Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard: Which Better?

In this post, we will compare Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard in detail. We will discuss some aspects of each of these keyboards such as features, build quality, component quality, and also the typing experience they can provide.

If you are looking for a good keyboard to help complete your office or business work but you are confused about what kind of keyboard to buy. Then Logitech MX Keys is one of the best options, but if you don’t need a numpad and want a compact office keyboard, then the Apple Magic Keyboard is a great choice.

Both Logitech MX Keys and Apple Magic Keyboard are two of the best thin and compact keyboards that can support your productivity at work. But which is better between Logitex MX Keys which is a full size compact keyboard with a numpad or Apple Magic Keyboard which is smaller and compact without a numpad?

Which Build Quality is Better, Dianatara Logitech MX Keys or Apple Magic Keyboard?

Logitech MX Keys has a thin and rather long design because this keyboard is equipped with a numpad like a full size keyboard in general. This keyboard has a low profile. While the Apple Magic Keyboard has a smaller size without a numpad with a 60% layout, the Apple Magic Keyboard is also available in full size complete with arrow keys and a numpad.

Logitech MX Keys Build Quality


Overall the build quality of Logitech MX Keys is quite good because the body frame of this keyboard is made of metal, the keys are made of plastic which feels solid and quality. but there are some parts that if pressed a little harder will feel flexible and loose, but still this keyboard feels quite expensive to hold.

Apple Magic Keyboard Build Quality


Apple Magic Keyboard has a body and frame made of aluminum. This keyboard feels very rigid, solid but light. There are no flexible parts on this keyboard, this keyboard has a low profile with a fairly good distance between the keys, so this keyboard is very easy to clean.

Which is more ergonomic, Logitech MX Keys or Apple Magic Keyboard?

Ergonomics on Logitech MX Keys is quite good because this keyboard has a low profile with a small and thin form. All the main keys on the keyboard are very easy to reach, except for the numpad key which is on the far right. There is no option to set the tilt angle on this keyboard.

The Apple Magic Keyboard has pretty good ergonomics. There is no option to adjust the angle and tilt on this keyboard, there is no palm rest. But with the keyboard’s low profile and easy-to-reach key spacing, this keyboard feels quite ergonomic.

Both the Logitech MX Keys and the Apple Magic Keyboard are ergonomically good enough for extended use. Even though they both don’t have the option to adjust the tilt angle, both of these keyboards have a low profile so they are quite comfortable to use for typing.

What About Backlights?

Logitech MX Keys have a pretty good backlight that can help you type in a room or place with minimal lighting. Each key on Logitech MX Keys is individually backlit. This keyboard has a light sensor that will turn on the backlight automatically when it is dark. There is no RGB on this keyboard, the backlight is only available in white which perfectly matches the black design.


The Apple Magic Keyboard doesn’t have a backlight, so it can’t be used in a dark room. When it comes to backlighting, the Logitech MX Keys outperform the Apple Magic Keys.

What About Wireless Versatility?

Both Logitech MX Keys and Apple Magic Keyboard have rechargeable batteries. Logitech recharges the battery using a USB Type C cable, while the Apple Magic Keyboard recharges the battery using the Lighting Cable.

The Logitech MX Key and Apple Magic Keyboard are wireless keyboards that connect to devices via Bluetooth. The advantage of Logitech MX Keys in wireless usability is that it can connect up to three devices at the same time and supports almost all operating systems including Android, iOS, iPad, MacOS and Windows. While the Apple Magic Keyboard cannot work on the Android operating system.

Overall, Logitech MX Keys outperforms the Apple Magic Keyboard in terms of Wireless Versatility.

What about features? Which is better, Logitech MX Keys vs Apple Magic Keyboard?

Logitech MX Keys have more and better features than the Apple Magic Keyboard. The keys in the top row of Logitech MX Keys can be used in combination with the FN key. With Logitech MX Keys, you can reprogram the media keys according to the function you want through the keyboard’s built-in software, Flow Logitech.

While the Apple Magic Keyboard lacks features to be proud of. There are only media hotkeys on this keyboard.

What’s inside Their Box?

In the purchase package for Logitech MX Keys and Apple Magic Keyboard, the following items will be included in the package/box:

Logitech MX KeysApple Magic Keyboard
Logitech MX Keys keyboard
USB-C cable
Unifying USB receiver
Quick Start manual
Apple Magic Keyboard
Lightning to USB cable
User Guide

What about Keystrokes? Which one is better?

Both the Logitech MX Key and Apple Magic Keyboard use low-profile scissor switches. The keys on both keyboards are very easy to press. For keycaps, I think these two keyboards have the same good quality keycaps.

What about typing quality?

Typing with Logitech MX Keys feels great, the scissor switches and low-profile keys on this keyboard are easy to use and easy to reach. The keys on the Logitech MX Keys keyboard feel stable and quiet when pressed. The drawback is the material on the buttons that feel not so good.

The quality of typing using the Apple Magic Keyboard is outstanding! If you’ve ever used the keyboard on a Macbook, it feels exactly the same. Typing feels very easy, accurate, and fast. The buttons on the Apple Magic Keyboard are very responsive and fast, the feedback given is very appropriate to our wishes. The position of the keys and the distance between each key is very appropriate, this can help minimize typing errors and improve typing accuracy. The quality of the buttons is very good, there is no shake and tilt when pressed.

