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Anne Pro 2 vs Ducky One 2 Mini: Which Better for You?

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

This post will discuss the comparison between 2 60% keyboards, namely Anne Pro 2 vs Ducky One 2 Mini, both of which are quite popular in the market.

So, which is better between Ducky One 2 Mini VS Anne Pro 2? We will also discuss in detail their differences in terms of features, components, build quality, and several other important aspects.

Let’s get started!

If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard with a size of 60% today, then you have 2 main choices between the Ducky One 2 mini and Anne Pro 2. Both of these mechanical keyboards use the same quality double shot PBT keycap. But, which one is better for you?

The Ducky One 2 mini and Anne Pro 2 are the most popular 60% keyboards on the market. These two keyboards compete in the market very tightly. But which keyboard do you deserve? is the Ducky One 2 mini? or Anne Pro 2?

Which Design and Build Quality is better between Ducky One 2 Mini or Anne Pro 2?

Ducky One 2 Mini

The Ducky One 2 Mini has excellent build quality. The keyboard body is made of solid plastic and feels solid. There are some parts that feel a little pliable when pressed, but that’s not a big deal for normal use. This keyboard is equipped with double shot keycaps made of PBT plastic which is very good and thick, feels very luxurious and quality. This keyboard is equipped with a stabilizer and switch from Cherry MX which makes the keycaps on this keyboard very stable and sturdy.

Ducky One 2 Mini
Ducky One 2 Mini

The Anne Pro 2 is just as good quality as the Ducky One 2 Mini. The overall body of this keyboard is made of thick and sturdy plastic. Anne Pro 2 is equipped with PBT plastic double shot keycaps that are very thick and pleasant to the touch. But there is a lack of stabilizer and keycaps balance that feels a little wobbly when used.

Anne Pro 2

Overall, the Ducky One 2 Mini is superior to Anne Pro 2 in terms of design only because of the shortcomings in Anne Pro 2’s Keycaps which are not very stable and wobbly.

What About Ergonomics?

Ducky One 2 Mini Left – Anne Pro 2 Right

The Ducky One 2 Mini has the option to adjust the tilt angle which can help improve the ergonomics of this keyboard. This keyboard is not equipped with a palm rest to aid comfort and ergonomics. But the stable and non-shaking PBT keycaps can improve the ergonomics feel when using this keyboard.

The Anne Pro 2’s ergonomics are not that great when compared to the Ducky One 2 Mini. Anne Pro 2 does not have a special option to adjust the tilt angle, so users cannot find the right position when using this keyboard.

Overall, Ducky One 2 Mini is better in terms of ergonomics compared to Anne Pro 2. Because Ducky One 2 Mini has the option to adjust the level of tilt on the keyboard.

How about RGB Backlighting?

Ducky One 2 Mini Left – Anne Pro 2 Right

Both the Ducky One 2 Mini and Anne Pro 2 have a great RGB Backlight. The Ducky One 2 Mini produces good, bright RGB colors. This keyboard is great for use in dark rooms or places.

The Anne Pro 2 has an excellent RGB Backlight too. RGB pops up in every gap of the PBT keycaps with incredibly accurate colors. But the RGB Backlight on the Anne Pro 2 is a little less bright when compared to the Ducky One 2 Mini’s RGB Backlight when it’s in a dark place.

What About Wireless Versatility?

For Wireless Versatility, the Anne Pro 2 has the upper hand over the Ducky One 2 Mini. Anne Pro 2 can connect to your device via bluetooth connection and cable as well. While the Ducky One 2 Mini is only connected using a cable, there is no Bluetooth connection whatsoever. And sadly, the Ducky One 2 Mini’s cable quality is very poor.

Additional Features

Anne Pro 2 has built-in software to optimize keyboard function and can reprogram keys. There is an auto sleep feature to save battery while on standby. Bluetooth feature that can connect with 4 devices at once.

Ducky One 2 Mini does not have supporting software to adjust the keyboard and maximize the existing features. All key features can only be operated through the FN function and Shortcut logo on some of the keys on this keyboard. There is a secret switch at the bottom to change the button settings. Make sure you read the manual in order to understand the function of the switch at the bottom of the keyboard.

