Epomaker GK96S Review - Things You Should Know About it

The Epomaker GK96S Review [2022]

Epomaker GK96S is an 1800-Compact (96%) Mechanical Keyboard that has very complete features. This keyboard supports the Hot Swappable Switch feature and can use 3 or 5 pin mechanical switches. This keyboard also has complete connectivity options with UBS Type C and Bluetooth options so it can connect with your Android, iOS, or iPad devices. The battery capacity of the Epomaker GK96S is very large with a 4000mAh capacity, this keyboard can last up to 240 hours.

In this article we will cover many important aspects and try to answer any questions about the Epomaker GK96S 96% Mechanical Keyboard. We will also discuss the features of this keyboard along with its design and build quality. Let’s get started!

Epomaker GK96S 1800-Compact (96%) Mechanical Keyboard

Epomaker GK96S is a keyboard with a layout size of 1800-Compact or 96% keyboard that has very complete specifications and features. Not only that, the build quality of the Epomaker GK96S is also very great because it uses components made of quality materials. Here we will discuss all aspects of the Epomaker GK96S in detail.

Epomaker GK96S Specs

Keyboard Size1800-Compact (96% Keyboard)
Number OF Keys100 Keys
SwitchesGateron Mechanical Switch or Gateron Optical Switch
KeycapsPBT Keycaps
Battery Capacity4000mAh
ConnectionWireless Bluetooth or USB-C
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.1
Working Hours2 to 5 weeks depending on the usage; 20 to 80 hours with RGB lights on
Charging Time: 8-10 Hours with USB-C
USB TypeUSB Type C
Cable Length1.5 meters
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, iPad
Keyboard Dimension370mm*123mm
RGB BacklitYes, 9 RGB Animations Effects
Hot Swappable SwitchSupports 3 or 5 Pin Switch
Software SupportYes
Programmable KeysYes
Multimedia KeysYes
Epomaker GK96S Specs

The specifications of the Epomaker GK96S are very good with very complete features. The components used on this keyboard also have very good quality. The switch uses a Gateron Switch which is famous for its smoothness, then the keycap used is a color sublimation keycap set made of quality thick PBT plastic.

The connectivity options are also very complete because it supports connection via USB Type C and also Wireless Bluetooth so that it can connect with various types of devices with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS or iPad.

Unboxing The Epomaker GK96S

In the packaging of the purchase of the Epomaker GK96S you get several equipment such as 5 spare keycaps for certain keys, spare switch, keycap puller, switch puller and a USB Type C cable Braider with a length of 1.5 meters.

Design And Build Quality

Great Design And Build Quality

Epomaker GK96S has a very solid and sturdy build quality with a body made of thick plastic. When you try to press it, you will not find a flexible part on the body of this keyboard. The quality of the keycaps is also very extraordinary by using a keycap set made of thick PBT plastic and there is also a texture on the surface of the keycaps which is very comfortable for typing.

For design, the Epomaker GK96S comes with an 1800-Compact keyboard layout which is a compact and ergonomic version of the full size keyboard. The keyboard still has a numpad, the most obvious difference is that there is no distance between the main and numpad keys so that the Epomaker GK96S has a very compact design and size that is even the same as the size of a TKL keyboard.

The Keycaps

Keycaps PBT OEM Profile

Epomaker GK96S has very high quality and thick keycaps because it is made of PBT plastic. The keycaps on this keyboard consist of 100 keys with non-standard sizes so you have to be careful choosing the keycap set when changing the keycaps on this keyboard.

If you are interested, there is also the Epomaker GK96S option which uses the Panda PBT Keycap Set which is a quality PBT keycap set as well. Each of the keycaps on the Epomaker GK96S has a thick design, this is one of the best quality keycaps on the pre-built keyboard and has a texture on the surface so it is very comfortable to use for typing.

Switches Options

Gateron Mechanical Switches And Gateron Optical Switches

For switch options, the Epomaker GK96S is available with a choice of Gateron Mechanical switches and Gateron Optical Switches. We certainly prefer the Gateron Mechanical Siwtch because if you want to replace it with another mechanical switch, there are many options available such as switches from Cherry MX or Kailh. For the mechanical switch options for the Epomaker GK96S, the following is a complete list of the Epomaker GK96S switch options:

  • Gateron Red Switch: This is a smooth, linear type switch that has blank typing feedback and produces a quiet typing sound.
  • Gateron Black Switch: This is also a linear switch that provides a smooth typing experience and produces a quiet sound too. The actuation of this switch is slightly heavier than the Gateron Red Switch.
  • Gateron Brown Switch: This is a tactile type switch that provides slightly bumpy feedback when typed and produces a typing sound that is not too loud.
  • Gateron Blue Switch: This switch is a clicky type switch that provides loud bumpy typing feedback and produces a loud typing sound as well.

If you want to buy the Epomaker GK96S, we highly recommend you to choose the Epomaker GK96S option with a mechanical switch because if you want to replace the switch, there are many options that you can use. Meanwhile, if you choose the Epomaker GK96S with Optical switch, you will be very limited with the switch options.

We highly recommend you choose Gateron Brown or Red because both switches are very smooth and very comfortable for typing or playing games.


The Epomaker GK96S has a very nice and smooth stabilizer. There is not the slightest rattle when using the stabilizer attached button. The stabilizer on the Epomaker GK96S works very well by maintaining the balance of the buttons and can dampen vibrations and sounds perfectly.

