Why is Victoria Secret so Expensive?

Why is Victoria Secret so Expensive?

Why is Victoria Secret so Expensive? Well, Have you ever watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show? Ever take a look at the models in the pictures in their stores and in their advertisements? They look very hot and sexy, right? The models showed off all the items sold by Victoria’s secrets. When they wear it, they are advertising to you, basically saying “Look at me, I am wearing VS brands, and I am a very hot sexy woman. You can also if you wear the same bra and the panty I wear.” So how does this explain why their stuff is so expensive?

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What is Victoria Secret?

Victoria Secret is a lingerie, clothing, and American beauty retailers known as marketing and high visibility branding, starting with popular catalogs and followed by annual fashion shows with supermodels nicknamed angels. As the largest lingerie retailer in the United States, the brand has struggled since 2016 because it moved consumer preferences and sustainable controversies around the practice of the company’s leadership business.

Why are Victoria Secret products so expensive? Excluding the limited time offers, those good products are over $50!

In fact, Victoria Secret products are not expensive, so I disagree with the question.

Is this expensive to you? Seven pairs of panties for only $27. You can’t get much cheaper than that.

Victoria Secret products are only expensive if you can’t afford them. The same thing can be said for anything that’s sold anywhere. If you like the merchandise and have the money to pay for it, then by definition, it’s not expensive.

Bras at Victoria Secret range in price from $10 to $25 each. The Unlined Plunge Bra you see above is sold for $25. That’s hardly what most people would consider expensive. If anything, just the opposite.

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Victoria’s Secret Facts That People Never Know Today

When you want to buy something that is considered the best, you will naturally pay more. The secret of Victoria may or maybe not the sexiest hottest lingerie in the world, even though the business is a big boom, and many women, including since my Crossdresser men-to-female, will give them my voice.

Now you can go to places like Wal-Mart and get a cheap bra for $ 10 or $ 15, and you will get the same support from the bra than Bra Vs. But vs sexy and hot bras, and when a woman wore underwear, she knew she was wearing the best. VS know that women will gladly pay more money for 1 of their bra because of this. Besides that, their bra was very well made. What do you think, which will last longer, a $ 15 Wal-Mart bra, or a $ 50 vs bra?

The same thing can be said about their pants too. While other stores have some good designs, vs have underwear around, and they always create newer and more sexy designs. This is why you will pay $ 3 or maybe $ 5 for panty on Wal-Mart, but pay $ 10 or more for vs. panties. They have so many sexy designs for underwear, that I have spent around $ 40 on one partner, while I will feel horrified to pay $ 10 for clothes in 6 packs of men, which I do not use again because I have become 24/7 / 365 Panty Wauer. Panties are my daily wear, and I can easily wear it without anyone to find that I have it.

But why should I shop there, you ask? Why should I have to justify spending that kind of money on lingerie when I can simply go somewhere else? The answer is, you don’t have to shop there. But when you wear VS stuff, take my word for it, you’re gonna feel very hot and sexy, and you’ll never want to take it off. Whenever I go out, I hate having to take off my bras because I’m still in the closet about my crossdressing.

Another thing to consider is this…. VS has an absolutely terrific reward program, assuming you sign up for the store credit card. Now I’m not normally one to encourage people to sign up for credit cards, because I know how careless people can get with them. But if you have theirs, you will rack up tons of points, and they rack up a whole lot faster than you think, especially when they give triple points on all bras that you buy. They’re also always sending out coupons for free panties, half off bras, etc. VS simply just keeps luring you back with all kinds of rewards that you’d be crazy not to take advantage of. If that wasn’t enough, they also always have some sort of sale going on. My favorite (probably ever woman’s favorite too) is the BUY 2 GET 1 FREE BRA DEAL.

So, do math … you have a credit card and spend some on it, and you get a prize. You have squeezed enough points to get a $ 45 gift card, which is basically such a cash, and thus can be combined with other coupons. You walk to their store with the intention of buying your own new bra using your gift card. You might not even realize that they have 10 free bra deals, even though you don’t hesitate to see the advertisement sign when you enter, and plus the sales association will tell you. You choose a $ 50 bra, and the first bra is practically paid because you have your $ 45 gift card, so it’s almost free. Suddenly you remember that the Bra deal was underway, and the first bra of $ 50 only cost $ 5 because of your gift card, so you can use this opportunity to get another bra! You don’t want to spend $ 50 on another bra and you initially come just to buy 1 bra because of a gift card. But you have saved a little money on the first bra, so you have no doubts about spending $ 50 or more on another bra, especially because it means buying the 2nd bra will allow you to choose the 3rd bra for free.

