Why is My Keyboard Lagging on My Android? Here’s How To Fix It!

Why is My Keyboard Lagging on My Android? There will be times when you will find your virtual keyboard having problems with its performance. Yes, nothing is perfect in this world as well as the keyboard software that is now installed on your smartphone. When the keyboard lags on your Android device, do you know what really happens?

As expected by all people in general who do not want to have problems, let alone a simple problem like this. Don’t panic, every problem has a solution. This problem can be fixed even on outdated android devices easily.

The keyboard on your smartphone today is not only able to be used to type sentences or just send emoticons, the keyboard on today’s smartphones already has capabilities like an AI robot. Features such as Autotextcorrection, text prediction, spell check, swipe to type that allow you to type just by sliding your finger can be done. Some keyboards also have the ability to adapt to the user, remembering commonly typed sentences, helping us to communicate better. Predicted text which is a common function today that can predict what sentence or word we will type next and offer us choices. Yes you are right, these features are great because they can simplify and make your time more efficient.

However, all the conveniences you get will be paid for by the number of processes carried out on your smartphone background system. The more processes you do, the slower your device’s performance becomes.

Have you ever experienced Keyboard Lag or Typing that was delayed? Let’s just discuss what actually happens when your keyboard doesn’t work the way you want it to.

The Keyboard Lagging Factors on Android Devices

1. CPU Scaling

The CPU or what you know as the Central Processing Unit is definitely owned by your computer, smartphone, and tablet. The core of every processing that runs on your smartphone is controlled by the CPU, but there are differences in how old CPUs work and current generation CPUs. The CPU currently works according to the load requirements of the running processes, which means the more processes that are done, the more CPU resources are used. There are several advantages of this kind of working system, but there are two things that should be underlined about “CPU Temperature and Power Consumption”. Today you can carry sophisticated devices anywhere without having to think about expensive electricity costs, because with a 3000Mah battery capacity you can already enjoy very sophisticated mobile technology. Current smartphone CPUs don’t work with all cores and full power, as I said they work as needed. Sometimes when not in use they run at 400MHz or even less, sometimes all the cores work together, there are times when the cores work alone because neither process requires a lot of power. They don’t have anything important to do.

Such is the advantage of the current CPU working system. Sounds very smart and efficient, right? But behind these advantages there are things you have to pay for. When you need a large processing resource, it cannot be available instantly because the core takes a little time to slowly increase its power. After finishing the strenuous processing, your CPU will return to its relaxed state to conserve battery power. For the record, why the CPU is the object that has the most high temperatures is because the CPU has more work to do than the others, so it really needs a break at a low speed.

But this has been solved by ARM with the latest CPU working methods they found. ARM created CPU cores that were divided into 2 groups, namely high-speed CPUs that were hungry for power and slow-speed CPUs that were energy efficient, this is very interesting because ARM can combine both groups of CPU cores into a single processor. Now you don’t have to wait too long, your CPU is ready whenever you need more power to get the job done. That’s big.LITTLE which is a feature of ARM, which makes the division of tasks sent to the Core executable very efficiently.

All the processes that are done happen very quickly and instantaneously, but can still be seen.

2. Keyboard Lag By The Software (APK)

Why is My Keyboard Lagging on My Android?: Keyboard Lag By The Software (APK)
Keyboard Lag By The Software (APK)

The real cause of us experiencing keyboard lag again!

Today’s keyboard software is extraordinary, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article they work like smart robots that know and provide everything we need when we type. Text prediction, Dictionary, fuzzy logic, auto-correction, swipe left or right to type. But it requires a lot of resources and processing.

With a sophisticated and abundant keyboard feature, it will certainly be a burden on the processor that handles the process. Just for typing you need a lot of power delivered consistently. When you type a few keys there is a lot of processing going on in the background, the CPU expending its power to show the magic that the keyboard app has. Issue text predictions, dictionaries, emoticon suggestions and various available features. Every time you use each of these features, the CPU will increase the power to handle the process.

The more you type, the more delay and lag you will feel which will make you more frustrated. Really, it’s just for typing it should be like this?

