Do Mechanical Keyboards Make a Difference?

Do Mechanical Keyboards Make a Difference? Mechanical Keyboard can provide a much more pleasant typing experience compared to a regular keyboard or membrane keyboard. This is because mechanical keyboards use components that have better build quality. Mechanical keyboards use different types of components such as mechanical switches, stabilizers, thicker keycaps, and an overall build quality body that is more robust and solid.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards So Satisfying?

Do mechanical keyboards make a difference? Of course, a mechanical keyboard can provide a better typing experience starting from the typing sound produced, typing feedback on each key that feels faster and more accurate, easier to operate, can make typing activities faster and more precise, and typing using mechanical keyboard can minimize typing errors.

Difference Between Mechanical Keyboard and Normal Keyboard (Membrane)

Mechanical KeyboardMembrane Keyboard
The distance between the buttons is closerThe distance between the buttons is a bit tenuous
The arrangement of the buttons looks protruding upwards compared to the membrane type.The arrangement of buttons looks lower and less prominent.
Using the switch mechanism system at the bottom of the buttonUsing a layer of rubber on the circuit button.
Produces a loud sound when pressed.Produces a smooth sound when pressed.
The reaction of the button is more tactical even though it is pressed slowly.Requires more power for the keyboard to react immediately.
Difference Between Mechanical Keyboard and Normal Keyboard (Membrane)

There is a wide range of keyboard types out there, most of which are side by side with standard (membrane) keyboards, and some are also available through mechanical keyboards or Mechanical Keyboards.

Being professionals like gamers and writers can take advantage of certain types of keyboards with the best results and a better level of comfort, such as what is presented by the Mechanical Keyboard. Well, if you are curious about the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard in general, then you have come at the right time, because we will briefly discuss the differences between the two things in general.

Mechanical keyboards basically use actual physical switches beneath the keys to determine when the user has pressed a key. Unlike the case with normal everyday keyboards where it uses a rubber membrane to make contact between the keys and the PCB.

The components that are presented are quite cheap, but do not provide a satisfactory typing experience, may be inaccurate and do not last long.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards use keys, called switches, in addition to any keypresses we normally press on a key on the keyboard. As a result, this feature has or delivers more defined clicks, lasts longer than normal keyboards but costs more. Mechanical keyboards also tend to be more premium and will provide the best typing experience.

Main Differences Mechanical Keyboard & Keyboards in general

At first, this design didn’t sound so out of the ordinary. After all, sometimes we like to think that we already have a keyboard, and we can tell when to press a key: you press it down, and a letter appears on the screen. And that’s it, the explanation of a simple keyboard in everyone’s mind. But apparently, an effective keyboard can provide the best results for its users. For example, let’s say you are a gamer or writer, feeling comfortable will give the user the best performance when he pours everything in his mind into a computer machine with the best keyboard media he can have, one of which is presented in a mechanical keyboard.

Most keyboards consist of a set of three plastic membranes, with a rubber dome-shaped switch under each key. When we press a key, a rubber switch is pushed through the hole in the middle membrane to connect the top and bottom of the membrane, creating an electrical circuit that causes the keyboard to send input to the computer. This keyboard design is inexpensive and may or may not be spill-resistant, but it doesn’t provide much tactile or responsiveness when you press keys, which can change the way you type.

While mechanical keyboards use switches to send typing signals. There are more than one type of switch out there where each keyboard with this type has a different performance. Each button presented has its own switch, which is equipped with a base, spring and stem. The most common switches are blue, red, brown, black etc. The mechanical keyboard will also make a fairly loud sound when pressing the button, but it is easy and very comfortable when it is pressed. Mechanical keyboards usually also provide swappable keycaps, which allow the user to customize the keyboard.

The main manufacturer of mechanical switches today is Cherry, while one of their rivals, Alps Electric, ended their production in the early 2000s. Companies such as Cooler Master, Corsair, Razer, Thermaltake, Logitech and SteelSeries offer a variety of mechanical keyboard models aimed at gamers with varying levels of comfort and features.

1. Normal Keyboard (Membrane)

Normal Keyboard (Membrane)
Normal Keyboard (Membrane)

Normal keyboard or often referred to as a membrane or membrane technology is usually widely used by office workers. Normal keyboard there are 3 layers that are placed under the keys on the keyboard. The membrane is made of a soft material, namely silicone and underneath is equipped with a layer of granite. The membrane functions as a knock signal conductor which then activates the circuit layer below it.

