Why is My Apple Pencil Lagging? Here is The Ultimate Guide!

Why is My Apple Pencil Lagging? To find out what the exact problem is when your apple pencil is not working properly. Apple pencil that suddenly lags or delays when used? There are no good indicators of the devices connected to the Apple Pencil let alone the Apple Pencil itself. The Apple Pencil doesn’t have a button, or an LED indicator to let the user know if he’s having a problem.

While the Apple Pencil is a luxury stylus at a pretty high price, there are always problems. In the future, hopefully Apple can upgrade this sophisticated pencil device by adding a button or a led indicator feature.

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Common Apple Pencil Problems and How to Fix Them

Apple pencil is a man-made object that is certainly not perfect, apple pencil sometimes does not work according to user expectations. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems with Apple Pencil and also the solutions to overcome them.

1. Apple Pencil Doesn’t Work on your iPad

Apple pencil is a device that is specially made and paired with Apple iPad. Apple pencil cannot connect to your iPhone device. So, don’t try to buy apple pencil for your iPhone, because it will only waste your money.

Pairing with an iPad is quite easy, you just need to insert the top end of your apple pencil into the charging port on your iPad. After that, an option will appear to approve the pairing between Apple Pencil and your iPad. Press agree, and you can use Apple Pencil on your iPad.

What if your Apple Pencil doesn’t work? There is no any information once inserted into the charging port of your iPad. Check your iPad, is it compatible with Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil runs well on iPads launched in 2018, we haven’t tried Apple Pencil on older iPads.

Apple Pencil Doesn’t Work on your iPad
Apple Pencil Doesn’t Work on your iPad

2. Apple Pencil Stopped Working

You may have experienced when your Apple Pencil suddenly stopped working after being used for a while. There are several possibilities that occur if your apple pencil has this problem. Open bluetooth settings on your iPad, whether Apple Pencil is still connected or not.

In addition to bluetooth, also check the remaining battery of your apple pencil whether there is still power left or not, because if the apple pencil runs out of battery, of course it can’t be used. If the Apple Pencil runs out of battery, plug your Apple Pencil into the iPad’s charging port. For charging the Apple Pencil battery is very fast, you charge only 1 minute and the Apple Pencil can be used for more than 25 minutes. Extraordinary!

If the battery is still remaining, and the Apple Pencil is still connected to your iPad but still can’t be used, you need to restart your iPad.

If it still doesn’t work, reconfigure the pairing of your apple pencil with Ipad in the following way: Settings > Bluetooth > Tap I next to Apple Pencil > Tap Forget this Device. After that, reconnect your apple pencil with iPad.

If you have done all the steps above and your apple pencil is still not working. This is a good time to claim warranty at the nearest Apple Store! Maybe Apple will replace it with a new one.

3. I Can’t Find How Much Apple Pencil Battery Life is Left

To see it, you need to unlock your iPad and open Notification Center by swiping down. You can now swipe left to Today View and view the Battery widget to see how much battery life your Apple Pencil has left. If you don’t see the widget, you can add it.

To display your Apple Pencil battery status, open notifications on your iPad by swiping down, swipe left to access the Apple Pencil battery status widget. You can add the apple pencil battery status widget in the following ways: tap the edit button at the bottom of today’s view > Battery Widget > Drag up and drop it as you wish.

The same method can also be used to see the betrayed status of Airpods and other Bluetooth devices connected to your iPad or iPhone.

I Can’t Find How Much Apple Pencil Battery Life is Left
I Can’t Find How Much Apple Pencil Battery Life is Left

4. Apple Pencil Doesn’t Work on Some Apps

Not all applications support the handwriting function, when you use apple pencil in certain applications, make sure you check whether the application supports the use of apple pencil or handwriting/handdrawing.

5. Why is My Apple Pencil Lagging?

Have you ever experienced apple pencil lag when you were using it to design, draw, or maybe write? This must be really annoying, right? This can happen for a number of reasons as follows:

  • Apple Pencil Low/Empty Battery
  • The tip of the apple pencil is broken.
  • Application requires updating.
  • Your iPad requires an iOS upgrade.

Apple pencil that is experiencing lag cannot be used, of course it feels very inaccurate when used. When you use it, it will tone some delay until the results you make come out.

Is there any solution to this apple pencil lagging problem? Let’s discuss various solutions that we can apply if you experience this problem.

4 Steps to Fix a Lagging Apple Pencil

1. Charge Your Apple Pencil

If suddenly your Apple Pencil lags, immediately check the battery. As I explained above, it doesn’t take long to charge the Apple Pencil battery. You only charge 1 minute apple pencil can be used 25 to 30 minutes.

If the Apple Pencil is experiencing lag, it may be a notification that the Apple Pencil needs to be charged immediately. If you have confirmed the battery problem is fine and your Apple Pencil is still experiencing lag, there may be scuffs or damage to the tip of your Apple Pencil.

2. Check for Damage to Your Apple Pencil Tip
Check for Damage to Your Apple Pencil Tip
Check for Damage to Your Apple Pencil Tip

The most special part of an apple pencil is the tip that usually comes into contact with your screen when in use. The tip of the apple pencil is specially designed with excellent sensitivity to the iPad screen. If there are scuffs or damage to the tip of your apple pencil, chances are you will experience lag when using it.

