Why Mechanical Keyboards are Better For Gaming?

Why Mechanical Keyboards are Better For Gaming?

One of the reasons gaming lovers choose to switch from a regular keyboard to a mechanical keyboard is the various advantages that they can experience directly when using a mechanical keyboard to play games. The mechanical keyboard can provide a more satisfying gaming experience and certainly more fun than other ordinary keyboards.

There are several features that make the mechanical keyboard better for playing games such as N-Key Rollover, Anti Ghosting, Programmable Keys, Macro Keys, Better Response Time, Gaming Software Support that Can Maximize the Functions of the Mechanical Keyboard, and Polling Rate which is definitely higher. better than a regular keyboard. In terms of construction, the mechanical keyboard also has a heavier weight and is more stable when used to play games.

There are many more advantages of mechanical keyboards that make them better for gaming which we will discuss in detail in this article. Let’s get started!

1. Anti Ghosting

When playing games on a PC or laptop, it’s normal that there are many situations where players have to press a combination of keyboard keys at certain moments. Well, ‘ghosting’ refers to a situation where keyboard input doesn’t work properly even though several keys have been pressed together.

That’s where a feature like ‘Anti-Ghosting’ comes in handy. This kind of feature will ensure that the key combinations on the keyboard still work to provide input to the computer or laptop, even if two or three of them are pressed simultaneously.
These features are not only important for gamers, but also for other computer/laptop users. Often in specific situations we need to press one to three keyboard keys simultaneously (the easiest, imagine a graphic designer who needs to press Ctrl + Alt + T when trying to set the character of the letters in the Adobe InDesign application), so features such as ‘Anti- Ghosting’ is so important to prevent stress because the keyboard keys don’t work as they should.

The mechanical keyboard comes with an Anti-Ghosting feature that can minimize key press errors so that when you play games it becomes more accurate and precise.

The video below will explain more about ‘Anti-Ghosting’ and why such a feature is important, especially when we talk about high-end gaming keyboards.

2. Programmable Keys

One of the features on the mechanical keyboard that makes it better for playing games is the programmable keys feature which has very vital benefits when you are playing games. Programmable keys can give you the freedom to customize the function of the keys on the keyboard according to your wishes or it can be called as creating shortcut commands for certain games you are playing so you don’t have to press key combinations to perform certain actions.

Not all mechanical keyboards have this feature, only some are mechanical, so before you buy a mechanical keyboard that features programmable keys, make sure you do some research on the keyboard about the software support they embed because software support is vital for configuring a programmable mechanical keyboard. keys. Mechanical keyboard brands such as Corsair, SteelSeries, and Logitech are the 3 brands that have the best software support for their mechanical keyboards that feature programmable keys.

3. More Responsive Buttons

One of the aspects that make mechanical keyboards better for gaming is that they use a switch component which can provide a more responsive keypress experience and can transmit input much faster than traditional keyboards.

The mechanical switches attached individually to each key on the mechanical keyboard have the same responsiveness and are very easy to operate. The mechanical keyboard can provide very fast input ranging from 0.55ms to 0.22ms, so for competitive gaming this is very useful.

4. N-Key Rollover or NKRO

This feature is often referred to in the abbreviation N-KRO, and refers to the keyboard’s ability to register multiple keys being pressed at the same time. Mechanically expensive gaming keyboards usually include True (or Full) N-Key Rollover specifications. But you can also still find keyboards that list the X-Key Rollover specs.

What you should know is the number that is usually used instead of the “X” in X-Key Rollover writing. The True N-KRO type is a keyboard device that can input correctly, no matter how many keyboard keys are pressed at the same time. So, for example, if you press the letter “JIKAHEINEA” at the same time, a keyboard with the True N-KRO feature will receive the input properly and can execute it perfectly.

With the N-Key Rollover feature on the mechanical keyboard, you can press several keys simultaneously without having to worry about the keys not sending input to the computer so you will avoid typing errors. N-Key Rollover can only work on certain games, not all games currently need this feature. But almost all mechanical keyboards on the market today already support thi important feature for playing game.

5. Have a Heavier Weight

The advantage of a mechanical keyboard that makes it better for playing games is that it has a heavier weight compared to a regular keyboard. A heavier mechanical keyboard can keep you in a consistent position when using it to play games because the heavy weight of the mechanical keyboard will be more able to maintain its position so it doesn’t shift easily.

With a heavier weight, the mechanical keyboard can provide a better and more consistent gaming position when you’re focused on playing the game.

6. Better Response Time

Response Time means how quickly the input is sent to the computer when you press a button. Mechanical keyboards have a much better response time compared to other ordinary keyboards. This is because mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches on each key that have a fairly short actuation distance so that when you press the key, input will go directly to the computer without delay.

the average mechanical keyboard can produce response times ranging from 0.55ms to 0.22ms which is a very fast response time. So to play games that press various buttons in a fast time, the mechanical keyboard can certainly handle it very easily so you can play games with more precision and fun without the slightest delay.

7. Can Minimize Wrist Fatigue

The mechanical keyboard can also significantly minimize wrist fatigue when playing games. This is because, your hands and fingers do not require excessive effort to press the buttons on the mechanical keyboard because the buttons on the mechanical keyboard are very easy and light to operate so this can minimize fatigue on your wrists so you can play games. comfortably for a longer duration.

