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Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards: Things You Should Know!

Last Updated on December 4, 2023

Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards: Everything you need to know about analog keyboards, including their actuation mechanism, how they differ from mechanical keyboards, and the brands that make them, will be covered in this article. Buyers should have a clearer understanding of whether analog keyboards are preferable to traditional mechanical keyboards at the end of this essay.

Since analog keyboards use infrared LEDs, they resemble optical keyboards more than mechanical keyboards. On the other hand, mechanical key switches continue to operate through a metal-to-metal contact. The simple on and off state of mechanical switches is replaced by over 256 levels of pressure points in analog switches.

Analog keyboards need some break-in time from the user to properly master its benefits in terms of mastery and muscle memory. This is due to the fact that your input might differ significantly depending on how firmly or softly you hit the switches. Additionally, because analog keyboards often allow adjustment of actuation points, which essentially lets the user determine how switches behave, they give the user greater customization possibilities.

Analog keyboards generally work similarly to mechanical keyboards aside from these customisation options. You benefit from all the accuracy and advantages of mechanical keyboards. However, despite all these advancements, analog keyboards elevate the user experience.

What are Analog Keyboards?

What are Analog Keyboards?
What are Analog Keyboards?

The same is true for gaming peripherals and video games. To accommodate the growing demand of professional, competitive, and recreational gamers, manufacturers constantly create new equipment. The Analog Keyboard Technology is one of the newest developments in the gaming industry.

The newest mechanical keyboard trend is analog keyboards. They try to mimic the responsiveness and smoothness of conventional joysticks and game console controllers. You can move more fluidly with these keyboards, which is really advantageous for some games. Not all of its features, though, are advantageous to everyone, and the majority still favor conventional mechanical keyboards.

How Do Analog Keyboards Work?

How Do Analog Keyboards Work?

The future of gaming keyboards is reportedly analog keyboards. The key selling point is that they enable gradual signal modification, which is highly reminiscent of game console controllers.

To better clarify how analog keyboards function, it should be noted that they do not only rely on mechanical contacts. Analog keyboards, on the other hand, rely on the strength of infrared LEDs combined with a light touch of sophisticated sensors that instantly detect the intensity of light and then transform it into a keypress.

Since joysticks and controllers are used in that manner, it precisely identifies how far a certain key is being pressed and converts it back into motion, something gamers will much appreciate.

The characters in the game the user is playing will react differently depending on how lightly or firmly they pressed a certain key. A gentle keypress causes the gaming character to gracefully walk, and a deep keypress causes the character to run or sprint.

Is Analog keyboard the same as a mechanical keyboard?

Because they provide a more direct connection between the keys and the underlying electronics, mechanical keyboards are frequently referred to as “analog” keyboards. As a result, they can give you a more consistent and responsive typing experience. Additionally, they provide a greater range of customization choices, letting you alter key feel, action strength, and other aspects to your liking.

Analog Keyboards vs Mechanical Keyboards: which better For Gaming?

Despite all the advantages they have over mechanical keyboards, analog keyboards nevertheless have some drawbacks. The primary cause is primarily related to game compatibility.

The technology of analog keyboards is so different from that of digital keyboards that game creators must first optimize this feature for it to function. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a difference between using a mechanical keyboard against an analog one.

However, players will reap some noteworthy advantages from the titles that do support it. Racing simulators provide for finer control while games like Fortnite give 360-degree movement.

In conclusion, analog keyboards may provide a better gaming experience. But given the situation of the gaming market right now, it doesn’t seem likely that game designers would soon optimize their titles for analog keyboards.

Are Analog Keyboards Good For Typing?

Analog keyboards are similar to traditional mechanical keyboards in terms of typing. Although they do have a lot of customizable features and other advantages like quicker actuation speed and reaction time, the most of these are not helpful for typing. In fact, the majority of people would argue that if you plan to do more typing, it would be advisable to purchase a mechanical keyboard that is designed to provide the finest typing experience.

Naturally, they will function flawlessly for typing as analog keyboards are essentially the same as mechanical keyboards with linear switches. However, analog keyboards aren’t the best equipment for the task if we’re talking about value for the money.

Are Analog Keyboards Popular?

