9 Fastest Switches for Mechanical Keyboard

The Fastest Switches for Mechanical Keyboards

Innovation in the world of mechanical keyboards continues to grow with various manufacturers creating or developing their products consistently. Inside a mechanical keyboard, there is a component called a switch. Currently, there are two types of switches on the market based on their working methods, namely Mechanical Switches and Optical Switches. Mechanical switches use springs … Read more

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch?

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch?

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch? The switch is a mechanical keyboard component that is attached to the PCB, either soldered or can be installed and removed at any time (as in hot swappable PCBs). In addition, the switch has a function to send instructions to the PCB and converted by the PCB into an input to … Read more

18 Best Tactile Switches in 2023

Best Tactile Switches

The tactile type switch is the perfect option for those of you who want slightly bumpy typing feedback and produce a slightly loud typing sound. Tactile switch is a type of switch that is very fun to use because the feedback feels very fitting and not too much like the Clicky Switch. In this article, … Read more

13 Quietest Mechanical Switches in 2023

Quietest Switches

In this post, I’m going to recommend the Quietest Mechanical Switches on the market today. We also discussed important aspects of each of these switches such as build quality, materials, and what kind of typing experience they can provide. So, let’s get started! If you want to get a smooth and quiet typing experience on … Read more

Can You Replace Switches on a Mechanical Keyboard?

Can You Replace Switches on a Mechanical Keyboard?

Can You Replace Switches on a Mechanical Keyboard? Of course you can, if one of the switches on the mechanical keyboard is damaged or you want to replace all the switches on your mechanical keyboard, you can replace them as long as the switches have the same number of pins and have the same pin … Read more

6 Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

In this post, we would like to provide detailed information about the Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches on the market today. Discussing about the mechanical keyboard feels incomplete if we don’t talk about switches. After in several articles I discussed about silent switches, quietest switches, fastest switches, and best switches for gaming, now it’s time to … Read more