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Mechanical Keyboard Simulator Online And Switch Sound Test

If you are curious about what a mechanical keyboard switch sounds like when typed but you don’t want to buy a switch tester that is quite expensive. You can use the Mechanical Keyboard Simulator which you can access for free.

In this article we would like to explain some of the features of the application. This Mechanical Keyboard Simulator is a virtual mechanical keyboard application that you can access via the website and you can choose which mechanical keyboard switch you want to test.

The following is a list of mechanical keyboard switches available in Mechanical Keyboard Simulator:

  • NovelKeys Creams
  • Holy Pandas
  • Turqoise Tealios
  • Gateron Black Inks
  • Cherry MX Blacks
  • Cherry MX Browns
  • Cherry MX Blues
  • Kailh Box Navies
  • Buckling Spring
  • SKCM Blue Alps
  • Topre

Mechanical Keyboard Simulator Online

Mechanical Keyboard Simulator will be very useful for those of you who want to feel the mechanical sensation of a real keyboard virtually with your own membrane keyboard.

Mechanical Keyboard Simulator is also very useful for those of you who don’t have a switch tester to find out the difference in the sound produced by virtually different mechanical keyboard switches without you having to go to a mechanical keyboard shop and test it using a switch tester. This is very useful for you when you want to decide which switch to buy.

Switch Options

Mechanical Keyboard Simulator is a web-based application that you can access for free to try different types of switches such as mechanical keyboard switches from NovelKeys Creams, Holy Pandas, Turqoise Tealios, Gateron Black Inks, Cherry MX Blacks, Cherry MX Browns, Cherry MX Blues, Kailh Box Navies, Buckling Spring, SKCM Blue Alps, and Topre Switch.

Layout Mechanical Keyboard Simulator Options

You can also select the type of mechanical keyboard layout you want to use virtually in the Mechanical Keyboard Simulator. There are 12 types of mechanical keyboard layouts that you can use virtually.

Here’s a list of mechanical keyboard layouts that you can find in Mechanical Keyboard Simulator:

  • 9009 WKL TKL
  • Oblivion Full size
  • Mizu KBD19X
  • MoDo WKL TKL
  • Dracula TKL
  • Laser 75%
  • Olivia WKL 75%
  • cafe 65%
  • 8008 WKL 65%
  • M . model
  • Handarbeit WKL Full Size
  • HKKB

The layout you choose will immediately change the appearance of the virtual mechanical keyboard according to the name and size of the keyboard you choose. Likewise with switches, you can immediately change the switch you want to use and it will immediately give a different virtual sound effect when you type with your keyboard.

Mechanical Body Color Options Keyboard Simulator

You can also choose several color options for your mechanical keyboard body color such as Grey, Black, Silver, White, Beige, Rose Gold, and Light Gold.

Typing Test Features On Mechanical Keyboard Simulator

To test the sound of mechanical keyboard switches, you can use the Typing Test feature of the mechanical keyboard simulator. This is a very interesting feature as if you were typing using a real mechanical keyboard. You can repeat the typing test by pressing the “Redo” button and the time will run backwards in 60 seconds (1 minute).

Free Mechanical Keyboard Simulator for Windows

To make playing games or typing on a computer more enjoyable, one important factor is the keyboard. A low quality keyboard, could be a factor in making defeats in playing games.

For this reason, the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was created, all for the convenience of playing games. When it comes to price, frankly, it’s definitely not cheap. No funds? Let’s just make it for free, you can!

Steps to Create Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Sound Effects on Your Windows Computer

Since the name is free, of course you shouldn’t expect much. The way that I will tell you is, you could say simulating. But it’s better than nothing. So that you are not curious, let’s just follow the steps as follows…

Step 1

There are several things that make the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard special, including its Clicky sound and Macros. Now to make the clicky sound, you can use a software called “Key Sound Generator“.

Step 2

Open the software you just downloaded, it doesn’t need to be installed. Click the folder logo as shown in the image below.

Step 3

After that, the options will appear as shown below. You can select the Clicky sound between keyboard switches:

  • Mechanical Alps
  • Mechanical Cherry MX (Red, Blue, Brown, Black)
  • Mechanical Ducky
  • Mechanical General
  • membrane
  • to Typewriter

Step 4

You’ve got the Clicky Sound of the Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


Mechanical Keyboard Simulator is a very useful application for those of you who want to feel the sensation of typing on a real mechanical keyboard. This is an application for those of you who don’t have a mechanical keyboard.

By using the Mechanical Keyboard Simulator, you can find out in advance about the different sounds of each switch and the different layouts of each type of mechanical keyboard.

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