Are Redragon Keyboards Good?

Redragon is a brand known for their affordable mechanical keyboard products. But, Are Redragon Keyboards Good?

If you are looking for gaming peripherals at an affordable price but of decent quality, then Redragon is one brand that will provide a variety of affordable products such as mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, headsets, and many more.

Redragon has developed into a brand that people recognize for their respectable quality, affordable prices, and wide availability. Redragon is an excellent place to start whether you’re looking for inexpensive products or your first gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, or gaming headset.

Redragon Keyboards:  Are They Good?

Redragon makes various kinds of mechanical keyboard products with various sizes and layouts ranging from 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, to full size layouts.

Because the price is quite affordable, Redragon created their mechanical keyboard using affordable components with decent quality, for example in the selection of the Outemu Switch which is quite widely used on Redragon keyboards.

Apart from mechanical keyboards, Redragon also makes membrane keyboards with pretty good quality at very affordable prices.

Redragon has also embedded several features such as RGB backlit, macro keys, multimedia keys, and good software support for their keyboard products. This has made Redragon known as a keyboard manufacturer that sells affordable keyboards but with quite complete features, even like premium keyboards in terms of features.

List of Redragon Keyboards

Redragon KeyboardsTypeConnectivitySize/LayoutPrice
Redragon K552Mechanical KeyboardWiredTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K617 FizzMechanical KeyboardWired60% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K599Mechanical KeyboardWired/Wireless60% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K618Mechanical KeyboardWired/WirelessFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K607Low-Profile Mechanical KeyboardWired/WirelessTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K630 DragonbornMechanical KeyboardWired60% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K621Low-Profile Mechanical KeyboardWired/WirelessTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K550Mechanical KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K535 WirelessMechanical KeyboardWired/WirelessFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K555Mechanical KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K586 BrahmaMechanical KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K588Mechanical KeyboardWiredTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K627 ProMechanical KeyboardWired/Wireless65% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K576R DAKSAMechanical KeyboardWiredTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K565Mechanical KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K615Mechanical KeyboardWired60% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K598PMechanical KeyboardWired/WirelessTKL KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K629Mechanical KeyboardWired75% KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K580 VATAMechanical KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon S101Membrane KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K503Membrane KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K512 ShivaMembrane KeyboardWiredFull Size KeyboardCheck Price

Best Redragon Keyboards

Redragon KeyboardsAwardPrice
Redragon K580 VATABest Overall Redragon KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K588 RGBBest Redragon Ergonomic KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K502 RGBBest Budget Redragon Mechanical KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K512 ShivaBest Redragon RGB Membrane KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K552Best Selling Redragon KeyboardCheck Price
Redragon K592-PROBest Redragon Keyboard for GamingCheck Price
Redragon K586 BrahmaBest Redragon Keyboard with Amazing FeaturesCheck Price

Redragon K580 VATA: Best Overall Redragon Keyboard

Redragon K580 VATA
⊕ Onboard Macro Keys
⊕ Colorful RGB side lights
Dedicated Media Controls
⊕ RGB Backlighting
⊖ Very expensive

This chic full-size beauty is the first model vying for the title of best Redragon keyboard in the list. The quantity of RGB lights, one strip around the edge, and then adequate backlighting are the first things you notice.

Of course, you have a choice of modes and the option to change the brightness or other settings. There are, however, more stunning things to see.

You have several media keys that have already been programmed, so you can skip music or perform other similar operations with only one touch. You can also assign actions to 5 programmable macro keys without using any additional software.

With the OUTEMU switches option, you have 104-key anti-ghosting to guarantee flawless operation of each key. This is unquestionably a magnificent gaming example.

Redragon K588 RGB: Best Redragon Ergonomic Keyboard

Redragon K588 RGB
⊕ Small TKL
⊕ Dynamic RGB lights
⊕ Macro recording
⊕ Wrist support
⊖ Hefty

Because the mechanical switches click when they are depressed, using this keyboard will be fairly noisy. This delivers the ideal tactile input for accelerating in-game reaction times while also providing comfort thanks to the neatly contoured keycaps.

There are 101 standard keys, and since they don’t interfere with one another, you can jam them together if necessary. You can safely pour drinks on the keyboard without harming it because of the moisture protection.

In addition to the regular keys, there are 12 multimedia keys and 9 MACRO keys that can be customized for individual needs. The latter allows you to change the audio and other settings while playing the game, along with the volume wheel.

You can play around with the lighting’s various color configurations, side and backlight modes, and breathing patterns. A good addition is the USB-C cable’s detachable design.

Redragon K502 RGB: Best Budget Redragon Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon K502 RGB
⊕ Robust plate
⊕ Grainy texture improves grip
⊕ 7 backlight colors
⊕ Braided cable
⊖ Spacebar issues
⊖ The stand has no grips

Not only is this Redragon mechanical keyboard reasonably priced, but it also appears to be more long-lasting. With keys that have less resistance and shorter travel distances, it is robust and responsive. In this manner, they are more comfortable for work or study while still being excellent for gaming because to the mechanism’s precise tactile feedback.

To ensure that the device endures a few drinks over its lifespan, spill resistance has even been added. Due to its shape, the wrist rest aids in easing the strain associated with prolonged use.

Redragon K512 Shiva: Best Redragon RGB Membrane Keyboard

Redragon K512 Shiva
⊕ Programmed Media Controls
⊕ Feels like mechanical
⊕ Detachable Palm support
⊕ Pretty RGB illumination
⊖ Rather small wrist support
⊖ Membrane switches in reality

Normally, mechanical switches are suggested for gaming, but if membrane devices are more your style, you’ll be glad to own this variant. It is significantly more inexpensive while yet outperforming its competitors in the same price range in terms of functionality.

