Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Your Hands?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Hand?

If you are a high-intensity person whose daily routine is working at the computer and typing, this article will be very important for you to read before you decide to switch to using a mechanical keyboard as your daily typing device.

Are mechanical keyboards better for your hands? Of course, a mechanical keyboard that uses mechanical switches on each key is a very good choice. You don’t need more effort when pressing the keys, the actuation is instant and responsive, feels lighter, so you can save energy and time significantly when using a mechanical keyboard for typing. Features such as N-Key Rollover and Anti Ghosting on the mechanical keyboard can also help you type with more accuracy and precision to avoid typing errors.

To explain in detail how good a mechanical keyboard is for your hands, make sure you read this article to the end because we will explain some of the important aspects that make a mechanical keyboard the best choice for your hands. Let’s get started!

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Your Hands Than Other Types of Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards use supporting components that can make them better for your hands. One of the important components that play a role in providing comfort and accuracy when using a mechanical keyboard for typing is the switches.

Mechanical keyboards use switches on each key individually. When compared to membrane keyboards and keyboard scissor switches, of course the mechanical switches on the mechanical keyboard feel much better in all aspects.

The use of mechanical switches on the mechanical keyboard can provide a pleasant, comfortable, tactile and responsive typing feeling so that for longer duration typing the mechanical keyboard will provide a better and more comfortable experience.

Each switch on a mechanical keyboard has a different actuation distance, generally the average mechanical switch on a mechanical keyboard has a travel distance of about 2 millimeters.

Mechanical Keyboard Can Help With Repetitive Stress Injury

Did you know that often typing using the keyboard at the computer for a long time will make you experience stress injuries to your arms, hands, fingers, and wrists? This is because every movement that you do repeatedly for a long time can make your hands sore and sometimes this can make your typing speed and accuracy decrease.

Therefore, if you are someone who has a job as a typist, you must warm up or do finger exercises regularly before doing typing activities.

If you ever feel cramp, aches, and pain in your fingers, wrist, arms, and hands, then we highly recommend you to immediately switch to using an ergonomic keyboard or a mechanical keyboard that has an ergonomic design.

A mechanical keyboard with a non-ergonomic design can help reduce your risk of wrist injury because when you press a button on the mechanical keyboard, your hand is always at the same level. This is because of the very instantaneous actuation that mechanical switches can provide on a mechanical keyboard. So, each key on the mechanical keyboard can provide the same actuation because of the use of mechanical switches on each key.

Why Do I Need To Use A Mechanical Keyboard?

Using a mechanical keyboard, you can decide which typing feel you want to get. Mechanical keyboards are available with 3 types of switch actuation, namely:

  • Linear: It can provide a smooth typing experience and produce a quiet typing sound. The linear switch actuation is highly responsive and perfect for everyday typing or gaming.
  • Tactile: Tactile switch is a type of switch that can provide a tactile typing experience with slightly bumpy typing feedback and produces a rather loud typing sound. If you want to enjoy a pleasant typing experience, tactile switch can be a very good option.
  • Clicky: Clicky switch is a switch that can provide very bumpy typing feedback and produces a very loud typing sound. If you are a person who likes to listen to mechanical keys, the clicky switch may give you satisfaction when using it to type.

There are also several features that are only owned by mechanical keyboards such as Anti Ghosting, N-Key Rollover, and Polling Rate which can increase your typing accuracy and can also minimize typing errors.

Mechanical Keyboards Are More Ergonomic

Mechanical keyboards come with a variety of different layouts such as 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96%, and 100% or commonly known as full size keyboard. But in terms of ergonomics, all mechanical keyboards can provide better ergonomics than membrane keyboards or scissor switch keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards are much easier to type on than membrane keyboards or scissor switch keyboards. The mechanical switch is very easy and light to operate, making you more comfortable, and typing faster and more efficiently.

Several popular mechanical switches such as the Red Switch and Brown Switch can be the right option for you to choose. The red switch is a linear type switch that is very light to operate, this makes the red switch the most popular for people who use a mechanical keyboard to play games.

Brown switch is the most ideal option, besides being able to provide a tactile typing feeling with a little bumpy, brown switch can be used in various activities such as playing games or intense typing.

