Kemove 61 Snowfox 60% Hot-Swappable

The Kemove 61 Snowfox Review [2022]

If you are looking for a hot-swappable mechanical keyboard at a very affordable price, then the Kemove 61 Snowfox 60% mechanical keyboard should be considered. The Kemove 61 Snowfox is one of the best 60% mechanical keyboard options to date.

The Kemove 61 Snowfox has all the features you’re looking for for a compact keyboard. Great typing experience, reliable stabilizer, key remapping, RGB LED, and Bluetooth connectivity. The main feature that we almost forgot about the Kemove 61 Snowfox, this keyboard is a Hot Swappable mechanical keyboard and has a very large battery capacity.

Unboxing The Kemove 61 Snowfox

When you open the Kemove 61 Snowfox box you get some equipment such as:

  • Kemove 61 Snowfox 60% Mechanical Keyboard
  • Braided USB Type C
  • Keycaps Puller
  • Switch Puller
  • Manual Book
  • Green, Yellow, White one each

You also get 3 switches each colored Green, Yellow, and White. This is to inform you that this keyboard is a hot swappable keyboard that you can change the switches at any time without having to solder. All switches built into the keyboard and the 3 free switches are switches from Gateron.

Design And Build Quality

Kemove 61 Snowfox has very good build quality, the body of this keyboard is made of quite thick plastic. You might think this keyboard is a little lighter because it’s made of plastic, but it’s heavier than I expected.

For the bottom you get a foot support to adjust the angle and height of the keyboard, this is very useful for getting comfort when typing, but this foot support only has one step.

In addition, you also get a rubber that is attached to the bottom of the keyboard to help grip this keyboard so that it attaches well to your favorite workbench. For the USB type C port, which is right in front of the left, this is the most ideal position compared to the USB port that is placed on the side, or in the middle.

On the front on the right, you get 2 switches to turn Bluetooth on and off, and the other switch to select the mode when you are connected to a Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, or MacBook operating system.

Overall Kemove 61 Snowfox has a solid build quality, there is not a single part of the body that feels flexible for you to press or bend.

Layout And Keycaps

For layout, Kemove 61 Snowfox uses the standard ANSI layout which makes it very easy for you if you want to change keycaps in the future. There are no dedicated Arrow Keys on this keyboard, you get function keys and they are as easily accessible as any other 60% mechanical keyboard. This layout is very similar to Anne Pro 2.

What is very encouraging is that the Kemove 61 is equipped with PBT double shot keycaps which feel very sturdy and thick of course because these are PBT double shot keycaps which means the quality and durability is very good.

Kemove 61 Snowfox Comes With Gateron Switches And Great Stabilizer

Kemove 61 is equipped with a switch from Gateron, you can choose Gateron Black, Blue, Brown, Red, and Silver. A really great feature on this keyboard is the Hot Swappable Switches, so you can replace it with any switch you like, for example replacing Gateron Brown with Cherry MX Red. The switch on the Kemove 61 is a switch with 5 pins. If you want to replace it, make sure you buy a switch with 5 pins.

In the stabilizer section, the quality of the stabilizer on the Kemove 61 is identical to the stabilizer used in the Anne Pro 2. The stabilizer on the Kemove can muffle the sound well, and the button does not vibrate when pressed.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Kemove 61 is equipped with 2 connectivity options, by using USB Type C and Bluetooth 5.1. Bluethooth version 5.1 is the best version of Bluetooth connectivity technology currently available, of course this will be very good news for you, this keyboard has almost no delay when used to type with Bluetooth connectivity. Braided USB Type C also enhances the aesthetic appearance when placed on your desk.

The Kemove 61 is equipped with a Bluetooth connection, meaning this 60% mechanical keyboard has a battery. The battery on this keyboard has a capacity of 3000mAh which makes it able to last up to 52 hours in an RGB state with continuous use. I think this is something that should be appreciated. You don’t have to worry about using the bluetooth 5.1 connection on the Kemove 61 to play games. The performance is quite impressive for a 60% mechanical keyboard for under $100.

This keyboard is compatible with Windows and MacOS Operating systems on Desktop devices. As for mobile devices, Kemove 61 can also be connected to Android, iOS/iPad via Bluetooth connectivity.

Typing Experience With Different Switches On Kemove 61

In this typing experiment with Kemove, I tried several different switches, namely the Gateron Brown Switch which is the default switch from Kemove 61 and 3 other switches starting from the Kailh Box Burnt Orange Switches, Kailh Box Brown Switches, and Cherry MX Red Switches. .

This experiment aims to find out which switch is the most suitable to provide minimum feedback and noise when used for typing. This is the condition of all stabilizers I have lubricated.

And the result is that Kailh Box Burnt Orange Switches provide accurate typing feedback and minimal noise. This makes the typing experience with Kemove 61 feel even better. So if you want to change the switches on this mechanical keyboard, we recommend Kailh Box Burnt Orange Switches, or you can use your favorite switch.

