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Akko Haze Pink Switches Review & Sound Test

Last Updated on December 8, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect mechanical switch that strikes a balance between silence and performance? Look no further than the Akko Haze Pink switches. In this detailed review, we will delve deep into these silent switches, providing you with a comprehensive analysis of their features, performance, and whether they are the ideal choice for your keyboard setup.

Key Takeaways

  1. Silent Typing: The Akko Haze Pink switches are designed for a near-silent typing experience. They live up to their promise, making them an excellent choice for quiet work environments or shared spaces where noise reduction is essential.
  2. Unique Feel: These switches offer a unique, somewhat mushy feel compared to traditional mechanical switches. They lack a pronounced tactile bump and have a relatively light actuation force, making them comfortable for extended typing sessions.
  3. Customization Potential: Like most mechanical switches, the Akko Haze Pink switches can be customized to suit your preferences. You can experiment with lubing, different keycap sets, plate materials, and case designs to personalize your keyboard further.
  4. Niche Appeal: These switches occupy a niche space in the mechanical keyboard world. They cater to users who prioritize silence but may not be the best choice for those who prefer a more traditional mechanical keyboard sound and feel.
  5. Versatile Applications: While they excel in silent typing, Akko Haze Pink switches can be used for various purposes, including gaming and office use. Your choice largely depends on your individual preferences and requirements.
  6. Standard Keycap Compatibility: These switches are compatible with standard keycap mounts, allowing you to replace keycaps easily for customization.
  7. Consider Lubing: While not mandatory, some users choose to lubricate these switches to enhance smoothness and reduce friction further.

In summary, Akko Haze Pink switches offer a quiet and unique typing experience, making them suitable for specific use cases where silence is paramount. Your enjoyment of these switches will depend on your personal preference for sound and feel.

Akko Haze Pink Switches

Akko Haze Pink Switches

Switch Specifications:

  • Type: Linear
  • Operating Force: 43g
  • Bottom-Out Force: 58g
  • Pre-Travel: 2.0mm
  • Travel Distance: 4.0mm

These switches are Akko’s maiden venture into the realm of silent mechanical switches, engineered with a specific goal in mind – creating a quiet work environment. Akko acknowledges that while these switches are designed for silence, they still produce some sound, albeit at a minimal level. Additionally, the sound produced can vary depending on your keyboard build. Each pack of Akko Haze Pink switches contains the standard 45 switches and is attractively priced at just $18.99.

Material Breakdown

Material Breakdown

Let’s start by breaking down the materials used in these switches:

  • Switch Type: Three-pin switch
  • Housing Material: Polycarbonate for both the top and bottom housing
  • Stem Material: POM
  • Special Design: Akko has incorporated a unique rail design to dampen sound and keep the switches exceptionally quiet.
  • Spring Force: These switches feature extension springs with a bottom-out force of 58 grams.

Silent Sound and Tactile Feel Comparison

We’ll be pairing the sound produced by the Akko Haze Pink Stock switches with the Lubed Akko Haze Pink . However, it’s important to remember that your experience with these switches may vary greatly depending on your keyboard type.

For this thorough review, our test setup consists of the Vega 65 keyboard with a polycarbonate plate, one platform, and no case foam. The switches have been meticulously lubricated with a 205g0 lubricant, and we’ve adorned them with PBT keycaps.

Sound Test

Haze Pink Stock

Haze Pink Lubed

As evident from the sound test, the Akko Haze Pink switches indeed live up to their name. They deliver a remarkably silent typing experience, with the space bar standing out as an epitome of hushed keystrokes. However, it’s worth noting that this level of silence may not appeal to everyone. The soft, muted sound may be precisely what you’re looking for in a silent switch, or it might leave you yearning for the more traditional mechanical keyboard acoustics.

Feel Test

When it comes to the tactile feel of these switches, they offer a pleasantly smooth experience right out of the box. There’s no discernible spring or leaf crunch, and they certainly don’t exhibit an overly scratchy nature. Surprisingly, lubing the switches didn’t seem to make a significant difference in terms of feel, at least based on my experiences.

The hallmark characteristic of Akko Haze Pink switches is their somewhat mushy feel. They lack the pronounced tactile bump and crispness that are often associated with mechanical switches. Typing on these switches feels akin to typing on something soft, with a relatively light actuation force and a decent bottom-out force. However, it’s crucial to note that this unique, mushy feel might not cater to everyone’s preferences.

Silent Sound Opinion

The sound produced by the Akko Haze Pink switches is undeniably silent, in line with the promise of a “silent” switch. The typing experience yields a soft, mushy sound, which may or may not resonate with your auditory preferences. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal choice. Some users may find solace in the subdued acoustics, ideal for maintaining a quiet work environment, while others might yearn for the customary mechanical keyboard sound.

Additional Insights

To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of the Akko Haze Pink switches, let’s delve deeper into a few additional aspects, shedding more light on their performance and potential applications.

