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Is Razer a Good Brand? Things You Should Know

Last Updated on December 5, 2023

Being the first company to create computer gear for gamers. Razer known as a Really Good Brand for Gaming Accessories. from Razer Gaming mouses, Keyboards, Headset, Microphones and more.

Razer has a characteristic black and green color which is the main DNA color selection in their products. But not only black, Razer also has products in green, white, and pink.

Razer always gives foreign names to their products, this is also one of the characteristics possessed by Razer products, namely a unique name.

The reputation of the RAZER brand in the world cannot be doubted. Razer directly competes with other well-known brands such as Steelseries, Corsair, Hyperx and many other brands.

Well-known brands are synonymous with fairly expensive product prices, as well as Razer, of all Razer products on the market, only a few have affordable prices. However, the hefty price paid off with high-end product quality.

Razer with their unique products name

Razer names their products with unique names, the names are inspired by the names of animals and mythological objects that are famous around the world. For example Atheris which is one of the poisonous vipers originating from Africa, Razer Huntsman with a name which means hunter in the language sense.
The following is a list of unique Razer product names:

Are Razer Laptops Good?

If we talk about laptops from Razer which are quite expensive. Of course we will wonder why Razer laptops are so expensive. The reason is, you will get exclusivity because you have one of the Razer brand products. Razer laptops have a unique design that is dominated by black, in certain parts such as the USB port, the charger is given a touch of Razer’s signature green color.

Razer is one of the manufacturers of gaming laptops that install Mechanical Keyboards on their laptops. On the Razer Blade 15 laptop for example. You could say this is one of the laptops with the first mechanical keyboard on the market.

Are Razer Laptops Good?

For build quality and design, Razer’s laptops are extraordinary. A slim design with an advanced cooling system is the hallmark of a Razer laptop. Of course, the specifications can meet your gaming needs!

Are Razer Keyboards Good?

The keyboard is one of the most important devices to support your various activities, from starting to work on assignments, to playing games. As one of the leading manufacturers of gaming-specific hardware, Razer has a wide range of keyboard variants that are specifically designed to deliver a dashing performance and a high level of comfort as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Are Razer Keyboards Good?

One of the professional Dota 2 players Artour Babaev or better known as “Arteezy” said that the Razer keyboard is very steady when clicked, especially when used to play games. Apple’s Switch is very well known for the quality and clicky sound it makes when pressed.

Are Razer Mouse Good?

Are Razer Mouse Good?

The mouse for gaming is different from the usual mouse. One of the well-known gaming mouse brands is Razer, with proven quality and the latest technology. However, which Razer mouse is right for you to use while playing?

In this article, we’ll cover Razer mice, from choosing the best to recommending the best product. Several series, such as Basilisk, Viper, Mamba, and Atheris are in our recommendation segment. Wow, you must be impatient huh. Just take a look at this article!

Razer, which is famous for its 3 snake heads symbol, is a gaming equipment and software company founded in 2005 by Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. The company initially established headquarters in California and Singapore.

In 2006, Razer teamed up with Microsoft to design the Habu gaming mouse and Reclusa gaming keyboard. Razer was also a sponsor for the esports team Fnatic that same year.

Razer has the latest technology for mice. To be clear about what kind of technology is on offer, we summarize them all in the following points:

5G Advanced Optical Sensor provides the best performance

5G Advanced Optical Sensor provides the best performance

Some Razer mice have a 5G optical sensor that represents the maximum acceleration of the mouse. The 5G-enabled mouse has an IPS (Inches Per Seconds) of up to 450 so you can move the cursor further without moving the mouse. Cursor movement is also smoother at high speed.

Programmable Buttons provide flexibility

Programmable Buttons provide flexibility

Unlike the usual mouse which only has 2 buttons and 1 scrolling, the mouse for gaming is equipped with more buttons. Using a mouse with multiple buttons makes the game more comfortable. You can more quickly access the moves in the game.

