Are GMK Keycaps Worth The Price?

Are GMK Keycaps Worth The Price? It seems that it is no secret that GMK keycaps are priced very high, even the cheapest ones are sold for around $120.

Discussing about keyboard mechanics is an endless topic. Every day there are more and more interesting discoveries for this object. Starting from new materials, new customization ideas and more.

Talking about mechanical keyboard customization, it will be identical to replacing the old keycaps set with keycaps sets that have new motifs. Are keycaps that important to replace?

According to some people, the keycaps set is a very prioritized thing to replace, in addition to feeling a different feel, the mechanical keyboard will also have a fresh look with a new keycap set.

The question is, what is the most recommended keycap to buy? We always get the same answer. They always recommend keycaps from GMK. Are the keycaps sets from GMK that great?

What is GMK?

What is GMK?
What is GMK?

GMK is a company originating from GERMAN that specializes in producing high quality keycaps for mechanical keyboards. GMK (Gunther, Meinhardt, Kredler) founded by Kredeler.

All keycaps from GMK are made of ABS plastic which is known for its excellent quality and durability. Keycaps made by GMK are very famous for their sometimes unreasonable prices, the prices of keycaps that GMK sells are very expensive but they are still sold out when they release limited edition keycaps that can only be purchased through preorder.

If you want exclusive keycaps from GMK, you have to wait for the special edition which is a limited number of GMK keycaps. But this you can only get through group purchases at a high price. All keycaps made by GMK are Cherry Profile Keycaps.

Why Are GMK Keycaps so Expensive?

GMK produces high quality keycaps, thick and has a texture that is very comfortable to touch when compared to other OEM keycaps on the market today, GKM has the best keycaps.

GMK Keycaps are priced around $180 to $200 and can even be more expensive than your keyboard. We compare it with the price of hot swappable mechanical keyboards from Epomaker and Keychron which have a price close to $100. The price of keycaps from GMK is even equivalent to the price of the Drop ALT Mechanical keyboard which is priced at $200.

Why Are GMK Keycaps so Expensive?
Why Are GMK Keycaps so Expensive?

The Reasons Why GMK Keycaps Are So Expensive

There are several factors that make GMK’s keycaps so expensive. Besides having very good quality, here are some reasons:

GMK Has Thick Cherry Keycap Profile

Tokyo Nights Keycap Set (GMK)
Tokyo Nights Keycap Set (GMK)

Keycaps with Cherry Profile are keycaps that are in great demand by many people. Kecaps with Cherry Profile have a short profile compared to other keycaps profiles. GMK produces cherry profile keycaps that are thicker and have a texture that is very comfortable for typing. When compared to other keycap products, the Texture and Thickness of GMK’s keycaps are the thickest and most pleasant to use.

GMK is officially the official holder of the license and production permit from the Cherry Company. Of course GMK paid for the license and production tools to create the original cherry profile keycaps. When compared to the unlicensed manufacturer of Cherry profiled keycaps and Cherry’s production equipment officially only clones Cherry’s keycaps, it can be said that these are fake cherry profiled keycaps.

GMK Make Their Keycaps From High Quality ABS Plastic

Wasabi Keycap Set (GMK)
Wasabi Keycap Set (GMK)

In general people know that PBT double shot keycaps are better than regular ABS keycaps. Like the experience of many people who use keycaps made of ABS plastic, which are slippery, thin, and uncomfortable to type on because they will feel sticky if you touch them a lot. So people always choose a keyboard or keycap set with PBT material which is already known to have a better feel and quality than the ABS keycap.

GMK is doing things differently from other keycaps manufacturers who are busy developing their PBT double shot keycaps. GMK produces keycaps made of ABS plastic. The ABS keycap made by GMK is not like the ABS keycap on the market today. GMK makes thicker and finely textured ABS keycaps which are 20% thicker than the best PBT double shot keycaps. This is one of the things that changed people’s view of ABS keys, and GMK managed to do that.

GMK not only make high quality ABS keycaps, they give each of their keycaps a special design and texture touch. Starting from the unique color combination, the unique shape of the keycaps, and the keycaps made by GMK can dampen the feedback switch very well.

GMK Creates Unique Limited Edition Keycaps

GMK Yoda 2 Limited Edition Keycap Set (Tex)
GMK Yoda 2 Limited Edition Keycap Set (Tex)

Every year, GMK always produces limited edition keycaps with special designs and special color combinations that can only be purchased via pre-order. Not only sold in limited quantities, limited edition keycaps from GMK are sold for a limited time with a countdown. Despite their high prices, the limited edition keycaps from GMK always sell out very quickly.

For those of you who are late ordering the limited edition keycaps, you may still be able to get them from third parties, but you will get the price up to 50%. For example during the campaign period the limited edition GMK keycaps cost $200, in the after market or third parties, you will be offered a price of up to $300. It’s not a reasonable price anymore, is it?

Not Everyone Can Buy GMK Keycaps Easily

Miami Keycap Set (GMK)
Miami Keycap Set (GMK)

To get production keycaps from GMK is not as easy as walking around in the marketplace, writing the keyword “GMK Keycaps Set” and all the keycaps variants will appear. Some will appear, but the keycaps designs and colors you’re looking for can’t be found.

To get the GMK keycaps of your dreams, you must actively join the community or group and get the latest information with the GMK keycaps you want. Going through group purchases is fun and organized, but you have to wait months to be able to enjoy your dream GMK Keycaps.