RGB LED Feature

Kemove 61 has very nice RGB, you can set a lot of different animations stored in the onboard memory. The thing that we rarely find when using a mechanical RGB keyboard is that when you press the RGB button it reacts and lights up around the button we press, the Kemove 61 provides this great RGB feature.

The brightness of the RGB Led on the Kemove 61 is already very bright because the white plate above the PCB reflects RGB so that it becomes very bright.


Kemove 61 Software

Kemove 61 has excellent support software, very smooth when used, easy menu navigation and has a very friendly user interface. With this software you can set the RGB Led animation and reprogram the buttons according to your needs.

You can also change the layout as well as layers. But I think the standard layout and layers are pretty good, you just need to remember the location of the buttons and use FN to access the layer functions.

Price and Variants

Kemove 61 has two variants, namely Kemove 61 Snowfox for white and Kemove 61 Shadow for black. Both Kemove 61 variants retail for $89.99 on Amazon.

Kemove 61 Snowfox vs Anne Pro 2

Kemove 61 Snowfox and Anne Pro 2 are mechanical keyboards with 60% layout size that support Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The Kemove 61 Snowfox has a larger and longer lasting battery capacity of 3000mAh, while the Anne Pro 2 only has a battery capacity of 1900mAh.

The Kemove 61 Snowfox and Anne Pro 2 both have 61 keys and use a very good quality PBT double shot keycap. Both of these keyboards also use a switch from Gateron with a variety of the same color choices.

The Kemove 61 Snowfox is superior because this keyboard supports a hot swappable switch feature that allows you to change switches without having to solder them. While Anne Pro 2 does not have the Hot Swappable Switch feature.

Kemove Snowfox 61 vs RK61

For build quality and component quality, the snowfox 61 kemove is better than the RK61. The Kemove snowfox uses a very high quality PBT double shot keycap and the RK61 only uses a regular ABS keycap which is slippery when used for typing.

The Kemove Snowfox 61 and RK61 are keyboards with 60% layout that support Bluetooth wireless connectivity. For battery capacity, the Kemove Snowfox 61 has a 3000mAh battery capacity which is larger and more durable than the RK61 which only has a 1450mAh battery capacity.

The Kemove Snowfox 61 and RK61 both support the Hot Swappable Switch feature. But for the quality of the switches used, the Kemove Snowfox 61 uses a better switch component, namely using a switch from Gateron, while the RK61 uses a switch from Otemu which is cheap.

Overall for features, the Kemove Snowfox 61 and RK61 are quite complete. But the Kemove Snowfox 61 is superior because it uses better materials and component quality compared to the RK61.

Kemove Snowfox 61 vs Ducky one 2 mini

Kemove snowfox 61 and ducky one 2 mini both have very good build quality and use a high quality PBT plastic keycap. Ducky one 2 mini is superior because it uses switches from Cherry MX which are very well known for their excellent quality and durability. While Kemove snowfox only uses Gateron switches.

For connectivity options, Kemove Snowfox is more complete than Ducky One 2 mini because it supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity options. While the Ducky one 2 mini only supports connection via USB Type C.

The Kemove Snowfox 61 supports the Hot Swappable Switch feature, while the Ducky one 2 mini does not support the hot swappable feature. For component quality and build quality, the Ducky One 2 min is indeed superior to the Kemove Snowfox 61, but the Kemove Snowfox 61 has more complete features and connectivity options than the Ducky One 2 Mini.

Kemove Snowfox 61 vs Keychron K6

Kemove Snowfox 61 is a keyboard with 60% leyout size and Keychron K6 is a keyboard with 65% layout size. Both of these keyboards have complete features and very complete connectivity options.

The Kemove Snowfox 61 and Keychron K6 both support the Hot Swappable Switch feature and use the Gateron Switch. The build quality of the Keychron K6 is better because it uses a body made of aluminum while the Kemove Snowfox 61 only uses a plastic body.

The Kemove Snowfox 61 has a total of 61 keys and uses a double shot keycap made of PBT plastic which is of better quality than the Keychron K6 which has 68 keys and uses a double shot ABS keycap of mediocre quality.

For battery capacity, the Keychron K6 has a larger battery capacity than the Kemove Snowfox 61 and lasts longer. The Keychron K6 has 4000mAh and the Kemove Snowfox 61 has a 3000mAh battery capacity.


Kemove 61 is a mechanical keyboard that is equipped with various complete features that are highly desired by everyone. USB Type and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity options that allow you to connect 3 different devices at once.

Kemove 61 Hot-Swappable, a hot swappable feature that is rarely found on an affordable keyboard like this is the advantage that mechanical keyboard lovers have been waiting for. You can replace the switch at any time without having to solder it.

Great software support to maximize RGB customization and excellent keyboard layer functionality. In addition to having a very complete firtur Kemove 61 is a mechanical keyboard that is very comfortable to use for typing. Although Geteron Brown does not provide minimum feedback and noise, it is already very good for all day use.

If you want a 60% Hot Swappable Mechanical keyboard with very complete features, an extraordinary typing experience at a very friendly price Kemove 61 is the right choice for you.

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