Why is My apple Watch not Charging?

Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging? – Follow This 4 Steps to Fix it!

The Apple Watch is an electronic device that runs on a battery. Apple Watch batteries can generally last up to 18 hours of intense use. Apple watch uses a wireless charging method and uses a wireless sensor on the bottom of the Apple Watch to receive battery charging.

What if Apple Watch doesn’t charge while it’s charging? In this article, we will discuss in detail how you can fix if your Apple Watch is not charging. Let’s get started….

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Previously, Recognize the Charging Indicator

Before discussing the issue of the Apple Watch not being able to charge the battery, you must first know the charging indicator on the Apple Watch.

When the Apple Watch device is connected to the magnetic battery charging cable, there is a green lightning indicator that you will see on the screen.

This green lightning indicator can appear on the Watch Face or Lockscreen with several types of displays as shown above.

But you can also find a lightning logo and a cable image as shown below when the Apple Watch has to charge.

The indicator below will only appear when the Apple Watch battery is fully discharged. The indicator color will turn green when it is connected to the magnetic charging cable accessory and charging the battery (wait for about 30 minutes).

Why is My Apple Watch Not Charging?

1. Check the Magnetic Data Cable You Are Using

  • Make sure the Magnetic Charging Cable you are using is in normal condition.
  • If it’s new, make sure you have removed the plastic wrapping on the Magnetic part.
  • If necessary, clean the Magnetic part with a cloth or wipe to ensure normal magnetic contact to Apple Watch.
  • If you have made sure the physical Magnetic Charging Cable is normal but still can’t charge the battery, try replacing it with another cable.

2. Check USB Power Adapter

  • Please check the USB Power Adapter that you use to charge the Apple Watch.
  • In order to separate with the first step, try unplugging the Magnetic Charging Cable from the USB Power Adapter and then using the Lightning cable to charge the battery to your iPhone or other gadget.
  • You can also try to replace the USB Power Adapter with a higher power to charge the Apple Watch.
  • In the spec notes provided by Apple, the Apple Watch device can charge the battery with a USB Power Adapter of 5W or up to 12W.

3. Force Restart Apple Watch

In addition to checking accessories for charging the battery, try also checking the Apple Watch device that you are using. One way to check for the issue of Apple Watch not being able to charge the battery is to do a Force Restart.

How do I Force Restart on Apple Watch?

Just press + hold the Side Button and Digital Crown simultaneously for 10 seconds. After that, the Apple Watch will restart and display the Apple logo.

4. Still under warranty? Claim to Apple!

If you’re having trouble with your Apple Watch not being able to charge the battery and it’s still under warranty, just claim it with Apple.

You can take the Apple Watch that has a problem and is under warranty to an Apple Store, Apple Authorized or Apple Service Provider for repair or replacement of a new unit.

Meanwhile, if it is not under warranty protection, there is a repair fee that you have to pay to get service from Apple.

Why Apple watch not charging and show red lightning bolt?

If your Apple Watch is not charging and only shows a red bolt icon and it doesn’t turn green, try the following:

  • Swap your Apple Watch charger for a different one: Since the red bolt is most likely due to a problem with your Apple Watch charger, try using a different charger from a friend or neighbor. Make sure you use the original charger from the Apple Watch.
  • Force Restart Apple Watch: If the first solution still can’t change the red bolt to green bolt (charging) try to force restart your Apple Watch by pressing both the side button and the crown button simultaneously for 10-15 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • Put your Apple Watch on the charger within a few hours: Put your Apple Watch on for 12 or maybe 24 hours until you find your Apple Watch charging.
  • Allow the Apple Watch battery to run out: Discharging the Apple Watch battery is necessary in this case. Try emptying your Apple Watch battery by leaving it off. And try charging again when the battery is completely empty.

Why Apple watch charging slowly or Apple watch stops charging after a few minutes?

There are several causes that make the Apple Watch slow when charging, most likely there are background services that are still running and draining your battery power when charging so that the Apple Watch becomes slow when charging. To solve this problem, try the following:

  • Disconnect Apple Watch from your iPhone: Most likely, Apple watch is syncing certain processes or apps that require power so that battery charging is slow.
  • Make sure you use the original charger: The original Apple Watch charger is a 5W charger.
  • Use a different charger: It’s likely that the Apple Watch charger you’re using has a problem and is slowing down charging. Try using a different Apple Watch Original charger.
  • Restart your Apple Watch: Try restarting your Apple Watch then charging it again. It’s possible that your Apple watch is experiencing slow battery charging because the hardware is overheating or exhausted.

Why Apple Watch Not Fully Charging?

If you experience that your Apple Watch is only charging to 50%, 80%, or 90% and can’t be fully charged to 100% there are several things that could happen. The following are possible problems with your Apple Watch:

  • The Charging Process Stops Suddenly: When charging your Apple Watch and it doesn’t charge to 100%, it’s most likely that the charging stopped because your Apple Watch charger was disconnected from the mains or experiencing other problems such as the Charger is damaged or the Charger is no longer working properly.
  • Your Apple Watch’s Battery Life Is Decreasing: When you’ve used a charger that has good performance and your Apple Watch can’t be charged to 100%, it’s an indicator that your Apple Watch’s battery life has weakened. Minimum battery life is 80% and you have to replace it with a new original battery.

Why is Apple watch green light always on?

The sensor that lights up in green is an optical sensor that detects your heart rate. If the green light on the Apple Watch sensor stays on, you most likely have Activity or Heart Rate Check enabled. If both features have been turned off, then the green light should have turned off automatically.

What if the green light stays on in standby? Try restarting your Apple Wattch, there may be an error in the Apple Watch System so the Green Sensor Light is always on.

Why Apple Watch Keeps Asking For Passcode? – Here How to Fix it

Apple Watch has a wrist detection feature that can tell if it’s in the wrong hands or not. When the Apple Watch is removed from your wrist and you try to use it, the Apple Watch will ask you to enter a Passcode. This is a security feature of the Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch still asks you to enter a passcode, try checking to see if the Apple Watch is firmly attached to your wrist. If your Apple Watch is still asking for a passcode when it’s on your wrist, chances are that you’ve put it on too loosely so the sensors can’t touch and detect your wrist.

We strongly discourage you from turning off the Passcode feature on your Apple Watch as it is a very good security feature. To stop Apple Watch from asking for a Passcode when it is on your wrist, attach the Apple Watch tightly, make sure the sensor surface on the Apple Watch is clean, and your Wrist is also clean because the sensor works on the surface of your skin.

Why Apple watch stuck on erase all content and settings?

If you get stuck while erasing all data and settings on your Apple Watch, try this:

  • Connect Apple Watch With Charger: After you connect Apple Watch With Charger, Tap Cancel. Then the Erase All Data Menu will appear again, Select the “Erase All Data” menu again.
  • Force Restart Apple Watch: Press and hold the side button and digital crown simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. You need 10 to 15 seconds. If the Apple Logo still doesn’t appear, try again by pressing it longer until the Apple Logo appears.
  • Allow Your Apple Watch Battery to Run Out: If you are still stuck, leave it until your Apple Watch battery runs out and is no longer on. After that, charge your apple watch again to 10 or 15% and check whether the Erase Data process is complete or not. If not done, try again once your Apple Watch battery is above 50%.

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