Due to factors such as purchasing, the GMK Keycaps product you want is not available in your favorite marketplace which makes GMK charge very high prices for their keycaps. In essence GMK keycaps are not mass produced, just a little more than their limited edition keycaps.

After Sales Reversal

After Sales Reversal
After Sales Reversal

You will probably find your dream GMK keycaps after searching through social media groups or registering and discussing in forums. This will happen if you are late or miss the group purchase schedule for the GMK keycaps you want.

You find your keycaps being offered on online forums without a price tag. After you discuss with the seller, you are offered a higher price 50% even 100% of the normal price of the keycaps. Of course this will frustrate you, especially since they are limited edition GMK keycaps.

This is really happening nowadays, when limited edition GMK keycaps appear, sellers will intentionally join the forum and buy in bulk, This is also the reason why limited edition GMK keycaps sell out very quickly and sell out. This is really a soft suggestion for business because they will benefit. But on the other hand it also has a very high risk. Just imagine if their sales are not in line with expectations, it’s obviously a loss.

We think it’s a natural thing in the business world, we can call it an investment in the future, because they can resell it at a higher price. The fewer the number of products desired, the higher the price to be pinned.

This is the same as selling cars or motorbikes in limited quantities, you will find the prices are always high even if they are used.

Are GMK Keycaps Worth it?

Yes, GMK keycaps are really worth it. When you have limited edition GMK keycaps with certain designs, motifs, and textures that other keycaps don’t have, then you get exclusivity.

To be able to buy limited edition GMK keycaps, you have to go through a lot of procedures and work hard to make it happen, you can get mass produced GMK keycaps but you don’t get exclusivity compared to when you have limited edition GMK keycaps.

Even at a high price, you won’t get exclusivity when you have mass-produced GMK keycaps that are not limited edition. Not just because of the limited edition.

GMK has a high value because they are really serious about producing high quality ABS keycaps with Cherry Original profile that you won’t get in other keycaps set brands.

GMK also produces keycaps with unique designs, unique color combinations that you can’t find. In addition, the different textures in each edition of the GMK keycaps are a very valuable value.

Where to Buy GMK Keycaps?

You can buy GMK keycaps on several websites and online forums. Here are the places to buy GMK keyaps that we recommend:

Which is the Best GMK Keycaps?

Based on user votes by DROP.COM, the following is a list of the 10 most popular and most liked GMK Keycaps by users:

GMK Keycaps SetsPrice
GMK Cyan$180.00
GMK Hyperfuse$180.00
GMK Originative$180.00
GMK Skeletor$175.00
GMK Sky Dolch$180.00
Classic beigeUnknown
GMK DolchRebornUnknown
GMK Hydro$180.00
GMK CarbonUnknown
Originative Cyrillic$200.00
GMK Troubled MindsUnknown
Best GMK Keycaps

Best Alternative for GMK keycaps

Alternatives for Keycaps with Cherry Profile are indeed very difficult to find, especially for those equivalent to the quality of the GMK Keycaps Set product. GMK uses thick and quality ABS plastic in each of their Keycap Set products. There are several brands of keycap sets that have good quality like GMK keycap sets but with an OEM profile.

One brand that makes keycap sets that carries a cherry profile with a fairly good quality is Gliging, EPOMAKER, HK Gaming, Sumgsn, Hyekit, dan DAGK whose products you can find on Amazon. The following is a list of keycaps sets that you can use as an alternative to GMK Keycaps:

Keycap SetKeycap ProfilePrice
Hyekit 129 Keycaps Dye-Sublimation Striker KeycapsCherry Profile$35.99
Terukir 129 Keys PBT Dye-Sublimation Japanese KeycapCherry Profile $39.99
HK GAMING Dye Sublimation KeycapsCherry Profile $49.99
EPOMAKER AKKO Psittacus 157 Keys Double-Shot PBTCherry Profile $57.99
Mistel Doubleshot PBT KeycapsCherry Profile $45.99
Gliging PBT Keycaps 160 Doubleshot KeysCherry Profile $47.99
Gliging 135 Keys PBT Japanese KeycapsCherry Profile $29.99
Sumgsn 141 Keys PBT Botanical KeycapsCherry Profile $59.99
Gliging Keycaps 148 PBT Dye SublimationCherry Profile $34.99
Sumgsn DYE-Sublimation Personalized MIZUCherry Profile $35.99
Gliging 140 Key Japanese Bento RootCherry Profile $37.99
Hyekit 129 Keycaps Shoko Dye-Sublimation Keycap SetCherry Profile $39.99
Gliging Ducky iKBC KeycapsCherry Profile $34.99
Sumgsn Minimalist Black ThemeCherry Profile $32.99
Gliging PBT Japenese Keycaps 130 BingsuCherry Profile $35.99
EPOMAKER AKKO Macaw 157 Keys Double-Shot PBTCherry Profile $59.99
DAGK Memphis 128-Key Cherry Profile PBTCherry Profile $39.99
Best Alternative to GMK Keycaps

So, Are GMK Keycaps Worth The Price?

GMK keycaps are expensive because of their exclusivity and rarity. Even though non-limited edition GMK keycaps are available, they still have a very high price. This is because GMK is the only one that has the license and permit to manufacture Keycaps with Cherry Profil Original.

Keycaps made by GMK have a unique design, rare motifs, great keycaps texture, comfortable for typing or playing games. GMK has also proven that, not only PBT plastic keycaps are of high quality and have good durability, GMK has proven with their high quality ABS keycaps set, which is even better than the double shot PBT keycaps on the market today.


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