Why Gaming is Good for You?

13 Reasons Why Gaming is Good for You

The belief in the relationship of playing video games with negative traits turns out to be wrong, guys, many studies show that playing video games actually provides many advantages both in physical and psychological benefits. Therefore there are various reasons why one should play video games, here are 7 reasons.

1. Improve Teamwork

As said before, guys, with the development of the Internet today, the video game community is very wide and most games are multiplayer games or online games that require someone to work with other people.

It is through video games like this that one must learn to have good teamwork and perhaps learn how to lead his team to victory.

2. Increase Social Interaction

Gamers are often described as someone who likes to be alone and lacks social skills. It was one of the most popular misconceptions in earlier societies. In fact, guys, through today’s technological developments, playing video games can actually increase one’s social community.

The benefits are obtained from the wide video game community especially for online games and social games.

3. Improve Motor Ability

Especially for children who are around 4 years old, playing interactive video games will be able to improve their motor skills. Moreover, with the popularity of interactive games such as Wii and Xbox Kinect, a person’s motor skills will be able to increase, not only limited to small children.

4. Helping the Learning Process

In the world of the game industry, there are many types or genres of video games that one can play and one of the genres is education or for small children. This educational game will help the player learn new things regarding the scope of the video game.

5. Decision Making Ability 25% Faster

Video games that require fast movement to escape death, such as action games or first-person shooters, can be very influential in the real world.

This will make the active gamer have a basic understanding of faster decision making up to 25% faster, of course without forgetting the effectiveness of the decision making.

6. Teaching Failure

In playing games, of course, there are winners and losers. Whether for single player or multiplayer video games, there will be times when someone can lose the game he is playing.

It is not easy to always win, one must learn from previous defeats to know the process of achieving that victory.

7. Improve Mood, Reduce Stress and Depression

In other words, guys, improve mood or make someone happier. This is very clear, playing video games will certainly be able to help someone reduce the burden of stress and avoid depression. That’s one of the original goals why a video game was created, namely to improve the mood of friends.

8. Practicing English Skills

Each game certainly has a different story. In each game you will find a lot of dialogue, statements, questions and descriptions in English.

Games can be an alternative to learning English. Because, you definitely have to find out every information, and story that is revealed in the game. So, playing games can be a means to hone your English skills.

9. Practice Patience

Yup, this is an important scourge in playing games. Enemies and levels in the game will hone your patience. If you are tired, it’s better to stop playing and play again later.

Because if you continue, your patience will run out and the game will not be fun anymore. It can even lead to frustration.

10. Make money

Games can make money. You do this by participating in game competitions or tournaments that are held. Usually this kind of competition promises a tempting cash prize. So, playing games is not always synonymous with wasting money or time.

11. Build Optimism

You must be playing for a specific purpose, starting from completing the story or defeating your opponent. A positive attitude is also needed so that you are always optimistic in every game.

Besides, if you lose, of course you will try again to win from that level, right? Without you knowing it, of course you have an optimistic attitude in every game you play.

12. Add friend

For online games, you will meet unknown people in each game. Examples such as PUBG, Mobile Legend etc. There you have to win together and without realizing it you have to get along with other people.

Therefore, you must work together to win every game. Well, it turns out that in the game there is also a social element, yes.

13. Mental Improving

With so many games you play, it’s like following mental therapy without realizing it. You will have a strong mentality.

You will be a person who does not talk much and can solve problems in a relaxed manner. All of that is trained from the game you play.


Most people only criticize the existence of video games. Video games are considered to do more harm than good. But did you know that video games are beneficial for your health? Check out the reviews as reported by healthmeup.com below, yes…

  • Studies prove that playing games has a positive effect on children who have mental problems such as depression, autism and so on. This game gives the spirit to fight against disease. This study also concluded that these games or video games provide positive emotions to be able to get through the challenges in life that they have to face because of their illness.
  • Playing games also improves one’s motor skills. Children who like to play games tend to be more agile. They also have better motor control than those who don’t play.
  • Video games also improve eyesight. Many do not believe this, but research has proven that actually playing this video game can improve and also improve the quality of vision and also accuracy. You will be able and able to see an object more sharply.
  • Playing games can also be useful to improve the ability to decide something. Games with a certain level of difficulty require players to be quick in making decisions. This is what trains the performance of the brain to be more agile and make decisions quickly.
  • It’s no secret that playing games can relieve stress. All frustration can disappear and this will make the mind fresher.
  • The last benefit is that this game can make you a happy person in your old age. A study found that older people who play video games are happier than those who don’t.

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