elecom deft is quite reliable for playing FPS type games. Finger trackball is indeed better used for playing games for some people because it has a wider trackball surface, so that the reach of the cursor when playing games is further.

Are elecom deft good for valorant?

To play the game Valorant, Elecom deft pro can indeed be used to play this FPS game. But the accuracy and speed is no better when compared to a regular gaming mouse. Some people have tried using finger trackballs to play valorant games and the results are pretty good, as in the video below:

Are elecom deft good for valorant?


Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is made for those of you who want a Trackball that has the same grip and dimensions as an ergonomic gaming mouse so you can easily adapt.

The Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) has excellent grip for all hand sizes. If you are looking for a Finger Trackball with the same grip as an ergonomic gaming mouse, then the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is one of the best on the market today.

Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK) is a Japanese-made product that has been well-known and sold well on Amazon.



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