After selecting your 2nd bra, your mind shifts from how much it will be, for excitement when you scan a store for the 3rd bra, which will be free because of sales. Sa created you, and you worriedly waiting for the opportunity to go home so you can wear your new bra. The total is sounded, and you pay around $ 55 plus taxes for 3 very sexy new bras which will usually cost $ 150 plus !!! Pretty good, huh? They don’t seem too expensive now, are they? Of course, this varies depending on the bra you buy.

Panties are the same, because they often have 3 get 3 free panty deals. You can use your gift card to help pay the first 3, then choose 3 again. Some Sas will even let you use free panty coupons to get 1 for free, so you might be lucky, and then will cost less. And when you choose your underwear, it will be the right time to try long pants that just come out.

To close, Victoria’s secret can be expensive. But they always have a good offer for everything. Please and shop at VS, you will regret it if not. However, pay attention to yourself on what you spend. They always managed to lure me back with all their great offers and coupons, so be careful.

Why is Victoria Secret’s lingerie so expensive?

Victoria Secret never mess with the quality of the products they make. Manufacturers of sexy lingerie very much in number. But somehow VS (Victoria Secret) always wins. Starting from women’s lingerie to bralettes under this one brand are so tempting.

Not only using good quality materials, Victoria’s Secret lingerie is priced at such a high price because the promotional costs are very expensive. They are willing to pay expensive models to use their lingerie products on the catwalk. What makes the price expensive is the cost of marketing using a high-cost model.

Are Victoria’s Secret bras worth purchasing when they are so expensive?

If you want to have a product that is only produced in limited quantities and only released for a very long time, then you want exclusivity. Likewise with the bra from Victoria Secret which occasionally releases products at fantastic prices and with limited production quantities.

According to some this is something that is worth it, a limited edition bra from Victoria Secret can be an asset that one day may be on sale in the future. Or shoppers can also wear the limited edition bra itself to enhance the exclusive look of using a limited edition bra product from Victoria’s Secret.

Is it worth spending so much money on Victoria’s?

If you spend a lot of money to collect Victoria Secret products that are produced in limited quantities it is very worth it. Victoria Secret is a big brand that has a very good reputation, all Victroia Secret products have their own value for each person. To invest in buying and collecting limited edition victoria secret products can be a very good choice, maybe in the next few decades, you will get information that someone is looking for a limited-production Victoria Secret product in 2021 and wants to buy it right away.

Does Victoria’s Secret make high-quality clothing?

Of course, Victoria Secret Dare to sell their products at fantastic prices because they are very confident in the quality of their products. On several occasions when you watch a movie or whatever, you will come across a conversation about “Oh, That a Cool Victoria’s Secret Lingerie”, this is proof that up to the celebrity level, they have acknowledged that Victoria’s Secret products are of very high quality by bearing the brand name. have a high reputation.

In general, a brand that already has a good reputation and has sold their products at high prices will never play with the quality of their products, because they do not want to waste opportunities with what they are currently achieving. Likewise with Victoria Secret, they will not waste the opportunity to gain the trust of their customers.

Why is victoria secret so popular?

Until now, no one has been able to match the popularity of Victoria’s Secret when it comes to the Catwalk event which they always hold on a very large scale. Besides being broadcast live on well-known television stations, the building where the “Angels” show took place was attended by various important figures such as officials, artists, designers, artists and many more.

Every time there is a show, Victoria’s Secret is always able to steal the attention of many people. No less than almost 7 million people watch the shows that Victoria Secret puts on every year. These are the marketing and promotion techniques that made Victoria’s Secret So Popular.

is victoria secret perfume expensive?

You can buy 100ML Original Victoria Secret Perfume for $94 to $100. This is a price that is not too expensive considering the perfume from Victoria’s Secret has a very distinctive aroma and is second to none. To be special, you have to use something special like using original perfume from Victoria’s Secret. For 100ml, you can probably finish it in 3 to 4 months which means in one month, you need only about $25 for an original Victoria’s Secret perfume. This is not an expensive number.

What is Victoria’s Secret’s Most Expensive Bra?

The Heavenly Star Bra, was the most expensive bra in the world in 2001, according to the Guinness Book Of World Records. The price is $12.5 million!!

This expensive bra made by Victoria’s Secret is modeled by renowned model Heidi Klum. Interestingly, this bra is made up of 1,200 Sri Lankan sapphires, as well as a 90-carat diamond engraved gem in the center.


Victoria’s secret products are not expensive at all. But for some products they must enter more prices for the best product value. Victoria’s Secret is a great brand with high quality products. But now you buy Victoria’s secret products on Amazon, Walmart with lots of great offers!

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