We’ve tested on two devices that have the potential to have this typing lag issue. Both devices feature a smart CPU which is a consistently fast CPU type from the start and the other has a power saver feature.

On the other hand, Apple devices increase CPU power and process the UI fully (100%) of its process when you touch the screen. This kind of method will make whatever you type will not experience lag or delay, but requires a fairly large amount of power with Super Greedy levels. But many like this, of course people prefer to type more smoothly even though they often go to the power outlet to charge their smartphones. But this experience is slightly better when compared to android users for the same process.

In addition, some keyboard applications experience delays and lags more often than others not only because of problems with the application, but the cause is a decrease in CPU speed that is too fast than others.

What can you do to Fix The Lagging Keyboard on Your Android?

What can you do to Fix The Lagging Keyboard on Your Android?
What can you do to Fix The Lagging Keyboard on Your Android?

First, do an experiment by installing some keyboard applications available on the Google Play Store. It is important to remember, the smaller the capacity or file size of the software, the better the performance will be. Maybe your current keyboard app is the cause of the problems plaguing your life.

If the instructions above have not been able to solve your keyboard problem or you are comfortable with the keyboard application that you have been using for a long time, try checking your smartphone’s CPU settings, maybe there is a power limitation that has not been released in full. If available select a power saver mode which automatically lowers CPU speed. If it’s not available, maybe you need to save up to get a new smartphone… Sorry Joking.

But the more power and speed you have, the easier it will be to get rid of lag. The risk is that you lack several of battery life which is quite significant for daily use. But your lag will be reduced in all performances and you can type without any lag issues.

I do not recommend this, if you intend to Root your android device to maximize its performance which will have an impact on the clock speed mess that your CPU has or test tweaks on the crazy android forums. Changing the kernel or custom OS, might save your problem. But root is not easy, you have to really understand before doing it. Because the wrong root will result in fatal damage to your smartphone.

Next, you only need to turn off the power-saving features that limit the capabilities of your smartphone. Then disable the smart features on your keyboard that are already making your CPU difficult.

Of all the keyboard problems we’ve had on an Android device, the best solution is to follow the instructions below, Here are the steps how to fix android keyboard lag:

1. Install Google Keyboard (Gboard)

Install Google Keyboard (Gboard)
Install Google Keyboard (Gboard)

Google Keyboard Features

  • Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter
  • Voice typing — Easily dictate text on the go
  • Handwriting* — Write in cursive and printed letters
  • Emoji Search* — Find that emoji, faster
  • GIFs* — Search and share GIFs for the perfect reaction.
  • Multilingual typing — No more switching between languages manually. Gboard will autocorrect and suggest from any of your enabled languages.
  • Google Translate — Translate as you type in the keyboard

Not supported on Android Go devices

Hundreds of language varieties, including:
Afrikaans, Amharic, Arabic, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Bavarian, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Burmese, Cebuano, Chhattisgarhi, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and others), Chittagonian, Czech, Deccan, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Igbo, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Khmer, Korean, Kurdish, Magahi, Maithili, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Northern Sotho, Odia, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Saraiki, Sindhi, Sinhala, Somali, Southern Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tswana, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, and many more! Visit https://goo.gl/fMQ85U for the full list of languages supported

Pro tips for Google Keyboard Advance Use:
Gesture cursor control: Slide your finger across the space bar to move the cursor
Gesture delete: Slide left from the delete key to quickly delete multiple words
Make the number row always available (enable in Settings → Preferences → Number Row)
Symbols hints: Show quick hints on your keys to access symbols with a long press (enable in Settings → Preferences → Long press for symbols)
One handed mode: On large screen phones, pin keyboard to the left or the right of the screen
Themes: Choose your own theme, with or without key bordersCOLLAPSE

2. Speed Up Gboard Performance on Android by Disabling These Two Settings

The change after the update to Gboard with a larger file size when downloaded is one source of the problem. True, the larger the file size means the more files installed in the Gboard.APK master file. Users generally complain about the slowness that occurs in the operation of gboard because of the many languages available and the advanced features embedded in the gboard application. Instead, when you install Gboard make sure you install only the language you need.

