6 Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

In this post, we would like to provide detailed information about the Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches on the market today. Discussing about the mechanical keyboard feels incomplete if we don’t talk about switches. After in several articles I discussed about silent switches, quietest switches, fastest switches, and best switches for gaming, now it’s time to … Read more

How Much Are Mechanical Keyboards?

How Much Are Mechanical Keyboards?

If you are curious about How Much Are Mechanical Keyboards? We will explain in detail about the price differences on mechanical keyboards and why the prices can differ from one another. If you are confused about how much it costs you to prepare to get a mechanical keyboard that has decent quality, has build quality, … Read more

Kemove 61 Snowfox [Detailed Review in 2022]

Kemove 61 Snowfox 60% Hot-Swappable

If you are looking for a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard at a very affordable price, then the Kemove 61 Snowfox 60% mechanical keyboard should be considered. The Kemove 61 Snowfox is one of the best 60% mechanical keyboard options to date. The Kemove 61 Snowfox has all the features you’re looking for for a compact keyboard. … Read more

Can Mechanical Keyboards be Repaired? Things You Should Know!

Can Mechanical Keyboards be Repaired?

Can Mechanical Keyboards be Repaired? Mechanical keyboards are also a technological innovation that cannot be separated from the risk of damage and also certain problems that require repair with proper handling. If your mechanical keyboard is currently experiencing problems with damage to certain functions or components, then you have come to the right article. Through … Read more

Are Mechanical Keyboards Waterproof? Things You Should Know!

Are Mechanical Keyboards Waterproof?

In this post, we will provide a detailed answer to the question “Are Mechanical Keyboards Waterproof?”. How resistant is a mechanical keyboard to water and are there any keyboards that can withstand water. With the price of a mechanical keyboard which is quite expensive compared to the price of a membrane keyboard or other types … Read more