For features, we feel Anne Pro 2 is far superior to the Ducky One 2 Mini. Besides being able to connect via bluetooth with your device, this keyboard also has built-in software.

What Inside Their Box?

Here are some of the items you get in the Ducky One 2 Mini and Anne Pro 2 purchase packages:

Ducky One 2 Mini Anne Pro 2
Ducky One 2 Mini keyboard
USB-C cable
Red Enter, Backspace, Escape keycaps
4x red arrow keycaps
1x Year of the Pig spacebar
2x red keycaps
Keycap removal tool
Obinslab Anne Pro 2
USB-C cable
1x Keycap puller
8x Extra keycaps (1×1.5)
1x Extra enter keycap (1×2.25)
1x Extra shift keycap (1×2.75)
1x Extra escape keycap (1×1)
Quick Start guide

What About Keycaps And Switches?

Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini is available on the market using the Cherry MX Brown Switch, Cherry MX Brown on this keyboard requires a little power to press it. Ducky One 2 Mini is available with all types of Siwtch from Cherry MX namely Cherry Mx Red, Blue, Silver, Silent Red, and Brown. Each color has its own character. For example, if you want a clicky typing experience, we recommend choosing Cherry MX Red or Blue. In addition, the Ducky One 2 Mini has a very stable Cherry MX style stabilizer, so the PBT keys on this keyboard feel very accurate and solid when pressed.

Anne Pro 2

Anne Pro 2 is available with the Switch from Gateron. Gateron switches also have a lot of characters in different colors. If you want a clicky sound, then Gateron Red and Blue are the most appropriate to use. But if you want a responsive Gateron Switch, then you need to use the Gateron tacticle. It all depends on what kind of character switch you need. The stabilizer on the keyboard is not very good, we still feel the vibration on the keycaps when pressed. In addition, the Anne Pro 2 is also available in Kailh and Cherry switch variants.

What About Typing Quality?

Anne Pro 2

The quality of typing with the Anne pro 2 is pretty great. Although the PBT double shot keycaps on this keyboard are a bit wobbly and vibrate, it doesn’t detract from the comfort of typing on this keyboard. You also have to adapt a little to this 60% keyboard layout. The distance between the button to the button is very fitting, so it is quite accurate when used.

Ducky One 2 Mini

Ducky One 2 Mini has great typing quality. Ducky One 2 Mini feels very stable and accurate when used. This may be a good thing due to the use of the Cherry Style Stabilizer on the Double Shot PBT keycaps on this keyboard. The distance from button to button is ideal and easy for fingers to reach. Since this Keyboard is a 60% layout keyboard, you need to adapt a little to smaller layouts and you have to remember a lot of FN key combinations and other functions. This keyboard has a great typing feel.

What About Support Software?

What About Support Software?
What About Support Software?

In this section, Anne Pro 2 is superior to Ducky One 2 Mini which does not have supporting software, even Ducky Shine 7 is not compatible with this keyboard. Anne Pro 2 has ObinsKit ObinsLab built-in software which is pretty good for optimizing the keyboard. You can reprogram the buttons, adjust the RGB backlight. If you want to use this software, make sure you connect using a cable, because the Anne Pro 2 software cannot read the keyboard via a bluetooth connection.

What About Compatibility?

Anne Pro 2 is compatible with Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android, and iOS operating systems via bluetooth. However, there are some buttons that don’t work when used on MacOS, iOS, and iPAD devices.

For Ducky One 2 Mini, only compatible with windows, MacOs, and Linux, but can’t connect with Android, iOS or iPad because Ducky One 2 Mini doesn’t have bluetooth connection.

For compatibility, the Anne Pro 2 is very superior compared to the Ducky One 2 Mini which has no wireless functionality.