But it’s not a big problem, the problem can be solved just by accessing the settings and changing the 2 options available on Gboard. We found this tip on Reddit, and after we tried it we found that there was a significant change in gboard’s performance. The taste is smoother and the performance is better.

Disable Suggest Contacts And Personalized Suggestions

  • Open the Gboard App
  • Settings > Language & input > Current keyboard
Disable Suggest Contacts And Personalized Suggestions
Disable Suggest Contacts And Personalized Suggestions
  • Go to Sub Menu Text correction
  • Disable “Suggest contact names” and “Personalized suggestions.”
Disable "Suggest contact names" and "Personalized suggestions."
Disable “Suggest contact names” and “Personalized suggestions.”

Once you’ve done the steps above, you’ll quickly notice that Gboard’s word suggestions and autocorrect features are just as fast as before the update. It will feel smoother.

You may feel this will reduce the functionality of your keyboard, but this is only a small sacrifice for better impact. When you use a chat application, you do not need to suggest contacts via the keyboard, because in chat applications, there is generally a feature to insert contacts. So this is not really needed on your keyboard.

As for the second feature, it is a feature that drains a lot of your smartphone’s power. This feature serves to help you type faster by providing suggestions in the form of words or sentences that you are likely to type. This feature is a feature that adapts to your typing habits. From my experience, this is not very helpful when typing except for sentences that are quite long. Sometimes this feature makes me often mistyped.

Many users experience keyboard lag and delay when their smartphone has a low battery. Of course, because every application needs CPU Power and power for processing. When your battery is low, it’s natural for your keyboard to lag, because the system is trying to make more efficient use of power by limiting CPU power expenditure which makes the battery more efficient for the next few minutes.

How to Fix If The Gboard Input Lagging?

Disable ‘Suggest Contacts’ & ‘Personalized Suggestions’

The issue seems to affect users with multiple languages installed more than anyone, though it can also happen if you have a midrange phone or older device with only one language installed. Thankfully, though, all of these issues can easily be resolved by simply changing two settings in the Gboard app.

The first thing you can do to try and solve your keyboard lag is to try another keyboard. There are many in the Play Store for you to choose from. If that doesn’t help, or if you like your stock keyboard, check in your settings to see if your device has any kind of power-saving or CPU scaling options.

How to fix Gboard issues on Android? Fix Gboard Not Working On Android

  • Restart Your Android Device.
  • Clear Keyboard’s Cache Files.
  • Disable All Other Keyboards.
  • Wipe Cache Partition In Recovery Mode.
  • Reinstall Gboard From The Play Store.
  • Fix “null” Next To Gboard.
  • Disable The “Allow Full Access” Option.
  • Make Gboard Your Default Keyboard.

You can check the video below to fix your gboard, its working also on the old android devices:

11 Best Keyboards Apps for Android:

Not only Gboard has a fairly smooth performance, there are several keyboard applications available on the Google Play Store that you can use as another alternative:

1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Want to have a ‘smart’ keyboard? Then give Swiftkey Keyboard a try. This android application has an AI which can learn your typing habits.

This application also has an autocorrect feature that will correct typos or typos.

Not only that, Android Swiftkey also has a feature to predict what words you will type so that it can be more effective.

In terms of appearance, the swiftkey keyboard also provides more than 80 different types of themes. No wonder, with all these advantages, it has a 4.5/5.0 rating and has been downloaded more than 250 million times on the Playstore.

2. Multiling O Keyboard

For old school smartphones which have small internals and RAM, we recommend the Multiling O keyboard. This software has a very small size so it will not burden storage and is light to use.

But make no mistake, despite its small size it supports more than 200 types of languages from around the world. In addition, there are lots of cute and cool emojis and emoticons that you can use.

3. Minuum Keyboard

Next up is Minuum Keyboard, why does it deserve to be listed as the best keyboard app? In fact, Drinking Keyboard has been nominated for the 12 best android apps in 2012.

It also has a rating of 4.1/5.0 on the playstore so that in terms of performance there is no need to doubt it. Minuum Keyboard will make your typing activities more effective and fast.