If your apple pencil is still in new condition and under warranty, that’s not a big deal because you can still go to the Apple Store and report the damage. What if your apple pencil has passed the warranty period and is quite outdated?

It all depends on the intensity of your use. If you are a high-intensity user, you should always have a spare apple pencil, or replace your apple pencil every 8 or 10 months. If you are a low intensity apple pencil user, we can guarantee that your apple pencil will be very durable (unless there is a certain incident that can damage your apple pencil).

Actually, you don’t need to replace your apple pencil, because you can buy the tip of the apple pencil at a fairly cheap price. If you are an apple pencil user every day, make sure you have a spare apple pencil tip.

3. Close Other Apps

If your iPad or tablet is working too hard, it may start processing things more slowly, which could easily cause lag in your Apple Pencil scratches.

If suddenly your apple pencil lags when used. Your apple pencil engraving is slow, delayed, and doesn’t even work. It’s a good idea to check the applications that are open in the background on your iPad.

This happens maybe not because of a problem with your apple pencil, but on your iPad which is tired from doing too much work. Chances are the system that is running on your iPad is stressed because of the many open applications and excessive multitasking.

To refresh the performance of your iPad, try closing all open applications. Don’t forget to save the work you’re doing. Restart your iPad, wait a few moments and try using it again.

4. Make Sure Your iPad and Apps are Updated

In the same way that your iPad can be stressed by running too many apps at once, it can also be stressed by having out-of-date software, either on the iPad itself, or the apps you use.

Updates to the iOS operating system or application updates on iOS devices certainly aim to fix bugs and performance. Make sure you don’t ignore it by always enabling auto update.

An obsolete application can be one of the causes of Apple Pencil lag. Operating system updates will provide performance upgrades to the iPad as well as external devices such as Apple Pencil and Airpods. Make sure your apps and iOS are up-to-date so that your device runs at its best!

We hope that the tips that we have written are useful for you and can solve the problems that exist with your Apple Pencil.

Why is My Apple Pencil lags at random times?

This is a problem that often occurs if you have been using the apple pencil for too long in one day. Staying connected to your iPad for hours on end can cause Apple Pencil to lag.

Every now and then, try to take a break from the Apple Pencil by disconnecting it from the iPad. When you’re not using Apple Pencil, it’s better not to connect it with your iPad, let Apple Pencil Take a Break to cool down their hardware.

Why is My Apple Pencil Lagging on iOS 14?

This is a classic problem from Apple after providing the latest iOS update, there will always be bugs and problems that appear, including the Apple Pencil lags with your iPad. Try to do some of these things to overcome the lag on your apple pencil:

  • Forget the Apple Pencil Device from your iPad.
  • Restart your iPad.
  • Restart, wait a few moments until the System is ready.
  • Reconnect your iPad.

Why is my apple pencil not charging?

If you’re having trouble with the Apple Pencil not charging, try these simple tips:

  • Try disconnecting the bluetooth connection with your iPad, then try plugging the apple pencil back into the lighting port.
  • If it still doesn’t charge, try restarting your iPad and try again to insert the apple pencil into the lighting port.
  • Check your lighting port for dust or something blocking the Apple Pencil port from connecting to the iPad.
  • Try charging your Apple Pencil using another device.

Why is my apple pencil lagging on (goodnotes, photoshop, and procreate)?

If you ever experience lag on your Apple Pencil when using goodnotes, photoshop, and procreate then try doing this.

  • Save the work you are creating.
  • Disconnect the Apple Pencil bluetooth connection with the iPad.
  • Forget Apple Pencil From iPad Bluetooth List.
  • Reconnect Apple Pencil With iPad.

If you have done the steps above and are still experiencing lag, try to make sure the amount of battery remaining on your Apple Pencil, we highly recommend you to leave at least 5 to 10%, if less than that, the Apple Pencil will experience lag.

Apple pencil does have the best latency when using Apple’s built-in “Notes” app. For goodnotes, photoshop, and procreate applications, try to check whether the application has been updated or not. If you haven’t updated it yet, try updating the app as there will usually be bug fixes between the app and the device as well as Apple Pencil.

This can also happen if your apple pencil pin is thin or scratched, try replacing your apple pencil pin with a new pin.

What is the Latency of Apple Pencil 2?

In networking, latency measures the time it takes for some data to reach its destination across the network. Therefore latency is a measure used to measure the delay that occurs.

Latency on Apple Pencil 1st generation or Apple Pencil 2 depends on the application you are using. In certain apps the Apple Pencil 2 has a latency of 9ms on iPadOS and 20ms on the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros.

The type of device can be a factor in the latency number that can be generated, there is no exact figure for how much latency is on the Apple Pencil 2, because it can change on different iPads. The best latency on Apple Pencil 2 you can get when using the “Notes” application.

Latency Test: S-Pen 2020 vs Apple Pencil 2 – Which Better?

Latency Test: S-Pen 2020 vs Apple Pencil 2 - Which Better?
Latency Test: S-Pen 2020 vs Apple Pencil 2

In the latency test between the 2020 S-Pen using the “Samsung Notes” application and the two Apple Pencils using the “Notes” application. We get the results that the Latency on the S-Pen 2020 is more responsive than the latency that is on the Apple Pencil 2 with the iPad Pro. On the S-Pen there is no distance to draw lines, everything feels very accurate, while on the Apple Pencil 2 it feels a little lag, and lines look a little slow. You can watch the test video here.


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