7 Best Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboards in 2022

If you want a keyboard that has a unique and unusual layout, then a keyboard with an ortholinear layout is the most appropriate choice. Of course, this keyboard at first glance will look strange when you first see it, you will even find an ortholinear keyboard which is divided into two parts, left and right.

The ortholinear keyboard is a keyboard with a quite unique layout. The layout of the ortholinear keyboard keys is very different from a normal keyboard in general. The ortholinear keyboard has a vertically straight layout in each row of keys, this is certainly a very unique keyboard layout.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce some ortholinear keyboards that you might want to consider. This is a recommended ortholinear keyboard that might be perfect for you:

Ortholinear KeyboardsConnectivity OptionsFeaturesPrice
QISAN Ortholinear Gaming Keyboard 49 Keys WiredDetachable USB Type C
40% Size
Blue Backlit
GATERON Clear Switch
Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear WiredAnodized CNC aluminum case
Kaihua hotswap switch sockets
Reprogrammable Matias / MX-compatible PCBA
Steel plate (MX-compatible only)
Detachable USB Type C
PCBA-mounted stabilizers
Detachable USB Type C
QMK Firmware Support
Planck EZ Wired47 Keys
Detachable USB Type C
Custom Keycaps
Rubber feet
Reprogrammable Matias / MX-compatible PCBA
Detachable USB Type C
60% Layout
Built-in speaker
Cherry MX and Matias/ALPS switch footprints
Moonlander Mark I WiredCherry MX Switch
Splitted Keyboard
RGB Backlit
ErgoDox EZ WiredSplitted Keyboard
RGB Backlit
Cherry MX Brown
Tai-Hao Keycaps – White
Wing Wrist Rests – White
Top 7 Best Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboards

Why Choose Keyboard with Ortholinear Layout?

Indeed, there is no accurate research evidence about ortholinear keyboards. We just want to say that when buying or owning a keyboard with an ortholinear layout then he is a person who wants to have a keyboard with a unique design, which not everyone has it.

Then, the keyboard with this vertical straight pattern in the opinion of some people has the distance and size between the keys that are very fitting, resulting in more efficient typing because all the keys are very well affordable. This can result in good comfort and ergonomics.

If you believe that a keyboard with an ortholinear layout can improve typing accuracy, ergonomics and speed. Then you should try it first so that you become an accurate research evidence for ortholinear keyboard layouts.

We simply believe that this keyboard has an extraordinary aesthetic value and has a uniqueness that is not found in custom keyboards with standard layouts. Keyboards with ortholinear layouts are perfect for a unique collection of items!

Grid Layout or MIT Layout Which Ortholinear keyboard Layout is better?

For the layout between Grid and MIT on an ortholinear keyboard with a keyboard size of 40% with 48 keys. In this layout the space bar only uses one button.

The grid layout is recommended by many people if you want to use it for typing, because naturally we only need one finger to focus on pressing the sapsi key, whether it’s the left thumb or right thumb as we usually practice in fast typing material.

Then for the MIT layout with 47 buttons with dimensions of 3×12 and there are 11 buttons following the row. Combining 2 keys in the middle can create a space.

The MIT layout has large buttons at the bottom, while the grid layout on an ortholinear keyboard you’ll have to read the markings on the engraving to find out.

The majority of people choose to use a Grid Layout and reprogram the space bar so that both thumbs can press the left and right 2 space keys.

Because custom ortholiear keyboards with standard PCBs can be reprogrammed with QMK software which is available and downloaded for free. You should determine this before buying or building an ortholinear keyboard. Choose between MIT or Grid Layout.

Best Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard Recommendations You Should Consider

Here is a list of recommended keyboards with ortholinear layouts that might grab your attention and immediately add them to your shopping cart. All of the keyboard recommendations below are ortholienar keyboards that are easy to use and you’ll adapt quickly. Here’s a list of our recommended ortholinear keyboards.