4. Go Keyboard

This application is an application that is currently booming, the boom of this application is also due to its very capable features and very suitable for you Android smartphone users.

Not only that, this application also provides a variety of themes, the integrated dictionary makes it easy for you to interpret various kinds of writing.

The emojis are also very diverse, if you want to download a cooler theme, you can easily download it directly from the application.

5. Cheetah Keyboard

Bored with the appearance of the keyboard that is just like that, try to download Cheetah Keyboard. As the first 3D keyboard app on playstore, it has tons of themes that you can freely choose for free.

Don’t worry about ad problems because this APK is ad-free so nothing will bother you. In terms of the score that reaches 4.6/5.0, we already know that this is the best keyboard application.

6. Fleeksy

For this one application you will get cool and good features. In addition to typing text and adding emoticons, Fleeksy also supports gif image formats.

On the other hand, there are more than 50 types of themes which can be used to change the appearance of the keyboard at will. In terms of language support, Fleeksy supports 40 types of languages from all over the world, including Indonesian.

7. Kika Keyboard

Want to try something new and unusual in typing? Kika keyboard will provide a new experience for you.

Because this keyboard application supports several types of letter layouts other than QWERTY such as QWERZ and AZERTY.

Besides that, there are thousands of types of emojis, all of which are cute and cool, so what are you waiting for, just download this Kika Keyboard.

8. Facemoji Keyboard

Another best and newest keyboard application 2021, not only provides various interesting features, Facemoji Keyboard is also always up to date.

In this case, they will adjust the features in real time, for example, if it’s Christmas, they will provide a lot of emojis related to Christmas.

Besides that, there are also features that can be used to create your own emoticons, you know, really interesting, right?.

9. Rocky Keyboard

Young people are closely related to smartphones, let alone chat problems. And with a young soul of course they want something unusual and unique.

The Rockey Team understands that and that’s why they made this really cool keyboard.

Supports the display customization feature which allows users to customize the display at will. It can also be downloaded for free without having to spend a penny.

10. Green Apple Keyboard

The first application is called Apple Keyboard, this application is indeed called Apple but it can’t only be operated on Apple, it can be operated on all cellphones.

This app has a very precise keyboard and is perfect for all types of fingers.

There will be no typos when using this application, not only that this application is also very easy to customize.

11. Smart Keyboard

This application has good features, namely voice input and smart dictionary. This feature is very unique and attracts the hearts of smartphone users because not only that.

This application also minimizes typing errors and is very easy to customize. Not only that, this application also saves RAM, so if you are curious, you can just download the application.

So that was an example of some of the recommendations for the best lightweight keyboard application on Android, welcome to download and try it.

Pixel 5 keyboard lag?

  • Disable the Suggest Contacts and Personalized Suggestions Features
    To be able to type even faster without lagging or slow. Just navigate to Gboard’s main settings menu.
  • This can be done by opening the Gboard app from your app, or by going to Settings -> Language & input -> Current keyboard, then Select the Gboard entry.
  • From here, navigate to the “Text correction” sub-menu, then disable both Suggest contact names and Personalized suggestions options.

Samsung keyboard lagging?

If you have an older Samsung smartphone, we highly recommend using Gboard or Google Keyboard. Samsung, which has not received official software or firmware updates, often experiences keyboard lag cases, this is because there are no updates to stabilize the system. If this happens to your new Samsung device, try to check what software is consuming your Samsung smartphone’s RAM memory, because this can be the cause of keyboard lag.


If Your Keyboard Slow on Android device:

If Your Keyboard Slow on Android device, it’s might be your android devices is not ready to handle the process. This problem usually come after you restarted your android device. The other issue is your device RAM is too busy to handle the keyboard software, The tips is you should “Clear the Chace in your device storage to make more space for the process”.

If Your Android Keyboard Slow to Appear:

If this still happen, just switch your keyboard software into Google Keyboard, it’s fast and smooth because there are many keyboard software that has too much background processing that has impact to the software performance.

Another issue for this problem is the keyboard layout: in this case layour mean the keyboard interface with too much colour or customized design will impact the keyboard performance, so you should try The Google Keyboard to solve your Android Keyboard Problem.


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