A Complete Guide to Elecom Trackballs

A Complete Guide to Elecom Trackballs [2022]

If you’ve ever heard of one of the best trackball making brands from JAPAN, then ELECOM is that brand. Elecom has a wide variety of ergonomic trackball products that you can buy anywhere, including many of their products on Amazon with various variants. Through this article, we would like to introduce products from Elecom, especially […]

Trackball Vs Normal Mouse

Trackball vs Normal Mouse

There are many different objects to move the cursor on the computer to run programs, click, select files, scroll, and drag files. Starting from the mouse, trackpad, touchpad, trackball, and even today you can touch the monitor screen to move the cursor. There is one thing that should not be forgotten by us, that there […]

Thumb vs Finger Trackball Mouse

Thumb or Finger Trackball Mouse

There is no denying the use of treckball using the thumb has a better level of ergonomics. But does this apply to everyone? How about a trackball operated with a finger other than your thumb? This is one of the important things that you should pay attention to about finding the best way for your […]

Best Mouse Grip for FPS Games

The Best Mice Grips for FPS Games: A Complete Guide

Mose Grip is one of the important factors in gaming performance. By having a stable grip on the mouse while playing games you have a better chance of playing with more accuracy. In the FPS genre game, for example, which requires fast movement and fast AIM when you are in the game. Top 12 Best […]

Elecom EX-G Pro Thumb Trackball Review

The Elecom EX-G Pro Thumb Trackball Review [2022]

Ergonomics mouse market is currently starting to be in demand again by many users. Trackball mice are not new, trackball mice have been used for the first time 60 years ago. But the trackballs that you find on the market today are updates from trackballs that have been rebuilt with new technologies and features. Most […]

Logitech G703 Hero Mouse Review

The Logitech G703 Hero Mouse Review [2022]

If you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse at a very affordable price and excellent build quality, then the Logitech G703 Hero is the right choice for you. The Logitech G703 Hero carries the same Lightspeed technology as the Logitech G903 and Logitech G Pro. We conclude that the Logitech G703 Hero is the […]