1. QISAN Ortholinear Gaming Keyboard 49 Keys

Our first recommendation is a keyboard with an ortholinear layout from the QISAN brand. This keyboard is a keyboard measuring 40% with 49 keys. The build quality of the QISAN 40% ortholinear keyboard is very solid, the body is made of quality plastic and the frame is made of aluminum.

The QISAN 40% ortholinear keyboard is equipped with Gateron Clear switches which have a silent character when typing. These keycaps are still quite responsive and accurate for typing. The keycaps on this keyboard are made of ABS plastic, this is perfect for keyboards that have an LED backlight color with a blue color which is very good when used in a room with low light.

For connectivity, QISAN only embeds connectivity using a USB cable to your computer or laptop device. The weight of this keyboard is only 390 grams, this is an ideal weight for a keyboard measuring 40%. You can buy this keyboard through a special link from us at a very affordable price.

2. Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard

Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best-selling ortholinear keyboards on the market. This is an ortholiear mechanical keyboard produced by DROP which is a well-known brand in the world of mechanical gaming keyboards.

This keyboard is exclusively designed by Jack Humbert (OLKB) so as to produce a very aesthetic 40% mechanical keyboard layout. For design and build quality, this keyboard has a very good build quality with the entire keyboard body made of sturdy aluminum.

Drop OLKB Planck 40% is a Hot Swappable mechanical keyboard that you can change the switch anytime you want. For customization flexibility, this is a very good keyboard. The QMK firmware on the keyboard is also very suitable for reprogramming the keys on the keyboard.

For connectivity, this keyboard supports USB Type C combined with a PCB with a very powerful ARM STM32 processor. The size of this keyboard is very compact and is designed for speed and accuracy of typing. This keyboard is perfect for those of you who want an ortholinear keyboard that is unique, compact, and great for typing. You can buy this keyboard through the official Drop website.


The NIU40 MECHANICAL KEYBOARD is a 40% ortholinear mechanical keyboard that previously could only be purchased separately for all its components. Starting from the PCB, casing, switches, and keycaps you have to assemble everything yourself. But today, KBDANS provides a full assembly of this keyboard, so you no longer need to assemble it yourself, even the NIU40 MECHANICAL KEYBOARD is sold at a fairly affordable price on the KBDFANS website.

The NIU40 MECHANICAL KEYBOARD has a very compact size. Unfortunately, this is not a hot swappable keyboard. Because at the time of purchase you have to choose the switch you want, starting from Cherry MX, Kailh Siwtch, and Gateron Switch. This keyboard has a very strong and sturdy build quality. the whole body is made of aluminum and is provided with many color choices.

The keycaps on this keyboard are double shot PBT keycaps which are very thick and solid, these keycaps are very durable and comfortable to use for typing. Of course for firmware, QMK supports PCB on this keyboard. NIU40 MECHANICAL KEYBOARD only supports USB Type C cable connectivity.

If you want an ortholinear mechanical keyboard with the best build quality and the best PBT keycaps, then the NIU40 MECHANICAL KEYBOARD is the right choice for you. You can buy this keyboard through the official KBDFANS website for around $115.

4. Planck EZ 47 keys Mechanical Ortholinear Keyboard

Another design from Jack Humbert is the Planck EZ 47 keys. The floating switch design and keycaps make this keyboard look very sturdy. Planck EZ is an ortholinear mechanical keyboard with Hot Swappable PCB, you can change your switches anytime you want. This is the best thing for those of you who want to use many types of switches in one keyboard.

The Planck EZ measures 234 mm in length, 82 mm in width and 28 mm in height. With a very compact size, this is a keyboard that is ideal for typing with an ortholinear layout that allows you to type faster, accurately, and efficiently.

For software support and connectivity, this keyboard supports QMK firmware and is supported with USB Type C connectivity. The Planck EZ RGB backlight is extraordinary. Planck’s custom keycaps are made of PBT plastic which is very reliable and has excellent durability. If you want to buy this keyboard, please visit the website ergodox-ez.com.


PREONIC MECHANICAL ORTHOLINEAR KEYBOARD V3 is a keyboard with 60% size, it is one of the best choices for an ideal keyboard size. This keyboard is designed by OLKB and is officially sold on the DROP website.

