13 Best Linear Switches in 2023

Best Linear Switches

The linear switches is the perfect option for those of you who want a smooth and fairly quiet typing experience. The linear type switch provides smooth typing feedback and produces a quiet typing sound. Linear switches are one of the best types of switches that are generally chosen by many people for everyday use such … Read more

6 Best Switches For Gaming in 2023

Best Switches For Gaming

One of the advantages of a mechanical keyboard is that it can provide a more enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience compared to other types of keyboards, including for gaming. The mechanical keyboard provides convenience for you to change switches according to your needs. Did you know that the type of switches used on a mechanical … Read more

13 Best Clicky Switches in 2023

Best Clicky Switches For Mechanical Keyboard

Clicky switch is a type of switch that provides bumpy typing feedback and produces a very loud typing sound. In general, this switch is very often used for people who like to enjoy bumpy feedback and loud typing sounds. In today’s market there are hundreds of manufacturers that make clicky switches which may make you … Read more

Difference Between Optical switch and Mechanical switch

Difference Between Optical Switch and Mechanical Switch

Difference Between Optical switch and Mechanical switch: On the market today, there are a lot of mechanical keyboard products made by manufacturers. Recently, various types of mechanical keyboard products have emerged that use Optical Switch, which is a new breakthrough in keyboard technology. Optical switches are indeed made to meet the needs of gamers, so … Read more

8 Best Blue Switches in 2023

Best Blue Switches for Mechanical Keyboard

If you want a bumpy typing experience and produce a loud typing sound, then the switch you should use is the blue switch. Blue switches are characterized by a blue stem and are known as switches that have a clicky actuation type which is one of the most popular types of switches. Blue switches can … Read more

5 Best Brown Switches in 2023

Best Brown Switches for Mechanical Keyboard

The brown switch is a tactile type switch that is very suitable for daily use. Brown switch can provide a slightly bumpy typing feeback and also produces a typing sound that is not too loud. The advantage of the brown switch is that it has an actuation force in an intermediate position such as 45 … Read more