Razer makes it easy for you to customize the buttons according to your needs. Not only that, some Razer mice have buttons up to a dozen in number. The many buttons are perfect for those of you who like to play massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

Razer Chroma RGB delivers millions of lighting effects

Razer Chroma RGB delivers millions of lighting effects

The presence of color on gaming devices will provide a more interesting gaming experience. Razer offers Razer Chroma RGB with 16.8 million color options and lighting levels that you can set yourself.

Razer also provides a variety of interesting lighting effects, such as spectrum cycling, breathing, wave, ripple, reactive, ambient awareness, audio meter, and wheel. Chroma studio helps you in finding unique lighting effects according to your preferences. There is also a chroma visualizer that equates the movement of colors with the music, videos, and games you play.

Optical Mouse Switch for faster clicks

Optical Mouse Switch for faster clicks

Speed ​​is key when you’re in competitive gaming. Razer has an optical mouse switch that doesn’t have the bouncing effect of normal mice. Razer uses infrared light to send signals to computers without physical contact.

When you click the mouse, infrared light passes through the gap so that the signal can be received. The computer will catch the signal from the mouse faster, so there is no delay while playing. This technology also keeps the mouse from wearing out due to physical contact. Faster movement and creates a durable mouse.

Hyperspeed Wireless Technology makes the mouse even faster

Hyperspeed Wireless Technology makes the mouse even faster

Razer uses faster adaptive frequency technology for hyperspeed wireless technology. In addition to making the mouse signal to be captured by the computer faster and free of delay, this technology makes the mouse more power efficient. No wonder the mouse from Razer is the most popular choice in e-sports.

Are Razer Mouse Pad Good?

Are Razer Mouse Pad Good?

Razer is known as a manufacturer of gaming hardware and accessories. For mouse pads, Razer has several types of quality mouse pad products that are suitable for playing games. For example, the Razer Goliathus Speed Cosmic Small Gaming Mousepad is thick with Razer’s signature green nuance. There is also the Razer Mousepad Vespula Gaming Mouse Pad which is an anti-mainstream design but is quite comfortable for gaming needs.

Oh well, watch out for the fake Razer mouse pads. Generally, this type of mouse pad has the Razer logo but it sells cheaply for around $3. And the quality is also not good. Genuine Razer brand mouse pads are generally priced from $10 to $100.

Are Razer Gaming Headset Good?

Are Razer Gaming Headset Good?

Regarding playing games, it is no longer just a matter for children, but also becomes one of the recreational vehicles for adults. Playing games with friends is proven to increase the production of endorphins so you will feel happy and refreshed. Although playing games also involves fierce competition, you must always remember that the main essence of playing games is to seek entertainment and fun. Of course, supported by the best quality devices, your gaming experience will be more meaningful.

One device that is widely used by gamers when playing is a headset. This device makes you feel really in the game you are playing because it can provide a very real sound sensation. Razer, as a gaming device manufacturer has several excellent products.

The advantages possessed by Razer are the quality of the materials and features used. The solid design is the main advantage of the Razer headset headset. Razer headsets are renowned for their comfort and can be used for long periods of gaming without straining your ears.

Razer’s virtual 7.1 surround feature is amazingly real, especially when used for playing FPS games. The sound produced feels very real, the audio quality in the family is always as expected!

Here are the 7 Best Razer Headset Recommendations:

1. Razer Kraken Pro V2

Razer Kraken Pro V2

To meet the demands of the world’s top eSports athletes and gamers, the Razer Kraken Pro V2 brings many new updates. One of them is a more varied and balanced sound, both in-game audio and when communicating with the team.

Ergonomic design with a unibody aluminum frame embedded in it to ensure maximum comfort and strength of the headphones. For communication needs, the Razer Kraken Pro V2 is equipped with a microphone with an in-line remote.