8. More Comfortable for Long Play Sessions

The mechanical keyboard is also better for playing games because it can make you play the game longer than playing games using a regular keyboard.

The mechanical keyboard which has a heavier weight can support your hands very well and also its position is not easy to shift. In addition, the buttons on the mechanical keyboard are more responsive, lighter, and easier to operate so that it can save your energy and can reduce unnecessary finger movements when playing games.

Mechanical keyboards can also provide much better ergonomics compared to regular keyboards because they are heavier and have keys that are easier to operate. Currently there are so many mechanical keyboards that have an ergonomic design.

Several mechanical keyboard manufacturers also make supporting accessories that can provide more comfort when you use a mechanical keyboard to play games such as a wrist rest that can support your hands very well and is comfortable for playing games for a longer duration.

9. Easy To Customize According To Your Needs

The mechanical keyboard is also better for playing games because the mechanical keyboard has customization options that can be tailored to your needs.

As for some FPS games that use the WASD keys to move and use them intensely, the mechanical keyboard provides the flexibility to replace the keycaps on the WASD keys with rubber keycaps that have a much better grip than keycaps made of ABS or PBT plastic. so you can play FPS games more comfortably without having to feel slippery.

The next customization option that you can do is to change the switches on the mechanical keyboard to get the best performance. The mechanical keyboard allows you to get a better typing feel and typing response according to your needs. Currently, there are various kinds of mechanical switches products that are made for playing competitive games such as Speed ​​Switch or Optical Switch which can provide very fast response and actuation.

10. As quiet or loud as you want

The mechanical keyboard also provides the option of customizing the typing sound you want to hear when playing games. If you want a quiet typing sound you can choose a mechanical keyboard that uses linear switches, if you want a medium type sound you can choose a mechanical keyboard with tactile switches, and if you want a very loud typing sound while playing games, you can choose mechanical keyboard that uses clicky switches.

The typing sound produced by the mechanical keyboard when you use it to play games is also one of the determining factors that can make you feel more satisfied and happier when playing games. I myself chose tactile switches for me to use on my mechanical keyboard to play games because when playing games, the atmosphere feels so attractive with the typing sound produced.

11. More durable

Mechanical keyboards have better durability than ordinary keyboards. Mechanical keyboards have a more solid construction and use components that have better build quality, so the price of mechanical keyboards is also not cheap.

Mechanical keyboards can last from 10 to 15 years, which is much better when compared to membrane keyboards which can only last up to 5 years.

Having better durability does not mean that the mechanical keyboard cannot be damaged. Mechanical keyboards can also suffer damage but to repair and maintain them is much easier than with a regular keyboard.

One example is if the switch on the mechanical keyboard is damaged, you can easily replace it with your spare switch. Compare with a membrane keyboard, if one of the switches on the membrane panel is damaged, then you have to replace the membrane panel.

Mechanical keyboards have better durability because there are so many spare parts available in the market and it is relatively easy to maintain and replace these components.

12. Splash and Water Resistant

Mechanical keyboards also have a design and construction that can withstand dust, splashes, small particles, and water. This can save you from worrying if at any time you accidentally spill a drink or water on your mechanical keyboard. If that happens, you can also easily clean the water on your mechanical keyboard because mechanical keyboards are easier to clean than ordinary keyboards.

Always remember that the mechanical keyboard is not a waterproof device, they only have a water resistant certificate which of course will not be able to survive if you immerse it or spill too much water.

To get better performance, quality, and durability, we recommend that you buy a mechanical keyboard that supports splash and water resistant features that are already available in so many markets today.

13. Ambient Gaming Comes to Life With LED or RGB Backlit

One feature that was originally only owned by a mechanical keyboard is LED backlit and RGB backlit which has so many benefits if used properly. The RGB backlit on the mechanical keyboard can help lighting in low light spaces so that the keys are still visible even in the dark so you can play games in low light without having to worry about pressing the wrong button.

LED backlit or RGB backlit on the mechanical keyboard can also provide a better aesthetic value and can liven up the atmosphere or aura of your game play with colorful colors that you can adjust according to your taste.

14. More Fun To Use

Mechanical keyboards are naturally more fun and more satisfying to use for gaming or other activities than using a regular keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards can provide a more enjoyable typing experience with the typing sounds that can be generated by the switches on a very distinctive mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard can also provide mechanical feedback on each key which feels more pleasant to your fingers.

Mechanical keyboards have a component of switches that each color and type can provide a different typing experience. To get the best feel according to your preferences, you should try the various mechanical switches on the market for an even more great typing or gaming experience.


The mechanical keyboard is better for playing games because it has several advantages such as anti-ghosting features, N-Key Rollover, Programmable Keys, More Responsive Buttons, Have a Heavier Weight, Better Response Time, Can Minimize Wrist Fatigue, More Comfortable for Long Play Sessions, Easy To Customize According To Your Needs, As quiet or loud as you want, More durable, Splash and Water Resistant, Ambient Gaming Comes to Life With LED or RGB Backlit, and More Fun To Use.