Best Rubber Keycaps

The Best Rubber Keycaps [2022]

What is Rubber Keycap? Rubber keycap is a type of keycaps made of rubber and is usually used on keyboards that are mostly used for playing games. Rubber keycaps can provide a very great grip so you can play games with more precision and accuracy. Rubber keycaps have a distinctive feature with the keycap surface […]

Best Keycaps for Ducky One 2 Mini

The 17 Best Keycaps for Ducky One 2 Mini [2022]

The easiest thing you can do to modify or upgrade your Ducky One 2 Mini is to replace the default keycaps with quality custom keycaps that can give you a better experience when typing or playing games. Ducky One 2 Mini’s OEM Profile keycaps are actually of very high quality because they are made of […]

Best Keycaps for Anne Pro 2

The 26 Best Keycaps for Anne Pro 2 [2022]

The Anne Pro 2 is one of the most popular 60% keyboards among mechanical custom keyboard enthusiasts. This keyboard is known as a quality compact keyboard that has a cool design, has excellent build quality, and also uses quality components. The easiest thing you can do to upgrade the Anne Pro 2 is to replace […]

The Best PBT Keycaps Manufacturer on the market today are EnjoyPBT, AKKO, and HK Gaming. As for quality PBT keycaps manufacturers who sell their keycaps products at affordable prices, such as Mistel, Gliging, Sumgsn, Terukir, YMDK, SDYZ and Hyekit are alternatives that are worth considering.

The 10 Best PBT Keycaps Manufacturers [2022]

Currently, there are many keycaps manufacturers that make PBT plastic keycap sets on the market, but only a few manufacturers consistently make PBT keycaps with excellent quality and reliable durability. In this article, we will provide important information about the best PBT keycaps manufacturers on the market today who make PBT keycaps products of excellent […]

Best OEM Profile Keycaps Sets

The 14 Best OEM Keycaps [2022]

Keycap OEM profile is one of the most ideal keycap profiles besides Cherry Profile and DSA Profile. The OEM Profile has a very ideal height and is sure to fit various types of user hand sizes. This makes the keycap OEM profile a standard that should be used on every prebuilt keyboard on the market […]

Best MT3 Keycaps Sets

The 13 Best MT3 Keycaps [2022]

The MT3 profile is quite popular among enthusiasts of custom mechanical keyboards and this MT3 profile keycap is perfect for use on low profile keyboards or keyboards that have a thin design so that when you use the MT3 profile keycap for typing you still get a more precise and ergonomic typing experience. . But […]