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Gateron Switches: The Ultimate Guide in 2023

Gateron Switch Guide - The Best Budget Switches Options!

Gateron Switch Guide - The Best Budget Switches Options!

If you are looking for an affordable switch that has a quality that is almost close to the quality of a Cherry MX switch, then Gateron’s Siwtch is the right choice for you.

Indeed Gateron does not have a reputation as good as Cherry MX in quality and user trust in their products. But lately Gateron has made a new breakthrough by making various types of switches according to user needs. Even the most current switch choices are from Gateron. Starting from their main line up Gateron Clear, Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, and Brown.

For other line ups, such as Gateron Silent Switches, Milk Switches, Ink Switches, and Gateron Low-Profile Switches, this is a very complete range of switch products from Gateron at very affordable prices.

Although Gateron’s switches don’t have switches capable of up to 100 million keystrokes like Cherry MX, Gateron is the best option after Cherry MX that you should consider. But Gateron has a few more switches compared to the Switch from Cherry MX. Let’s disassemble completely! Let’s get started!

What is Gateron?

What is Gateron?

Gateron is a clone of Cherry MX switches such as the kailh and Otemu Siwtch which are widely available in the market today. When you buy a mechanical keyboard at a mid to low price, you will find that the available mechanical keyboard uses a switch from Gateron. The most frequently used are Gateron Brown, Gateron Red, and Gateron Blue.

Although Gateron is a clone of Cherry MX, Gateron has far better quality than kaihl and outemu even Cherry MX itself. Just like Cherry MX, Gateron is also available in various types, even more than the entire Cherry MX line up that we will introduce to you.

Gateron Switches: Get to know all products switches from Gateron

Gateron is available in 7 types of line up switches which are tailored to the needs of mechanical keyboards and today’s many users. Here is a complete list of switch products from Gateron that you should know:

Gateron G Pro Switches

Gateron G Pro Switches

Gateron G Pro Switches are an upgrade from the main line up of the best gateron switches currently available. It can be said that Gateron G Pro Switches are Version 2 of the best line of gateron switches currently available.

The following is an explanation of each Gateron G Pro Switches:

For now, the Gateron G Pro Switches line is the best choice if you want the best gateron-made mechanical switches for use on your keyboard.

Gateron Main Line-up/Gateron Switches V1

Gateron ClearLinear35g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron RedLinear45g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron YellowLinear50g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron BlackLinear60g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron BlueClicky60g2.3mmLoud
Gateron GreenClicky80g2.4mmLoud
Gateron BrownTactile55g2mmMedium
Gateron Main Line-up

This is the main line of Gateron which is a clone of all Cherry MX switch variants. Starting from red, blue, yellow, black, brown, green, and white/clear.

Among the Cherry MX clones from gateron, there are 3 switches from gateron which have the exact same quality as Cherry MX. Gateron Red, Gateron Brown, and Gateron Clear.

Almost all of Gateron’s main line ups have a spring design similar to the Cherry MX so that they have the same actuation strength and travel distance. Except on Gateron Clear which is very different from Cherry MX Clear. Cherry MX Clear is a tactile type switch, while in Gateron, they are designed to be a quiet and lightweight Linear Switch.

When compared to all switches from Cherry MX, the Switch from Gateron which is cloned is known to be smoother than the Switch from Cherry MX itself. Especially for Gateron Switches with Linear type. This is one of the best.

Gateron only has 50 million keystrokes which is half of Cherry MX switches. But this is not a problem, because Gateron has a more affordable price compared to switches from Cherry MX.

Gateron Optical Switches

Gateron Optical Switches

What are Gateron Optical Switches?

Gateron Optical Switches is a product line of switches from Gateron that are specifically made for optical keyboards where an optical keyboard utilizes infrared. When the infrared is fully closed when the switch is pressed, then at that time the input is sent to the computer.

This makes the optical switch can provide a more instant actuation compared to ordinary mechanical switches.