  • Normal Keyboard (Membrane) produces a softer and smoother sound, this is because the keystrokes on the keyboard are coated with a silicone material before hitting the circuit below. That’s why a normal keyboard (membrane) does not have a loud and quiet typing sound, therefore this type of keyboard is widely used in offices.
  • Normal Keyboard (Membrane) is generally made of plastic material, therefore this keyboard feels lighter when carried everywhere. Because it is made of plastic, this keyboard is much cheaper than Mechanical keyboards.

2. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical Keyboard

Actually Mechanical keyboards existed before the membrane technology keyboard. Due to the presence of membrane technology, which feels more efficient because it is not as noisy as a mechanical keyboard, many keyboard manufacturers are turning to produce membrane keyboards.

  • The mechanical keyboard that we often see today is a refinement of the previous mechanical keyboard. The changes that we can see are from the keyboard working system, materials, offering several types of switches, and of course using RGB which will attract gamers.
  • Mechanical keyboards have technology that membrane-tech keyboards don’t have. Mechanical keyboard using Individual Switch on each key. So basically each button has its own mechanic that has been equipped with a spring that makes the button feel perfectly bouncing after the user presses it.
  • Mechanical keyboards are believed to last longer than normal keyboards with membrane technology. Mechanical keyboard switches use plastic and metal materials, and the mechanical keyboard feels heavier which makes it look more sturdy.
  • Mechanical keyboards are also known as keyboards that are very comfortable for typing. When compared to normal keyboards with membrane technology, mechanical keyboards have a different sensation, especially the “clicky” sound that makes the typing experience more intense and will improve the typing mood.
  • For those of you who like to tinker and want to be different, mechanical keyboards can also be customized as you like by replacing keycaps that you can find on the market or in online stores.
  • Mechanical keyboards are also very reliable because of their anti-ghosting capabilities. So you can press buttons simultaneously which will make your gaming experience even better. This is due to the latest technology from mechanical keyboards that use individual switches for each key.
  • The mechanical keyboard also looks cooler because it is equipped with an RGB LED backlight that you can adjust according to your taste. Wow, if you are a gamer you must use a mechanical keyboard!!

Do mechanical keyboards make a difference in Gaming?

Do mechanical keyboards make a difference in Gaming?
Do mechanical keyboards make a difference in Gaming?

To play games on computers or play competitive games that are so many today, a gamer needs a keyboard that can provide typing accuracy, input speed, responsive keys, and also a sense of typing that is more precise with minimal typing errors.

With a mechanical keyboard that has a switch component that can provide a faster and responsive typing experience, it will make a very significant difference when used to play games compared to using a regular keyboard or membrane keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards can provide a more precise, accurate, fast, and much more responsive typing experience. In addition, the gaming page will be more enjoyable using the mechanical keyboard because of the tactile sound that each key makes each time it is pressed.

The mechanical keyboard also has several supporting features such as Anti Ghosting which can minimize typing errors, Then the N-Key Rollover feature which allows you to press several keys simultaneously, and also the mechanical keyboard has a polling rate that is much better than a regular keyboard.

Does a mechanical keyboard make a difference in Daily Typing?

Does a mechanical keyboard make a difference in Daily Typing?
Does a mechanical keyboard make a difference in Daily Typing?

For daily use in fulfilling your daily typing activities such as doing office work, blogging, programming, and surfing the internet, using a mechanical keyboard can definitely provide a better experience.

Typing using a mechanical keyboard feels much faster and responsive for daily use because to press each key, you don’t need more effort because the keys are very light to operate so this can also save your energy and can reduce the risk of sore fingers.

Besides being able to provide a better typing experience, the mechanical keyboard can also give a more aesthetic appearance to your work desk because the mechanical keyboard has a modern design and features a very beautiful RGB/LED backlit.

So, Do Mechanical Keyboards Make a Difference??

Mechanical keyboards definitely make a difference in your various typing activities such as gaming, typing your office work, blogging, programming, and other typing activities because mechanical keyboards have mechanical keys that use switches which are much more fun to type, faster to send input, more responsive, produces cool typing sounds to hear, and the mechanical keyboard has buttons that are easier and lighter to operate than membrane keyboards or other ordinary keyboards.

The mechanical keyboard also has features such as Anti Ghosting, N-Key Rollover, and the Mechanical keyboard has been proven to produce a polling rate that is much better than a regular keyboard. For a variety of typing activities, a mechanical keyboard can make a very significant difference compared to a regular keyboard or membrane keyboard.


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