If you were hoping that PREONIC MECHANICAL ORTHOLINEAR KEYBOARD V3 was Hot Swappable, then you will be a little disappointed. This keyboard is not hot swappable, so you have to be sure to choose your switch when buying this keyboard.

For build quality, the entire body of this keyboard is made of aluminum which is very sturdy, solid, and thick. In addition to feeling sturdy and thick, this keyboard is quite heavy but very fitting to carry anywhere.

The Double Shot PBT keycaps on this keyboard are very impressive, especially with the various colors offered. You can choose the PBT keycaps in the color you want. The best feature of this keyboard is its RGB Backlight feature, they recommend an acrylic case for you to order so you can show off the amazing RGB backlight that is embedded in this keyboard PCB.

For switches available switches from Cherry MX and Matias/ALPS switch footprints. The connectivity of this keyboard uses a USB-A to C cable which is quite long. Overall, this is the best 60% ortholinear mechanical keyboard to date. If you want to buy this keyboard, you can directly visit the DROP website.

6. Moonlander Mark I

Moonlander Mark I is an orhtolinear keyboard that carries a split keyboard design. Moonlander Mark I is a keyboard with an ortholinear layout that is very ergonomic.

Moonlander Mark I is a keyboard that can give you comfort in typing with any position you want to use. The Moonlander Mark I has excellent flexibility to support quality ergonomics. The position of the button with a very fitting distance makes it easy for your fingers to reach it easily.

Since this is a split keyboard, you can position the two halves according to your needs. You get a soft and padded palm rest in the purchase package of the Moonlander Mark I which can increase the comfort and ergonomics when using this keyboard.

Moonlander Mark I is supported with QMK firmware which allows you to reprogram all the keys on this keyboard. Apart from getting great firmware support, you get a special carry case for the Moonlander Mark I which has an unusual design. For connectivity, this keyboard supports USB Type C. You can buy this keyboard through the ZSA website.

7. ErgoDox EZ

If you thought the Moonlander Mark I was the only mechanical split keyboard with an ortholinear layout, you are wrong. because ErgoDox EZ is here to dismiss your thoughts.

ErgoDox EZ is a split mechanical keyboard with an ortholinear layout that has quite complete features at a very affordable price.

ErgoDox EZ design is a unique split keyboard design, the build quality of this keyboard is extraordinary. The body is made of plastic with an aluminum frame that makes this keyboard feel solid and solid.

Of course ErgoDox EZ is an ortholinear keyboard that offers good ergonomics, therefore ErgoDox EZ has a wrist rest to prove that ErgoDox EZ is a comfortable and ergonomic keyboard.

ErgoDox EZ embedded RGB Backlight is stunning, especially for the white variant. If you want an aesthetic look on your PC desk, we recommend that you buy the white one.

ErgoDox EZ is supported by software to reprogram button functions and RGB, this is special software from ErgoDox for ErgoDox EZ.

ErgoDox EZ is available in various types of switches, be it Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh Switches. This keyboard also supports USB Type C connectivity. ErgoDox EZ has double shot keycaps with extraordinary durability, the keycaps on this keyboard feel thick, sturdy and comfortable to use for typing. You can buy ErgoDox EZ through the official ErgoDox website.

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Choosing an Ortholinear Mechanical Keyboard


When you want to buy an ortholinear keyboard, make sure you choose the size that is ideal for you. Whether it’s the size of 40%, 60% or the size of the ergonomic splitted keyboard. For ortholinear keyboard sizes, we highly recommend 40% or 60%, because these are ideal for fast and accurate typing.


The second thing you should consider is the ergonomic aspect of an ortholinear keyboard. This is very important because buying a keyboard that you will use to type all day must meet the aspects of comfort and good ergonomics. The 40% and 60% sizes are certainly the right choice, because they have good flexibility in all the positions you want.

Software Support

Software and firmware support is also an important part when buying an ortholinear keyboard. Keyboards with built-in software or supported by QMK firmware are the best options so you can reprogram the keys and customize the RGB on your keyboard.