Gateron made their Gateron Optical Switches with the aim of getting to the market for people who want an affordable optical switch that they can rely on for gaming.

Gateron Optical Switches also still use components like their mechanical switch, it’s just that Gateron Optical Switches only support special PCBs for optical keyboards.

So, the feeling of typing on Gateron Optical Switches is not much different from the typing experience provided like other Gateron Mechanical Switches. However, Gateron Optical Switches can provide a faster response than ordinary gateron mechanical switches.

Gateron Silent Switches

Gateron Silent ClearLinear35g2mmSilent
Gateron Silent RedLinear45g2mmSilent
Gateron Silent YellowLinear50g2mmSilent
Gateron Silent BlackLinear60g2mmSilent
Gateron Silent BrownTactile45g2mmSilent
Gateron Silent Switches

After being considered successful with their Gateron Clear Silent, the end of Gateron was determined to make more silent switches with different characters. This is an opportunity that Gateron takes very well when Cherry MX only has Cherry MX Silent Black and Red.

Gateron makes more choices for users by creating 5 types of Gateron Silent Switches including Gateron Silent Clear, Red, Black, Yellow, and Brown. For the Siwitch Silent market, Gateron is the best choice compared to Cherry MX which only has 2 options.

Gateron Silent Switches don’t just have silent feedback on their linear switches. Gateron even made a Tactile Switch that provides responsive typing feedback with a quiet voice, namely the Gateron Silent Brown.

If you are looking for an affordable tactile switch that has responsive feedback with a very quiet sound, then the Gateron Silent Brown is the best choice right now.

Gateron Silent Brown

Gateron Milk Switches

Gateron Milk ClearLinear35g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Milk RedLinear45g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Milk YellowLinear50g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Milk BlackLinear60g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Milk BlueClicky60g2.3mmLoud
Gateron Milk GreenClicky80g2.4mmLoud
Gateron Milk BrownTactile55g2mmMedium
Gateron Milk Switches

Gateron Milk Switches are made for aesthetic needs. In particular, Siwtches’ Gateron is made with a different switch component housing from other gateron switches. Gateron Milk Switches have the same housing as the milk white color.

Gateron Milk Switches with a milky white color housing are made to reduce the glare of the RGB light, thus creating a new color selection that is filtered through the Gateron Milk Switches, the usual RGB colors being a bit dim but still able to illuminate the mechanical keyboard.

Gateron Milk Black

The line up for Gateron Milk Switches is actually the same as the main line up for the switch from Gateron, the colors, springs, actuation and others are the same. The difference in the Gateron Milk Switches variant is only in the color of the housing which is given a milky white color.

This is the perfect switch to drown out your RGB colors, which ordinary switches can’t do. We recommend that you use the Gateron Milk Siwtch Black because the damping is maximum, and it’s a tactile switch that has pretty good typing feedback with a fairly quiet sound.

Gateron Ink/Smokey Switches

Gateron Smokey RedLinear45g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Smokey YellowLinear50g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Smokey BlackLinear60g2mmQuite Silent
Gateron Smokey BlueClicky60g2.3mmLoud
Gateron Silent Smokey BlackLinear60g2mmSilent
Gateron Ink Switches

Gateron Ink Switches are a colorful switch variant from Gateron. This is a premium switch from Gateron to improve the aesthetics on your mechanical keyboard. After the success of their Milk Switches, Gateron created Gateron Ink Switches to add to their line up.

This is actually a normal switch from a gateron, only the housing is colored according to the name of the switch. Giving a smokey transparent housing to the Gateron Ink Switches line of switches is an interesting thing, because it is a good innovation. But Gateron Ink Switches are sold at a fairly high price compared to other Gateron switches.

Gateron Ink/Smokey Switches

There are 5 variants for Gateron Ink/Smokey Switch, including Gateron Smokey Yellow, Gateron Smokey Red, Gateron Smokey Black, Gateron Smokey Blue, Gateron Smokey Silent Black. If you want to have colorful switches on your mechanical keyboard, Gateron Smokey/Ink Siwtches is a great choice.