Anne Pro 2 VS Ducky One 2 Mini Usability Test

Ducky One 2 Mini

Mixed usageThe Ducky One 2 Mini is a great mixed usage keyboard. It’s an excellent gaming keyboard thanks to the Cherry MX Brown switches that have a nice tactile bump. The double-shot PBT keycaps also feel very nice and offer an amazing typing quality, which is great whether you’re playing, typing, or even programming. However, this keyboard can’t be used via Bluetooth with mobile devices.
For GamingThe Ducky One 2 Mini is an excellent gaming keyboard. The actuation force and pre-travel are low and the inputs feel responsive. It’s also very well-built and provides great feedback thanks to the brown switches. The board is very customizable, although you have to do everything on the keyboard itself as there’s no interface available.
For OfficeThe Ducky One 2 Mini is a good office keyboard. While its ergonomics aren’t the best, it does have two incline settings, which helps to find the most comfortable position for you. The variant with the brown switches has one of the best typing experiences we’ve tested so far, but some people might not like the lack of arrow keys on the Mini version of the keyboard. The brown switches are also quiet and won’t bother people surrounding you.
For ProgrammingThe Ducky One 2 Mini is a great programming keyboard thanks to its amazing typing quality, great build quality, and full RGB backlighting. However, the Mini version without arrows might not be the best option and you might want to look at a bigger variant. Also, it’s fully compatible on Windows, and only the calculator hotkey doesn’t work on macOS and Linux.

Anne Pro 2

Mixed usageThe Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great keyboard for mixed usage. While it’s designed for gaming, its ability to reprogram every key with macros and good compatibility makes it great for programming as well. Its great typing quality makes it a decent choice for using in the office as well, though unfortunately its small keys, lack of arrow buttons, and no incline settings means its ergonomics are only adequate. While it’s a small keyboard, it also may not be the best for mobile use as it’s quite thick and heavy and doesn’t work at all on Android.
For GamingThe Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an excellent gaming keyboard. It offers outstanding customizability of its RGB lighting as well as the ability to reprogram every key to macros. It feels very well made and its actuation force and pre-travel are excellent. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are unremarkable due to its lack of incline settings, palm rest, and smaller-than-average key size, though this may not be too bothersome to everyone.
For Mobile/TabletThe Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a great keyboard for mobile or tablet use. It can connect to any device via Bluetooth, though unfortunately, it doesn’t work with Android. While it’s a small keyboard, it’s fairly thick and it won’t be the most portable option. On the upside, it can pair to four devices at once, which is excellent, and recharges via USB-C.
For OfficeThe Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a decent keyboard for office use. While it’s available in a wide range of switches to offer you the best possible typing experience, its middling ergonomics may bother some people during long typing sessions. It’s a rather tall keyboard with no palm rest, incline settings, and has smaller-than-average keys. On the upside, every key is fully programmable, so you can set shortcuts and macros to help you navigate your desktop or work software.
For ProgrammingThe Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an excellent keyboard for programming. It’s available in an extremely wide range of switch options depending on your personal preference, and the Gateron Brown switches we tested offer a great typing experience. It works with most operating systems, and every button can be programmed to macros, which is great. Unfortunately, its ergonomics are rather middling due to its lack of incline settings or palmrest, and its slightly small keys.

Ducky One 2 Min VS i Pros & Cons

Ducky One 2 Mini

Excellent typing quality.

Built-in software can be confusing to use.

Very well-built design.Lack of dedicated arrow keys makes navigating text harder.
Great customization options.
Excellent backlighting.

Anne Pro 2

Excellent build quality.

Small size may feel cramped to some; no arrow keys.
Superb typing experience.Minimal extra features.
Great customization options.
Wide variety of switch types available.

What About Price?

Ducky One 2 MiniAnne Pro 2

For the price, the Ducky One 2 Mini is much more expensive than the Anne Pro 2. The ducky Onw 2 Mini is priced at $119 and the Anne Pro 2 is priced at $89.


Both the Ducky One 2 Mini and Anne Pro 2 are incredible 60% mechanical keyboards. Both of these keyboards have good build quality, great typing experience, and great design.

But If you want 60% mechanical keyboard with great build quality and good typing experience. Then the Ducky One 2 Mini is a very good choice. But you don’t have any additional software because this keyboard is not compatible with Ducky Shine 7.

But if you want a 60% mechanical keyboard at a more affordable price, full features, great wireless usability, good software support, and of course great typing quality. Then you should consider Anne Pro 2.

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