Is Razer Cortex Software Good?

Razer Cortex is a free system optimization tool from gaming hardware manufacturer Razer. Its focus is on getting better performance in your games, though it includes a few system utilities for cleaning up your machine and defragging your hard drives. Can Razer Cortex help improve your gaming rig’s performance? Is it Good for Gaming Performance?

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What is Razer Cortex?

Razer cortex is a software made by Razer which is made to increase the ability of your PC hardware to play games and get higher FPS (Frames Per Second).

The way Razer Cortex works is to maximize all aspects of the hardware to make it work better by maximizing the management of RAM memory usage. Razer cortex automatically disables processes that occur in the background so that it frees up your RAM to run heavy games.

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Is Razer Cortex Free?

You can download Razer Cortex for free. Razer cortex can run on Windows operating system, at least Windows 7 operating system. Razer cortex has a clean and easy to use interface, complete navigation and not stealthy. So for the layman, it will be quick to understand how to use it.

Razer Cortex is also available in a premium edition which is of course paid. But this free edition of Razer Cortex is enough in my opinion. The premium edition is reserved for people who want more features.

Is Razer Cortex Free?
Is Razer Cortex Free?

Razer Cortex Features

Razer cortex basically kills unnecessary processes behind the scenes when you prioritize an app to open. For example, you are opening a game, then all resources will be allocated in full to support the performance of your computer to run the game. Razer cortex is a Game Booster with very advanced working methods.

Razer cortex is actually a game launcher, the difference with other game launchers is that Razer Cortex has other functions to optimize your PC’s performance more efficiently.

Razer cortex works on unnecessary temporary files, then deletes them automatically. This is done to make storage more spacious. Razer Cortex also optimizes file cache, monitors internet networks, and disables some unnecessary Windows services.

Razer Cortex Features
Razer Cortex Features

Design And How Razer Cortex Work

Design And How Razer Cortex Work
Design And How Razer Cortex Work

As is the hallmark of Razer’s proud colors, the Razer Cortex is dominated by black and green. Besides being useful as a game booster, Razer Cortex can also be used to buy games. Razer cortex is not only useful for Game Booster, when you are not playing games, Razer cortex can still work to maximize your PC’s performance.

Razer cortex doesn’t just disable windows services, it just does it for efficiency. When a newly disabled service is needed, Razer Cortex will release it instantly. This will not damage the operating system installed on your PC.


For now, Razer Cortex is a Game Booster and PC System Optimizer that you can get for free. When your PC system is running normally without Razer Cortex you will notice that your RAM usage is quite high when playing games. Unlike when you use Razer Cortex, RAM will be optimized, you will even find more RAM left. If you have low PC Spec, you should use this software.

Is Razer Cortex useful?

Razer Cortex is not only useful for use as a Game Booster, Razer Cortex is very useful for optimizing performance on a computer system by shutting down and utilizing several windows services very efficiently.

There are no problems that arise when you run Razer Cortex to use as your computer’s optimization software, this software is very useful and can be useful for making your RAM usage more efficient. In addition, using the Razer Cortex can give you Extra FPS when playing games.

Is the razer cortex power plan good?

The Power Plan feature in Razer Cortex software will make your computer create performance limits. We prefer a balanced power plan that is always ready to be used in any kind of heavy work.

When you use a power plan, you can choose the computer mode according to your needs, of course this can also save electricity when you use this feature on your gaming PC. The Razer Power Plan is a pretty good feature and very flexible.

Is razer cortex good for low end pc?

On computers with low specifications, Razer Cortex does not work very optimally, only in certain games or software, there is only a performance increase.

Razer Cortex itself has a minimum specification so that it can be used optimally. If you want to use Razer Cortex, we recommend that you meet the requirements and specifications required to use Razer Cortex.

is razer cortex a virus?

Razer Cortex is a computer optimization software and not malicious software that will spread viruses on your computer.

Razer Cortex works by making the hardware on your computer work very efficiently so that your computer can achieve its best performance when used to play games or in heavy use.

Is the Razer Cortex worth it and Legit?

Razer Cortex is a very legit software to use, this software is a booster software that works very well and can optimize your computer’s performance when used for playing games or other heavy use.

Razer cortex makes services that are in the background work efficiently without disturbing the operating system, Razer cortex only uses services that are needed, and disables system services that are not needed. Razer Cortex is very worthy for you to try, because this software can work and improve the performance of your computer.

Is razer cortex fps counter accurate?

Razer Works by calibrating certain screen and game refresh rates. Razer measures FPS quite accurately using the same method as other FPS measuring software.

Not only useful for measuring FPS, Razer cortex is also capable of knowing the safe temperature for hardware and recommending settings in games so that you get the best FPS.

Is razer cortex good for valorant?

For some games such as Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legend, Overwatch, Dota 2 on a medium-spec computer you will be able to experience significant changes and performance with increased FPS and more spacious RAM memory.

On high-spec computers, you may not notice a significant difference, but the Razer Cortex does work very well when used to optimize system performance, especially on mid-spec computers.

Does Razer cortex make a difference?

In some games and applications, we can experience better performance when using Razer Cortex. But there are also some apps and games, we don’t feel the difference between using cortex and not. Maybe this application can optimize performance on certain applications only.

Is Razer Cortex good for low end PC?

If you have a PC with low specifications, you can use this software. You will feel the difference in RAM performance. The games you usually play will experience an FPS increase of 5 to 10%

Does Razer cortex reduce ping?

No, razer cortex is not able to reduce PING. Razer cortex is able to increase your FPS but not your PING. PING is about Internet issue, its not system or hardware issue.


What Is Razer Cortex and Does It Actually Work?


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