Cherry vs OEM: Which Keycap Profile is Better?

Cherry Profile Keycaps vs OEM Profile Keycaps

On profile keycaps between Cherry Profil and OEM Profile are the most common types of profiles we find on the market today. OEM profile is usually more widely used in mechanical keyboards sold today.

OEM keycaps profiles are very affordable and easy to find. In contrast to Cherry profile keycaps which are rarely found, and produced by only a few manufacturers and have very high prices, such as keycaps sets with Cherry Profile from GMK for example which sell for $175 to $200.

This is a factor that makes keycaps with OEM profiles more widely used, because they are very easy to obtain and very affordable prices. While Cherry Profile is not easy to get. Why is Cherry Profile so rare and expensive compared to Keycaps OEM Profile?

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What are Cherry Profile Keycaps?

One of the well-known manufacturers of keycaps with the best Cherry profile is GMK. Keycaps with genuine Cherry profiles have a shorter profile compared to OEM keycaps. Keycaps with Cherry profiles are sold very expensive because they have a unitary design, sculptural textures on each key, precise carvings, with the best quality and thick plastic as if they are able to support your every finger while typing, this is the hallmark of genuine Cherry profile keycaps. which can increase your comfort while typing.

Besides GMK, you can also find Cherry keycaps profiles on Cherry’s mechanical keyboards, namely Cherry G80 and Cherry G81, both keyboards are the first mechanical keyboards to use keycaps with Cherry profiles. Both the G80 and G81 keyboards are two very pleasant keyboards to type on, because they have a special texture on each surface of their keycaps so they are very comfortable to use for typing.

In certain cases Cherry profile keycaps are not compatible with certain types of switches such as mechanical keyboards that have LEDs under the switches, which will cause Cherry keycaps to damage the LEDs due to impact and friction. So most users prefer to use switches that do not have LEDs under the switch.

Apart from GMK you can also find production of Cherry profile keycaps from ePBT manufacturers but this is a hard product to find. You have to join the community and take part in group purchases which can take months. For Cherry profile keycaps from GMK now easier to obtain, you can visit the website.

What are OEM Profile Keycaps? 

OEM profile keycaps you can find quite a lot in the production of mechanical keyboards that are sold in the market today. You can find them on mechanical keyboards from Razer, Corsair, Steelseries, Logitech.

OEM profile keycaps have a higher profile compared to Cherry profile keycaps. When implemented on a mechanical keyboard the OEM profile Keycaps have a different design and height in each row. OEM profile keycaps have a cylinder above the surface of their keycaps, making them comfortable enough for typing or gaming.

OEM profile keycaps have become the eligibility standard for keycaps to be used on mechanical keyboards. OEM profile keycaps are mass produced at very affordable prices and very easy to get. The designs available for OEM profile Keycaps are very diverse with various color combinations as well. You can find OEM profile keycaps from brands like SDYZ, YMDK, and almost all mechanical keyboard brands produce OEM profile keycaps sets that are sold separately.

Keycaps Cherry Profile or Keycaps OEM Profile?

When choosing between Cherry Profile Keycaps or OEM Profile Keycaps, there are several aspects that set these two keycaps profiles apart overall. This is a very significant difference between OEM Profile Keycaps and Cherry Profile Keycaps. There is no better keycaps profile, because it all comes down to user preferences. Here’s what you should pay attention to when considering choosing OEM or CHERRY:


OEM profile keycaps on the market today are quite affordable based on the materials and designs used. You can find OEM keycaps sets for anywhere from $12 to $80. As for Cherry prole keycaps, it’s not easy to find in your favorite marketplaces, because cherry profile keycaps are rare items in today’s world.

You can buy Cherry profile keycaps manufactured by GMK for prices ranging from $110 to $220, which is a very high price for just a Keycaps Set. But this has happened so far. You can also find fake Cherry keycap sets that sell for $30 to $50, of course this is very different in terms of quality and comfort.

Cherry Profile Keycaps have a higher price than OEM profile keycaps, because Cherry Profile Keycaps must have special licenses and permits that must be paid to Cherry Company to manufacture original Cherry Keycaps. The tools used to manufacture are only owned by licensees and permits, so few produce profile cherry keycaps. Meanwhile, OEM prol keycaps can be produced by anyone, so they are cheap, and there are a lot of OEM keycaps on the market.

Design And Build Quality

For the design difference between Cherry and OEM profile keycaps is in the difference in their keycaps height. Cherry has a shorter profile compared to OEM. Shorter keycaps profile increases accuracy and comfort when typing. While OEM profile keycaps have a higher design than cherry profile keycaps, this can also affect accuracy and comfort when using them.

For design, A Cherry profile keycaps has a unique design with a special texture and engraving on the surface of the keycaps which is very comfortable for typing. While you will find many OEM keycaps with a slippery texture and a bit uncomfortable to the touch.


OEM profile keycaps are very abundant in the market because many companies produce these profile keycaps. As I said, this is the standard keycaps on mechanical keyboards currently available. When you buy a mechanical keyboard, you get a free OEM profile keycap on your switch. You can find these from many brands of mechanical keyboards such as Logitech, HyperX, Razer, Steelseries, Red Dragon, Durog and others.

You don’t have to be afraid of the quality of OEM profiled keycaps, you can also find OEM double shot PBT profile keycaps for under $30 which are of excellent quality and durability, and are comfortable for typing or playing games. For example, such as YMDK 96 84 ANSI ISO Keyset OEM Profile, YMDK 108 104 PBT Double Shot, and Happy Balls PBT Keycaps.

