What to do with Broken Mechanical Keyboard?

What to do with Broken Mechanical Keyboard? If your mechanical keyboard is damaged, don’t panic. You still have the opportunity to repair your damaged mechanical keyboard by taking fast and appropriate handling to save your mechanical keyboard.

As long as the mechanical keyboard damage is still light enough, for example broken keys, broken USB cable, or splashed by water, it can still be saved. Unless your mechanical keyboard is scorched by fire, then there is no way to save it.

Identifying faulty mechanical keyboards

There are various types of intentional or unintentional events that can cause your mechanical keyboard to be damaged, this of course you can identify as long as the damage is not severe. The following are some of the causes of mechanical keyboard damage and how to fix them:

A. Damage to PCB

Damage to PCB
Damage to PCB

PCB is one of the most important components in a mechanical keyboard. PCB serves as the brain or mainbboard on a mechanical keyboard that serves to convert key input to a computer.

Some things that often happen to the mechanical keyboard PCB that make it damaged and the solution:

1. Exposed to Water

Unplug the mechanical keyboard USB cable from your PC or laptop. Open your keyboard and remove all installed components. Dry until there is no water left on each component, especially on the PCB and Switch. To make sure it’s completely dry, you need to wait up to 48 hours to install all the components and try again.

2. Short circuit

This is a very rare malfunction, usually occurring because you plugged your mechanical keyboard into a high-voltage or unstable USB port. Most likely, damage will occur to the PCB processor. For this malfunction, the only solution is to replace the PCB andfa with a new one.

3. Dirty Due to Dust

Dust can be a source of problems that cause PCB damage. Too much dust can accumulate heat until the PCB overheats. To solve this problem, you can do this by cleaning your mechanical keyboard from dust using a mini keyboard vacuum.

4. The solder on the PCB came off

On a mechanical keyboard PCB, the connection between the PCB system and the others uses a soldered flexible cable. This problem is quite difficult to solve if you have no knowledge of electricity. The solution is that you have to take your mechanical keyboard to a trusted repairman.

5. Solder the USB cable loose

If you find your mechanical keyboard unreadable on the computer, it’s possible that the soldering of the USB cable connected to the PCB has come loose. Check the USB cable on the PCB is still properly attached or not. If you can solder it yourself, Resoldering the USB cable to the PCB is a pretty easy thing to do. Note: Do not solder the cable to the wrong cable holder.

B. Damage to mechanical keyboard switches

Damage to mechanical keyboard switches
Damage to mechanical keyboard switches

One of the most important components of a mechanical keyboard are the switches. Switches are buttons that are attached individually to a mechanical keyboard and are where keycaps are attached.

Some of the most common malfunctions of switches and here are the solutions:

1. Solder switches detached from PCB

Identifying this problem is fairly easy, usually solder switches that come off can be distinguished from their balance when pressed. Switches that are soldered off will usually wiggle a little when pressed. To fix this, you can re-solder the disconnected Switches to the PCB so that they stand up straight and function properly.

2. Double-input switch

The switch has a usage limit of up to several thousand presses. When the switch starts to double input frequently, this is an indication that the switch has reached its limit. The only solution is to replace the switch with a new one.

3. Switch Stuck

Have you ever experienced the problem of a switch that you have pressed but it continues to be at the actuation point and does not return to its normal position? yes, this is a switch that is stuck because the spring is not able to push the switch to go up to its original position. The easiest solution is to replace the spring on the switch, lubricate the spring, or replace the switch with a new one.

C. Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizer Problem

Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizer Problem
Mechanical Keyboard Stabilizer Problem

Stabilizer is a component on a mechanical keyboard that supports the balance of some abnormally sized keys such as spacebar, backspace, Shift, Tab, Enter, and Capslock.

The following are problems that often occur with stabilizers and how to solve them:

1. Stabilizer wiggles or vibrates

Problems like this are common with mechanical keyboards. The only best way is to modify the stabilizer such as using Band-Air, Clip, and Lube Stabilizer.

2. Stabilizer Stuck

If the stabilizer is stuck, the button it supports will not return to its original position. This can be caused because the stabilizer may be stuck on the keyboard plate so that it cannot return to all positions.

This can also be caused because the stabilizer lacks lubrication so that its movement is not normal. Try to lubricate your stabilizer so that it can work normally and smoothly.

D. Mechanical keyboard keycaps problem

Mechanical keyboard keycaps problem
Mechanical keyboard keycaps problem

Keycaps are mechanical keyboard components mounted on stem switches which are buttons that directly touch your fingers when you use the keyboard to type.

As man-made objects, keycaps also cannot avoid various kinds of damage. the following are various problems that often occur with keycaps and how to solve them:

1. Keycaps handle to Switch is broken

This can happen because the keycaps are old enough or you use the keycaps too hard so that the keycaps grip on the switch is cracked or cracked.

This can also happen if you install your keycaps on a stem switch that is not compatible with your keycaps port.

To fix the problem of cracking on the keycaps handles to the stem switches, you can use quality glue to reattach them. But this may not last long. The best solution is to replace the keycaps with new keycaps.

2. The writing on the keycaps is faded or blurry

This is also often the case with low quality keycaps which are usually made of cheap ABS plastic. Apart from doubleshoot or dye sub keycaps, this will definitely happen because the writing on the keycaps is not an engraving. It is ordinary ink which will fade over time.

The solution is, by replacing your keycaps with doubleshoot, pudding, or dye sub keycaps that will never fade because the writing is engraved from inside the keycaps.

3. Scalded keycaps

Keycaps are components made entirely of plastic, if the keycaps are blistered, then it is caused by overheating caused by cigarettes or something that has too hot a temperature near your keyboard. Keep your keyboard away from cigarettes and other heat sources to prevent the keycaps from scalding.

What to do with Broken Mechanical Keyboard?

Some things you should do on a damaged mechanical keyboard are as follows:

  • Identify the problem or damage that occurred: This might be a little difficult if you are a layman. There are various things that can be an indication of a faulty mechanical keyboard such as not being able to be read by the computer, RGB not turning on, buttons not working and many more.
  • You can repair any other damage except PCB damage yourself: If your mechanical keyboard has a damaged PCB, the only solution is to replace the PCB with a new PCB. The PCB may be repairable, but it’s bound to get damaged again.
  • Send your mechanical keyboard to a trusted keyboard service technician: This is the most appropriate solution for a damaged mechanical keyboard. Moreover, you do not want to bother identifying or repairing damage to your mechanical keyboard.

What is the easiest fix for a mechanical keyboard?

Damage to stabilizer. Damage to the stabilizer is not too troublesome because the stabilizer itself is an optional component that may not be used on a mechanical keyboard. Without a stabilizer, a mechanical keyboard can still be used but may interfere with your typing comfort.

The most difficult damage to repair on a mechanical keyboard?

Damage to the PCB. Almost all problems with mechanical keyboards can be fixed in various ways except for damage to the PCB. It’s rare to find a place to repair a broken PCB circuit. The only solution to the damaged mechanical keyboard PCB is to replace it with a new one.

Damage to the mechanical keyboard that cannot be repaired?

Burn damage. A badly burned mechanical keyboard will be very difficult to repair because it is no longer in shape.


As long as the damage to the mechanical keyboard is not serious damage such as burning, being run over by a vehicle, or being crushed by an object that is too heavy, it can still be repaired. The most difficult thing to repair on a mechanical keyboard is damage to the PCB.


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