Keycaps and Switches

The next factor is the selection of the type of switch and keycaps. We highly recommend that you choose Cherry MX or Gateron Keycaps, because these two types of siwtch are well known for their good quality. For keycaps, we prefer PBT keycaps. But Keycaps double shot ABS also has a pretty good quality.

Hot-Swappable Support

The advantage of a keyboard that has a Hot Swappable PCB will give you the flexibility to change your keyboard’s mechanical switches whenever you want. We highly recommend this.

Are ortholinear keyboards worth it?

For a more ergonomic typing experience with a layout design that is very easy to use for typing, the ortholinear keyboard is indeed like to use if you want to type more accurately and ergonomically.

With the arrangement of keys that are aligned horizontally and vertically that have been adjusted to the direction of the wrist, so that it can make you type faster and more accurately.

Are ortholinear keyboards for gaming?

Ortholinear may not be the best keyboard layout for gaming. But if you want to use a keyboard with an ortholinear layout to play games it is the right choice.

Playing games with an ortholinear keyboard will give you a more ergonomic gaming experience and your finger movements will feel more natural than using a regular keyboard layout.

Are ortholinear keyboards for programming?

For programming, the ortholinear keyboard is also very reliable. The advantage of a keyboard with an ortholinear layout is that it is very adaptable to get fast and accurate typing.

Ortholinear keyboards like Moonlander Mark I and ErgoDox EZ are the most appropriate keyboards for you to use programming because they will give you excellent ergonomics and accuracy when coding.

Are ortholinear keyboard hot swaps?

From our list of recommendations, the only ortholinear keyboard that supports hot swappable features is the Drop OLKB Planck 40% Ortholinear. You can use switches from Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, and the like. The hot swappable feature lets you change switches without having to solder them to the PCB.

Are ortholinear keyboard low profile?

In general, no ortholinear keyboard has been made with a low profile design. For now, only an ortholinear keyboard with a standard keyboard profile is available.

Are ortholinear keyboard with numpad?

The ortholinear keyboard does not have a numpad, on the largest ortholinear keyboard size, there is only a row of keys like the Moonlander Mark I and ErgoDox EZ.

Are ortholinear wireless keyboards?

Almost all ortholinear keyboard products do not support wireless connectivity. They only support connectivity via USB cable only. Even the most expensive ones like Moonlander Mark I and ErgoDox EZ don’t have wireless or bluetooth connectivity options.

Are ortholinear keyboard with trackpoint?

For ortholinear keyboards, we didn’t find a keyboard that has trackpoints like some premium keyboards with a normal QWERTY keyboard layout.

Why is ortholinear keyboard better?

Ortholinears are great because they provide excellent ergonomics compared to keyboards with other layouts. Your movements feel very natural and measured when using an ortholinar keyboard.

The design of the keys that are aligned horizontally and vertically that has been adapted to the movement of our hands naturally, so that typing with an ortholinear keyboard becomes more efficient and scalable.

Which ortholinear keyboards are cheap?

The cheapest ortholinear keyboard on this list is the QISAN Ortholinear Gaming Keyboard 49 Keys for under $70. Compared to others, this keyboard is the cheapest.

Which ortholinear keyboards are ergonomics?

All ortholinear keyboards are designed to provide excellent ergonomics. But for ortholienar keyboard the most ergonomic are Moonlander Mark I and ErgoDox EZ. Both of these keyboards provide a wrist rest and carry a splitted keyboard design so that it is very flexible and ergonomic when used for typing.


Mechanical Keyboard with Ortholinear layout is the right choice for those of you who like the hobby of custom mechanical keyboards. This type of keyboard is very rare in the market and has its own uniqueness that other keyboards don’t have.

The ortholinear keyboard has good ergonomics and typing comfort for users who are used to adapting to ortholinear layouts.

Support for components that have started to be widely available on the market, such as ortholinear PCBs with QMK firmware, may become a new custom mechanical keyboard trend. Ortholinear keyboard is a type of keyboard that is perfect for those of you who like the art of custom mechanical keyboards.

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