2. Razer Electra V2 USB

Razer Electra V2 USB

Designed with optimal sound stability in mind, the Razer Electra V2 USB is equipped with a 40mm audio driver for a booming bass effect. As for design, these headphones feature a unibody aluminum frame and comfortable leather earpads.

Other features include: 7.1 virtual surround, USB connector (compatible with PC, Mac and PS4), cable length: 1.3 m, with signal-to-noise ratio: > = 50 dB.

3. Razer Thresher Wired

Razer Thresher Wired

The Razer Thresher Wired comes with a 50mm audio driver with a lightweight leather cushion design for optimal sound isolation. For sound input, these headphones embed a unidirectional Boom Mic that can be pulled and adjusted. Plus a 3.5mm audio connector compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

4. Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

Razer Kraken 7.1 V2

Built-in advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engine belonging to the Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 not only makes for maximum audio results, but also accuracy and optimal sound effects. Comes with a microphone with active mic noise filter capability.

Designed with bauxite aluminum, making it light and strong. His 50 mm audio driver is purposely adjusted for every sound available, both in game audio and when communicating with team members.

5. Razer Tiamat 2.2 v2

Razer Tiamat 2.2 v2

The Razer Tiamat 2.2 V2 is equipped with not only one driver, but two audio drivers in each ear cup. Of course, every explosion or gunshot audio effect in the game will be more gripping.

Comes with an ergonomic design, and has been specially validated by professional gamers. In general, the Razer Tiamat 2.2 v2 specifications include: Advanced 7.1 Softund Sound, 4 x 50 mm Titanium drivers with Neodymium magnets, and 1.3 m cable length.

6. Razer ManO’War 7.1 Wireless

Razer ManO'War 7.1 Wireless

The Razer ManO’War features 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Carrying Neodymium magnet drivers with 7.1 surround sound. For power resistance, these headphones can last up to 7 days (14 hours estimated, with 2 hours of daily use) on a single charge. It features an extendable digital microphone and Quick Control in ear cups and Lag-Free wireless performance audio.

7. Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2

Armed with 10 discrete drivers, five in each ear cup, it is claimed to be able to produce a more realistic and accurate soundstage on the Razer Tiamat 7.1 V2 headphones. In addition, each ear cup also has a 40 mm subwoofer, 30 mm front (L/R) and center driver, and a 20 mm rear and side surround driver.

Don’t forget the Audio Control Unit to make it easier for gamers to change channels between 7.1 surround sound and 2.0 stereo.

Is Razer a Singapore Company?

Razer was officially founded in 2005 as a manufacturer of gaming equipment and computer accessories. This brand is a brand that comes from the cooperation of several countries such as Germany, China, Singapore and the United States. Razer’s largest office or headquarters is in California. Since its inception, Razer has been determined to market their products in Europe, America and Asia, so cooperation between several countries in Europe, America and Asia needs to be done to make it easier to market their products.

Is razer from china?

Razer does not only come from China, but Razer is a brand that was established from cooperation between several countries such as America, Germany, China, and Singapore. Razer cannot be said to be a Chinese product, because Razer’s main office is located in California. But some Razer products are manufactured and assembled in China, this is to cut shipping and production costs for marketing in Asia, so Razer builds factories and production sites in China.

Are Razer Products Durable?

Razer has products that have excellent build quality and durability. Almost all products from Razer are made of the best plastic and aluminum materials that have durability and solid design.

Some gaming mice from Razer can last 7 to 10 years under normal use. This can be proof that Razer makes products with reliable durability. Razer is one of the gaming mouse manufacturers that embed a braided usb cable in their products so that the cable on the mouse or keyboard from Razer is not easily damaged. You can see the two mice in the image below are more than 10 years old and can still be used to play games:

Are Razer Products Durable?

Are Razer Products Expensive?