You also receive six macro keys, which come in handy in any game in addition to the usual set. Despite being membrane switches, they were modified to provide some mechanical feel, which is beneficial for gamers in particular.

The gadget contains a magnetic wrist rest and illumination with several modes. However, some people might find the latter to be excessively brief.

Redragon K552: Best Selling Redragon Keyboard

Redragon K552
⊕ Clicky blue switches
⊕ Illumination with 18 modes
⊕ Small dimensions
⊕ Reinforced with aluminum for durability
⊖ Has no numpad
⊖ Can’t be programmed

Look at this Redragon RGB keyboard if you have a preference for white gadgets. It has a lower text size and no number pad to make moving it easier. Even a case is presented to you in support of that.

Although it appears little and delicate, it is made of robust metal, which makes it resistant to bending. The switches are also of a sturdy type, and they are attached on the plate using special wire that completely eliminates ghosting.

With the illumination on, the white or black material looks extremely spectacular, and there are 18 distinct modes to pick from. This keyboard is well worth the price because it is durable, attractive, and effective.

Redragon K592-PRO: Best Redragon Keyboard for Gaming

Redragon K592 PRO
⊕ Amazing switches
⊕ Patterns are quick to change
⊕ Moderate click loudness
⊖ Wobble key fixtures
⊖ Poorly designed software

This device has a lot to impress you. Let’s begin with the amazing blue optical-mechanical switches. Due to their responsive optics, they respond to your press immediately, but they must provide enough tactile feedback with their mechanical component.

You will always have a tiny advantage over your opponents in any game. It was built with no lagging or conflicts in mind, received an N-key rollover, and is capable of handling even the trickiest gaming scenarios.

The longevity, which is likely longer due to the resistance to moisture and dust, will also wow users. This engineering marvel was built to accomplish exactly 100 million clicks, which is twice the standard amount.

Redragon K586 Brahma: Best Redragon Keyboard with Amazing Features

Redragon K586 Brahma
⊕ Ultra-fast Optical Blue Switches
⊕ Multi-mode RGB
⊕ Programmed Macro Keys
⊕ Substantial in weight
⊖ Twisted software with no manual

This Redragon gaming keyboard model receives high accolades from those who require the quickest response. Although superior to mechanical switches, its optical switches nevertheless produce the desired clicky sound. The layout is quite elegant and has back and side lighting.

Either comes with a variety of pre-configured modes, and it is positioned so that the table is lit as well. You may now manage the music and a few other things using the additional keys, which also contain a scroll bar, while maintaining complete focus on the game.

Some of the additional keys can be set up to carry out the required operations. It enables you to perform any combination move in a game with a single click.

Are Redragon Keyboard Software Good?

Redragon Keyboard Software

All Redragon keyboards are fully programmable, which is surprising for a keyboard in this price range – until you actually get to experience the software. They are both membrane and mechanical keyboards. The software is so simple that it doesn’t even have a name; it is simply known as “keyboard software,” and it is only a 4 MB download from the manufacturer’s website. However, it supports per-keyboard programming, lighting effect customization, and can save up to three layout profiles. The user can choose from 20 different lighting effects, change the direction, brightness, and speed, all from the left side of the screen.

Though relatively simple, the software allows for key programmability. The only possibilities are to remap a key to a different key, use a multimedia command, or use a macro that has been preprogrammed. The only additional option in the macro recorder is to include the real delays or notes; otherwise, it merely records keyboard keystrokes. The software is so rudimentary that only a small number of users may find it beneficial in certain usage scenarios, which makes us exceedingly doubtful that any experienced or professional player could actually use it.


Is Redragon a Chinese company?

Yes, it is a little Chinese business.

Where are Redragon keyboards made?

Eastern Asia has various areas where production is done, and each of these manufacturers is certified on an international level.

Is the Redragon Keyboards waterproof?

The device is somewhat water resistant but not completely waterproof. This implies that even if you inadvertently drop a drink all over the keyboard, it would continue to work normally. However, storing the keyboard in a pool will eventually lead to damage.

Do Red Dragon keyboards work with PS4?

Yes. The Xbox One, Switch, and PS3 consoles are also supported.

Is the Redragon K552 compatible with Mac?

Yes! On Mac computers, the Redragon K552 is compatible and useable, but you’ll need to make a few minor adjustments (particularly, to the modifier keys) to for it to function.

Does the Redragon s101 work on Mac?

Again, yes! According to Redragon, the s101 has “limited MacOS support.” To properly utilize it, you merely need to switch the modifier keys and a few other settings. It is an easy remedy.

How do you change the Redragon keyboard color on a Mac?

Using a shortcut, you can modify the RGB on your Redragon keyboard. Press the Right Arrow key while keeping your finger on the FN (function) key. The RGB modes can be switched with this. On a Mac, look in the system preferences for your modifier key settings if you’re having difficulties finding your FN key.

Do Redragon Keyboards Work On Mac?

Redragon mechanical keyboards are compatible with Mac, but to make them work, you’ll need to enter System Preferences and make a few changes (the keyboard modifiers). Any Redragon keyboard should now function flawlessly on MacOS.

Are Redragon Keyboard and Mouse Combo Worth?

Of course it’s really worth it, you buy 2 products at once at a time which is also quite affordable. This is also one of Redragon’s great marketing techniques by providing combo packages of their products such as headset and mouse combos, keyboard and mouse combos, and other combos.

So, Are Redragon Keyboards Good?

Are Redragon Keyboards Good?

Yes, Redragon keyboards are affordable keyboard products with very decent quality. The Redragon keyboard is also equipped with good quality components, fairly good build quality, intuitive software support, and complete features like a keyboard at a price far above it.


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