Meanwhile, Cherry profile keycaps are very difficult to find in the marketplace, unlike OEM profile keycaps that are widely available everywhere. For Cherry profile keycaps, the most sought after are Cherry keycaps made by GMK which are of very high quality with high quality ABS plastic material. If you don’t want to join the group purchase, you can purchase Cherry Profle keycaps from GMK by visiting the website which has several limited edition variants priced at $120 to $220.


Keycaps Cherry Profile and OEM Profile are generally made of 2 types of plastic materials, namely ABS and PBT plastic. For OEM profile keycaps with ABS material that are of poor quality with a slippery texture that can stick oil on your fingers, we strongly recommend that you buy Double Shot PBT keycaps with OEM profiles that are of very high quality, thick, and very comfortable to use for typing.

As for Cherry profile keycaps, the best are only produced by GMK and ePBT. Cherry profile keycaps made by GMK are made of high quality ABS plastic which is very well known for its solid build quality and thick with a texture that is very comfortable to use for typing.

While ePBT produces Cherry profile keycaps with high quality PBT plastic, unfortunately it is not easy to get these cherry profile keycaps made by ePBT, you have to join a lot of special communities and buy them by joining the group purchase.


Because it has a low profile and generally cherry profile keycaps have a thick plastic material, the sound produced is quite muted because there is no room for sound reflection. In this comparison we assume we are using the same type of switch. We can not compare these two types of keycaps when it comes to the difference in the sound of the switch.

For OEM keycaps the sound is a bit crisp because it has a high profile with a plastic material that is not as thick as Cherry Profil Keycaps because there is enough room for sound reflection on OEM keycaps.

Convenience & Typing Experience

This is a hard thing to determine when you compare quality Cherry profiled keycaps with quality OEM Profile Kecycaps. This will only compare the height factor of the keycaps and the ease or difficulty of the keycaps for your fingers to reach when moving from one key to another.

Because OEM Profile Keycaps products are so widely used, people tend to be more familiar and comfortable with OEM profile keycaps. Whereas only some people use Cherry Profil keycaps and feel comfortable with low profi. It goes back to your preference whichever is more comfortable for you, because everyone has a different opinion.

Which is better between Cherry or OEM Keycap profile for Gaming?

For gaming use, Cherry and OEM keycap profiles are very reliable. In addition to having a profile that is not much different, these two keycap profiles are very good for playing games. Keycaps with Cherry Profile have always been a favorite for gaming because they have a lower profile than OEM Profile keycaps.

Which is better between Cherry or OEM Keycap profile for Typing or Programming?

For typing or programming, using the Cherry profile keycap is the best choice. The original keycap set with Cherry Profile like GMK’s products is a very reliable keycap set for typing.

GMK and ePBT are manufacturers of Cherry Profile Original Keycap Sets that are known for their excellent quality and are great for typing or programming. Most people will choose the original Cherry Profile keycap for typing or programming because it can provide a much better typing experience than the OEM Profile keycap.

Which Cheaper between Cherry or OEM profile?

For the price, OEM Profile keycaps are cheaper and more affordable than Cherry Profile Keycaps. This is due to the abundant availability of keycaps with OEM profiles in the market. While Keycap with Cherry Profile is very rare to find and usually sold at a very expensive price.

Why Cherry Profile so Popular?

Cherry profiles are very popular in many mechanical keyboard communities because of their excellent quality and durability. Besides having very good quality, Keycap with Cherry Profile is very reliable for typing.

Keycap Cherry Profile Original from GMK is one of the most popular because it has a very unique design and motif and is made with very thick and high quality ABS plastic. Original keycaps with Cherry Profile are very rare to find, so they always become hits when Cherry Profile producers release their products, such as Cherry Profile Keycap products from GMK.

Why The Original Cherry Profile Keycap is so Rare and Expensive?

To produce the original Cherry Profile keycap set, the company must have a special permit and license from the Cherry MX company which is the patent holder of the Cherry Profile Keycap.

There are only 2 Cherry Profile keycap manufacturers that have the official license and permit to produce cherry profile keycaps, namely GMK and ePBT. Both of these companies are officially licensed and use the original Cherry Profile keycap generator from Cherry MX. Due to the small number of cherry profile keycap producers, cherry profile keycaps are quite rare and are sold at very high prices.

Which is easier to find between Cherry profile or OEM Profile?

For product availability, OEM profile keycaps are easier to obtain than Cherry Profile keycaps. Keycap OEM profiles become the standard keycap set on every pre-built mechanical keyboard currently available.

There are no special rules regarding licenses or official permits for the manufacture of keycap OEM profiles, so there are many manufacturers of keycap OEM profiles and their products are very easy to find everywhere at very affordable prices like YMDK for example.


When talking about comparing Cherry Profile Keycaps and OEM Profile Keycaps. So there are many factors that must be used as a basis for reference. There is no specific research which keycaps are better and more feasible to use.

We prefer to talk about price comparison where Cherry Profile Keycaps are very expensive and hard to find, while OEM profile keycaps are very affordable and very easy to find.

The materials used in the Cherry profile keycaps and OEM profile keycaps are both ABS and PBT plastic. For product quality, it depends on the manufacturer that makes it. We can find Cherry Profile keycaps from GMK which have very good keycaps, and for Keycaps from OEM Profil you can find very high quality PBT double shot OEM profile keycaps as well.

The bottom line is that there is nothing better than Cherry Profile Keycaps or OEM Profile Keycaps. But I think the availability and affordable price is what people are looking for nowadays, OEM profile keycaps are very familiar to many people and have a lot of availability at very affordable prices, this makes people prefer OEM profile keycaps over Cherry Profil keycaps.

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