Gateron Low-Profile Switches

Gateron Low-Profile RedLinear45g1.5mmQuite Silent
Gateron Low-Profile BrownTactile55g1.5mmMedium
Gateron Low-Profile BlueClicky50g1.5mmLoud
Gateron Low-Profile Switches

Gateron Low-Profile Switches are switches with a lower profile than ordinary switches. Gateron Low-Profile Switches have a short travel distance, with low actuation force, so Gateron Low-Profile Switches are one of the best switches for typing.

Gateron Low-Profile Switches can be used on mechanical keyboards that have a thin body or casing. You can find this switch attached to one of the keyboards from Keychron, the very thin and compact Keychron K1v4.

Keychron K1v4 With Gateron Low-Profile Blue Switches

Gateron Low-Profile Switches can allow you to use low-profile Keycaps like those used on the Keychron K1v4 so this is a great thing to improve ergonomics, comfort and typing accuracy.

Why Buy Gateron Switches?

Gateron is the best choice after Cherry MX Switch. In addition to having many variants of switches, Gateron also has reliable quality for long-term use.

Several well-known mechanical keyboard brands have used Gateron switches for their mechanical keyboard products. This means that Gateron’s Switches meet the standard requirements for a mechanical switch.

As in Keychron’s mechanical keyboards, almost all of Keychron’s mechanical keyboards rely on Gateron as their switch.

Besides having a more affordable price compared to Cherry MX, you can find a switch design with a unique housing from Gateron. Such as Gateron Milk Siwtches and Gateron Ink/Smokey Switches. Gateron is not the best, but they try to give you many options according to your needs.

Key Factors in Choosing your Gateron Switch

Purpose of Usage

Each switch is made based on its intended use such as for playing games, typing or programming. Make sure you have decided on your intended use before buying a switch.

Environmental Considerations

You should also pay attention to the environment around you or where you use your mechanical keyboard. There are different switches in the sound section where there are switches that are quite noisy like a clicky switch and there are switches that are quite quiet like a tactile switch, and the quietest switch which is a linear type switch.

CLicky switch may feel satisfying to users but not to listeners or those around you.

If you want a fairly quiet switch you can choose a tactile type switch such as the Gateron G Pro Brown or Gateron Brown.

If you want a switch that produces the quietest typing sound, you can choose Gateron G Pro Red, Gateron G Pro Yellow, or Gateron Yellow/Red V1.

You should avoid using the clicky switch on your keyboard if you use it in a public space because the clicky switch sound will definitely annoy people around you.

The Typing Experience (Touch & Sound)

What kind of switch do you want? or what kind of typing experience you want from a switch on the keyboard.

It all depends on your wishes and preferences. Choose switches wisely before attaching them to your keyboard.,

Understanding the Switch Features

If you take a look at the tables of gateron switches, there are some rules and specifications for switches that you may not understand. Here is the full explanation which you can find in the tab below:

Switch FeaturesExplanation
Actuation TypeThis indicates the behavior of the key and whether it is linear, tactile, or clicky. Whether the keystroke is smooth, bumpy, or loud will determine its classification.
Operating ForceThis refers to the force required to make the key press down and register the keystroke to the computer. I.e.: how hard you must press the key. This measurement of (cN) refers to centinewtons.
Activation PointThis indicates at which point the switch is pressed down hard enough to translate information from keyboard to computer. Most switches will have an actuation point of around 2mm unless the switch is low-profile, in which case the activation point is shorter. This pressure point is measured in millimeters (mm).
Travel DistanceThe travel distance of a switch is the distance from the top of the key (un-pressed) to the bottom of the key (when pressed all the way down.) The point at which the switch is fully bottomed out is the end of the travel distance. It is also measured in millimeters (mm).
Lifespan This refers to the number of keystrokes that can be made before the switch deviates from its factory conditions. Most switches will actually last longer than the lifespan, and many prefer the feel of a well-used switch to a brand new one. A well-used switch will often have a less scratchy feel and will have a better sound. All the aforementioned Gateron switches have a 50 million keystroke lifespan.
Understanding the Switch Features

Which Gateron Switch is the Best?