Currently, various mechanical keyboards with ergonomic designs are available, such as the Cloud Nine C989M Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard. There is also a mechanical keyboard with a low profile design such as the Logitech G915 TKL Tenkeyless Lightspeed which will provide better ergonomics and are more comfortable for typing. There is also a mechanical keyboard that is equipped with wrist rest accessories such as the Corsair K100 RGB which can provide better ergonomics.

Mechanical Keyboard Design

Currently there are various types of mechanical keyboards that carry different designs, this can give you more options to find a mechanical keyboard that suits your preferences. The following are several types of mechanical keyboards that have different designs:

Mechanical Keyboard DesignsExplaination

Small or Compact designMechanical keyboards are usually smaller and contain fewer keys than standard keyboards. You can find this design on mechanical keyboards with 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, and Low Profile Keyboard layouts.
Split DesignErgonomic mechanical keyboards can be split and adjusted on a desk, which creates better posture.
Tenting AngleKeyboards that tent are high in the middle and slope down on the sides like a tent, which puts less strain on the wrists and forearms.
Negative TiltErgonomic keyboards often tilt down in the back so the wrist side is higher and more comfortable.
Curved EdgesCurved keyboards fit our hands, allowing our fingers to sit in a natural position.

Mechanical keyboards with low profile designs, split keyboards, and with standard designs can be the best choices. You can choose a mechanical keyboard with any design, make sure you have considered it according to your preferences.

Mechanical Keyboards vs. Membrane Keyboards

Comparing a mechanical keyboard with a membrane keyboard is really unnecessary, of course from all aspects except affordability, a mechanical keyboard is definitely superior to a membrane keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches individually on each key. Mechanical keyboards also use keycaps that can be changed whenever you want because there are so many available on the market. The mechanical keyboard has a stabilizer component that is much more solid than the stabilizer on the membrane keyboard. Mechanical keyboards also have customization advantages such as lubricating switches, changing keycaps, modifying stabilizers, and much more…

Meanwhile, the membrane keyboard uses a membrane panel as a switch which is made of rubber which does not have a strong construction and cannot last for a long time. Modification options on the membrane keyboard are minimal and maintenance is also very difficult. If the membrane is having problems, the only solution is to replace the membrane panel. Unlike mechanical keyboards, if the switch has a problem, you can replace it easily without having to disassemble all the keyboard components.

As I said before, mechanical keyboards are far superior to membrane keyboards in various aspects such as construction and build quality, quality of components used, ease of maintenance, having many customization options, availability of abundant spare parts on the market, and of course mechanical keyboards. more comfortable and fun to use typing.

Mechanical Keyboards Reduce Wrist Stress and Finger Travel

One of the things that makes mechanical keyboards a better choice compared to membrane keyboards is, Mechanical Keyboards Reduce Wrist Stress and Finger Travel, the following is an explanation:

The use of mechanical switches individually on each key on the mechanical keyboard will provide the same typing feeling and the same response. Fast and instant actuation will make your finger movements more minimal and only requires a little effort to operate each button so that you will be able to reduce the risk of wrist stress or soreness.

Immediate Key Press

One of the advantages of a mechanical keyboard is that it can provide instant and responsive actuation. Actuation is where when you press a key and the keyboard sends input to the computer. The mechanical keyboard can provide very instant actuation speed so you don’t have to press the keys too deep when using it to type.

Switches on the mechanical keyboard can also provide a light typing feeling so that when typing, the movement of your fingers does not require a lot of effort to press the keys.

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition that causes tingling, pain, or weakness in the hand and wrist. This syndrome occurs when the nerves inside the wrist are compressed or compressed.

If you have problems with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a mechanical keyboard can be a very good choice to reduce the impact of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on your hands.

The mechanical keyboard can provide a smooth, light, and responsive typing experience and only requires a little effort when using it to type, this makes your hands more relaxed when typing so that your hand muscles don’t feel tense.


Mechanical keyboards are a better option than other types of keyboards for your hands. In terms of design, ergonomics, ease of operation, a more pleasant typing feeling can be provided by a mechanical keyboard.

The benefits that can be felt when using a mechanical keyboard are that typing becomes more comfortable, fast, accurate, and can save your energy and time when compared to typing using a membrane keyboard.