As everyone expects to buy a GK keyboard, the stabilizer on the Epomaker GK96S is factory lubricated before assembly giving you super smooth typing and no vibration at all.

Typing Experience

By using quality components such as a textured PBT keycap that is very comfortable to type on, a choice of very smooth tactile Gateron Brown switches and also a very balanced stabilizer, the Epomaker GK96S can give you a typing experience that is extraordinary and feels very precise.

The distance between the keys is very close and measured so that typing using the Epomaker GK96S feels very accurate. Its compact size also provides excellent ergonomics and typing comfort. This is one of the 1800-Compact Keyboard which is very reliable for typing.

Bluetooth Connectivity

To activate bluetooth on your Epomaker GK96S, you just need to use a combination of FN + Space, then to connect the Epomaker GK96S with other bluetooth devices, you can use the FN + 1, 2, and 3 functions.

This keyboard can be connected to a maximum of 3 devices at the same time via a Bluetooth 5.1 connection. The Bluetooth on the Epomaker GK96S is very stable and you don’t experience the slightest delay when using it while using it to connect with your device via bluetooth.


The RGB on the Epomaker GK96S is great with a wide range of animation options. RGB lights light up in the gaps in the keycaps which looks really cool, especially when using this keyboard in a low-light room.

To turn on the RGB backlit on the Epomaker GK96S, you just need to use the FN + – (Minus Button) key combination and to change your RGB animation effects use the FN + + (Plus Button) combination. You can also use software from Epomaker to customize RGB on the Epomaker GK96S.


Software support for the Epomaker GK96S is excellent. This software can be used to reprogram key functions and also reprogram keyboard layer functions. In addition, you can also fully customize RGB using this software.

The Epomaker GK96S software has a cool interface with very easy to understand navigation. All customization can also be done through this software so that you can maximize the keyboard function according to your needs. You can download the Epomaker GK96S software here.

Price and Variants

Epomaker GK96S has keyboard variants, the first is the best option that uses a Gateron Mechanical Switch, and the second is the Epomaker GK96S Optical Switch. We highly recommend that you choose the Epomaker GK96S Gateron Mechanical Switch variant because there are more mechanical switches available than Optical switches. The Epomaker GK96S retails for $119.00 on Amazon. You can buy it through this link to get a friendly price.

Is Epomaker GK96S Bluetooth?

Yes, Epomaker GK96S supports connectivity via USB Type C Cable and also via Wireless Bluetooth 5.1. The bluetooth connection on the Epomaker GK96S allows you to connect with various types of devices with different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows. With this bluetooth connection, you can also connect with 3 devices at the same time.

Is Epomaker GK96S Good?

The Epomaker GK96S is a very good 1800-Compact (96%) mechanical keyboard because it has a very great design and build quality. The features on this keyboard are also very complete such as Hot Swappable Mechanical switches that support switches with 3 or 5 pins, Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity options, quality PBT plastic keycaps that are thick and very comfortable for typing or playing games, then good software support. This is one of the best 1800-Compact keyboards out there.

Which Better Epomaker GK96S or Keychron K4?

In the table below is a comparison of specifications between the Epomaker GK96S and Keychron K4:

AspectEpomaker GK96SKeychron K4
Layout1800-Compact (96%)1800-Compact (96%)
Number Of Keys100 Keys100 Keys
BodyThick PlasticAluminium
ConnectivityWired/Wireless BluetoothWired/Wireless Bluetooth
KeycapsPBT KeycapsABS Keycaps
Switches OptionsGateron SwitchesGateron Switches
RGB BacklitYesYes
Battery Capacity4000mAh4000mAh
Software SupportYesNo
Hot Swappable SwitchesYes, Support 3 and 5 Pin SwitchesYes, Support 3 and 5 Pin Switches

For build quality on the keyboard body, the Keychron K4 has a better body quality because it uses a body made of thick aluminum, while the Epomaker GK96S uses a body made of thick and solid plastic. But the Aluminum body on the Keychron K4 is better than the plastic body on the Epomaker GK96S.

For the quality of the Keycaps, the Epomaker GK96S has higher quality keycaps than the Keychron K4 because the Keychron K4 only uses an ABS plastic keycap set, while the keycap set on the Epomaker GK96S is made of thick and quality PBT plastic and is more comfortable for typing.

Both of these keyboards have RGB backlit with lots of animations, wireless bluetooth connectivity, both use Gateron Switch, have the same battery capacity of 4000mAh and both support the hot swappable switch feature for 3 or 5 pin switches.

Although Keychron K4 has a better body quality, the Epomaker GK96S overall is superior in several aspects such as having software support, better Keycaps Quality. While the Keychron K4 does not have software support for customizing buttons or RGB.


The Epomaker GK96S is an 1800-Compact (96%) mechanical keyboard of the highest quality. This keyboard has a very good build quality with a body made of thick plastic. The design of the Epomaker GK96S is also very compact even having the same size as a TKL keyboard, what’s great is that the Epomaker GK96S still provides a numpad.

Very complete features such as RGB, large battery capacity, Hot Swappable Switch feature, and complete connectivity options using USB Type C or Bluetooth wireless are really great things. If you want a compact keyboard but still have a very full-featured numpad, the Epomaker GK96S is a mechanical keyboard that is worth having.

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