If you are looking for the best, we will recommend the best gateron switch depending on your needs. The following are the best gateron switches based on your intended use:

Best Gateron Switches for Typing

Best Gateron Switches for Gaming

The Smoothest Gateron Switch

The Quietest Gateron Switches

Gateron Switches with the Best Build Quality

The Most Durable Gateron Switches

We can’t say for sure because all gateron switches have been tested to last more than 50 million keystrokes. Overall, all gateron switches can last up to more than 5 years under normal use such as playing games or normal typing.

Best Overall Gateron Switches

The SwitchesAward
Gateron G Pro RedThe Smoothest Gateron linear switch for typing
Gateron RedThe most commonly used Gateron switch because it is a linear switch which provides a smooth and quiet typing experience
Gateron G Pro Speed ​​SilverThe fastest Gateron Switch for Gaming
Gateron Optical YellowBest gateron optical switch for gaming
Gateron Silent Red/Gateron Silent BlackThe quietest gateron switch
Gateron Milky SwitchesGreat switch options for custom keyboard
Gateron Ink/Smokey SwitchesAnother Great switch options for custom keyboard
Gateron Milk BrownThe best gateron tactile switch
Gateron Smokey BlueThe best gateron clicky switch
Best Overall Gateron Switches

Things You Should Consider When Buying Gateron Switches:

1. Your Mechanical Keyboard’s PCB Type

Make sure you know the type of PCB for your mechanical keyboard, whether it is Hot Swappable or standard PCB. If you have a hot swappable PCB you can replace your switches without soldering, whereas on a standard PCB you have to solder the switches.

2. PIN Switches

There are two types of switches, namely switches that have 3 PINs and 5 PINs. If you have a PCB that has 5 PINs, don’t buy a switch with 3 PINs, this of course can’t be used on your PCB. Pay attention to the number of pin holes on your PCB, make sure it is the same as the number of switch pins you bought.

3. Noise And Switch Feedback

The next thing you should consider is the noise generated by the switch. Different types of switches produce different sounds.

Linear switches will produce a fairly quiet sound, tactile type switches will provide a rather loud sound, and clicky switches will produce very loud sounds. In general, linear and tactile switches are more often the first choice.

Linear tends not to provide meaningful feedback when used to type, while tactile switches provide decent feedback, and clicky switches provide the most pronounced typing feedback.

4. Switches Profile

Gateron provides low and high profile switches, make sure you know the mechanical profile of your keyboard. If you have a mechanical keyboard with a thick body and high keycaps, it is a high profile mechanical keyboard. Meanwhile, if you have a low mechanical keyboard, with a thin body then you should buy a switch with a low profile.

What are the Best Gateron Switches for Custom Mechanical Keyboards?

To give your custom mechanical keyboard a more aesthetic look, you should choose a switch that has a unique design such as Gateron Milk Switch and Gateron Ink/Smokey Switches. Both of these switches from Gateron have a very unique design and will definitely fit perfectly into your custom mechanical keyboard.


Gateron is a switch manufacturer that provides many variants to suit your needs. From switch colors, high and low profile switches have been provided for you.

Gateron provides many types of switches such as linear, tactile, and clicky switches. For Siwtch Silent we really like all the silent switches from Gateron.

What makes Gateron great is that they make unique switches compared to other switch manufacturers such as Gateron Milk Switches and Gateron Smokey Switches products which are only available in Gateron products.

Gateron is the best alternative if you feel Cherry MX is too expensive for you. Apart from being affordable Gateron is very well known for their Silent Switch. The silent switch from Gateron is known to be very soft and quiet.


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