Keychron Q1 Review: How Good is it?

The Keychron Q1 is a 75% premium keyboard that has an exceptional build quality. Keychron Q1 is very different from other Keychron keyboard products, this keyboard feels very premium with a body made of high quality aluminum. In addition, this keyboard also has very complete features such as Hot Swappable Switch which allows you to replace this keyboard switch without soldering or desoldering.

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In this article, we will discuss in full about the features brought by the Keychron Q1 along with how the quality of this keyboard component is, whether it is in accordance with the price you will pay or the quality is mediocre. Let’s start discussing the Keychron Q1 in depth.

Inside The Box

Inside The Keychron Q1 Box
Inside The Box

In the purchase package you get several equipment that is quite complete in the box: The following are some of the equipment in the box:

  • Keycap Puller: Keycap puller is made of quality aluminum, of course this is better than the keycap puller which is made of plastic.
  • Switch Puller: The presence of this aluminum puller switch indicates that this keyboard is a hot swappable keyboard.
  • Backup Keycap: Multiple keycaps to replace start button and Ctrl key.
  • USB Type C to Type A Adapter: This is an adapter for converting a USB Type C to USB Type A cable.
  • Braided Coilded USB Type C With Aviator: This USB Type C cable is of high quality like a custom coiled and braided USB Type C cable.

Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality
Design and Build Quality

This keyboard design is very cool by carrying a 75% keyboard layout with a black body made of premium aluminum.

The build quality of this keyboard is great, the body made of aluminum feels very sturdy and solid. Weighing up to 1.5 KG which is a very heavy mechanical keyboard, this indicates that the components of this keyboard are made of thick and quality materials.

When pressing the keycaps on this keyboard, you will find a flex of about 2.5mm when pressing the keys which will give you a very extraordinary typing experience.

Unfortunately on this keyboard there are no legs for adjusting the height of the keyboard angle, you only get 4 rubber feet to provide grip on the keyboard on your desk.


But I think the tilt angle of this keyboard is very good for typing or playing games. I think this is quite comfortable even though this keyboard does not have a tilt angle height setting.

On the upper left side there is a Mac or Win switch that you can use when you use one of the two operating systems. This switch will change the function of the button according to the standard function of each on Mac OS or Windows. Next to it is a USB Type C port.


The Keycaps

The Keycaps
The Keycaps

The keycaps on the Keychron Q1 are double shot ABS keycaps which are of pretty good quality compared to the keycaps on other keychron keyboards. The feel of the surface is not textured and not very comfortable for typing.

This keyboard is indeed a mechanical keyboard made for your modification project. You can replace the ABS keycaps on the Keychron Q1 using other quality keycap sets such as the GMK keycap set or the PBT plastic keycap set.

Overall, this keyboard has pretty good keycaps and is quite comfortable for typing or playing games.

Gateron Panthom Switches

Keychron Q1 With The Gateron Panthom Switches
Keychron Q1 With The Gateron Panthom Switches

This keyboard uses a switch from Gateron, namely Gateron Panthom. On the keyboard that I tested this time, we got the Gateron Panthom Brown switch variant which is a tactile type switch that is very famous for its smoothness. You also order other types of switches such as Gateron Panthom Red or Blue when you buy this keyboard.

The color of the Gateron Panthom switch is the same as the color of the stem switch so this can make the lighting a little dim because this switch can’t reflect RGB lighting like other ordinary switches.

The Keychron Q1 supports the Hot Swappable switch feature which allows you to replace switches without having to desoldering and soldering. This keyboard supports mechanical switches with 3 or 5 pins such as switches from Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, Otemu, Akko and many more.

The Stabilizers

The Stabilizers
The Stabilizers

This Keyboard uses a very good stabilizer. The stabilizer on this keyboard is pre-lubricated at the factory when assembled, so you don’t need to lubricate it again.

Stabilizer on this keyboard works very well. There is no rattle or vibration on the buttons, all buttons that use the stabilizer feel smooth and have minimal vibration so they are very comfortable to press.

RGB Backlit

Does Keychron Q1 Have RGB Backlit?
Does it Have RGB Backlit?

RGB on Keychron Q1 is not bright because of the use of the Gateron Panthom Switch which cannot reflect RGB light on this keyboard. In addition, the use of a double shot ABS keycap makes RGB unable to emit lighting very well. If you want to get good lighting, you just need to replace the switch on the keyboard with a switch that has a transparent color.

Connectivity And Compatibility

Unlike other Keyboards from Keychron which have complete connectivity options using USB Type and also Wireless Bluetooth. This keyboard only supports connectivity via removable USB type C. This is also because this keyboard is indeed made for custom mechanical keyboard lovers who want to use a custom USB Type C cable that will give the keyboard a cooler appearance.

Because it only supports connectivity via a USB Type C cable, Keychron Q1 is only compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Typing Experience

Typing Experience
Typing Experience

Typing using this keyboard is a lot of fun. This keyboard already has a good stabilizer and in this test the this keyboard with Gateron Panthom Brown provides a very smooth typing experience and produces a typing sound that is not too loud.

This good damping is due to the Keychron Q1 has a silencer that has been installed in the keyboard casing so that it produces a very quiet typing sound.



Keychron Q1 is supported by QMK firmware to customize key functions, layer functions, RGB and more. Until now Keychron does not have special software with a cool interface like other keyboard manufacturers.

Price and Variants

Keychron Q1 has 3 variants for now, these three variants have a body color and a keycap color. Following in the table below is a complete list of Keychron Q1 variants and their prices:

Keychron Q1 Variants by ColorsBody ColorPrice
Carbon BlackBlack Aluminium Body Color$169
Space GreyGrey Aluminium Body Color$169
Navy BlueBlue Aluminium Body Color$169
Keychron Q1 Price and Variants

Does Keychron Q1 have bluetooth?

Keychron Q1 has no Bluetooth connectivity option, this keyboard only supports connectivity via a detachable USB Type C Cable. This causes Keychron Q1 cannot be used on Android, iOS, iPad and other bluetooth mobile devices.

Is Keychron Q1 wireless?

Keychron Q1 is a keyboard that only supports connectivity via a USB cable. Keychron Q1 is not a wireless keyboard.

Does Keychron Q1 Hot Swappable?

Yes, Keychron Q1 supports the hot swappable switch feature with switches that have 3 or 5 pins. You can use other mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, Akko, Novelkeys and others on this keyboard without having to desoldering or soldering the switch to the PCB.

Does Keychron Q1 Have Volume Knob?

Does Keychron Q1 Have Volume Knob?
Does Keychron Q1 Have Volume Knob?

If you ask whether the Keychron Q1 has a knob or a rotary knob like the GMMK Pro, Keychron has officially provided a Knob that you can buy separately, disassembling this keyboard is also very easy to install the Rotary Knob.

Is Keychron Q1 a good keyboard?

Keychron Q1 has a cool design and excellent build quality. This keyboard is one of the 75% keyboard which is very easy to modify. With the hot swappable switch feature, you can replace the Keychron Q1 switch without having to solder it to the PCB.

The quality of typing is also very good on the Keychron Q1 because it has a smooth stabilizer, the use of the Gateron switch is also very precise because it can provide an excellent typing experience. Although the Keychron Q1 does not support wireless connectivity like other keychron keyboards, the Keychron Q1 is one of the 75% keyboards that you really deserve.


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