In the present keyboard market, analog keyboards are not very well-liked. Their lack of popularity is primarily due to the undeveloped technology. And even though major gaming brands have adopted their technology, they are still lagging behind mechanical keyboards in terms of performance.

Of course, once games again make better use of analog technology, everything could change. However, up until that time, most gamers are choosing to continue with more conventional gaming equipment.

Should You Get The Analog Keyboard?

Analog keyboards are difficult to sell at the moment because of the status of the market. Due to the modern technology and ingenuity used to create these keyboards, the majority of businesses demand premium costs. However, they only have a very small number of real-world applications.

Once more, it is impossible to predict how the keyboard market will change over the next two years. However, we strongly advise sticking with mechanical keyboards due to the crude technology of Analog keyboards.

Having said that, analog keyboards might be worthwhile if you already have a lot of mechanical keyboards and are particularly interested in them, or if you play games like Fortnite competitively. Mechanical keyboards, however, are more appropriate for the remainder of the general public.

Are Analog Keyboards Hot Swappable?

Yes Yes Can No, Some analog keyboard manufacturers such as Razer and Steelseries do not provide hot swappable features on their analog keyboards. On the other hand, Wooting provides hot swappable features on their analog keyboards such as the THE WOOTING ONE.

Are Analog Keyboards Hot Swappable?

The brand that makes Analog Keyboards

Because it is difficult to replicate the technology employed in these keyboards, only three companies, as previously indicated, established their names and brands utilizing analog keyboards. The following keyboard manufacturers make extremely dependable analog keyboards:

  • Razer
  • SteelSeries
  • Wooting


Razer has a wide range of reputations. They are renowned for developing several types of keyboard and gaming mouse technologies, as well as for introducing one of the first mechanical keyboards (Razer Blackwidow 2010). With the introduction of the Razer Huntsman V2 Analog, Razer has experimented with analog keyboard technology.

To combine the Huntsman experience with these new switches is the goal of the Huntsman V2 Analog. Due to the number of functions it adds, their Analog keyboards are more adventurous than their other offerings. Although it isn’t a surefire smash, it demonstrates that Razer isn’t hesitant to provide cutting-edge items.

Whether Razer will keep releasing analog versions of their keyboards is unknown. One thing is certain, though. Given that more well-known manufacturers are promoting the technology, analog keyboards are in a much stronger position.


SteelSeries is a seasoned producer that has been creating gaming peripherals for years, much like Razer. They are well recognized for their support of major Esports leagues like Fnatic and Natus Vincere. Considering that their peripherals are rated for professional use, they have a decent reputation.

The Apex Pro Analog is Steelseries’ analog gaming keyboard product. The SteelSeries Apex Pro offers all the features that are common to the Apex series, just like Razer’s offering. The Analog switches are the only distinction. Although it lacks the audacity of its rivals, Steelseries’ products’ excellent design gives it a lot of potential.


Some gamers might not be familiar with the name Wooting. Nevertheless, given their significant contributions to the keyboard industry, this company deserves more credit. The Wooting One, the first analog switch keyboard, was created by Wooting. For now, one of the most popular analog keyboards from Wooting is the Wooting Two HE.

Future analog keyboards will be able to build on the precedent set by this product. The products offered by Steelseries and Razer might not exist without it. The Wooting 60HE will be made available in 2022 as Wooting continues to innovate.

Conclusion: Key Differences Between Analog Keyboard vs Mechanical Keyboard

From the explanation above, we have summarized some of the main differences between an analog keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. The differences are as follows:

  • PCB: PCB on analog keyboard uses a different pcb with mechanical keyboard. The PCB used is the same as the PCB on the optical keyboard. PCB provides infraredLED which when inferared is covered by switch, there is actuation.
  • How it works: Analog Keyboard uses infrared light and photoelectric switches to detect a key press. Keyboards with analog switches have a quicker reaction time than metal switches and have a longer life because there is no metal contact.
  • Switches: Mechanical keyboards have at least 3 or 5 pins attached to the PCB, whereas analog switches have only 1 plastic pin with a fairly large diameter and only fit into one pin port on the PCB.
  • Feel: The analog keyboard has typing feedback that is very similar to a linear switch without any bumpy feedback and the typing sound is also quite quiet. While the mechanical keyboard can provide a typing experience from 3 types of switches that can be used such as linear, tactile, and clicky.
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