Switch Colors on Mechanical Keyboard: A Guide

Switch Colors

Why are Switch Colors different for each type of switch and what is their purpose? In simple terms, the difference in the color of the switches on a mechanical keyboard will have an impact on the feeling of typing, typing feedback, and the typing sound produced by the keyboard itself. I’ve used various kinds of … Read more

What are Low-Profile Switches? Things You Should Know!

What are Low-Profile Switches?

Are you curious about What are Low-Profile Switches? and what is the difference with normal switch? In this post, we want to explain in detail what low-profile switches are and what they are used for. So, What are Low-Profile Switches? In simple terms, Low-profile switches are smaller, modified versions of standard switches. Low-profile switches have … Read more

Brown Switches: The Ultimate Guide

Guide to Brown Switches

We hope that this post will help those of you who are just beginning to explore the world of mechanical keyboards to have a better grasp of brown switches. We will go into great detail on brown switches, including their different varieties, benefits, and drawbacks. So let’s get going! What Are Brown Switches? Brown switches … Read more

4 Best Silver Switches in 2022

The Best Silver Switches

In this post, we would like to recommend the Best Silver Switches on the market today. We will also discuss in detail what silver switches are and what they are for. You will learn about the definition of a silver switch in this post, along with its benefits and drawbacks. The silver switch is a … Read more

ANSI vs ISO Layout: Which Better for You?

ANSI vs ISO Layout

Recently, I’ve observed that some individuals are requesting ANSI vs ISO keyboards on a few mechanical keyboard forums. We conducted some study, and in this piece, we’ll tell you what we discovered. What variations exist between the ANSI and ISO keyboard layouts? Two different global standards bodies are represented by the initials ANSI and ISO. … Read more

Holy Panda Switches: 9+ Things You Should Know!

Holy Panda Switches Guide

In this post, we would like to provide a complete guide on Holy Panda Switches. Wre they? what kind of variants of Holy Panda Switches are there and are they suitable for you to use on your mechanical keyboard. So, let’s get started! What are Holy Panda Switches? One of the most widely used tactile … Read more