Razer divides their product variations with different tiers, some limited edition products from Razer are indeed sold at very expensive prices. But Razer has divided their products into two namely:

  • Razer High End Products: Razer products in this tier are sold at very high prices because of the material components and high production costs. Having a high end product from Razer will give you great exclusivity because it uses the best products with the best quality and durability. Razer High End Products such as the Razer BlackShark V2, Razer Thresher for PS4, and several mechanical keyboards, mice, and other devices that sell for over $200.
  • Razer Lite Products: In this class, Razer offers affordable products such as membrane gaming keyboards, affordable gaming headsets and low-priced gaming mice. You can find affordable Razer products like the Razer Basilisk Essential, Razer Abyssus V2 Gaming Mouse, or Razer Deathadder Essential.

Overall, Razer products are still quite affordable and not too expensive. Razer makes products with various price variants depending on the quality and features embedded in their products. Razer is not expensive but this is relative enough for some people. When compared to the quality and durability of Razer’s products, Razer’s products are actually not that expensive. You can use a gaming mouse from Razer 7 to 10 years without any major problems.

Is razer keyboards good for programming?

If you need a mechanical keyboard from Razer that is the most reliable for typing or programming, you can consider buying the Razer Pro Type: Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard. This keyboard uses the Razer Orange Switch which is a very responsive tactile switch for playing games, typing or programming. For now, the Razer Pro Type: Wireless Mechanical Productivity Keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards for typing.

Is razer keyboards good for programming?

Is the Razer Grip Tape good?

Razer Grip Tape is indeed a tape that is very useful for increasing the grip of the mouse with your hand, some gamers use the Razer Grip Tape to increase accuracy and precision when using a Razer mouse to play games. Razer Grip Tape is indeed a good and durable product.

Is the Razer Grip Tape good?

But there is something you have to make up for after using the Razer Grip Tape on your mouse, you have to be prepared to accept that when you remove the Razer Grip Tape, it will leave marks which are quite difficult to clean, not many find the Razer Grip Tape leaving permanent scuff marks.

Is razer game booster safe?

Razer Cortex is a secure Game Booster software. This software works very well to optimize and can increase the efficiency of computer devices significantly. Razer Cortex in the free edition does display ads that are quite annoying, but this is good enough because it doesn’t bother you while playing games. There is also a paid edition of Razer Cortex with more complete features and no ads.

Is razer game booster safe?

Through Razer Cortex you can also buy games and various products, Razer Cortex is a Game Booster from Razer that is safe and reliable.

Is Razer Synapse Safe?

Razer Synapse does not carry any viruses that can harm your computer. Razer Synapse is a cool software that can be used to customize your Razer gaming device.

Is Razer Synapse Safe?

Razer Synapse provides a wide range of customization and optimization features for mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, and gaming headsets from Razer. Razer Synapse is a very secure and reliable software.

Is Razer trustworthy?

Razer is a brand that has a very good reputation as a manufacturer of gaming equipment for mobile and computers. Razer always provides good service and guarantees their products which are officially sold in marketplaces around the world.

Razer provides many spare parts for every device they sell such as switches, keycaps, USB cables, Mouse Grips, and many other spare parts. The availability of products and spare parts from Razer is abundant and available everywhere. Razer is a good and trustworthy manufacturer because it makes very good quality products.

Is Razer worth it?

Products from Razer are very worthy to have, apart from having excellent build quality and quality, the warranty service from Razer is also very good and trustworthy. Buying products from Razer will make you slowly move into their ecosystem with a variety of services and features on each product from Razer provided.

Razer has a good reputation for very long product durability and excellent product quality. Razer products are worth having because they will make you look cool with quality products.


Razer is a world-famous gaming gear brand. All Razer products are created to meet all your gaming needs. Although the price of their products is quite expensive, but the quality provided is in accordance with the price you pay.

When you buy a Razer product, you will immediately enter the gaming ecosystem they have created. Gradually, you will become a fanatical fan of Razer. But this isn’t bad news, because Razer has everything you need for gaming!


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