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Best Profile Keycaps for Gaming

Last Updated on December 3, 2023

This is a post that will discuss the Best Profile Keycaps for Gaming. If you are confused about which keycaps profile to choose to meet your gaming needs, you have come to the right article because in this article we will discuss the best profile keycaps for gaming. There are 3 best profile keycaps for gaming, namely DSA profile, Cherry Profile, and OEM profile.

Best Keycaps Profile for Gaming

DSA and Cherry Profile are 2 profile keycaps that have a low profile design and are 2 profile keycaps that are very ergonomic and very comfortable for playing games. The OEM profile is also one of the most popular keycaps profiles and is most widely used by mechanical keyboard owners around the world because the OEM profile has become the standard in every sale of a pre-built keyboard on the market today.

We will explain about the three best profile keycaps for gaming between DSA Profile, Cherry Profile, and OEM Profile so that it will be easier for you to decide, which profile keycaps is the best and according to your preferences.

Best Profile Keycaps for Gaming

1. Cherry Profile

Cherry Profile

Cherry Profile is the best profile keycaps for playing games, not only for playing games, cherry profile is also a profile keycap that is very fun to use for typing.

Cherry profiles have a lower height compared to OEM profiles. For each keycaps in the cherry profile, each row of keycaps has a different height. The low profile keycaps and different heights in each row of keycaps make the Cherry Profile one of the most ergonomic and easiest profile keycaps to use for gaming or typing.

If you want the most perfect keycap profile and can give you the best gaming experience, Cherry Profile is the best you should choose. Not only for playing games, Cherry Profile is also very fun to use for typing or for everyday use.

2. OEM Profile

OEM Profile

OEM profile is a keycpas profile which has a higher profile than DSA and Cherry Profile. OEM profiles are standard default keycaps that are commonly used on almost all prebuilt keyboards sold in the market today.

If you look at the row of keycaps on the OEM profile, you will notice that there are several different heights for each row of keycaps on the OEM Profile.

The difference in height of each row of keycaps on the OEM profile makes it easier for users to reach from one key to another from each keycaps row installed. So for playing games, OEM profile is highly recommended because it can provide quite good ergonomics and is very easy to adapt to this Profile Keycaps.

3. DSA Profile

DSA Profile

DSA profile is a profile keycaps that has a low profile and all the keycaps rows on the DSA Profile look flat and there is almost no difference in height in each row. The DSA profile applies the same design to the keyboards used on laptops or on low profile keyboards such as the Apple Magic Keyboard and Logitech MX Key.

With a flat design in each row of keycaps used in the DSA Profile, it makes the DSA profile very easy to use and anyone will be very easy to adapt to this keycap profile.

But when compared to Cherry Profile and OEM profile for gaming use, the DSA profile is not the best but it’s good enough for gaming. Most of the users of the DSA profile keycaps use it to fulfill their typing needs such as coding, writing articles, and also typing their office work.

The DSA profile is one of the best keycap profiles for gaming even though its use is not as good and easy to adapt to Cherry profiles and OEM profiles.


Cherry Profile, OEM Profile, and DSA Profile are the best 3 keycaps profiles that can give you a very pleasant gaming experience. But if you want the most perfect profile keycaps that can give you the most precise gaming experience and the most fun to type on, Cherry Profile is the most appropriate keycap profile for you to choose.

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