Lubing the Akko Haze Pink Switches

While lubing the Akko Haze Pink switches didn’t yield a significant difference in terms of feel, it’s essential to highlight the potential benefits of lubrication. Lubing can enhance the overall smoothness of any mechanical switch, reducing friction and dampening the sound to some extent. If you decide to invest in these switches, experimenting with lubing could be a worthwhile endeavor to fine-tune your typing experience.

Actuation Force and Bottom-Out Force

The Akko Haze Pink switches feature a relatively light actuation force of 58 grams. This light actuation force, combined with a decent bottom-out force, offers a comfortable typing experience, especially during extended typing sessions. However, it’s essential to recognize that the specific actuation force can significantly impact your typing speed and accuracy. Users who prefer a lighter touch will likely find these switches well-suited to their needs.

Personalizing Your Keyboard

The world of mechanical keyboards is all about customization. While the Akko Haze Pink switches are a unique offering in the realm of silent switches, they can be further personalized to cater to your exact preferences. Experimenting with different keycap sets, plate materials, and case designs can help you create a keyboard setup that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic and functional requirements.

Akko Haze Pink: Niche Appeal

In the vast landscape of mechanical switches, the Akko Haze Pink switches undeniably occupy a niche space. Their appeal lies in their ability to provide a near-silent typing experience, making them an attractive choice for those who work in shared spaces or simply value a quieter environment. However, it’s crucial to approach these switches with a clear understanding of their unique characteristics.


In the grand finale of our review, let’s wrap up our thoughts and opinions on the Akko Haze Pink switches. These switches are undoubtedly a niche product designed with a specific audience in mind – those who prioritize a near-silent typing experience.

In terms of performance, they offer a level of smoothness straight out of the box, and they can be considered decent switches overall. However, their distinctive mushy feel sets them apart. Whether or not this is a positive attribute depends entirely on your personal preferences. Some users will appreciate the soft, cushioned feel, while others might miss the pronounced tactile feedback of other mechanical switches.

When it comes to sound, the Akko Haze Pink switches deliver on their promise of silence. The typing experience is indeed hushed, but it’s essential to realize that this particular sound profile may not cater to everyone’s auditory tastes. It’s a niche sound that’s best suited for those who require a near-silent work environment.

In conclusion, the Akko Haze Pink switches serve a particular purpose, and whether they are right for you depends on your unique requirements. If you’re intrigued by these switches, I recommend starting with a small batch to see if they align with your preferences. They may not be everyone’s ideal switch, but they certainly have a place for users seeking a quieter typing experience.

Thank you for joining me on this extensive journey through the world of Akko Haze Pink switches. If you found this review helpful, please don’t forget to hit the like button, as it greatly contributes to the growth of my channel. Stay tuned for more reviews, including upcoming Akko switches and the Mons Gig M2. Remember to subscribe for a steady stream of valuable content, and feel free to share your thoughts on the Akko Haze Pink switches in the comments below. Until our next encounter, peace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To ensure that you have all the information you need about the Akko Haze Pink switches, let’s address some common questions that users often have.

Are the Akko Haze Pink switches suitable for gaming?

While the Akko Haze Pink switches prioritize silence, they can certainly be used for gaming. However, whether they are ideal for gaming depends on your personal preference. Some gamers prefer switches with more pronounced tactile feedback for gaming, while others appreciate the smooth and quiet nature of silent switches. Ultimately, it comes down to your gaming style and what feels most comfortable to you.

Can I use the Akko Haze Pink switches for a gaming keyboard?

Yes, you can use the Akko Haze Pink switches for a gaming keyboard. These switches are compatible with a wide range of keyboard designs, and their silent nature can be advantageous in gaming environments where noise reduction is valued.

Do I need to lube the Akko Haze Pink switches?

Lubing the Akko Haze Pink switches is not a strict requirement, as they offer a smooth typing experience out of the box. However, some users choose to lubricate their switches to further enhance smoothness and reduce friction. Lubing is a matter of personal preference, and you can experiment with it to determine whether it enhances your typing experience.

Are the Akko Haze Pink switches suitable for office use?

Yes, the Akko Haze Pink switches are well-suited for office use, especially in shared workspaces where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum. The near-silent typing experience they offer can contribute to a quieter and more comfortable office environment.

Can I replace the keycaps on a keyboard with Akko Haze Pink switches?

Yes, you can replace the keycaps on a keyboard equipped with Akko Haze Pink switches. These switches have a standard keycap mount, making them compatible with a wide range of keycap sets. Swapping keycaps allows you to customize the appearance and feel of your keyboard to your liking.

Final Thoughts

The Akko Haze Pink switches are a unique addition to the world of mechanical switches, catering to users who seek a near-silent typing experience without sacrificing performance. As you consider incorporating these switches into your keyboard setup, keep in mind that they offer a distinctive feel and sound profile that may require some adjustment.

Whether these switches are the right choice for you ultimately depends on your specific requirements and preferences. If you value a quiet work environment or simply appreciate the aesthetics of silent switches, the Akko Haze Pink switches have the potential to be a great addition to your keyboard arsenal.

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