Overall, the quality of typing using the Apple Magic Keyboard is much better than with Logitech MX Keys.

What About Software?

Logitech MX Keys has built-in software that can be used to maximize the functionality of the keyboard. With Logitech’s Flow software, you can reprogram the media keys and change their functions according to your needs. While the Apple Magic Keyboard does not have software to maximize the function of the keyboard. For software, Logitech MX Keys is clearly superior to the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard Software

What About Compatibility?

Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keys has excellent compatibility, this keyboard can connect almost all devices and different operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and also Android. The keys work fine only on Windows and MacOS, whereas on other operating systems, there are some key functions that don’t work.

Apple Magic Keyboard

This keyboard has a fairly good compatibility capability. This keyboard is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux devices, but it can’t work on Android operating system.

Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard Usability Test

Logitech MX Keys

Mixed usageThe Logitech MX Keys is a good keyboard for a wide variety of uses. It’s excellent for the office thanks to its decent ergonomics, and good typing experience that’s nearly silent. While there are better gaming-centric keyboards out there, casual gamers should have no problem with this keyboard provided they don’t require programmable macro keys. Programmers will also likely quite enjoy this keyboard thanks to its full size design, backlight and great typing experience; though again, its minimal programmability may be of concern.
For GamingThe Logitech MX Keys is a good keyboard for gaming. While it doesn’t have a lot of features that gaming-centric keyboards have, like RGB lighting or the ability to reprogram keys with macros, it should be fine for most casual gamers. It feels quite well made and provides a great typing experience with a great amount of pre-travel.
For Mobile/TabletThe Logitech MX Keys is decent for mobile or tablet use. This keyboard isn’t designed for this use, and will likely stay on your desk, whether it be at home or in the office. However, if you’re often on the move, it can connect to your devices via Bluetooth and it’s not too heavy to bring around. On the downside, its full-size design might be a bit hard to fit in a backpack.
For OfficeThe Logitech MX Keys is a very good keyboard for office use. While it may not be quite as ergonomic as some other options due to its straight design with no incline settings, it’s a full-sized keyboard that’s slim enough that you likely won’t require a palm rest, though Logitech does make one designed for it. It provides a great typing experience, and its keys are practically silent, so you won’t bother your co-workers. It also supports multi-device pairing, so you can pair it to your work PC, personal laptop, and phone, and switch between the three of them on-the-fly, which can be extremely helpful.
For ProgrammingThe Logitech MX Keys is a good keyboard for programming. It feel quite well-built and should be able to handle long work sessions, and it’s compatible with every OS, though you lose control of the media keys on Linux. It offers a great typing experience thanks to its slim and silent keys that still offer a good amount of pre-travel. Unfortunately, you can’t reprogram any of the keys with macros, which may be a problem for some programmers.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Mixed usageThe Magic Keyboard is mediocre for mixed usage. Though it performs well for general office use, the lack of programmable keys and software support makes it difficult to recommend for gaming or for programming. However, it’s a good choice for those looking for a compact and stylish keyboard that won’t take up a lot of space.
For GamingThe Magic Keyboard is bad for gaming. It doesn’t have any programmable macro keys or backlighting, which is disappointing for those who like to game in a dark room. There’s also no software support for customization or to save profiles for different games.
For Mobile/TabletThe Magic Keyboard is a great keyboard for use with mobile devices, but only with those running on iOS or iPadOS, as it doesn’t work at all with Android devices. On the upside, the keyboard is very small and light, making it easy to travel with.
For OfficeThe Magic Keyboard is good for office use. It provides a comfortable typing experience and makes very little noise, which is great for noise-sensitive offices. Unfortunately, its compatibility with other operating systems is quite limiting, but for those using an Apple computer, it’s an okay choice.
For ProgrammingThe Magic Keyboard is disappointing for programming. Although the typing experience is good, it doesn’t have any programmable keys. Additionally, it’s only fully compatible with macOS, as functionality is limited when connected to devices running on Windows or Linux.

Logitech MX Keys VS Apple Magic Keyboard Pros & Cons

Logitech MX Keys

Premium and well-built design.No macro programmability.
Good typing experience helps keep typos to a minimum.Minimal customization options through software.
Works with any OS and supports multi-device pairing.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Clean design.No macro programmability.
Sturdy build.
Minimal customization options through software.
Comfortable typing experience.

What About Price?

Logitech MX KeysApple Magic Keyboard

For the price, the Logitech MX Keys are cheaper than the price of the Apple Magic Keyboard. The Apple Magic Keyboard is priced at $99. While the Logitech MX Keys are priced at $79.


Logitech overall excels in several aspects of the built-in features and software that can maximize the functionality of the keyboard. While the Apple Magic Keyboard has advantages in the quality of the keys and an extraordinary typing feeling.

If you need a keyboard that has pretty good features, a fairly reliable typing feel, compatibility with many different operating systems, has a backlight and is equipped with a numpad. Then Logitech MX Keys is the best choice for you.

But if you feel like you just need a compact keyboard with great build quality, an excellent typing experience, and you don’t need a numpad and backlight. Then the Apple Magic Keyboard is a very good choice.


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